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NQ-R256A | 256 W

The innovative solution
256 W
Mono | Back Contact

19.8 %
Module efficiency
More efficient conversion of solar radiation
by placing the contacts on the back of
the cell

For your
Take advantage of solar panels + battery
solutions for maximum independence

55 years of solar expertise Proven Quality Product guarantee
VDE (IEC/EN 61215, IEC/EN61730)
Safety Class II / CE
19.8 % module efficiency Application class A Linear power output
DIN EN 13501-1 (class E) guarantee
Made in Japan
Monocrystalline silicon Robust product design
Guaranteed positive photovoltaic modules
power tolerance (Back Contact) Top PV brand award
(0/+5 %)

pl@sharp. 490 kg Cable PV1-F cable 4.53 V Current at point of maximum power Impp %/°C Limit values Maximum system voltage 600 VDC Over-current protection 15 A Temperature range -40 to 90° C Max.6 m Frame anodized aluminium Other countries SolarInfo.5. This module should not be directly connected to a load.95 A The specifications may deviate slightly and are not guaranteed.5 V Electrical values measured under nominal operating conditions of cells : 800 W/m² m × 1. mechanical load (snow / wind) Pa Tested snow load (IEC61215 test pass*) 5. Mechanical data Dimensions (mm) Length . General data Packaging data Cells monocrystalline Si.095 V/°C Isc 0. 110 x 109 x 13.7 Pa *Please refer to Sharp’s installation manual for details.06 A Voltage at point of maximum power Vmpp 25. 48 cells in series Modules per pallet 26 pcs Front glass anti-reflective high transmissive low iron tempered glass. black Connection box PPE/PPO T: +49(0)40/2376-2436 Phone: +34 981595856 F: +49(0)40/2376-2193 NQR256_10/16EN Local responsibility: Benelux Spain & Portugal SolarInfo. 157 mm × 157 mm.023 m × 1.3 A Module efficiency  m 19. 3 mm Pallet size (L × W × H) 1.35 www.318 mm Width 980 mm Depth 46 mm Weight 17 kg Temperature coefficient Pmax air temperature of 20 °C. back contact. IP67 rating Connector To extend the module connection leads only use SMK connector from the same series or MultiContactAG MC4 connector (PV-KST04/PV-KBT04) Empower yourself Contact Sharp Contact Provider SHARP ELECTRONICS GMBH ENERGY SOLUTIONS NAGELSWEG 33 .9 °C (nominal operating cell temperature). Electrical data (STC) NQ-R256A Maximum power Pmax 256 Wp Open-circuit voltage Voc 32. Voc and 0 to +5 % of Pmax (power measurement tolerance ±3 %). please request the latest data sheets from France SolarInfo. AM 1.seb@sharp. Sharp accepts no responsibility for damage to devices which have been equipped with Sharp products on the basis of unverified information. Electrical data (NOCT) NQ-R256A Maximum power Pmax length 1. 3 bypass diodes Pallet weight approx.000 W/m². IP67 rating.Europe@sharp.377 %/°C Uoc -0. United Kingdom Wp Open-circuit voltage Voc 32. Voltage at point of maximum power Vmpp 27.000 W/m² to 200 W/m² (Tmodule = 25 °C) is less than 5 %. Installation and operating instructions are to be found in the corresponding handbooks. Poland energy-info.0 .sfe-solar.82 % STC = Standard Test Conditions: irradiance 1.0 V Short-circuit current Isc 8. Germany SolarInfo. Rated electrical characteristics are within ±10 % of the indicated values of Isc.49 V Short-circuit current Isc 9.000 mm SMK CCT9901-2362F/2452F (Catalog No P51-6H/R51-6). or can be downloaded from www. wind speed of 1 m/s. Reduction of efficiency from an irradiance of 1. NOCT : 47. cell temperature 25 ° 20097 HAMBURG GERMANY www. Note: Technical data is subject to change without prior notice. Before using Sharp products.