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VOL. 46, NO. 11 Rabø‘ al-Thœnø – Jumœdå al-Álå 1439 (January 2018)
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Editorial board: Zafar Bangash, Mu˙ammad Ó al-‘Œßø, Afeef Khan
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Dangerous to be female in India
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Jerusalem and the Muslim world
Canada’s long, dark history of Islamophobia
What future for Arabian regimes? Hayy Yaqzan

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More people know Tom Fool than Tom Fool knows rhetoric and Muslim fears
Ab¥ Dharr Matthew Behrens

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Eric Walberg Understanding the true nature of Zionism
Zafar Bangash
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Al-Quds: heart of Islamic unity Islamic Awakening: was it worth it?
Dr. Kevin Barrett Tahir Mahmoud

US recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Zionist State Book Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

Dr. Firoz Osman Enlightenment Unitarianism
Dr. Kevin Barrett
UN General Assembly slaps Trump over Jerusalem
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Man’s bond with God is the engine of history
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From the editor’s desk...

Muslims need clarity of thought and purpose

We live in a strange world. This is supposed to be the age of This was the first disaster that befell the Ummah, weakening
information but the level of ignorance among the general it to such an extent that when the colonialists arrived in
public has reached the stratosphere. Unfortunately this is Muslim lands, they faced little resistance.
also true of most Muslims. Colonialism had a devastating impact. It not only disrupt-
Despite being the recipients of the last and final message ed Muslim societies but also affected Muslim thinking in pro-
that was exemplified by the noble Messenger (r), most Mus- foundly negative ways. Instead of thinking in terms of Islamic
lims have lost their way in peripheral issues. This is truly sad. values, they have adopted Western ideas. Thus Muslim soci-
Instead of being examples to an errant humanity, we are eties are no longer Islamic. Muslims may reside in these soci-
engulfed in petty squabbles that dissipate our energies and eties but they do not adhere to Islamic principles or values.
keep us divided. Muslims need to undergo a revolution in thought in
There are two reasons for this, one historical and the order to determine their true destiny. Without such clarity of
other contemporary. Historically, Muslims were ambushed thought and purpose, Muslims will continue to wander aim-
when the Umayyads subverted the khilœfa∆ into mul¥køya∆. lessly as has been the case for many decades.

Contents 1

the US and its allies have not succeeded.

Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria offer recent exam-
ples. North Korea continues to defy US threats.
After its defeat in Afghanistan at the hands of
ragtag bands of Taliban fighters, the US decided
to use proxies. Al-Qaeda and ISIS emerged to
NEW GLOBAL cause havoc in Iraq and Syria. In both places, the
takførø terrorists have been defeated and their ter-
ARCHITECTURE ritorial possessions reduced to isolated pockets.
By Zafar Bangash This came about as a result of determined help
from Hizbullah and Islamic Iran to their allies in
Iraq and Syria. Western media outlets harp on
Russia’s air force achieving victory in Syria but
deliberately ignore the more important role
played by Hizbullah and Iran. According to mili-
tary experts, the air force contribution to any
Since the Second World War, the US had dominated much of the world on
modern war effort is about 10%. It is troops on
the strength of its military, the vast network of its intelligene apparatus,
the ground that make the real difference. Russia
and the power of its dollar. The collapse in 1991 of the Soviet Union mere-
does not have boots on the ground in Syria; the
ly added to American hubris. Nearly 85% of the world’s central banks
US does — about 2,000 of them — and it has
maintained their reserves in US dollars. Additionally, in 1973, the Amer-
icans forced the Saudis — the world’s largest oil producer at the time — to established illegal bases in the country.
trade oil only in dollars; hence the term petrodollars. Washington alleges that it is fighting ISIS ter-
At the beginning of this century, the euro emerged as a rival to the US rorists. This is a lie; ISIS is a creation of the US
greenback. The euro has captured 20% of the reserve currency market and its allies. Following their defeat in Syria, ISIS
diminishing the dollar’s dominance. Now another currency — the Chinese terrorists were transported by American helicop-
yuan — is making itself felt on the global financial markets. The yuan is ters to Afghanistan. Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s spe-
emerging on the strength of the Chinese economy that is already the sec- cial envoy for Afghanistan, said last month that
ond largest in the world. In a decade or so, it is expected to surpass the US there are more than 10,000 ISIS terrorists now
Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The US also has a huge trade deficit with operating in Afghanistan, thanks to US support.
China, not because of unfair trade practices or lousy deals, as Donald There is no reason for US Special Forces to
Trump alleges, but because American corporations make lousy products. be present in Syria anymore; there never was a
They have also outsourced most manufacturing jobs overseas to gut the genuine reason in the first place. Their presence
wages of American workers. in Syria is illegal. General Qassem Solaimani,
The yuan’s rise is inevitable because of the strength of the Chinese Commander of Iran’s Quds Force, in a message to
economy and Beijing’s massive trade with other countries. China has also the US last month warned it to get its troops out
entered into bilateral agreements with a number of countries whereby they of Syria or they will be driven out. Unlike the
would trade in each other’s currency, bypassing the dollar. This has already US, Iranian commanders do not make empty
happened with Russia and moves are afoot to make similar arrangements threats; they fulfill them.
with Turkey, Pakistan, and countries in Southeast Asia. These are hopeful Thus, the twin pillars of US hegemony — its
signs and would certainly further diminish the dollar’s influence. dollar and military — are both in decline. Amer-
China has more than $2 trillion in reserves. It is gradually divesting ica’s crumbling infrastructure, shuttered facto-
dollars and acquiring gold. In fact, both Russia and China have agreed to ries, and crumbling cities with collapsing bridges
back other countries’ reserves with gold. This was the arrangement until and rotting water pipes are proof positive that the
1971 when then US President Richard Nixon de-linked the dollar from US is in terminal decline. Even its European
gold. The yellow metal priced at $35/oz at the time is now trading at more allies — Britain, France, and Germany — have
than $1,200. This reflects the precipitous drop in the value of the dollar had enough of American hubris. They are chart-
whose victims are other countries. ing their own course in global affairs.
On the military front as well the US has suffered massive blows. A new multipolar world is emerging, one that
Despite its huge stockpile of weapons and obscenely high military budget promises a better future for humanity than Amer-
(officially at $650 billion per annum), the US military has not won a single ica’s exceptionalism. g
war on its own. This may sound strange but it is true. Let us look at the
record. The US has never fought a war on its own; it always gathers allies Zafar Bangash is Director of the Institute of Contempo-
(it actually coerces them to join) to fight weaker opponents. Despite this, rary Islamic Thought (ICIT).



This was an indirect reference to the secret

meetings between Zionist and Arabian officials
including Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner
and Saudi Crown Prince Mu˙ammad bin
Salmœn at which the pair decided to impose an
Israeli solution on the Palestinians. Palestinian
JERUSALEM AND Authority head, Mahmoud Abbas, was sum-
moned to Riyadh on November 10 and offered
THE MUSLIM WORLD a $10 billion bribe to accept Abu Dis as the
capital of a future Palestinian state. He was told
to forget about Jerusalem — even the eastern
part of it — and forego the right of return for
Palestinian refugees. To his credit, Abbas
refused the offer.
At the OIC summit, Iran tried to include
Even on a critically important issue like the future of Jerusalem where the entire city of Jerusalem as the capital of
al-Masjid al-Aqßå, the first qibla∆ of the Muslims is located, Muslims Palestine into the final declaration. Regret-
rulers are divided. This was apparent from the attendance, or lack there- tably, the slavish rulers — including the Pales-
of, at the special meeting of the mostly impotent Organization of Islam- tinian leadership — had already accepted
ic Cooperation (OIC). defeat and could not muster the courage to pro-
The meeting was called by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tect their rights.
and held in Istanbul on December 13. Conspicuous by their absence The Jerusalem saga has exposed the puppets
were the rulers of “Saudi” Arabia (the medieval kingdom sent only an and corrupters and also made clear who are
official from the foreign ministry), the United Arab Emirates, and truly committed to the liberation of Palestine.
Bahrain. All of them are American puppets and have cultivated close The resistance front has emerged stronger
links with the Zionist entity. despite many conspiracies hatched against
Is Jerusalem important to the world of Islam? Not according to the Islam and the Muslims. The battle lines are
Arabian rulers who described it as a “side issue.” Their principal obses- clearly drawn. On the one side are the tyrants
sion is with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which they describe as posing and oppressors. These regimes led by Saudi
a greater threat to their miserable existence than the Zionists who have Arabia are pushing for total surrender to US
escalated oppression and killing of the hapless Palestinians. imperialism and Zionism. On the other side is
The OIC meeting was a good first step — not doing anything is not the resistance front led by Islamic Iran that
an option — but what practical results emerged from it? The final com- stands for freedom, truth, dignity, and justice.
muniqué declared “East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Pales- Committed Muslims worldwide must wake
tine” and invited “all countries to recognize the State of Palestine and up to the reality confronting them. The puppet
East Jerusalem as its occupied capital.” They also declared US President rulers who pollute Muslim lands with their
Donald Trump’s decision “null and void legally” and “a deliberate policies of appeasement and surrender are not
undermining of all peace efforts” that would give impetus to “extremism the ones to lead them to victory. In fact, the
and terrorism.” very existence of Muslim nation states, most of
The summit failed to agree on concrete steps against Israel or the them totally artificial, is the negation of all that
US. For instance, a number of OIC members have diplomatic relations Islam stands for. They reflect the defeat and dis-
with the Zionist entity including Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Indonesia, and memberment of the Ummah. Unless these
several African countries. Would it not have been more meaningful if regimes are consigned to the dustbin of history,
diplomatic relations with the pariah state as well as its patron saint, the Muslims will not succeed in their quest for dig-
US, were cut off? Instead, many Arabian regimes are deepening rela- nified existence.
tions with Israel. They consider Islam and Islamic self-determination as The road to Jerusalem passes through
greater threats to their illegitimate hold on power. Riyadh, Cairo, Amman, and a host of other
President Hassan Rouhani put his finger on the problem when he Arabian capitals. Muslims must internalize this
said, “Some countries in our region are in cooperation with the United point so that the real struggle for the liberation
States and the Zionist regime and determining the fate of Palestine.” of Jerusalem, al-Masjid al-Aqßå and the Holy

