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J Korean Acad Nurs Vol.41 No.

5, 715-723
Journal of Nursing Article 41 No. 5, 2011 October

Effectiveness of HPV vaccination conducted training for
female students
YieunjiOne· Gimhyeonok2
Yonsei University doctoral student, 2Chonbuk National University College of Nursing Professor

Effects of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Education on College
Women's Knowledge, Health Belief, and Preventive Behavior Intention
Lee, Eun-Jee·Kim, Hyeon-Ok
Doctoral Student, Yonsei University, Seoul
Professor, College of Nursing, Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, Korea

Purpose: This study was done to evaluated the effects of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination education on
college women's knowledge of HPV, health beliefs (perceived severity and perceived susceptibility), and
preventive behavior inten- tion. Methods: A nonequivalent control group pretest-posttest design with repeated
measures was used. Participants were 125 female college students in one university, assigned to an
experimental group (72 students) and control group (53 students). Results: Two weeks after the intervention, the
experimental group reported higher scores of knowledge, perceived severity, perceived susceptibility, and
preventive behavior intention than the control group. All follow-up scores except intention mea-sured at 5 weeks
after the intervention from the experimental group remained still higher than those from the control group.
Conclusion: The results suggest that the variable of preventive behavior intention which is believed to be the
closest predictor of real vaccination rate could be affected by the education, but did not remain at the same level
at 5 weeks. Therefore, addi- tional interventions may need to be provided before the educational effect on
preventive behavior intention is greatly diminished.

Key words: Papillomavirus vaccines, Education, Knowledge, Health behavior, Intention

Introduction It takes to the death or hysterectomy for essentially removing the tumor
1. The need for research As a result is said to bring spiritual damage as loss of identity
and beauty of women, bodily damage, depression (Jeong,
Cervical cancer is caused Korean female cancer Ranking second 1988). It is therefore very important to prevent this.
was that cervical cancer occurs up to 3616 people in 2007, Recently HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is a cervical cancer It has
resulting in the deaths reaches 900 people per year (National been cited as the main cause. If cervical cancer is caused by
Cancer Information Center [NCIC], 2010; The Ko- rean Society persistent high-risk HPV infection in 120 species of 20 species
of Infectious Disease [KSID], 2007) . Also in women under 45 of the entire human papilloma virus (KSID, 2007). In Korea,
years worldwide second about 50 million new cases each year women appear as a precancerous uterine cervix and HPV part
in the most common cancer in women due to the death of 27 is positive in 91% of patients with cervical cancer, HPV is a
million people which (Korean Associa- tion of Obstetricians & necessary condition without HPV infection and cervical cancer,
Gynecologists [KAOG], 2009). Cervical Cancer cervical cancer incidence occurs almost

Key words: HPV vaccination, education, knowledge, intent
* This paper is written will modify based on the thesis of the first author yieunji.
* This article is a revision of the first author's master's thesis from Chonbuk National University.
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Waller. became Gynecologic students before and after the 20-year-old knowledge Oncology call POSCO Blood Institute (Kim. In the I effectively increase the coverage area Preventive US. knowledge in the implementation of health promoting The prevention of genital HPV infection (KSID. Evans. ie. such as vaccination Bond is not enough to (2010). In addition to necessary increases of cancerous lesions. perceived susceptibility and disease.4040/jkan. 2009. http://dx. pre.. Korea in 2007. Meijer. this group of researchers Academy of Pediatrics issued a guideline Bar HPV virus for conducted a six HPV-related education of female vaccination (Laurie. et al. 2007). Muñoz. 2007). Current HPV vaccines to prevent cervical cancer Most receive a certain way attention among professionals.kan. 2009). immunization targeted at women around the age of KSID. 2007. This study was also selected to act as the leading cause of health-promoting behaviors implemented as a theoretical study of the health belief model framework as a key variable.doi. 2007). 2007. Kim & Park. HPV You can not do (Bosch.2011. Lorincz. 2007). 2010). Korea's only 20 years before and after the women's first sexual experience increases starting and HPV infection rate is also the highest (Kim. KH. so (Han et al. 2007 .5. 2009) earlier in order to increase the coverage to other HPV prevention interventions are considered time education is most needed. Rosenstock (1966) is knowledge exerts a direct and indirect impact on the behavior. In particular. Kim. Therefore. the introduction and for Academy of Pediatrics Infection Committee (Kim. this 16-26-year-old woman.. it is necessary to increase the level of knowledge through education to improve the health behaviors performed (Sabates & Feinstein. behaviors.716 Kim Hyun- yieunjijade low.. how severe Results and feel that can cause. & Shah.41. Kim & Ahn . Thus. respectively HPV vaccination guidelines It was announced. 20Education about the species It is necessary to find out HPV vaccine is the occurrence of carcinoma in situ formation. that is. increased knowledge through education is the extent to which perception that he is a high risk for the disease. CJ et al. 2009. 2007) for about HPV vaccination. & Wardle. but a very low level of knowledge about kernel oil two kinds of virus and vaccination of the general public (Choi et al.. et al.. Therefore.715 . BG. the effect. given the impact on the perceived seriousness of yihaengryul was planning to increase the health promoting behavior..or. Han et al. 2002. Marlow. knowledge level is very www. according to the results of induce one educational interventions alone as a health study of 18. in 2010 the US Centers necessary to provide retraining and additional for Disease Control and Prevention and the American interventions.000 patients who received the HPV vaccination promoting behaviors increased. HPV vaccine was licensed in 2006. 2006). subjects lacking this knowledge. the initial HPV vaccine group has abnormal cervical smear results than training is provided after the need to provide a brighter the control group significantly less virus vaccination It time of the Hebrews is not appropriate to add mediation appeared to be effective in preventing cervical cancer. MuñozEt al.

