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Scan to 3D SolidWorks Workflow

Using the LPX laser scanner scan data, the time required to create 3D CAD data can be
reduced significantly. Using the ScanTo3D module within SolidWorks Office Premium 2007,
the LPX scan data will work seamlessly with SolidWorks.

SolidWorks Office Premium 2007

Roland LPX EZ Studio V2.0

[Import Data]
Import mesh data (STL
file) created by EZ Studio
using ScanTo3D module.
STL file

Import Mesh File

[Scan] [Mesh Data]

Place object Use Roland’s easy to use
in LPX Export mesh data using
LPX EZ Studio to create 3D STL file format.
Scanner model. 50 min. scan time.
Reduce the model size by
reducing the number of
Use Roland SRP Modeling SolidWorks Office Premium 2007 polygons by 30%.
Machines to quickly create
ScanTo3D Workflow
SolidWorks Office Premium 2007 Smooth object using
Global smoothing within
the Mesh Prep Wizard.

[Complete] [Create Detail [Shell] [Solid]

Features] Cut the bottom half Clean extracted surfaces using
Create window and and fix the outline tools such as Trim, Knit and [Surface Extraction] [Separate by Colors]
button hole by tracing the by fillet. Next Thicken to create a solid. Extract surfaces using Extract surface using Guided
hollow the inside. (Create Top/Bottom surface using Sketch the Surface Wizard. Creation in the Surface Wizard.
polygon mesh function)