Editorials 3
Land can begin in earnest. This is the task of the global Islamic move- in defence of its land and rights in the eight-
ment and all Muslims everywhere must join it. year imposed war by the Arabian potentates
Muslims must also bear in mind that the United Nations, despite its and their Western masters. There are reports
limited utility will not liberate Palestine. After all, it was the UN in vio- that Hizbullah and Hamas plus al-Hashd al-
lation of its own charter that helped pave the way for the Zionist colo- Sha‘bø militias of Iraq have agree to coordinate
nization of Palestine, the ethnic cleansing of its inhabitants, and the their military, economic, and political activi-
balkanization of the Arab world. ties. This is a positive development and if prop-
The liberation of Jerusalem and Palestine from the clutches of Zion- erly implemented, will lead to the defeat of US-
ism will come about as a result of armed struggle as demonstrated by Zionist-Saudi conspiracy against Islam and
Hizbullah in Lebanon and the valiant resistance waged by Islamic Iran Muslims. g

The Arabian rulers’ extreme incompetence,

cowardice, and venal character are now out in
the public domain. They never had legitimacy
to begin with because they did not allow the
masses to exercise their fundamental right to
choose their own leaders. Without the support
WHAT FUTURE FOR of the masses, these regimes are forced to
depend on outside powers but there is a huge
ARABIAN REGIMES? price to pay for such support.
It is the Bani Saud-ruled medieval kingdom
that finds itself at the end of the rope today.
Ruled by an incompetent and erratic young
prince, Mu˙ammad bin Salmœn — who has
taken on his clan cousins as well as the religious
establishment (one would not want either as
The current geographical configuration of the Muslim East (aka the dinner guests!) to grab maximum power in his
Middle East) is the direct result of the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916. own grubby and blood-stained hands — may
It was a grand conspiracy against Muslims whereby the heartland of have bitten more than he can chew. There are
Islam was parceled into nation-states and power handed over to illegit- distinct signs of the impending demise of Bani
imate but ruthlessly ambitious tribal leaders. Since they had no support Saud. After all the misery it has wrought, it
among the masses, they remained dependent on the colonial powers would come none too soon.
that have played havoc with the lives of tens of millions of people. Civil wa, a distinct possibility, may lead to
Some of these regimes camouflaged their illegitimacy under the the rotting Kingdom’s disintegration. If the
guise of Arab nationalism while others took refuge behind an Islamic Najdi Bedouins who masquerade as “Custodi-
façade. Both now stand exposed. Arab nationalism suffered successive ans of the Two Holy Masjids” are driven from
defeats at the hands of Zionist nationalism until it was forced to surren- power, this will hasten the demise of their
der to Zionism. Those who carried the Islamic flag, in particular the regional puppets as well.
Bani Saud-ruled kingdom, were exposed by the victory of the Islamic The global Islamic movement has two tasks
Revolution in Iran in 1979. ahead of it: one internal, the other external.
For decades, the Arabian regimes tried to present themselves as On the internal front, removal of Bani Saud
“champions” of the Palestinian cause. This was a complete fraud but it from power is an essential prerequisite for the
took successive military defeats at the hands of the Zionists to expose liberation of the Holy Lands all the way from
their incompetence. Recent developments, especially relating to the Makkah to Jerusalem, the latter of which lies in
future of Jerusalem, have forced these regimes to come out of purdah and the clutches of the illegitimate Zionist.
declare their subservience to imperialism and Zionism openly. This is a We can look forward to positive changes in
positive development since the Muslim masses will no longer be fooled the coming years provided Muslims make the
by their rhetoric. commitment to bring about such change. g



much as sensing a potential closing of ranks

between Turkey and Islamic Iran. The Amer-
ican representative to the United Nations
speaks with a vibe of dual-racism (American
and Sikh) when she leads the verbal charge
More people know against Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims who
are solidly against the zionization of al-Quds.
Tom Fool than Tom Her bigoted statements in support of Israel
Fool knows may be understood in light of every politician
in the US pleading for a political future —
By Ab¥ Dharr one that requires approval of the American
Zionist deep state.
In pursuit of her future political dream,
ambassador Nikki Haley came out swinging
against Islamic Iran saying that she has proof
Events are moving at an accelerated pace in and around the Holy that the ballistic missile launched on Novem-
Lands. And the players who used to “do their thing” in the dark are ber 4 from Yemen into Saudi Arabia was an
now being exposed by the light of incredible events unfolding with a Iranian missile. This accusation fits in neatly
fast-tracked tempo. Some of the developments were unthinkable just into the Zio-American policy of fomenting
last year: Emmanuel Macron, the French president, virtually appeal- sectarian war in the Islamic hemisphere. It
ing for better relations with Syrian President Bashar al-Asad who up also fits in with scaring the Arabian royals
to a few months ago was a “president who had to go.” Ballistic mis- and blackmailing them into signing military
siles are being fired from Yemen into the zionizing kingdom of Saudi contracts up until their last riyal and dirham.
Arabia. There is a looming crisis between Algeria and Saudi Zionist This scare tactic policy emanating from
Arabia because sports fans in Algiers displayed a gigantic picture of Washington and Tel Aviv may convince the
Donald Trump and Saudi King Salmœn cheek-to-cheek during a soc- rash and reckless royals to auction off their
cer match in a stadium. And then there is the telltale warm up of the oil wealth to the businessmen who comprise
political and intelligence relationship between Zionist Tel Aviv and Trump’s cabinet and their acolytes — the
two-faced Riyadh. The US veto in the United Nations’ Security wealthiest cabinet in American history. The
Council shielded the Tel Aviv regime from world the backlash of pub- strategists in Washington and Tel Aviv are
lic opinion, which rejects al-Quds/Jerusalem being the capital of the gambling on the political elites in the Muslim
Zionist Israeli nation-state. Trump has also issued back-channel East and cannot circumvent the strategy of
threats to his allies — the filthy rich Saudi royals and “khaløjø” Islamic Iran that is aligned with the Muslim
crowned heads — to “pay up” or else the US will withdraw its mili- and oppressed masses throughout the holy
tary and security umbrella from the Arabian Peninsula. Trump’s land region. The imperialist and Zionist mass
financial craving demands nothing less than all the assets and media railing against Islamic Iran is meant,
reserves of the Arabian princes of possessions and amirs of affluence. among other things, to shift worldwide atten-
Even if they comply, the monarchs and princes of insolvency may still tion from the Zionist-imperialist designation
have to stand in a court of law to pay for all the American war budget of al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist tribal
that ensued after 9/11: the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, nation. The more Muslims begin to close
etc. American vice-president Mike Pence canceled or delayed his trip ranks in their joint effort against the Zionist
to the Muslim East (aka the Middle East). These and other dizzying thieves who stole the Holy Land, the more we
episodes have placed the holy land geography on a precipice of can expect the Trump-Netanyahu alliance to
Armageddon consequences. go into higher gear against Islamic Iran.
The official American Trumpist reaction can be characterized as There appears to be, on the horizon, a
Zionist from head to toe. The Zionists have taken note of the fact meeting of minds between Islamically inclined
that Turkey convened a quick conference of the Organization of politicians in Turkey and Islamically proven
Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in response to Trump’s designation of al- statesmen in Iran. The Trump-Netanyahu-
Quds as the capital of the Zionist entity. What worries these Ameri- Salmœn axis of aggression is incensed by this
can Israeli firsters is not the convening of rotten political elites as development and will do everything under the