Hypothesis 3. and 2.4040/jkan. There will be changes in the amount of phase difference between the perceived sensitivity of the female students and female students who did not receive the HPV vaccination for HPV education. intent on immunization The duration of the training effects reported ah know the 2.2011. perceived susceptibility. perceived seriousness. Study Design This research and training related to HPV vaccination for college. Research targets impact will be evaluated. Hypothesis Hypothesis 1. There will be changes in the amount of phase difference between the perceived severity of HPV to female students and female students who did not receive the HPV vaccination education. perceived severity.715 www. two kinds of kernel oil intended vaccination. Research Methods HPV vaccination college education and college student did not receive HPV knowledge of the changes of the scores received will be different. Hypothesis 2. Hypothesis 4. Purpose the early and mid 20 Korean population is close in April 2010 University attending the university at the time of the current J The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of HPV vaccination on the college education of HPV-related knowledge.College conducted a training of HPV vaccination effect five weeksIt was ignore.kan. preliminary research immediately after the only group on HPV vaccination of 40 minutes groups and he was educated. 717 Perceived severity. we investigated the perceived sensitivity and kernel oil two kinds of vaccination intentions. Target population of the study subjects were women.41.doi. Experimental and control groups for both general characteristics as a prior investigation. After two weeks of training one thread each primary and secondary research post after http://dx.5.or. HPV vaccination college education and college student did not receive HPV vaccination intention of changing patterns will be receiving the primary teeth. . and similar experimental studies before and after non equivalence controls to determine their effectiveness. which papilloma virus- related knowledge. perceived susceptibility.

after determining the initial sample size considering talrakryul in the follow-up survey after training five weeks and found to as experimental and control groups over 80 persons each J 5 were expressing any lessons.2) program.. Detailed 1) General Characteristics of the subjects selection criteria of the subjects did not have kernel oil The general characteristics of the subjects appeared to affect the two kinds of vaccination as attending non-medical usual two kinds of anti-virus kernel oil coverage through a literature family and no experience received relevant training.80 the power of the http://dx.20.05. the effect size to the . 20 www. was calculated significance level α = .1.2011.5. It was because CJ et al..20 coming. 2004). Calculation results of sample 1 was not subject groups need two groups of 84 people with a minimum of 42 people required. The selection of subjects in collegeThe first reason is that questions HPV knowledge.or. 53 people were total of 125 data are used to analyze the recovery rate is 66%. and human papilloma virus HPV education to understand the purposes of this study.doi. religion.41. development The degree of freedom of the molecule 2. HPV vaccination intention 4 questions.718 Kim Hyun- yieunjijade The Saint. in writing. tools (version 3. .kan. examined the prevalence of cervical was the person who agreed to participate in the study cancer that self so training conducted for 40 minutes once the sample size was calculated. In the university at the time of the study design is preliminary research. review of previous studies That the persons who have never heard there is no physical or mental problems involved in about the idea. Calculate the appropriate sample size to evaluate the effect of the mutual interaction between 2) HPV knowledge the groups and the time was using the G-power Kim and Ahn (2007) the four HPV knowledge. (Kim.78 yieoteuna This training was conducted over a four- week total of 10 times. the whole 190 people were selected to take the girls being taught in person 96 people research groups. HPV infection is highest when it is 20-24 years old (Joo et al. education Two weeks later. The results of previous research in the education of Kim (2009) Calculate the effect size on the intended papillomavirus vaccination results 0. nine in the open set to lead a small effect size of 0. and the domestic women consists of a total of 35 items of perceived susceptibility three The average age of sexual intercourse were 21 longitudinal research questions. perceived severity 3 questions. it vaccination for health.715 .4040/jkan. 2007). 3. Research Tools Research tools are generally Characteristics 5 questions. The questionnaire was written all of the data collected were 72 people investigated all three times or did not participate except falsely created 66 groups and a control group. the control group was 94 people.

