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My country has suffered from different big problems along history but one of the most

relevant events that has had a major effect in my country is the goverment of Alberto
Fujimori.Fujimori’s government impacted in Peru in a bad way. First of all it left us in a country
in which no one trusted in politics because of corruption, besides It left the country with a
feeling of insecurity because every day someone died because the government thought that
he or she was a terrorist.

The first point that i would like to make is that the goverment killed lots of people without any
information or even fake information.For examoke my parents told me that every day that
They turned on the TV, they saw that someone had been killed by a misterious group called
“Colina” and after few years it was revealed that colina grupo killed people because they had
information not a hundred percent veridict that someone could be part of the terrorism.This is
tha case of for example, students and profesor killed by Colina because they were terrorists
but then was verificated that they were just simple students and teachers.In addition another
case happened in Ayacucho where a journalist was killed by a military group.All this event left
in the people that lived in those decades a sense of insecurity.

In addition another effect that had Fujimori’s government was the no confidence in politics
because every politician was corrupt.Let me ilustrate this for example with the case of fake
news in the newspapers while Alberto Fujimori was the president.Now I know because of
revealed information by journalist that Vladimiro,who was the assistant of Alberto, paid
money to the newspaper in order to make them gave fake information to people.Moreover, I
know that politicians received money from Vladimiro in order to to whatever Fujimory and
Vladimiro wanted.

To summarize, the government of Alberto Fujimori was a government full of corruption and
injustificated murders leaded by Vladimiro and Fujimori which caused that my country lived in
a place where no one could walk free on the Street because it was no a safety place and
besides it was a place where no one could trust in politicians because everyone had been