Opinion 5
Sun to spoil it. Trump is under fabricated pressure points: the Repub- the State of Israel, ‘Adel al-Jubair, the foreign
lican candidate whom he endorsed as congressman from Alabama lost minister of Saudi Arabia, comes out and says,
to his Democratic rival; European allies don’t agree with him in des- “The US is serious about solving the Israeli
ignating al-Quds as the capital of clannish Israel, and North Korea Palestinian issue!”
has poked his political eye with its nuclear grandstanding. The guy You read it here first; that the following
(Trump) is a businessman. He can’t handle the political blows coming will occur is just a matter of time:
at him internally and externally. So he lashes out at the weakest and 1. The clueless Arabian officials are going
wealthiest politicians; hence his drive to empty the coffers of the to pay with treasures and treasuries for
thoughtless princes and idiotic amirs blindly toeing the Zionist-
living over a sea of precious industry imperialist line.
rich oil in the birth land of Islam. 2. The Arabian Peninsula
These silly sultans and ridiculous T HE SAUDI ROyAL regimes will perish as they
rulers in Arabia cannot figure out that foment further warfare among
they will be cornered into a conflict
CLAN WILL NOT the Muslims, especially if they
against Islamic self-determination for SURVIVE THESE ever pull the trigger of war
which they will pay with their money against Islamic Iran.
and their blood.
TUMULTUOUS TIMES. 3. The “religious class” in the
Back to Nikki. You claim you THE SAUDI KINGDOM desert kingdom of Saudi
found one missile that is traceable to Arabia will “blow back” at the
Iran (which Iran refuted categorical-
IS SHOWING SERIOUS royal family with their takførø
ly) and then you want to develop a SIGNS OF INTERNAL impulse and all hell will break
war scenario against the Islamic loose in that artificial kingdom.
Republic out of your “evidence” that
FAILURE AND 4. The US may finally come to
Ansarullah in Yemen used this “one DEGENERATION… its senses when it sees hun-
missile” against your Saudi commer- dreds of millions of Muslims
cial and military hardware customers. determined to rip up both
Look who’s calling the kettle black! Arabian and Hebrew Zionism.
Couldn’t someone use your same “missile evidence” to indict you and 5. The nucleus of Islamic Unity is taking
your Zionist and imperialist bosses for the American manufactured shape. And that rebirth of Islamic con-
bombs, missiles, and mortars that have been raining destruction from solidation is easy to locate for those
the skies upon the people in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pales- who have an Islamic pulse in them; as
tine, etc? With those explosives, ammos, and shells you have killed it is obvious for those who have an anti-
and maimed millions of people. You forced millions of others into Islamic thump in them.
exile and refugeedom. You are pathetic. Your veneer of democracy,
human rights, and justice is wearing thin. Even those who are legally It is befitting here to remind these Arabi-
blind can see you for what you are: war criminals, criminals against ans, if they care not to listen to Allah (Â) to
humanity, and in some cases genocidal maniacs. There are millions of take heed of their proverb: A foolish man may
people — no exaggeration — who are dying and will die in Yemen be known by six things — anger without
because of your bullets, mines, and projectiles along with your poli- cause, speech without profit, change without
cies of starving them to death through boycotts and sanctions — and progress, inquiry without object, putting trust
with all that you argue that you are the citadel of civilization! Only in a stranger, and mistaking foes for friends.
if there is a demonic definition of civilization!
The Saudi royal clan will not survive these tumultuous times. It is not Allah’s will [O you who deny
The Saudi kingdom is showing serious signs of internal failure and Allah’s power] to abandon the commit-
degeneration; Yemen has sapped their internal bonds morally, social- ted Muslims to your way of life: [and]
ly, and militarily. The Zionist-imperialist cosmetic makeup that was to that end He will set apart the nox-
plastered on the Saudi royals is quickly fading away. Just open your ious from the virtuous… (3:179). g
eyes and see the imperialist Salmœn and the Zionist Jubair. Don’t be
fooled by their superficial ßalœ∆ and their aesthetic appearances. Abu Dharr is the pen-name of a senior Islamic
They trapped hundreds of thousands of their own fiqhø persuasion movement intellectual who contributes this month-
into civil wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc. and now they want ly column, discussing key issues concerning the
to trap the Muslims of the world into a Sunnø-Shø‘ø war. At a time global Islamic movement. For his introduction to
when the imperialist businessman in the White House comes out and this column, see
tells the world his government recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of authors/abu-dharr.


structures completely, and installed the elected
council system according to the 1876 Indian
Act, in the case of the Haudenosaunee, the Six
Nations Elected Band Council (SNEBC). This
IS CANADA A METIS divided the natives, who were forced to accept
the changes, resulting in a schism in the com-
CIVILIZATION? munity with those who held onto traditional
governing structures, embodied in the Great
Part 2: “Six Miles Law of Peace, that exists to this day.
The traditionals have no government
Deep — forever” recognition or funding, weakening their ability
to function effectively. But at moments of cri-
By Eric Walberg sis, the two power structures have worked
together, however hesitantly. The elected
council for the Six Nations, the SNEBC, is
run like a Western-style local government, and
Six Nations, southwest of Hamilton, Ontario, is the largest reserve in is headed by Chief Ava Hill. The Hau-
Canada, with 27,000 members, though only 12,000 live on the denosaunee Confederacy is governed more dif-
reserve. It is a mini-multicultural nation, the only reserve in North fusely, incorporating traditional roles of each
America that has all six Iroquois nations living together. of the member tribes. There are 50 chief posi-
The Haldimand Proclamation, negotiated by Joseph Brant on tions, though not all are filled.
behalf of the Six Nations in 1784 in gratitude for native support of But for the Great Law to function, at least
Britain against the American revolutionaries, was, until 1924, gov- half of all the members must actively support
erned by the traditional native government, now called the Hau- the traditional ways (really it should be unani-
denosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC). It promised the mous). That is the bottom line, according to
lands “six miles deep from each side of the river beginning at Lake Erie native rights activist Nicole Lebrasseur, who is
and extending in that proportion to the head of the said river which working through the Canadian People’s Union
them and their posterity are to enjoy forever.” to popularize the Great Law as a prototype for
This agreement was a decree, never formalized as a treaty, promis- all Canadians, as a way to fight neoliberalism
ing what translated into 950,000 acres of what is arguably Canada’s and corporate globalization, where corporations
most fertile, scenic, and resource-rich land. As this became apparent in continue to erode citizen democracy (represen-
the 19th century, the decree was downgraded by the government, using tation). “The Six Nations can be the germ of a
a new survey in 1821, to 674,910 acres. Canada prides itself in “win- renewal of genuine democracy for all nations,”
ning” the war of 1812, but despite fighting for the British then, the says Nicole Lebrasseur.
result for the natives was to have their earlier promises betrayed, in the
first place via the theft of 90% of the land promised to the Six Nations. Current standoff
Canada was becoming “independent,” but for the colonizers only. The current Grand River land dispute hit the
Ignoring the proclamation, colonizers moved into Six Nations ter- mainstream media in 2006 when the Six
ritory, the land was cleared, and became unsuitable for hunting. Only Nations formally reactivated their 1995 suit
a small section, now the Six Nations reserve was left, though it too was against Canada and Ontario, protesting to raise
mostly denuded and is now primarily used to grow tobacco. The Six awareness about their land claims, in particu-
Nations were forced to surrender lands to the Crown purportedly to lar, 40 hectares in the Haldimand Tract in
raise funds for the perpetual care and maintenance of Six Nations. Caledonia, Haldimand County. Henco Indus-
Soon, the Crown had expropriated approximately 600,000 acres in tries Ltd had purchased it in 1992, and
questionable (illegitimate) transfers. The Crown appointed “Indian planned to develop it as the upscale Douglas
Agents” who gave Six Nations’ land to friends and families, or sold Creek Estates.
land in order to pay their own salaries. Forty years after the Haldimand When the contested land was officially reg-
Treaty was confirmed, Six Nations were dispossessed of 90% of their istered for real estate development in 2005,
original grant. this led the traditionals, the HCCC, to stage
From approximately 1840 to 1865, the Six Nations Confederacy protests, closing roads, and at times escalating
council met in a log building near Middleport (since, confiscated). In to damage of electricity generation and even
1856, against protests from the Onondaga chiefs, Indian Department the burning of a bridge. While not condoning
superintendent Jasper Gilkison established a council building in what the actions, the elected band council benefited
is present day Ohsweken, about 6 km southwest of Middleport.
In 1924, the Canadian government dissolved the native governing continued on p. 33

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Zionists of all stripes have unholy plans for the Holy Land
By Dr. Kevin Barrett

t the heart of Islam’s mission mally liberated al-Quds. The seeming- Muslim stewardship of Jerusalem/

A is taw˙ød, the concept of

absolute, indivisible divine
Oneness. Before Allah’s (Â) revela-
ly improbable Muslim liberation of
Jerusalem/al-Quds was made possible
by the sectarianism, mutual persecu-
al-Quds has existed almost as long as
the religion of Islam itself. It is a sym-
bol of taw˙ød in the realm of earthly
tion to Prophet Muhammad (r), Jews tions, and oppressions that had affairs. Muslims, professing divine
and Christians had strayed from this become endemic under the Byzan- Oneness while tolerating and pro-
teaching, which was at the core of all tines. Christians persecuted Christians tecting other faiths, have for the most
of the messages of all of the countless based on arcane sectarian dogmas. part proved just and able guardians of
prophets sent to humanity. Jews fell Christians persecuted Jews; Jews perse- the holy city and its sacred sites.
into the error of seeing the one and cuted Christians (and slaughtered tens Only two bloody historical inter-
only God as merely their own tribal of thousands of them when Persian ludes have interrupted Muslim stew-
idol — one god among many. They conquests gave them the chance). The ardship of the Holy Land: the
have stubbornly continued to confuse Byzantine emperor who presided over Medieval Christian crusades, and
their tribal identity with the univer- all this strife, and indeed contributed today’s ongoing Zionist genocide.
sal divine Creator. Christians, for to it, taxed his subjects into penury. Both of these two ill-fated ventures
their part, fell into the error of con- For these and other reasons, the represent blasphemous betrayals of the
fusing the Prophet ‘Øså (a) with the Muslim liberation of al-Quds was wel- perpetrators’ own core religious values.
one unique God. This led to such comed or tolerated by a significant Christians claim to follow a
erroneous doctrines as the trinity portion of the Byzantine population. prophet known as the Prince of Peace
and, later, secular humanism, the These Jewish and Christian sympa- — a prophet who taught absolute
false worship of the merely human. thizers, who viewed the coming of non-attachment to worldly power
Just five years after the death of the Islam as liberation from oppression, and material goods. yet the Crusaders
Prophet Muhammad (r) Muslim were proven right when the new Mus- took greed and indiscriminate mass
armies defeated the Byzantines, and lim rulers proceeded to live simply, murder to new levels of barbarism.
Khaløfa∆ ‘Umar ibn al-Kha††œb for- lower taxes, and enforce religious tol- The nominally Christian Crusaders,
eration. The Muslims soon set to work on their way to the Holy Land, mas-
rebuilding al-Masjid al-Aqßå, and a sacred Jewish communities while
Dr. Kevin Barrett is a US-based jour- few short years later, the magnificent sparing a few survivors from the
nalist, commentator, and radio broad- Dome of the Rock, which has stood as banking elites, who (at swordpoint)
caster. He hosts the TruthJihad radio a symbol of divine unity — and as taught the Crusaders the fine arts of
program as well as manages the Veter- Islam’s greatest historical and archi- usury. The result was the world’s first
ansToday website. tectural monument — ever since. international “Christian” usury syn-