57 was used as a tool to properly present only the three questions the seriousness perception and perceptual sensitivity three research questions.2011.4040/jkan. Reiter. Tools 5-point scale consists of four items are "not quite agree neunda" point. Gottlieb and Smith (2009) used a tool developed to measure the intentions of HPV vaccination targeting parents. This study was 0. 3) was used. perceived susceptibility.ItCollege was for. perceived susceptibility by Marlow et al.87. translated into Korean Were then used to modify the term college is right for the subjects.pha value was 0. perceived disability sex. After It does not have to be given a score of 0 point to 20 points with a summing the scores of the four items used to calculate the range of from the lowest points The higher the score the sum average was a range of up to 5 points from the lowest point of the scores of each question means that the human It has .org/10.5. "agrees" four points "every 719 correct answer for each question. "very agree" 5 were given a score of was used by each subscale by summing the score. Brewer.41." "agree. Nursing English translation expert and two people were used after the reverse translation. This tool conducted is oneofthat a training HPVhas a totaleffect vaccination of 20 questions points. calculating the average. (2009) developed based on the health belief model.85 in this study KR-20 value is 0. 0.55." one that "does not accept" two points "usually.91. in the present study It was 0.715 www. perceived severity. is determined not to drop to 0. At the time of development tools Perceived severity survey tool to target youth Was my consistency reliability Cronbach's alpha value of 0. the perceived severity. the higher score intention HPV vaccination Increase It papilloma virus high-knowledge. and the wrong answer The right consent "was given a score of 5 points. At the time the survey tool means that is. would you measure the sincerity 4 Perceived benefit more sub-concept of perceived disability gender and perceived benefits castle internal tool development time consistency reliability Cronbach's alpha is 0. internal consistency reliability Cronbach's perceived susceptibility tools Al. Health Beliefs survey tool on HPV vaccination is perceived severity.doi. it means that the high score is higher. tools examined by a parent object at the time of youth Guttman coefficient by the equity method was a half was Reliability Cronbach's alpha value was 0.97.81.kan. have up to five fingers jeomkka range from the lowest point.or. 4) intention HPV vaccination Was McRee. Tools developed internal consistency of the developed by targeted at college KR-20 value is . human papilloma virus josaji health beliefs about HPV. perceived sensitivity. Both perceived severity and perceived susceptibility to a 5-point scale "does not quite agree.89.78.87 and was 0. 4 points." 3 points. "do not agree" 2 points "usually" three http://dx.77 in this study.

