Soap Opera Brief

Our soap opera will explore the every day lives of a small wealthy interlinked community in Chigwell, The Epping Forest district of Essex. Our cast will consist of upper class characters, many who have been born into money and very few have earned their own living. There is a communal golf club where the characters often meet to socialise and interact with one another named ‘Green Lake’, which portrays an upper-market life style as it is modern and is well fitted to the characters and the theme of our soap. There is also a small coffee house named ‘Edgar’s’ which has been recently refurbished by one of the founding elderly couples (The Jarvis’), where the characters (especially the females) meet for lunch and coffee on a regular basis to interact and ‘gossip’. The household buildings are all similar looking and all equally large to reflect the wealth of the community. They are modern and up-market which is classic for homes from the Chigwell area which is stereotypically known as a place of residence for the wealthy. There is a variety of characters including a young married couple, the husband being a business man named Victor Rolfe whose loving wife EmmaLouise is not from a wealthy background there for securing her loyalty to her rich husband - although she has recently found out about his infidelity with another promiscuous neighbour – Rochella Wembridge . An example of the rich male characters is ‘Carl Costello’ from the soap opera ‘Hollyoaks’. He is typically rich and recently revealed to have slept with his wives cousin. Although he is not a nasty character he is just thoughtless with his actions (sleeping with family members under the influence) which lead to well established storylines. We want ‘Victor Rolfe’ to play a similar role.

The ‘gold digger’ type wife is also exampled in ‘Hollyoaks’ by the character ‘Cindy Hutchinson’ who has recently got engaged to a very wealthy older man whom she barely knows. This is a perfect example of the neediness to stay with a rich husband no matter what which we want our character ‘Emma-Louise’ to display.

Another key character to the soap is the stereotypical rebellious male (who has come to his money through fraudulent activities and gambling), Leo Brown who throughout plots against and blackmails various members of the street.

Our rebellious male will be similar to the character of ‘Caine Dingle’ from ‘Emmerdale’ who comes across as nasty and conniving. He is recently involved in a plot where he has been blackmailing a female member of the cast after Including an older couple Robert and discovering she has committed murder. This Daisy Jarvis who he targets after storyline has similar aspects to it as the character finding out about their secret son ‘Leo Brown’ will have. (Brad Richmond) which they gave up at birth who coincidently works in the café ‘Edgars’. Our old married couple we will liken to ‘Jack and Vera’ from Coronation Street who are characters that bring some humour and lightheartedness to the soap. Jack and Vera are a good example of the sort of loving characters we wish The Jarvis’ to adopt as they are parental to the rest of the characters but with some storylines of their own. (Such as when Vera passed away) Brad is a young attractive male who is a ‘nice guy’ but always getting in trouble because of his humour and charm. He however is in love with Jessica the streets beautiful sweet resident who coincidently is in a relationship with Brads oldest closest friend Patrick Langdon; the local hero after he recently saved Rochella Wembridge’s life when she was kidnapped by criminals blackmailing her father for money. The character of Maria in Coronation Street is similar to the sort of character we wish ‘Jessica’ to be. She gets involved in drama generally through no fault of her own and is innocent and naïve to the people around her. A storyline Maria has recently been involved in is her falling in love with the un-known to her killer of her dead husband. She is typically an attractive ‘girlnext-door type’ who is quick to win hearts of local residents. ‘Leon’ from Eastenders is an example of the ‘jack the lad’ character we would like Brad to come across as. He is stereotypically mischievous and getting into trouble but is a nice to guy who doesn’t intentionally do any great harm to other characters.

The hero of our soap will bare resemblance to the character of ‘Jack Branning’ from Eastenders. A typically well dressed attractive male who does well in life. The character of Jack has recently been pining after another female character in the soap which relates directly to his love of ‘Jessica’. He is known to have done heroic deeds like saving a young mans life by jumping in front of a bullet which is the sort of behaviour we wish to build our character ‘Patrick’ around. Our target audience is mainly teenagers and young adults as most of the characters fit into this category and are stylish with a lavish life style. The soap will be more in relation to programmes such as ‘Desperate Housewives’ ‘The Hills’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ as it will reflect the life style of luxury that most of the viewers may not be able to fully relate too but be interested in. This will reach out to a young audience as it will raise their interest as well as using storylines that the viewers can however empathise with.

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