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would be accomplished by God, not
man. Heretics like Shabtai Tsvi and
Jacob Frank taught that Jews should
make it happen themselves, rather
than waiting for God; but they were
satanists, not Jews, and their teach-
ings were repudiated by a consensus
of rabbinical authorities. This rejec-
tion of Zionism as a satanic heresy
remained central to majoritarian
Judaism until the 1940s.
It was only after World War II
that the shock effect of German
crimes against Jews jolted the global
Jewish community into relinquishing
this central tenet of its religion and
embracing the crimes of Zionism.
Today, a small remnant of faithful
Jews, Naturei Karta, upholds the tra-
ditional Jewish faith; while the vast
majority of those who call themselves
Jews have retreated from that faith,
many of them embracing one variety
In the wake of US President Trump’s announcement about the status
or another of Zionist idolatry.
of Jerusalem, a pro-justice protester holds a banner as he marches
Today, the 9/11-instigated 32-mil-
toward the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 12-8-2017. All
lion-Muslim genocide against Israel’s
across the Muslim world, in particular, protests decrying the new US
enemies, alongside recent attempts to
policy spontaneously erupted. However, sadly, even weeks after the
secure total Zionist hegemony over
announcement was made, no majority Muslim country in an official
Jerusalem/al-Quds, have brought us
capacity has severed diplomatic or economic ties with the US — just
to a level of barbarism, division, and
another indicator of the disconnect between the hearts of the people
strife far beyond that of the medieval
and the loyalties of their rulers.
Crusades. The Holy City, long a sym-
bol of unity-in-diversity under Mus-
lim rule, has become an emblem of
dicate, the Knights Templar. Then that in the Temple and the hatred and disunity under Zionism.
when they arrived in Jerusalem/al- Porch of Solomon, men rode Ironically, this is happening at a
Quds, the Crusaders massacred all of in blood up to their knees and moment when communications tech-
the inhabitants they could find — bridle reins. Indeed, it was a nologies have brought the world
men, women, and children alike. As just and splendid judgment of together, allowing us all to witness
Karen Armstrong writes in Jerusalem: God that this place should be the chaos as it unfolds.
One City, Three Faiths, filled with the blood of unbe-
lievers since it had suffered so ow should Muslims react
The streets literally ran
with blood. “Piles of heads,
hands, and feet were to
long from their blasphemies.”

oday’s even bloodier Jewish-

H to this appalling situation?
The key concept is unity.
We must remain devoted to taw˙ød
be seen,” says the Provençal
eyewitness Raymond of
Aguiles. He felt no shame: the
T Zionist conquest and ethnic
cleansing of the Holy Land
— which, like the Crusades, has been
and work for unity on the pan-Islamic
and human levels. We must make
every effort to unite with all fellow
massacre was a sign of the tri- perpetrated with the help of an inter- Muslims — and with justice-loving
umph of Christianity, espe- national usury syndicate — follows non-Muslims as well — in defense of
cially on the Óaram, “If I tell the Crusader example of betraying al-Quds. Differences of race, lan-
the truth it will exceed your the invaders’ own core religious prin- guage, nationality, and religious
powers of belief. So let it suf- ciples. Judaism has always taught that school of thought should be de-
fice to say this much, at least, the Jewish “return” to the Holy Land emphasized and put on the back


burner as we come together to defend of Middle Eastern monotheism… and sacrifice temple, Zionists will “force
the Holy Land. by extension, the coming together in God’s hand” and compel Him to send
Al-Masjid al-Aqßå is built on the friendship of all monotheists. Jesus(a) back to earth to wage
site where the Prophet Muhammad This is not the vision of Zionism. nuclear war and kill all Jews along
(r) ascended through the heavens The Jewish Zionist movement openly with the majority of the rest of the
during his night journey to the professes its aim to destroy al-Masjid human race.
Divine Presence. On the way he had al-Aqßå and build a blood sacrifice Obviously both the Jewish Zionist
friendly meetings with the earlier temple in its place. The completion and Christian Zionist plans for the
prophets including M¥så, considered of their blood sacrifice temple, they Holy Land are unholy, indeed satan-
by Jews the founder of Judaism, and believe, will coincide with the arrival ic. They aim at strife and division,
‘Øså (Ç), considered by Christians of a Zionist Messiah to rule the world, not peace and unity. They will
the founder of Christianity. Al- imposing global Jewish-Zionist hege- insha’Allah be defeated in our lifetime,
Masjid al-Aqßå thus represents the mony, from that site. and Jerusalem/al-Quds will reassume
coming together, in peaceful self-sub- The Christian Zionist movement its place as a beautiful symbol of
mission to the one God, of the found- has a slightly different aim. They peace, friendship, and unity on earth
ing figures of the three main branches believe that by building the blood under the One God. g

extremist parties in Europe.

The outcry by the aggrieved in the
Arab and Muslim World and their
pleas for justice will be of no effect.
The rulers of the regional Arabian

US Recognizes regimes are more concerned in sal-

vaging and securing their illegitimate
thrones and power base rather than
Jerusalem as Capital worry about the fate of Jerusalem
where al-Masjid al-Aqßå, the first
of Zionist State qibla∆ of the Muslims is located.
Most of them have bought into
A major step for the Zionist Project the fraudulent US and Saudi-created
By Dr. Firoz Osman “threat” that Iran allegedly poses, rel-
egating the just cause of the hapless
Palestinians to total irrelevance. The
plan now is to form this grand
alliance against the resistance move-
ments and Iran, the only bulwark
he December 6 announce- major step forward for the Zionist against their hegemony.

T ment by US President Don-

ald Trump recognizing
Jerusalem as the “capital” of Israel is a
project since the infamous Balfour
declaration of 1917, whereby the
British created Israel in historical
In this endeavour the US and
Israel have bought the cooperation of
the young, ambitious, murderous, and
Palestine from the rib of terrorism. reckless Saudi crown prince, Bin
A primary objective of the Zionist Salmœn (BS). His profile fits neatly
Dr. Firoz Osman is the co-author Project, which emanated from with the erratic and war-mongering
of, WHY ISRAEL? The Anatomy of Europe ,was to occupy and control nature of Trump and Netanyahu.
Zionist Apartheid — A South Palestine, and to dominate the region The complicity of the Palestinian
African Perspective. He is Executive as a bastion of Western civilization. Authority with Israel in pursuing the
Member of the Media Review Net- This colonial project received the illusion of a “peace process” has come
work, an advocacy group based in Johan- support of the white supremacist gov- to a dead end. The fraud of a “two-
nesburg, South Africa. ernment in the US, and right-wing state” solution is glaringly evident.

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weak and dependent territories and
oil-rich protectorates.
Jerusalem, which houses the Aqßå
compound, belonged to the interna-
tional community under the adminis-
tration of the UN. It was granted this
special status for its importance to the
three Abrahamic faiths.
The illegal Israeli control of East
Jerusalem, including the Old City,
which Israel occupied in 1967, vio-
lates several principles of interna-
tional law, which outlines that an
occupying power does not have sov-
ereignty in the territory it occupies.
In fact, Article 42 of the 1907 Hague
Regulations (HR) states that a “terri-
tory is considered occupied when it is
actually placed under the authority of
the hostile army. The occupation
extends only to the territory where
US fraudster-in-chief, Donald Trump (left), used to communicating such authority has been established
in slogans and vituperations for his criminal overlords, said that and can be exercised.”
Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a great deal for the Israelis and According to their common Arti-
a great deal for the Palestinians. What he meant to say is “We have cle 2, the four Geneva Conventions
the power to do whatever we want and see it however we want; and of 1949 apply to any territory occu-
the rest of you can go and eat crow.” pied during international hostilities.
They also apply in situations where
the occupation of state territory
meets with no armed resistance.
There is no alternative but to return to the “Jewish People.” The UN Charter and the law
the time-honored and internationally The racism of political Zionism is known as jus ad bellum regulate the
sanctioned armed resistance against a perfectly coherent system that legality of any particular occupation.
the heinous oppression by Israel. inspires all the laws and practices of Once a situation exists that factually
For the Zionists there will be no Israel. It encompasses all the odious amounts to an occupation the law of
Israel without Jerusalem. And there characteristics of colonialism includ- occupation applies — whether or not
will be no Jerusalem without the ing ethnic cleansing, regular mas- the occupation is considered lawful.
building of the Temple of Solomon sacres, bombardment of entire civil- Therefore, for the applicability of
inside the 35-acre al-Aqßå Masjid ian populations, wars of aggression, the law of occupation, it makes no
compound referred to as al-Óaram al- dispossession, exile, systematic ra- difference whether an occupation has
Sharøf, or the Noble Sanctuary, by cism, apartheid, and destabilisation. received Security Council approval,
Muslims, and as the Temple Mount With a massive infusion of finan- what its aim is, or indeed whether it
by Jews. cial, diplomatic and military help is called an “invasion,” “liberation,”
from the colonial powers the Zionists “administration,” or “occupation.” As
heodor Herzl, an Austrian accomplished this project to establish

the law of occupation is primarily
Jew, developed in 1896 the the state of Israel on colonized Pales- motivated by humanitarian consider-
ethnic-cleansing racist colo- tinian land after the genocide and ations, it is solely the facts on the
nial ideology of Zionism. Its main ethnic-cleansing of a majority of ground that determine its applica-
goal was the establishment of the Palestinian Arabs, both Christian tion. The Zionist entity claims to
Greater Israel Project in the heart of and Muslim. derive its legitimacy from the UN
the Arab and Muslim world, extend- Significantly for the Zionist Proj- General Assembly vote of November
ing from the Nile River in Egypt to ect, the disintegration of the 1947. yet since its illegal implanta-
the Euphrates River in Iraq, as a Jew- Ottoman Sultanate fragmented tion in Palestine, the Zionists have
ish-only homeland for what is termed Islam’s Arab heartland into some 40 done everything to repudiate every


law, every UN resolution, whether tified Jewish-only illegal colonies in past 1,300 years. They have over-
passed by the Security Council or the East Jerusalem, housing some turned the demography of Palestine,
General Assembly, in their relentless 200,000 Israelis, while rejecting controlling and Judaizing the Old
drive of colonization. And this Palestinian building permits and City and East Jerusalem as a whole.
process involves the dispossession of demolishing their homes as punish- The Trump declaration recogniz-
Palestinians from their lands, includ- ment when they build their homes to ing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital shat-
ing in Jerusalem. prevent their collapse. The Zionists ters the illusion of the US as an “hon-
dub them “illegal.” est broker” interested in a just resolu-
alestinians in the holy city The city of Jerusalem is very tion of the illegal Israeli colonization