data via a beam projector.715 . focused on the 1) Data collection methods potential severity and prevention of cervical cancer. the dependent variable of HPV- conducted training for cervical cancer and cervical cancer related knowledge for the test and for the perceived severity.2011. a paired t-test was performed to evaluate the change of each section of each variable per test subjects the purpose was being http://dx. All study chair and research characteristics of the person and the dependent variable was assistants were involuntarily whether any group is the performed t-test. written consent to students who Cron. religion. Black homogeneity of the general responsible for all the survey. Fisher's exact test.or.bach's alpha and KR-20. prevention. development (30 minutes). Duration of the questionnaire 1. Training lectures were determined to cooperate with an explanation of materials were revised this study is the advice to advisors the need for and the course of study. and more training were given in Table 1. and human papilloma virus Are you heard about the vaccination. The homogeneity of the general characteristics and the responses was 10-15 minutes after a questionnaire in order to dependent variable black improve the recovery rate of recovery was created shortly after the end of completing the questionnaire and provided gifts to the students who participated in the survey. The reliability of the measurement tool was calculated compensation or no risk.4040/jkan. vaccination intent of this study 40 minutes. Data analysis dates in the control group. agree to study participation after explaining that the right not to respond to the study in accordance with the free will to complete the questionnaire by following the instructions on Results the question how to write . direct group. research assistant was the one was analyzed. If the experimental group and the control group was training study is installed suffice if only the home of the old form were protocols this study researchers have determined to promote black with Repeated Measures ANOVA univariate analysis.0 statistical program following It of experimental education. 20 early high sensitivity of HPV in women. Data collection period was from April 27. education on HPV vaccination target groups per perceived susceptibility. Summary of the Education Program: Contents and Methodologies Components Contents Methodologies www.720 Kim Hyun- yieunjijade 4. no commercial interests related to the experimental group were selected girls being taken of the remaining three start 5. In addition. In addition. clean up confirming any expression not treat HPV negative about the (5 min). 2010 to June 8 characters Education was the lecture method was presented to the PPT go by stocking questionnaire and collected data. this training and Information. it was 2) HPV vaccination HPV vaccination training HPV whether the cervical cancer research around the experimental prevention education is back That the transfer of knowledge and control groups did not show statistically significant associated with new vaccination refers to the group differences.doi.kan. The researchers were responsible only for HPV vaccination The collected data using SPSS 17. Chi square test. In addition. create educational content through a review of is what pharmaceutical companies and even the girls the literature was distributed in print for training when described being taken of two start dates after that there are subjects. General characteristics Perceived Health Status. Training program consists of When J After a five lectures a professor at the university introducing (5 minutes). Research the proceedings Provide basic knowledge about the arch cancer and HPV vaccination.5. education party Table 1. it the consistency of survey methods and procedures for does not meet the statistical value of a multivariate analysis research assistant research assistant is of the study to the was used.

betweenprevalence. medical cervical cancer http://dx.41. method.715 www.College conducted Introduction a training of HPV vaccinationIntroduction (5 min) effect of lecturer Lecture 721 Allotted time and power point proceedings Uterus: Anatomical position and function of uterus Development (30 min) Cervicalrelationship Causal cancer: Definition. characteristics. HPV prognosis Lecture Principle of cervical cancer prevention power point HPV: definition.5.or.kan. infection . adverse effect of HPV vaccination Summary (5 min) Summary Q&A HPV = Human Papillomavirus. symptom HPV infection rate of women in 20s Introduction of HPV vaccination Effect.4040/jkan.2011.

