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Pulkit Khandelwal Location: Pune, India

Mobile Number: +919665744904
SAP ABAP/Workflows Developer
Date of Birth: March 10, 1991

Career Objective
To achieve excellence in the field of Information Technology while constantly acquiring technical and business knowledge
that offers best solutions to the business.

Work Experience

Accenture Services Pvt Ltd, Pune, India
July 2014 – Present day
Current Designation: Software Engineering Analyst


● 3 years of experience in SAP ABAP development and support software projects for international clients in various
● Development Experience in SAP Business Workflows.
● Advance excel and data analytics skills (BEx AFO)
● Currently working in S/4 HANA 1610 Implementation project.


Key Skills:
a. Report Programming: Both Basic and Interactive, OOPS ABAP.
b. Enhancement Framework: BADIs and Exits.
c. Smart Forms and Scripts.
d. IDocs and Proxies.
e. Data Dictionary Objects Creation.

a. Building Customized Workflows.
b. Business Objects.
c. Rules.
d. Administration of Workflows.

a. AIF customization.
b. Creation of Interfaces with Proxies.
c. AIF Error Handling.

a. New syntaxes of HANA system
b. ABAP CDS views creation for interfaces & reporting purpose.
c. BW on HANA Reports development using BEx and front-end tool - Analysis for Office (AFO)

Operational. Workflows Description: This Project is an end to end implementation project on S/4 HANA 1610. Jaipur with 71. Smart forms. Because of these tools we noticed 70% reduction in tickets in workflow space. ● Resolving Workflow issues on daily basis. Exhibit etc. GAAP. Pune.4% (2008). Major Work Undertaken: ● Built Inbound Proxy Interfaces using AIF (Application Interface Framework) ● Development of Journal Entry Approval Workflow for FI and Insurance Sub-Ledger (ISL) Manual entry workflow for FSCD modules. ● Handled Weekly Client calls and Prepared Status Reports. ● Knowledge of creating BPP. SAP WORKLFOW. Oops ALV). . Interfaces. Jaipur with 77. Project: SAFARI Project Role: Techno-Functional role (ABAP-WORKFLOW-MM) with sole responsibility of workflow system of all the modules. BPS. Mumbai Maharashtra with 84. India. Pub School. ● Created and modified existing smart forms and scripts. Accenture. ● Built Workflow tool useful for client to give them visibility of stuck workflows and to restart/forward/delete them. Description: SAFARI Project is for enhancing and maintaining the whole SAP system application of the client in 24*7 process.25%. Interfaces to achieve the new functionality and to fix bugs. Education  B. Team Size: 10 Duration: 21 months (December 2014 – August 2016) Technologies: SAP ABAP. ● Worked on BADI and Exits ● Made Changes in Standard SAP Material Master Screen by adding customized fields. Roles and Responsibility Project: SAP Financials Transformation Client: Protective Life Insurance Corporation based in US Duration: (January 2017 – Present day) Technologies: SAP ABAP ON HANA. (2010–2014)  Higher Secondary (XII) from DAV Cent. where applied authorization objects at both selection and data level. 3 Months Post: Associate software engineer Area: Technical Stream Training in SAP ABAP and Personality Development (Intermediate Training).  High School (X) from DAV Cent. Reports are developed for Insurance client based out of USA for internal as well as Government Reporting. Enhancement Framework. ● USSTAT. This way we made the client self-reliant.Analysis for Office (AFO) ● Experience on reporting solution for Hierarchies using CDS views (custom & standard) ● BEX query designer & its use in consuming CDS views for reporting. Service Calls in compliance with SLA. Interactive. ● Worked on separation project. ● Created reports to load master data into database. Trainings and Certificates ABAP Foundation Training.Tech in Electronics & communication from NMIMS MPSTME .4% (2010). Pub School. SAP AIF. SAP PROXY. technical specification (TS) and Technical testing (TT) documents. Major Work Undertaken: ● Worked on various Reports (Classical. Client: A top Mining Corporation having operations in 11 countries. ● Reports development using front-end tool . ● Resolved many issues related to Idoc Interfaces. ● Providing best solution for Incidents. ● ABAP CDS views creation for interfaces & reporting purpose. Forms. Also Enhanced Interfaces by adding new fields. ● Changes in OO ABAP Reports.