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Vedas on Substandard products, hoarders, adulteration,


Sarmaa सरमा:
- Taking guidance from Sayan MW (Monier Williams) calls
Sarma a four eyed dog of Indra.
िवत् जन सरमा की ुपि ,या या गितमान पदाथ िमनाित सा
सरमा से बताते ह.
Sarma is One who takes measure of a variable item. Vaidic
Sarma is thus a watch dog of society,and is said to have four
eyes. Inspectors enforcing quality controls, media and whistle
blowers are the class of men that can be called vaidic Sarma.

Panis in Vedas
Panis represent a class of people who receive praise in Vedas
for their ability to collect and store any surplus commodity
produced in the society.
Panis in Vedas also come in for lot of criticism, when motivated
by greed they indulge in unethical practices to create artificial
shortages, flood the markets with adulterated commodities,
and get rich at the expense of society.

Rig Ved 10.108 sookt takes the form of a dialogue between

such a supplier/ manufacturer the पिण and a quality watch
dogs- having four eyes सरमा - the checking inspector.

Pani Receives Sarma

िकिम ती सरमा "ेदमानड् दूरे %&वा जगुिर:
1.िकिम र पराचै: !
हित का पिरत+,यासीत् कथं रसाया अतर:
अतर पयांिस !!
What brings you - Sarma here? The way is long , on taking on
such a mission, one can not turn back. What are you looking
for here ? What is your personal interest in coming here? Have
not passed through hardships in life? Are you well fed? Are
you not here looking for warmth and comforts?

Sarma Replies
इ 1*य दूतीिरिषता चरािम मह इछंती पणयो िनधीन् व:!
अित6कदो िभयसा त8ा आवत् तथा रसाया अतरं पयांिस !!
O Panis, I am here as a representative of Indra – the Nation
builder- What you have concealed and hoarded, I want to
explore that. Yes I have passed through difficult times, but I
have learned how to get over difficult situations.

Pani Says
कीदृि;ङ 1:
3.कीदृ 1 सरमे का दृशीका य*येदं दूतीरसर:
ीरसर पराकात् !
आ च गछाि म>मेना दधामाSथा
दधामा था गवां गोपितन? भवाित !!
O Sarma- How rich and powerful is your employer this Indra?
We want to make friends with him. He can take over our
activities and be their owner.

Sarma Replies
4. नाहं तं वेद द@यं दभत् स य*येदं दूतीरसरं पराकात् !
ना तं गूहि त Aवतो गभीरा हता इ 1ेण पणय:पणय शय&वे !!
Indra whom I represent is very unapproachable, incorruptible
and invincible. He is not swept away by strong currents of
misguiding torrents. He has the capacity to take your measure.
Pani Says
5. इमा गाव:
गाव सरमे या ऐछ:ऐछ पिर िदवो अ तान् सुभगे पत ती !
क*त एना अव सृजादयु&ु ता*माकमायुधा संित ितDमा !! ऋ
O Sarma, with us, you are at the threshold of prosperity. We
can provide you with all the riches that you may like. Who
parts with his riches without any fight? We are also very
powerful with our resources and strength.

Sarma replies

असे या वः पणयो वचां*यिनषा*त वः स तु पापीः |

अधृFो व एतवा अ*तु प था बृह*पितवG उभया न मृळत् ||
O Pani- Your suggestions are not appreciated by upright
professionals. Your conduct is evil. Save yourself from punitive
rath of Indra. Wise men will take appropriate actions to close
your routes. And if you do not surrender, you will find yourself
in great trouble.

Pani Says
7. अयं िनिधः
िनिधः सरमे अि1बुJो गोिभरKेिभवGसिु भ यृFG ः |
रLि त तं पणयो ये सुगोपा रे कु पदमलकमा जग थ ||ऋ ऋ10.108.7
O Sarma- Our riches are secured in underground stone vaults.
Our assets are very rich in resources, and are protected by
very competent security force. You have come here in vain

Sarma Says
8. एह गम8ृषयः सोमिशता अया*यो अङिगरसो नवDवाः |
त एतमूव िव भज त गोनामथैतचः पणयोवमि8त् || ऋ10.108.8
आि;गरस अया*य,
अया*य नवDवा-
नवDवा These divine powers represent ,
omnipresent, untiring, smoothly acting ability to achieve their
objectives. They are fully empowered with intelligence and
motivated by knowledge, and will relieve you of your misdeeds.

Pani Says
9. एवा च वं सरम आजग थ "बािधता सहसा दैन े |
*वसारं वा कृ णवै मा पुनगाG अप ते गवां सुभगे भजाम ||ऋऋ
O Sarma- Even your employers are afraid of our powers. We
like you very much and would offer you to stay here as our
dear sister, and partake your share in our riches.

Sarma Says
10. नाहं वेद Nातृवं नो *वसृविम 1ो िवदुरङिगरसO घोराः |
गोकामा मे अछदयन यदायमपात इत पणयो वरीयः || ऋ10.108.10
I refuse to be enticed by your sweet talk. My powerful brave
employers have deputed me to this task of investigation. I am
working under their protection. You better leave this place.
Sarma Finally Says
11. दूरिमत पणयो वरीय उQावो य तु िमनतीरृतन े |
बृह*पितयाG अिव दि8गूळाः सोमो Rावाण ऋषयO िव"ाः
O panis- You must abandon your ways and quit your ways.
People are suffering due to your black deeds. Administration
has now learned about your secret methods of working and
you will no longer be able to operate like this.

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