41.715 .18 ± 3.5) 43 (81.00 .91 ± 0.15 < .843 y Control (n= 53) 2.74 ± 0.62 TTime 1.65 3.6) 24 (45.039 Control (n= 53) 3. knowledge score of the day by 3.kan. Repeated Measure ANOVA of Dependent Variables (N = 125) Mean± SD Variables Group Source F p Pre-test Post-test1 Post-test2 Knowledge Experimental (n= 72) 3.17 ± 3.7) 43 (81.5) Knowledge of HPV (0-20) 3.76 < .24 3.37 .00 4.9) Religion 3.259 Perceived susceptibility (1-5) 2.75 ± 2.39 .450 Yes 9 (12.001) knowledge scores after two weeks of training and education to see that five weeks is maintained until Education about HPV vaccination to groups After that time and after the knowledge score of no statistically significant difference (t = 1.907 Perceived severity (1-5) 3.7) * Catholic 6 (8.6) I do not know 24 (33.81 points out of 20 of the experimental group was significantly increased 2.8) 1 (1. Table 3.53 ± 0.60 ± 0. p = .59 3.6) 3 (5.61 p G× 9.51 ± 2.51 .82 9.67 2.94 ± 0.68 3.634 vaccination? Yes 11 (15.057) groups five state education the difference between groups as a result of the dependent have.001 Control (n= 53) 3.41 < .75 points. p <.28 .56 ± 0.63 -1.025 www.001 Perceived Experimental (n= 72) 2. both There was a statistically significant difference between the control statistically significant There is no difference between the two group (F = 62.44 ± 0.74 ± 0.001 Grou 57.134 HPV vaccination Intention (1-5) 3.96 . HPV related Characteristics and Dependent Variables between Groups (N = 125) Frequency (%) Mean or± SD Variables χ2 or t p Experimental (n= 72) Control (n= 53) Health status Very 1.86 2.3) 10 (18. However.69 2.5) 10 (18.001 susceptibilit Grou 0.47 ± 0.60 ± 0.85 ± 0.53 ± 0.90 .12 .153 Grou 4.97 < .81 ± 3.73 ± 0.9) No 61 (84.49 ± 0.81 ± 3.21 < .7) None 34 (47. one hypothesis "than female group were as follows (Table 3. 722 Kim Hyun- yieunjijade Pre-homogeneity of the control group was a black t-test.3) 9 (17.9) No 63 (87.8) 25 (47. 3.1) Someone close to me had cervical cancer 1.21 .80 3.9) Buddhism.60 ± 3.8) 3 (5.86 -1.2011. students who did not receive the HPV vaccination and education Hypothesis 1.doi.4) 1 (1.75 ± 2.13 .871 good Good 2 (2. Thus. p <0.001).47 ± 0.59 3.00 -0.40 .1) Have you ever heard about HPV 0.69 2.92 .74 TTime T http://dx.9) * No 47 (65. Homogeneity for Figure 1).3) Poor 33 (45.4040/jkan.2) 2 (2.2) 21 (39. Won Buddhism 4 (5.63 3.76 .07 p G× 62.6) Have you ever heard about HPV? 0.045 * Fisher's exact test.30 ± 0.81 p G× 3.or.5.67 Time 71.3) 39 (73.537 Protestantism 28 (38.93. Hypothesis Testing and knowledge scores after two weeks 9. a score of the control group there was little variable between black heomgun chamber and the control difference over time.88 ± 0.9) 20 (37.520 Yes 1 (1.7) * Fair 35 (48.95 ± 0. Changes of HPV-related knowledge is experimental and Table 2.001 Perceived severity Experimenta l (n = 72) 3.3) 13 (24.80 9. Before receiving the HPV vaccination education ateuna both groups of HPV groups was found to be a homogeneous group (Table 2).41.80 2.02 .51 points (t = -9.72 -2.71 3.

org/10.39 ± 0.42 ± 0.65 ± 0.71 of HPV vaccination Experimental 3.56 ± 0.kan.41.42 < .or.63 3.72 3.College conducted a training Intention (n= 72) effect 3.715 www.doi.39 ± 0.63 3.12 .913 Control (n= 53) 3.006723 Grou 0.5.30 .4040/jkan.2011.69 Time .61 p G× 16.001 T http://dx.30 ± 0.

70 3.05.45 2.65 3. While the control group showed no significant change.715 .50 pre-test2 weeks later5 week laterpre-test2 weeks later 5 week later Figure 1. perceived susceptibility.55 3. Changes of the perceived difference sensitivity of the HPV was a statistically There will be "was supported.35 2. the the education and training two weeks after five perception of the severity scores than those in the weeks was statistically experimental group after 2 weeks training prior to investigation (t = -2.019).41. p <. perceived severity.30 Experimental 2.90 3.95 Perceived severity 9 3. p = .5. Thus hypothesis 2 "change aspects of the perceived seriousness of the college of HPV did not receive the college received the HPV immunization education will be different" was supported.60 2. p <.95 Control 3.85 Control 7 3.25 2.001).or.55 2 Experimental 3.50 One Control 3.60 Control 3.2011. significant difference between test and control Hypothesis 2.00 Perceived susceptibility Experimental 3.66.kan.025).75 6 3.70 5 3.65 2.80 3. Changes of HPV virus-related knowledge scores adverse is the Hypothesis 3.85 3.001 ) score of group had a statistically significant difference.80 http://dx.60 3 3.55 2.50 4 3.90 Experimental 8 3. there was a statistically and the sensitivity scores were not statistically significant difference between college student did not significantly different perceptions of the receive a college education and received the HPV experimental and control groups.20 2.76. p = . were HPV vaccination education (F = 9. The pre-irradiation the human papilloma virus. was that the higher education state oil until after 5 weeks (t = 1.40 2. www. but slightly higher than the experimental group significantly (t = -4. and intent ion scores.doi. The change of the perceived seriousness of groups (F = 3.37.40 pre-test2 weeks later 5 week pre-test2 weeks later 5 week later later 3.70 Intention 3. Change in experimental and control group of HPV knowledge.97.45 0 3. p = .75 3.720 Kim Hyun- yieunjijade 10 HPV knowledge 3. The preliminary training two weeks after the rise in the research was to increase the number of control points perceived sensitivity score of the experimental perceived severity.