P (Jerusalem), who number

around 400,000, hold only
permanent residency status, not citi-
important to Muslims, with a rich his-
tory intimately linked with prophetic
history. Al-Masjid al-Aqßå holds
of the Holy Land, the facade of an
endless “peace process,” and the two-
state solution.
zenship, despite being born there — immense significance in Islamic reli- The Zionist Project has taken a
in contrast with Jews who were not gious tradition and Muslims main- step forward in entrenching Israel as
born in the city. And, since 1967, tained the sacredness of this city in the the forward base for Western imperi-
Israel has embarked on a quiet depor- full sense of the word, including main- alism intent on dominating the Mus-
tation of the city’s Palestinians by taining the tolerant multi-religious lim world. An intifœ∂a∆ (uprising)
imposing virtually impossible condi- and multi-faith character of Jerusalem. against the oppressors, not only in
tions for them to fulfill so as to main- The Zionists have distorted and Colonized Palestine, but also against
tain their residency status. misrepresented the history of the the illegitimate Arabian rulers, is
Israel has also built at least 12 for- region established by Islam over the inevitable. g

of global public opinion, the General

Assembly on December 21 delivered
a tight slap on Trump’s face. It reject-
ed by 128–9 his illegal and dangerous
declaration over Jerusalem.

UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY The motion presented by Egypt

and co-sponsored by Pakistan,
though largely symbolic because gen-
SLAPS TRUMP OVER eral assembly votes are not legally
binding unless passed by a two-third
JERUSALEM majority, demonstrated that some-
times symbolism is more important
Despite Trump’s pit bull at the UN, world unites on Jerusalem than legality. Trump’s December 6
By Waseem Shehzad announcement to recognize Jerusa-
lem as Israel’s capital was also symbol-
ic; no country has opened its embassy
in Jerusalem and it is not expected
many will follow the US decision.
Several countries do not even recog-
nly by using its veto power adamantly opposed to Donald nize Israel, rightly considering it a

O on December 18 did the

US escape censure at the
UN Security Council for its ill-con-
Trump’s December 6 announcement
that amounted to throwing a match
into a stack of hay.
colonial squatter entity that has ille-
gally occupied the land of the Pales-
tinian people, much less Jerusalem as
ceived and dangerous declaration of It was, however, a different matter its capital.
Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The at the UN General Assembly three At the General Assembly vote,
other 14 members of the council were days later. More accurately reflective there were 35 abstentions including

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are not really states but islands inhab-
ited by indigenous natives, some of
which have been known to indulge in
cannibalism. In that sense they are in
good company with the imperialists
and Zionists who have shed the blood
of millions of innocent people in
recent decades.
“The United States will remem-
ber this day,” US Ambassador Nikki
Haley hissed into the microphone at
the UN General Assembly. The
daughter of Sikh immigrant parents
(her given name is Nimrata Kaur
Randhawa but having no self-esteem
in the presence of her slave masters,
US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley in a not-so- she “conked” her name to Nikki
veiled threat to the world community that, except for the cowards Haley) is trying to ingratiate herself
who abstained, almost unanimously rejected America’s designation to the Zionists — the real masters of
of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, New York, 12-21-2017. It’s America. She follows in the tradition
telling to see how the notion of sovereignty is leveraged to satisfy the of her notorious predecessors,
geostrategic interests of the power club in the world. North Korea is whether white or black: Madeleine
a sovereign nation that wants to have its own independent nuclear Albright, Susan Rice, and Samantha
program; Iran is a sovereign nation that wants to have an indepen- Power. All of them specialized in
dent foreign policy and a peaceful nuclear program; Syria is a crude rhetoric, were vicious, and
sovereign country that has never accepted the colonization of the reflected deep antipathy toward Mus-
Holy Land; and Yemen is a sovereign country that wants to have a lims while being shamelessly servile
representative government free of outside interference, and yet the to the Zionists. Add to that John
sovereignty of not one of these nations is respected, honored, or Bolton, a pit bull who was let loose in
acknowledged as they have all been singled out for attack by the the UN and one can begin to under-
United States and its proxies around the world, not innocuously just stand why the US is so hated globally.
at the UN, but with real bombs that kill, private armies that “America will put our embassy in
terrorize, economic embargoes that starve, psychological warfare Jerusalem,” Haley thundered. “No
that intimidates, and media propaganda that demonizes. vote in the United Nations will make
any difference on that,” contemptu-
ously dismissing concerns even from
close allies Britain, Germany, and
Canada that prides itself on being a although Pakistan has in recent France. “But this vote will make a dif-
country that promotes multicultural- weeks developed some spine and has ference on how Americans look at
ism at home and peace abroad. Simi- rejected America’s insulting demands the UN and on how we look at coun-
larly, Bosnia-Herzegovina, which was especially vis-à-vis Afghanistan. tries who disrespect us in the UN,”
born in blood and tears after a brutal she threatened adding that the US
war in 1991–1995, abstained. Con- hat great powers stood pays the bulk of UN budget and
trast this with Serbia and Macedonia
that voted against the US.
There were 21 countries that
W with the two internation-
al pariahs (the US and
Israel) in voting against the motion
expects respect in return.
This was a brazen display of
American hubris and a shameless
made themselves absent in order not at the UN? The list includes such attempt at blackmailing countries
to arouse Trump’s ire because he had military and economic “giants” as into towing the US line regardless of
crudely threatened to cut off aid to Guatemala and Honduras (both vir- how ill-conceived Trump’s decision
countries that support the motion. tual US colonies), Togo (an African is. “When we make generous contri-
Interestingly the two countries that basket case), and Micronesia, Nauru, butions to the UN we also have a
sponsored the motion — Egypt and Palau, and the Marshall Islands. legitimate expectation that our good-
Pakistan — have both been recipi- Readers could be forgiven if they will is recognized and respected,”
ents of American aid in the past, have not heard of the last four. They Haley added. Trump was even more


blunt in his pronouncements about American Israel Public Affairs Com- Jerusalem after prompting from Sat-
terminating aid to countries that mittee (AIPAC), would force Bin loff, makes it even more remarkable.
refuse to toe the American line. Prior Salmœn to address the issue of The Saudis’ Bahraini slaves were
to the vote, Trump had warned the Jerusalem speaks volumes about the similarly dismissive with the tiny
193-member assembly, “We are latter’s priorities. AIPAC is a Zionist island’s Foreign Minister Khœlid bin
watching.” Watch he did but his attack dog that rips any politician or A˙mad Œl Khaløfa∆ calling it a “side-
threats did not deter the overwhelm- official that dares oppose Israeli poli- issue” in a December 20 tweet. He
ing majority of UN member-states cy even if it is to the detriment of the went on, “It’s not helpful to pick a
from repudiating his illegal and interests of the US. fight with the USA over side issues
immoral decision. The fact that the meeting at while we together fight the clear and
which Satloff was present happened present danger [of Iran].”
rump would not have acted just after Trump’s declaration on Can the Arabian potentates stoop

T without first lining up the

pathetic Arabian rulers
behind him. Led by Saudi Arabia,
Jerusalem, that it lasted over an hour,
and that BS only mentioned
any lower? Not surprisingly, they get
kicked in the teeth so frequently. g

they were joined by such other illegit-

imate rulers as those in Bahrain (that
serves as a brothel for US troops and
the profligate Saudis), the putative
Emirati potentates, and others of their
ilk. It was apparent from their reac-
tion — or non-reaction — to Trump’s
announcement. Saudi Crown Prince
Mu˙ammad bin Salmœn did not even
bother to mention Jerusalem with a
visiting American delegation a day
after Trump’s announcement. It was
the Americans that forced the issue
but despite this, Bin Salmœn shrugged
it off and moved on to other topics.
Robert Satloff of the Washington
Institute for Near East Policy
(WINEP) was in Riyadh as part of an
American delegation. He had an 80-
minute meeting with Bin Salmœn Despite overbearing pressure and canvassing from the White House
who not once raised the issue of before the vote in the General Assembly, more than 120 countries
Jerusalem. A week later (December defied US President Donald Trump on 12-21-2017, voting in favor of
14, 2017) Satloff published an article a United Nations General Assembly resolution calling for the United
on WINEP’s website titled States to drop its recent recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
“Mohammed bin Salman Doesn’t Of the member-nations, 128 countries voted in favor of the UNGA
Want to Talk About Jerusalem.” resolution, nine countries voted against, and 35 countries abstained.
He wrote, “If we hadn’t asked him The text of the resolution, “Affirms that any decisions and actions
directly about Trump’s announce- which purport to have altered, the character, status, or demographic
ment, it may never have come up… composition of the Holy City of Jerusalem have no legal effect, are
He limited himself to a single word of null and void…” The document also calls upon UN members to
disappointment about the President’s “…refrain from the establishment of diplomatic missions in the Holy
decision — literally — and then City of Jerusalem.” Confronted with the possibility of a diplomatic
quickly turned to where Riyadh and setback for the US, Trump adopted a defiant tone that he and his
Washington could work together to advisors will at some point turn into policy, “Well, we’re watching
limit the fallout and restore hope to those votes… Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot. We don’t
the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.” care. But this isn’t like it used to be where they could vote against
That a pro-Zionist think tank like you and then you pay them hundreds of millions of dollars and no-
WINEP with close links to the even body knows what they’re doing.” And who keeps an eye on the US?
more rabidly Zionist outfit, the

