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English Description in English Spanish English Description in English Spanish

frightened afraid asustado pretty nice to look at bonito

frightening making you afraid espantoso,
publish publicar
Agatha Christie, golf a game where a player hits a small ball into

to print and make books to sell in the shops

puzzle something that is difficult to understand, like enigma /

Woman of Mystery a hole with a long stick called a golf club
a game where you must find an answer acertijo,


John Escott guess (v) to give an answer when you don't know adivinar
if it's right or wrong
railway station a place where trains stop for people to get on or off estación

1 holy (city) a place (city) which is special for God sagrado /

ciudad sagrada
reporter someone who works for a newspaper, radio,
de tren

or television reportero
honour something very important and special honor
English Description in English Spanish
return to send back, or to go back volver
idea a new thought or plan; a picture in your head idea
agent someone who does business for another person agente
invitation asking someone to come somewhere, invitación
Royal Flying the first British "army" of men to fly aeroplanes cuerpo aéreo
appear to come or go where somebody can see you aparecer
or do something
Corps del ejército
archaeology the study of very old buildings and things that arqueología
durante la 1ª
are found in the ground
lake a large piece of water with land around it lago
Guerra Mundial

character a person in a story personaje magazine a paper "book" which comes out every week revista
or month
cheat to do something that is not honest engañar seem to make you think that something is true parecer

maid a woman who works as a servant in a hotel (hotel)

clue a thing, or some information, that helps to find pista (chambermaid) or in somebody's house camarera de
the answer to a mystery (housemaid) habitaciones / shy not sure about yourself; finding it difficult to talk tímido,
(casa) criada to new people vergonzoso
Commander an important officer in the navy capitán
de fragata
manager someone who looks after a business (like a bank director,
concert music that is played or sung in front concierto
gerente telegram a message that is sent quickly, using radio signals telegrama
or hotel) and tells the workers what to do
of a lot of people

desert a very hot, dry place where there is no rain desierto

(or very little) moor a large piece of wild hilly ground without trees páramo
type to use a typewriter escribir a
mosque a building where Muslims go to say their prayers mezquita
dig (past tense to make a hole in the ground cavar
moustache the hair on a man's top lip, below his nose bigote typewriter a machine that you used to make letters on paper máquina
de escribir
disappear to go where nobody can see or find you desaparecer
novel a book that is one long story novela

disappointed sad, because something you wanted has decepcionado

officer someone in the army, navy, etc. who tells others oficial useful if something is useful, it helps someone útil
not happened what to do to do something

dispensary a place where medicines are prepared and dispensario play (n) a story that people act in the theatre obra de teatro
given to people
poison (n) something that can kill you or make you feel very veneno volunteer someone who does useful work but who doesn't voluntario
divorce (n) the end of a marriage divorcio ill if you eat it or drink it want any money for doing it

dream (n) pictures or ideas in your head when you sueño popular if something is popular, a lot of people like it popular,
are asleep conocido war fighting between armies or different countries guerra