5. Pre-irradiation. http://dx. p = . p <. but statistically significantly increased (t = -2.715 www.39. Therefore. However.Do not haveCollege a significant conducteddifference a training ofto the HPV (t = -0. hypothesis 4 "HPV immunization kinds of training college and not have college of HPV vaccination intention of changing patterns received will be different" is the statistically between a significant difference. but results in training the two groups after 5 weeks intended papillomavirus vaccination points.4040/ .kan.848) perceived effect 721 sensitivity of the test group Scores of education We can see that maintained until after five weeks. there was no significant difference in HPV vaccination intention scores of experimental and control groups.41.2011.021) Education did not last until the significant decline (t = 3. Hypothesis 4.79. p = . After two weeks.34. there was a big difference. the control group compared to the prior survey showed a decline in some aspects to be maintained until after five weeks.19.001).001) training 5 weeks after the intended effects of five the sensitive perception score of the control group showed trends to a slight increase in measured increments every time. Therefore. HPV vaccination intention of changing patterns There was a statistically significant difference between the experimental group and the control group (F = 15. vaccination p <.doi. Hypothesis 3 "on change of gakdoen sensitivity to female students and female students who did not receive the HPV vaccination and HPV education will be different" was supported.or. After training the experimental group than the intention of the two weeks prior to the survey. http://dx.4040/jkan. (2007). according to a study of HPV vaccination intention is to increase that Raising college of the HPV knowledge hayeoteumeuro contribute to enhance the human papilloma virus protection coverage will be. because only significantly increase hayeotgi For female students have conducted training HPV vaccination HPV groups. Kim (2009). Riedesel (2005) and Lenselink et al. five weeks. However. but some education and training lock after five weeks were increased rather than upon prior research. Perceived severity refers to how serious a personal judgment as to whether the HPV infection Perceived severity of the college educated in this study were significantly increased after two weeks. The perceived sensitivity is dramatically scores of groups I. knowledge of this. In addition. the impact on the score of the control group were similar to the prior intended It was black. perceived sensitivity. Both test and the college's intention HPV vaccination on the basis of the control groups showed an increase in perceived susceptibility model HPV vaccination education interventions based on the two weeks after the primary and secondary education at the HPV knowledge in height was performed. This is consistent with the findings of Amy (2004). rather than two weeks after a post-training prior investigation. human papilloma virus and cervical cancer related internet news articles were published in the portal site is thought to be large because the study hayeotgi those who contact them. the control group did not receive an education tended to fall slightly. It started HPV vaccination in health clinics and universities in the J data collection in place between 4 data collected in this study period to June Were also three in the for Obstetrics and Gynecology Society of May Week "Cervical Cancer Yes While the room Week "campaign. This study Rosenstock (1966) of the Health Belief two this increase in perceived susceptibility was not intended to species virus kernel oil knowledge set up a hypothesis affect affect the human papilloma virus vaccination bar. However.722 Kim Hyun- yieunjijade while repeated exposure to the research tool did not Argument kernel oil are two kinds of vaccination training is thought to be due to increased interest in coming hayeotgi HPV. but a slight rise as the perceived sensitivity score of the control group did not receive an education in this study that the personal judgment that is likely to be infected with HPV over time trained It was rising. Such vaccination to prevent female students received education have increased significantly kernel oil are two kinds of viruses knowledge scores after training but maintained its effects until five weeks after training college was not angry untrained their knowledge is almost changed. This means that it is effective in training conducted by the HPV vaccination HPV increases the knowledge. the higher the knowledge.5.or. the control www.doi.715 . investigation.41. post intended to investigate human papilloma virus vaccination the perceived severity.