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N E W S & A N A L y S I S


Bin Salmœn burns his own as he burnishes his own holdings
By Yusuf Dhia-Allah

he word chaos accurately cap- on November 4 were unprecedented worth, states that the brother next in

T tures the essence of recent

events inside the Bani Saud-
ruled kingdom. While the Western
in scale as far as the Bani Saud clan is
concerned. It would be too charitable
to call the medieval kingdom a
line (from among the sons of ‘Abd al-
‘Azøz) would accede to the throne
once the king dies or is incapacitated.
corporate media fawn over the crown regime; Bani Saud act like a mafia Salmœn however has discarded this
prince’s naked power-grab describing that controls the state; its resources and wants his son BS to take over the
it in breathless headlines as “reforms,” are treated as personal fortune. With reins of power.
the reality is quite different. an army of Saudi “royals” — it is not BS’ cousins — and there are a
Mu˙ammad bin Salmœn has shaken clear how many there are but a rough whole lot of them, some with much
two of the most important founda- guesstimate is 7,000 plus — money greater experience and far smarter
tions that enabled the medieval king- was being spread very thinly. This than him (this, of course, is relative,
dom to survive for so long. The twin had become even more untenable fol- as there are no geniuses in this lot) —
deals, one with the religious establish- lowing the precipitous drop in oil are not happy with this development.
ment and the other within the ruling prices starting in 2014, again engi- The November 4 arrests were carried
family, have been demolished. neered by Bani Saud to undermine out under the guise of fighting cor-
The medieval kingdom moves Islamic Iran’s influence in the region. ruption but the fact is there is not a
into unchartered territory with an Far from causing harm to Iran, Bani single Saudi “royal” who is not up to
erratic and inexperienced prince at Saud have suffered massive financial his neck in corruption including Bin
the helm. He may believe that strik- losses as a consequence. Salmœn (BS). He recently made some
ing deals with imperialist America This could not have come at a very expensive purchases: $500 mil-
and Zionist Israel would help him worse time. Bani Saud are in the lion yatch, $300 million mansion in
save his hide and keep his hold on midst of a succession battle and con- Paris and a $450 million Leonardo da
power; the deals with the two most sequently crisis. King Salmœn is old Vinci painting totalling $1.25 billion
evil regimes in the world may in fact (82), suffers from dementia, and in all. Where did the blighter get
prove to be a recipe for disaster. numerous other ailments. He wants such fabulous wealth from?
Uncle Sam and nephew Moshe are to make (or is being forced to make) BS wanted to eliminate potential
there for the money; they thrive on his inexperienced and arrogant son rivals especially Mit‘ab bin ‘Abdillœh,
sucking the blood of other people. the king. Even though several sons of who was dismissed from his post as
Bin Salmœn (BS) will also discover ‘Abd al-‘Azøz ibn Sa‘¥d are still alive, Commander of the National Guard.
this as many others before him are the forced transition to the next gen- He was a strong contender for the
now reviewing in their graves. eration is not proving easy. The Saudi throne. Another rival, Mu˙ammad
The wholesale arrests carried out Constitution, for whatever it is bin Nœyif had already been sidelined


amid much fanfare. Bani Saud have
consumed one-third of their reserves
in three years; in another six, their
reserves would be wiped out.
Some of the detainees were tor-
tured and landed in the hospital.
Mit‘ab was one of them and it is
reported that in return for paying $1
billion, he secured his release. Similar
deals have been struck with other
detainees after undergoing what the
notorious Donald Rumsfeld would
describe as “enhanced interrogation
techniques.” What goes around
comes around. BS’ cousins, business-
men, and bankers were lured to the
Ritz Carlton Hotel for dinner with
him. Would anyone accept a dinner
invitation from BS in the future?
One prince, however, is fighting
When the Chateau Louis XIV sold for over $300 million two years back. Al-Walød bin ˇalœl has report-
ago, Fortune magazine called it “the world’s most expensive home… edly refused to cough up the $6 bil-
” The 2015 purchase appears to be one of several extravagant lion ransom demand from BS,
acquisitions — including a $500 million yacht and a $450 million according to the Wall Street Journal.
Leonardo da Vinci painting — by a prince who is leading a sweeping He has demanded an open and fair
crackdown on corruption and self-enrichment by the Saudi elite and trial. This is unlikely because there is
preaching fiscal austerity at home. The ownership of the chateau, in no independent judiciary in the prim-
Louveciennes, France, near Versailles, was carefully shrouded by itive kingdom. Judges deliver verdicts
shell companies in France and Luxembourg. Those companies are based on what the ruler wants.
owned by Eight Investment Company, a Saudi firm managed by the Besides, an open trial would expose
head of Crown Prince Bin Salmœn’s personal foundation. Eight the extortion racket BS is running.
Investment was the same company that backed the clown prince’s Bin ˇalœl’s challenge, however, has
impulse buy of the 440-foot yacht from a Russian vodka tycoon. thrown a monkey wrench in BS’
plans. Other princes may be embold-
ened by his example and mount their
own challenges.
and placed under house arrest. he arrests two months ago
The other reason for the arrests
was to grab their wealth to finance
BS’ grandiose but foolish plans. The
T were preceded in September
by the arrest of a number of
religious figures. There are believed O
n the external front, BS’
policies have been equally
disastrous. In both Syria
Kingdom’s revenues have depleted to be 40,000 political prisoners in the and Iraq, Bani Saud policies have
rapidly due to multiple wars, massive Kingdom. These include academics, been completely defeated despite
arms purchases, and other reckless lawyers, and civil rights activists. The their unleashing the takførø terrorists
ventures. The population is also get- judicial system is nonexistent; judges on innocent people. True, the takførøs
ting restless because essential services deliver verdicts to please the rulers, have caused havoc in much of the
have been cut and taxes have been not Allah (Â) even though the Muslim East (aka the Middle East)
imposed. With high unemployment medieval kingdom claims its laws are and beyond and irreparable damage
— it is believed to be around 40% based on the Qur’an and the to the fabric of unity in the Ummah,
among the youth (ages 20–30) that Prophet’s Sunnah. but the demons have been roundly
constitute about 60% of the popula- It is estimated that at least $100 defeated, at least in the Syria/Iraq
tion — opposition to the ruling family billion would be recovered from the theater of war.
is growing even if the Western media arrested princes and moneyed class. Even in yemen, which is Bin
keep talking about how popular Bin But even this is not enough to pay for Salmœn’s pet project, the Ansarullah-
Salmœn is (how do they know?). the various projects announced by BS led Islamic movement, far from being

News & Analysis 17

defeated, has valiantly stood its ple of yemen — an impossible feat — establishment and the resentful roy-
ground. Instead, Saudi policy has suf- their policy is doomed to failure. als. There are already reports of rum-
fered massive blows even if they con- They suffered another blow when ‘Alø blings of revolt within both. While
tinue to kill and maim at a horren- ‘Abdullœh Íœli∆, the former long-time the Bani Saud clan always lived in
dous scale. A million are on the verge president and one-time ally of fear, fearful even of its own shadows,
of starvation. Jamie McGoldrick of Ansarullah, was killed on December now the threats are real. Bin Salmœn
the UN Office for the Coordination 4. Íœli∆ had betrayed his allies and seldom ventures out without a mas-
of Humanitarian Affairs said on joined the Saudi camp only to find sive security detail accompanying
November 14 that seven million peo- himself speedily dispatched to the him wherever he goes.
ple were already in “famine-like con- other side never to return. How long can he escape death?
ditions” in yemen. Millions of others While BS may temporarily ride The daggers (or guns) are out for him
are suffering from cholera. He urged out the storm amid much contrived and it would come as no surprise if we
the Saudis for the umpteenth time to applause from the fawning and paid hear one fine morning on television
lift the blockade of yemen. McGold- Western media, the two sets of ene- that his ponderous bulk has been
rick’s plea fell on deaf ears. mies he has fingered at home will not divested of life. It can come none too
Unless the Saudis kill all the peo- be easy to contain: the religious soon. g

conduct. Such contemptuous behav-

ior is usually associated with large
chunks of impunity. Their mirror
image is Zionist Israel where war
criminals in high office believe that

ROHINGYA: DON’T they are untouchable. Taking their

cue from Israel, the Burmese military
feels confident that notwithstanding
ALLOW CRIMINALS a global outrage against their wanton
brutality, the storm will pass.
TO SUCCEED Indeed the storm will pass if glob-
al solidarity movements confine their
Israel and India still selling arms to Burmese military responses to alleviating the humani-
By Iqbal Jassat tarian situation without confronting
the political beasts responsible for it.
The interventions to provide
basic health care, shelter, food, and
education are necessary, but to draw a
line there, without tackling the root
s the crisis facing the Rohingya their plight is over? cause of the catastrophe engulfing the

I Muslims in Burma over? Heart

wrenching images of feeble old
women, little babies, and desperate
Close to a million Rohingya are
huddled in miserable conditions
across Myanmar’s border in
Rohingya, is exactly what Aung San
Suu Kyi’s regime desires.
As is widely known, Suu Kyi has
toddlers fleeing from a marauding Bangladesh. They fled there — not been annoyed with media and human
Burmese military may have moved off because they voluntarily decided to rights groups for unsettling her so-
TV screens, but does it mean that migrate — but due to a deliberate called credentials as a “freedom-loving
pogrom calculated to drive them off democrat.” Taking the gaze off her and
their ancestral homes and lands. the responsibility she has to restore
Iqbal Jassat is Executive Member of The perpetrators responsible for the honor, dignity, and freedom of
the Media Review Network, Johan- this horrific ethnic cleansing are Rohingya Muslims would be tanta-
nesburg, South Africa. seemingly oblivious of their criminal mount to allowing the storm to pass.


