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eDirectory API

eDirectory API for mobile applications works with GET and POST requests. The table below
describe each resource and its parameters.

POST requests

Resource Params Param description Usage
forgot_password username user's email Forgot password screen
Contact form via api for listing, event
contact_mail id item id and classified
listing / event /
module classified
name senders' name
from sender's email
body message
add_checkin item_id item id Add new check in to a listing or event
item_type listing / event
account_id user's id
quick_tip message
deal_redeem account_id user's id Redeem a deal
promotion_id deal id
listing / promotion / Add new review for listing, promotion
add_review item_type article or article
item_id item id
account_id user's id
add_account username user's email Create new account
password password
retype_password confirm password
first_name first name
last_name last name
login username user's email Log in to an account
password password
add_comment post_id post id Add new comment to a blog post
member_id user's id
comment message

GET requests
Resource Params Param description Usage
listing / event / classified / title / popular / rating / updated /
article / blog / deal orderby distance / date module results
myLat user's latitude Map view
myLong user's longitude Map view
keyword / keyword_where / category /
calendarList / calendar / map / List view
searchBy map_review
Search by
keyword search by keyword keyword
Search by
where search by location location
category_i Search by
d search by category category
Map view (draw
drawLat0 draw feature feature)
Map view (draw
drawLat1 draw feature feature)
Map view (draw
drawLong0 draw feature feature)
Map view (draw
drawLong1 draw feature feature)
year search by calendar Event Calendar
month search by calendar Event Calendar
listing / event / classified /
Modules detail
article / blog / deal id item's id
optional on deal detail (return if the deal
account_id was redeemed by the logged user)
listing / event / classified / Modules home
article / blog / deal featured return featured items for home page page
lsting_category (same for Modules
other modules) orderby optional (order by active items) category
review type listing / article Item’s review
id required for reviews on item's details
checkin id item's id
module listing / event Item’s checkins
blog_archive Blog archive
comment id post id Post comments
get_conf general settings
module_conf settings
notification notifications
advert qtd int adverts
device ios / android
custom_page id optional to open page detail custom pages