2008). 2008) pain as a side effect is localized reactions coming reported to date. Doubts about the safety of vaccination were also intended as a cause of degradation of HPV vaccination (Brewer & Fazekasa. sore throat this was a serious side effect is the period emergence of only one http://dx. the papilloma viruses when providing interventions for coverage rise provides educational interventions leading to it is necessary to guide to get the HPV eg vaccination within two weeks of training. 2007. 2009). due to the training conducted in the present study was a and vaccination of subjects vaccination schedule limited to 140 minutes per lesson. . Lee. 2007) also conducted in vaccinated agencies for I training two weeksAfter the drop was significantly after 5 ju it appear as factors that inhibit HPV vaccination to supplement was significantly increased as measured. 2007.. The intended effect on HPV vaccination in many studies US values as the most likely cause was a lack of knowledge (Han et al. as mentioned. This is to back vaccination cost is expensive kernel oil two kinds of virus vaccination can concentrated in some high-income tier may cause vaginal penetration is delayed should be further realization costs and provide a variety of ways to the jeoso income hierarchy also vaccinated need. rather than superficial and short side effects and requires a study carried out by the training to publicity through the mass media when viewing Kagawa is the general redness and systemic reactions include fever. Implementation of health promotion actions must be based on emotional empathy causes an increase in support formula. Therefore. Knowledge increased education has been maintained until after 5 weeks of the cause to the educational and emotional process. HPV to the knowledge of side effects of the vaccine. the perceived seriousness and intent HPV vaccination is seen to have been forgotten over time had only a short-term effect until two weeks after training can.. This is considered it stresses the need for human papilloma virus vaccination.doi.College conducted a training of HPV vaccination effect 723 HPV vaccine to 0. it is necessary to apply to develop various arbitration scheme to increase coverage to prevent further addition to training. knowledge scores were lower in earlier preliminary research results of this study.1% because of the short to the long-term As a result Professional. HPV vaccination is also an important cause of high cost of reducing the intent HPV virus vaccination Of one (Brewer & Fazekasa.5. 2009. Kim. & scores of college groups received the inoculation training. Shepherd. prevention kernel oil two kinds of vaccination intentions The last three times onerous point (Gerend vaccination. in the training two weeks time HPV vaccination maintaining a mean and prophylaxis underwent re-education in order to provide a clue for inoculation conduct this line. Kim & Park. 2007..or.715 www. it is necessary to transfer the right to come thought to be carried out in-depth training is required. swelling. Choi et al. Choi et al.41.2011.

but the effect lasts even after five weeks training and other variables atda does not maintain its effects until training five weeks. perceived severity. The object. but the best person the college of human be greater in the prevention of domestic coverage requires papilloma virus vaccination are the situation do not feel HPV vaccination-related research of children of the parent the need for vaccination and a lack of HPV knowledge. HPV immunization is necessary to confirm species intended for a HPV vaccination applied education. First.or. HPV vaccination training is needed services to meet for further study says that the high rates of HPV vaccination That it is necessary to guide to the their immunization for example. subjects of the research.724 Kim Hyun- yieunjijade Vaccination person using a telephone or cell phone text general public. conclusion This study is HPV vaccination is similar educational inequality before and after experimental study conducted to investigate the effect of a control group with the intention of unmarried college of HPV vaccination. HPV vaccination is especially intended dropped after five weeks training were significantly increased after training in two weeks.5.715 . HPV vaccination intention. Given that the HPV whether expression levels low and HPV prevention education is essential. the human papilloma virus college knowledge. perceived severity. vaccination training two weeks and changing patterns in five weeks. schedule. HPV knowledge.doi.4040/jkan. Therefore. perceived it in order to increase the sensitivity. the human papilloma virus in my college studies abroad Not cancer prevention effects are excellent results coming out only parents also referred to the impact on iteumeu appears to continues. it is necessary to encourage HPV vaccination within training two weeks and if after that u intend HPV vaccination and re-training in order to strengthen and to provide a variety of arbitration http://dx. intended HPV vaccination And it acts as a continuous knowledge of HPV and HPV vaccination results conducted by college education to change health beliefs about the two kinds of human papilloma virus vaccination to prevent kernel oil increased vaccination is intended. as well as to improve the perceived severity. And based on the results of the present study is to the following proposal such. Second. Since the HPV vaccine emergence study cervical Third.2011. HPV vaccination is necessary to expand applicable to the www.41. HPV vaccination in this study underwent training increases the degree of virus kernel oil two kinds of knowledge. there was a significant difference in HPV knowledge. HPV example.

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