Living in perpetual poverty as
“stateless” people with no certainty
that they will be allowed to return
home cannot and must not be an
option. It is an injustice to ignore or
downplay their right to return. Just
look across the Muslim East to see the
agony and despair caused to Palestin-
ian refugees whose right of return has
been trampled by Israel for 70 years
despite scores of UN Security Coun-
cil resolutions.
Thus to delink the Rohingya crisis
from politics and view it solely as a
humanitarian issue, plays into the
hands of Suu Kyi and the Burmese
military chiefs. That the pitiful misery
of a million or more Rohingya Mus-
lims is caused by an intolerant and
belligerent faction of Buddhist monks
whose Islamophobic views enjoy the
Charred remains of Rohingya men, women, and children in the Pen-
support of the military and the gov-
indasan village. Burmese state agencies appear to have deliberately
ernment, must neither be forgotten
fostered the ethnic cleansing campaign to divert populist anger away
nor removed from the equation.
from the devastating impact of a semi-private pipeline project, and
By the same token it can be
instead toward the most easy and vulnerable target at hand.
argued that the UN Security Council
has failed to intervene. Issuing state-
ments without displaying any serious
resolve is merely a sop to deflect from that are intertwined for they share A recent New York Times report
its failure of ensuring that criminals repulsive values such as exclusivity, talked about how Myanmar was
be held to account for the mass racism, apartheid, and ghettoizing stalling efforts to help the Rohingya.
killings. yet again one may justifiably populations of a different creed. This is hardly surprising considering
question the relevance of the Inter- Unfortunately for the Rohingya, how the crisis started. Witnesses have
national Criminal Court if its legal uprooted and displaced by a political described, how Myanmar’s army
institutions fail to provide security elite that is emboldened by the burned down Rohingya village after
and justice for the Rohingya. alliance of India and Israel, the future Rohingya village, terrorizing and
looks bleak. Having to contend with massacring civilians — of any age,
ountries such as India and less than ideal conditions in including infants — with one appar-

C Israel have not backed off

from supplying weapons to
the Burmese military. Their shame-
Bangladesh’s refugee camps without
any recourse to justice is an indict-
ment of the powers that the interna-
ent purpose: to erase the Rohingya
from the landscape.
The report sheds light on how
less conduct is reprehensible. Particu- tional community possesses but fails Myanmar’s leaders steadily stripped
larly outrageous and thus not surpris- to exercise. away their rights, making it extreme-
ing is the fact that neither of the two “The Rohingya are the wretched ly difficult for the Rohingya to get a
rightwing leaders — Narendra Modi of the earth,” said Leonard Doyle, a government job or a passport, go to
of India and Benjamin Netanyahu of spokesman for the International school, or even be legally married.
Israel — have the credentials to Organization for Migration, the Government soldiers preyed upon
speak out against human rights viola- agency helping coordinate relief them; revered Buddhist monks open-
tions. Just as Aung San Suu Kyi is efforts. “Nobody wants them. I’m ly called them insects and snakes.
saddled with the question of the talking about 7-year-olds who have The criminals responsible for the
Rohingya, Modi and Netanyahu witnessed their parents get their horrific massacres and ethnic cleans-
carry the albatross of Kashmir and throats slit who are standing in bare ing have to face prosecution, not the
Palestine around their necks. This feet on the border right now, asking, luxury of remaining in a position to
troika represents political ideologies ‘What’s going to happen to me?’” act as judge, jury, and executioner. g

News & Analysis 19

Hinduism itself promotes promis-
cuity. This is apparent in the images
and statues one finds in temples all
across India. Statues of busty women
in suggestive poses are a common
sight in temples. Coupled with sexual

DANGEROUS TO BE abuse of women and girls of lower

castes, one can begin to draw a pic-
ture of the horrific reality of women
A cursory glance at statistics indi-
Officials showing little resolve to stem violence againt women cates that rape cases have steadily
By Khadijah Ali increased. Further, that the over-
whelming majority of those accused
of rape crimes is between the ages of
18–25 is indicative of the fact that
gender imbalance in society is a
strong factor in rising rape cases.
This is apparent from rape statis-
ndia may have a female foreign against those of the lower castes. The tics between the years 2004–2010:

I minister: Sushma Swaraj. It also

had a female prime minister
(Indira Gandhi) more than four
very notion of upper and lower castes
is an assault on human dignity and
honor. There is no escape from the
2004 . . . . . . . . . . . . 18,233
2005 . . . . . . . . . . . . 18,359
decades ago but this is not reflective straitjacket the caste system imposes. 2006 . . . . . . . . . . . . 19,348
of the true state of the plight of Dalits or Untouchables, people in 2007 . . . . . . . . . . . . 20,737
women in India. Hinduism’s lowest caste, are treated 2008 . . . . . . . . . . . . 21,467
Let us deal with Indira Gandhi’s worse than animals. There are more 2009 . . . . . . . . . . . . 21,397
case first. Her own bodyguards shot than 200 million Indian Dalits, who 2010 . . . . . . . . . . . . 22,172
and killed her. This was not because are condemned to a life of extreme
of the fact that she was a woman; her degradation and cruelty. Despite the toughening of laws
real crime was attacking the Golden The cow is worshipped and con- against rape crimes following the hor-
Temple in Amritsar, the Sikhs’ holi- sidered the Hindus’ mother — how rific gang rape of the physiotherapist
est of holy places. Thousands of Sikhs strange can they get? — and, there- student, Nirbaya, in December 2012
were massacred in the military opera- fore, holy; yet human beings are so on a Delhi bus, the upward trend has
tion in June 1984. The Sikhs vowed terribly abused. continued. If in 2012, there were
to avenge this sacrilegious act result- 24,923 cases of rape, by 2015, these
ing in her murder in October 1984. iven that women are badly had climbed to 34,210 and in 2016,
Lest people think that India
respects women because some have
made it to the top, they should think
G mistreated, most people
prefer to have sons rather
than daughters. Unfortunately mod-
these rose to 38,947 cases. It is impor-
tant to bear in mind that these figures
refer to reported cases.
again. Hinduism, the predominant ern science has also provided a help- Often, women do not report rape
religion in India, is extremely intoler- ing hand whereby ultrasound tests for two primary reasons: stigma
ant of women. Sati, the horrific prac- determine the gender of the fetus. attached to victims, and the police
tice of a widow burning herself on the Female fetuses are aborted resulting themselves are notorious for assault-
funeral pyre of her dead husband is in skewing the population balance. ing and raping victims that report the
still practiced in some parts of India For every 1,000 men, there are only crime. Both act as strong deterrents
although it has subsided somewhat 933 women in India according to the to reporting.
under intense international pressure 2011 census. The trend has contin- The 2016 reported rape cases
and opprobrium. ued to worsen since. (38,947) translate to more than 106
Discrimination is inbuilt into With a total population of 1.2 bil- rapes per day or nearly 4.5 rapes each
Hinduism’s Caste system whereby lion, there is a huge shortage of girls hour, according to The Times of India
people are divided into socio-eco- in the country. The skewed gender (December 1, 2017). This means a
nomic classes at birth. People belong- inequality has led to an alarming rise woman or girl is raped every 14 min-
ing to the “upper” castes discriminate in rape cases in India. utes somewhere in India.

News & Analysis 21

qually horrifying is the fact 2016. Most of the victims were sub- the leaders in spreading the deadly

E that at least 2,116 victims of

rape were girls in the age
groups of 1–12 years. And in 94.6%
jected to “cruelty by husband or rela-
tives” (32.6% of cases), followed by
“assault on women with intent to
disease because of lack of safe sex and
lack of medical facilities. Truck driv-
ers also spread the disease. They ply
of the cases, offenders included outrage her modesty” (25%), “kid- tens of thousands of miles of roads
neighbours, family members, rela- napping and abduction of women” across India and indulge in sex with
tives, husband/live-in partner, (19%) and rape (11.5%). multiple women along the route. It
employer/co-worker, etc. Kidnapping of women/girls to could be called AIDS on wheels.
The former minister for Women force them to marry is also wide- And then there is India’s Red
and Child Development, Maneka spread. In 2016, there were 33,796 Ribbon Express, a special train osten-
Gandhi, said that there was an women/girls that were kidnapped/ sibly to increase awareness about
increase in the number of sexual abducted with the view to force them AIDS. The train touches 50,000 vil-
offences against children in the to marry. lages. The special train is reserved for
country. The number of cases of rape According to India’s National AIDS victims with the view to pre-
of children had increased from 8,541 Crimes Record Bureau (NCRB) data, venting the spread of disease to non-
in 2012 to 12,363 in 2013 and 260,304 cases of crimes against AIDS affected victims.
13,766 in 2014 (The Times of India, women were sent for trial in 2016. Whether the Red Ribbon Express
August 08, 2015). This resulted in 23,094 convictions or train has helped increase awareness
The overall figures for crimes a less-than-10% conviction rate. This about AIDS is debatable; what it has
against women — such as physical hardly evokes much confidence in shown is that in India, AIDS is a
violence including acid attacks, or police competence or the legal system. huge problem. It is spreading rapidly
mental abuse — are similarly alarm- Where there are a record number because of loose social mores and the
ing. There were a total of 338,954 of rapes, there is the sexually trans- increasing cases of rapes across the
crimes against women registered in mitted disease, AIDS. India is one of country. g

killed and 19 injured. Canada’s Mus-

lim community was jarred by the hor-
rific attack, especially since it target-
ed Muslims while offering prayer.
The incident apparently came as

