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Online Map Update

Good to know – Porsche Connect operating instructions
7/16 You can find further information about your vehicle Conditions that must be met in order to
in the Driver’s Manual. use a function.
Porsche, the Porsche Crest, Panamera, Cayenne, Pay particular attention to the warning and safety
Macan, 911, 718, PCCB, PCM, PDK, PSM, PTM, instructions. Instruction that you must follow.
Tequipment and other designations are registered
trademarks of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. Warnings and symbols If an instruction comprises several steps,
Reprinting, even of excerpts, or duplication of any Various types of safety instructions are used in these are numbered.
type is only permissible with the written authorisa- these instructions.
tion of Dr. Ing h.c F. Porsche AG. Notice on where you can find further im-
Serious injury or death
© Dr. Ing h.c F. Porsche AG DANGER
portant information on a topic.
Porscheplatz 1
D-70435 Stuttgart, Germany Failure to observe warnings in the "Danger" cate-
Germany gory will result in serious injury or death.

Equipment Possible serious injury

Because our vehicles undergo continuous devel- or death
opment, equipment and specifications may not be
as illustrated or described by Porsche in this man- Failure to observe warnings in the "Warning" cate-
ual. Items of equipment are sometimes optional or gory can result in serious injury or death.
vary depending on the country in which the vehicle
is sold. For more information on retrofit equip- Possible moderate or
ment, please contact your Porsche partner. Be- minor injury
cause of different legal requirements in individual
Failure to observe warnings in the "Caution" cate-
countries, the equipment in your vehicle may vary
from that described in this manual. Should your gory can result in moderate or minor injuries.
Porsche be fitted with any equipment not de-
Possible vehicle
scribed in this manual, your Porsche partner will be NOTICE
glad to provide information concerning correct op-
eration and care of the items concerned. Failure to observe warnings in the "Notice" cate-
gory can result in damage to the vehicle.
Detailed information about the services
Detailed information about the services is available
in the Porsche Connect portal at Information Additional information is indicated using the word
The Porsche Connect operating
The Porsche Connect operating instructions do
not replace the Driver’s Manual.

Online Map Update

Online Map Update The data connection is established. Updating navigation system maps
With the Online Map Update service, the naviga- 4. To remove the SIM card, press the inserted b Data connection is established.
tion system maps can be updated via the Internet. card and remove. b Porsche Connect services are activated in the
Porsche Connect portal.
Establishing a data connection > Please refer to chapter "Activating services
Information in the Porsche Connect portal" on page 3.
Establishing data connection using SIM
e MAP e Options
If a data connection cannot be established, check
card 1. NAV
the following:
– SIM card has sufficient data volume and is in- 2. SET NAV e Map data update e Online
serted correctly. update
– SIM card is not damaged and is working 3. Select download package. If more recent
If you are using a SIM card adapter, the SIM card
properly. navigation maps are available, select desired
may fall out of the adapter due to vibrations and
– APN settings (Internet access) are correct. The region.
components of the card getting stuck in the drive.
APN settings can be checked by contacting the
e Do not use adapters for SIM cards. network operator. 4. Select Start update and confirm note on re-
– Abroad: Data roaming is allowed on the SIM quired data volume via Start.
card and enabled in the PCM.
– The vehicle is in an area with sufficient network Using Porsche Connect services
reception (not a coverage blackspot).
– Restart the PCM if necessary. Activating services in the Porsche Con-
nect portal
Before starting to use the Porsche Connect serv-
Establishing data connection via exter- ices for the first time, they must be activated.
e Activate Porsche Connect services using the
nal WiFi hotspot
b There is no SIM card in the SIM card reader. Porsche Connect portal. For further informa-
e Options e WiFi e
Fig. 1: Inserting and removing a SIM card tion on activating services:
> Visit
b The glove box is open. Search for WiFi hotspot
1. Insert SIM card A (mini-SIM, dimensions: 25 x 2. Look for a WiFi hotspot (e.g. public hotspot or Logging in to Porsche Connect in the
15 mm). The missing corner must be pointing the mobile phone's personal hotspot) and en- PCM
front left with the chip facing down. ter WiFi access data in the PCM. When enter- A pairing code must be entered in the PCM for
ing the data, pay attention to upper and lower some services in order to retrieve personal set-
2. SIM card with PIN:
case. tings from the Porsche Connect portal.
a. Enter the PIN of the SIM card and confirm
A connection is established to the external
with OK.
WiFi hotspot.
b. Select Store PIN.
3. Confirm the prompt for establishing the data

Online Map Update

1. APPS e Options Information

2. Login e Link new Porsche ID e Enter
– The Porsche Connect services (including the
pairing code. Car Connect services, but not the Safety and
3. Enter the pairing code that is displayed in the Security services) offer a free inclusive period,
Porsche Connect portal after you have suc- which varies in length for each services pack-
cessfully activated the services. age and country, but is always at least 3
months. Further information about the free in-
clusive periods as well as subsequent costs
Logging out of Porsche Connect in the
and information about the availability of individ-
PCM ual services for your country is available online
b Porsche Connect user is created. at or from your
e e Options e Logout
Porsche partner.
– You will need a data-enabled SIM card to use
The user currently logged in is logged out.
the Porsche Connect services. A separate, fee-
based contract with a mobile phone provider is
Updating contents required for this.
– You may incur additional charges when receiv-
e APPS e Options e Reload page ing data packages from the Internet, depend-
The contents of the purchased services are ing on your mobile phone tariff and whether you
updated. are abroad. A flat-rate data plan is
Displaying service information – The availability, scope and provider of the serv-
ices may vary depending on the country, model
e APPS e Options e Services year, device and tariff.
Information about services purchased and
contract duration is displayed.