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1 Activating Knowledge

Clil Lesson: The Native Americans
INTRODUCTION : Brainstorming about the
topic:Read and speak Indian Christopher

What are we talking about ? tribes Columbus

What do you know about it?

Read the text below
When Christopher Columbus landed in America in 1942, he
thought he has reached a group of Islands off India. So he called
the people that lived there “Indians”, These original inhabitants had come over the centuries from different area of Asia
when the two continents- were not separated by the Bering Strait. In the new land they formed numerous tribes which
has little in common. The spoke different languages, some were farmes, others were hunters or fishermen. Some tribes
were nomads, some were not.Some lived in teepers, other in longhouses or in wigwaams. Some built towns.They did
not have a written halphabet but wrote using symbols.One thing American tribes had in common was a love and respect
for the land, and its plant and animal life.

The teacher presents the topic to the class, emphasizing the importance of native coulture in
America during that time. Therefore she focus on the new vocabulries and explains in which
occasions they are used..
ANALYSIS: exploration
It necessary to learn more and more vocabulary if you want to speak fluently. The teacher suggests
reading the topic to find out new vocabularies The graphic organiser will help them in this
activities.Some of this are verbs other are nouns.
Use the underline key words, then write a sentence for each of them. 2 Guiding understanding
The teacher shows several videos about the topic and does longhouse
an experiment to encourage students keep the English
conversation going. wigwaam
Here the summary of the topic. Use the suggestion of graphic
organiser that help you to fill in the gaps the right words.

Mapping landed land

Indians Asia

Europeans first landed in America

in____________; they called Native
1492 Native Americans originally came from
_____________; American and Asia
Continent are now separated by_______¸
The main occupations of the most Native
Americans are_________
Farmer Hunterr