By Meg News Channel SAN DIEGO — It was Colette Paul’s first-ever California Republican Party convention. The Torrance resident made the trip to San Diego because, like many other voters at this weekend’s fall convention, she said she couldn’t stand on the sidelines anymore. She believes Meg Whitman is a leader worth fighting for because she’ll fight against the status quo – and for California’s future. “I’ve never worked on a campaign before, I’ve never had anything do with a candidate before, but she’s very compelling,” Paul said while making phone calls for Meg inside a ballroom at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. Her son’s getting married next weekend and there’s a lot to take care of before the wedding. But for Paul, coming to the convention to support Meg was a chance she couldn’t pass up. “I came here specifically to learn how I can help get out the vote,” she said. “It’s time to step up. Those people like myself who have strong ideas, strong values and really want to see the state do better need to step up, because if you don’t start stepping up it’s going to be too late.” Many voters who came from across the state to rally around Meg and the Republican ticket said it was the first time they had ever attended such a convention. But with fewer than 75 days to go until Election Day, they said it’s critical for everyone who wants to have a voice in California’s future to jump on board Meg’s campaign. Meg 2010 signs were everywhere at the Grand Hyatt. Hundreds visited her booth and made phone calls on her behalf. And they poured in to meet her and hear her speak as she made her way throughout the hotel. Many said Meg’s passion for turning California around is apparent the moment they met her, and she has the common-sense solutions to get the job done. “We need someone who can roll up their shirt sleeves and resolve real issues for small business people like myself,” said Daniel Mole of Yorba Linda, who also was attending his first CRP convention. “We’re losing jobs, we’re losing opportunities, we’re losing dreams here in California and we need somebody who can tap into that and bring it back for us. And I think Meg is that person.” At the convention, Meg shared her plan and laid out her agenda for A New California: if she’s elected, she’ll work with laser-like focus to pull California out of its nearly $20 billion budget deficit, put Californians back to work and guide the state back to a path toward prosperity. And she

promised to stand up for taxpayers and deliver results. “I think Meg has the skill set that is unparalleled to any Governor that we’ve had … I have never been so excited about a candidate for Governor,” said Martha House of Hacienda Heights. “She knows what she wants, she knows what she stands for, and I think she’ll make it work.” Meg put her positions in stark contrast to her opponent Jerry Brown, a 40-year career politician who Meg said has lost touch with hardworking Californians struggling to pay their bills and take care of their families. With Brown in office, Californians will be “prisoners of the status quo,” Meg told a crowd of several hundred voters at a dinner with some members of the Republican ticket. Meg is at the top of a November GOP ticket that’s the most diverse in California’s history. Its members represent the kind of results-driven leadership needed to get California back on track. Several come from the private sector, and have the track records to “bring real reform to Sacramento,” Meg said. “Our party has the opportunity to stand up for California and say enough is enough,” Meg told the cheering crowd. “We have a profound choice. Californians can choose the tired philosophies of the past, or we can join together and fight for a new future and fight for A New California.” “We need to make every single day count. This is going to be a battle for the future of California, and I am asking for your help.”

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