CANADA’S LONG, a surprise to many. Canada is lauded

internationally for its perceived com-
mitment to multiculturalism and
DARK HISTORY OF inclusivity, and even more so given
the “sunny ways” attitude of current
ISLAMOPHOBIA Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and
his government. But this shooting
Early-1900s Islamophobia had nothing to do with terrorism came as a reminder that Islamopho-
By Hayy Yaqzan bia may have deeper roots in Canada
than is often realized. It is always
lurking under the surface.
Even when their numbers were in
the few hundreds, Muslims in this
country in the early-20th century
xactly a year ago (January 29, Sainte-Foy neighbourhood of Quebec already faced what may retroactively

E 2017), a white right-wing

Christian terrorist, Alexandre
Bissonette entered a masjid in the
City and opened fire on the 50 or so
Muslims who had gathered there for
the nightly prayer. Six people were
be seen as traces of Islamophobia.
The 1907 Anti-Oriental Riots in
Vancouver targeted the Chinese,


internees be destroyed, making it
very difficult to learn about their fate.
All of this can be pieced together
from the fragmented records that are
available about the history of Mus-
lims in Canada. Unsurprisingly, the
1910s are the only decade in Canadi-
an history in which the recorded pop-
ulation of the Muslim minority
declined, rather than increasing. But
the Islamophobic attitudes certainly
did not end there, and one is left to
wonder what else may have occurred
that we have no record of.
In 1926, for example, an estab-
lished Muslim fur trader in the
Northwest Territories named Peter
Baker complained to the then Minis-
ter of the Interior, Charles Stewart,
One of the surviving photographs of detainees at the Kapuskasing
about new laws that hampered his
internment camp. Male internees were forced into hard labor — in
ability to trade with Indigenous
Jasper and Banff they cleared thick forest for roadways. They faced
Canadians. Stewart responded that
deplorable living conditions that bred tuberculosis and pneumonia.
the new laws wouldn’t be necessary
“if it was not for those damned Syri-
ans and Jews going around and fool-
Japanese, and Sikh communities, but In May 2016, more than a century ing the poor Indians!”
were severely discomforting as well later, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Meanwhile, back in NWT, Baker
for the Muslims who had settled issued an apology for this incident. was decried by his competitors as a
there. In 1912, an Indian-born Mus- Elsewhere in Canada in 1914, “Jew”; this was meant as a derogatory
lim, Husain Rahim, was arrested in Muslims fared even worse. As a sub- label in an effort to drive down his
BC and faced up to 14 years in jail. servient Canada entered the First thriving business. Perhaps it was in
His crime? He was a South Asian World War on Britain’s side, it found response to this that Baker, like
immigrant of non-British parents and the Ottoman Sultanate in the oppos- many other early Muslim settlers,
he had had the audacity to vote in ing camp. In the course of the war, changed his name; in his case, from
local elections (the case was eventu- hundreds of Ottoman-Canadians Bedouin Ferran to “Peter Baker.”
ally dismissed as there was no evi- were herded into the country’s 24 Remarkably, Canadian Muslims like
dence that he had actually voted)! In internment camps. Others were Baker have at times even been vic-
that same year, Toronto’s first known forced to carry special identity cards tims of some Canadians’ long-stand-
Muslim, Regip Assim, faced discrimi- and regularly report their activities to ing anti-Jewish prejudice.
nation in finding employment local authorities until as late as 1920,
his history challenges the

because of his background. after the conflict had ended.
Two years later (1914), 27 Muslims The case of the Turkish Muslim narrative that Islamophobia
were among the 376 passengers of the labourers of Brantford, Ontario is a in Canada originated in
Komagata Maru, most of them politi- shocking example. They were round- response to the September 11, 2001
cal refugees trying to escape the ed up in the middle of the night in attacks or any other recent event, for
oppression of British rule in South November 1914, arrested, and even- that matter. Those who may reject
Asia. Canadian authorities refused to tually transferred to the internment this retroactive use of this concept
let them disembark. After a two- camp in Kapuskasing, a small town should consider the fact that the
month standoff in Vancouver harbour, deep in northern Ontario. After the Oxford English Dictionary lists the ear-
they were denied entry and harshly war, almost none of them returned to liest use of the term “Islamophobia” to
told to go back. Many of them had no Brantford. After the end of the Sec- 1923 in the Journal of Theological Stud-
choice but to return to India, where ond World War, the Canadian gov- ies, and the way it was used itself indi-
some were massacred and others ernment suspiciously ordered that all cates that the term was in wider use
detained immediately upon landfall. records relating to the Kapuskasing than one might expect. In any case, it

News & Analysis 23

is safe to say that many of the atti- ened. What seems more likely is that This is also not to suggest that
tudes that constitute Islamophobia preconceived irrational notions Muslims should disregard the solidar-
were present long before Canadian about Islam and Muslims probably ity that Canadians of many back-
Muslims did anything to provoke the carried over from Europe, where they grounds show toward dismantling
development of this irrational fear. have festered for centuries, and creat- Islamophobia, or, for that matter, the
Nor, at least in the Canadian case, ed a “box” into which Muslims were love and support of the many friends
did Islamophobia begin as an issue of put, regardless of what they actually of the Muslim community in its 164-
the Canadians’ apprehensions about did or stood for. year history in Canada. Rather, this is
“Islam as a political force.” All of the This is not to deny that Muslims meant as a reminder that it is always
historical incidents mentioned above have sometimes unwittingly fueled important to understand the roots of
took place before 1931; in that year, the rise of Islamophobia through oppressive attitudes and the systems
the recorded population of Muslims in their words and deeds, especially in that support them, rather than mere-
Canada was a meagre 645, out of some recent years, and for that they ought ly scurrying from one unfortunate
10 million Canadians in total. Mus- to be held accountable. Islamophobia incident to the next.
lims had virtually no political repre- is known to surge after incidents that For the record, Alexandre Bis-
sentation at that time; Peter Baker are deemed to be terrorism and in sonette did not even pretend to have
himself would go on to become one of which Muslims are implicated, such a coherent reason as to why he
the first Muslim elected officials in as the October 2014 shooting on Par- entered a masjid to murder a group of
the country in the 1960s. The Mus- liament Hill in Ottawa. Such flagrant innocent Muslims. “Where was he
lims did not even have a masjid! attacks are followed by condemna- radicalized?” is a question every
It is disingenuous to imagine that tions and reassurances from Muslim Canadian deserves an honest answer
such a tiny, unorganized, and widely- leaders that they do not represent the to. Arriving at it will require, among
dispersed community could actually Muslim community and certainly not many other uncomfortable efforts,
do anything dangerous for even the the justice- and peace-oriented putting Islamophobia in Canada in
Minister of the Interior to feel threat- teachings of Islam. its historical context. g

But two years into Trudeau’s man-

date, many Muslims in Canada could
be forgiven for wondering whether the
prime minister’s self-assured paean to
ISLAMOPHOBIA: diversity and tolerance is, in fact,
“who we are.” An Angus Reid poll two

WIDE GAP BETWEEN weeks after the massacre found 46% of

Canadians hold negative views of
Islam, while the Ontario Human
TRUDEAU’S RHETORIC Rights Commission’s newly released
“Taking the Pulse” report found that
AND MUSLIM FEARS 44% of Ontario residents believe
“police are at least sometimes justified
Muslims required to wear terrorism label like scarlet letter in profiling or targeting” Muslims.
By Matthew Behrens While some of the blame appears
linked to Donald Trump’s Muslim
travel bans and Islamophobic tweets,
they tend to overshadow a historic
home-grown discrimination that saw
uring a funeral oration for Trudeau promised that “we will rise a 253% increase in police-reported

D victims of last January’s

Quebec City masjid mas-
sacre (January 29, 2017), Justin
from this darkness stronger and more
unified than ever before. That is who
we are.”
hate crimes against Canadian Mus-
lims from 2012–2015. And in the
lead-up to the last federal election,


racial and religious back-
grounds as well.”

hile that hatred has also

W been manifested on the

streets of Toronto and
other Canadian cities by white
extremist demonstrations — part of a
national trend of violence committed
by well over 100 racist groups —
Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian
Security and Intelligence Service
(CSIS), has studiously avoided treat-
ing far-right agitation as a security
risk. Instead, the latest public CSIS
threat assessment named “Islamic”
extremism as the nation’s number one
threat, despite a paucity of evidence.
CSIS could learn a thing or two
Masuma Khan, a vice-president of the Dalhousie Student Union,
from the NCCM’s continually updat-
had to face disciplinary action over a Facebook post about Canada
ed online map of hate crimes, a chill-
150 celebrations. She wrote the post on June 30, in response to
ing litany describing tales of racist
another post by the Nova Scotia Young Progressive Conservatives
graffiti, women having their ˙ijœbs
(NSYPC), which criticized a motion by the student union not to
ripped off, death threats, the fire-
participate in Canada 150 celebrations on July 1 and to label such
bombing of a masjid, and a bullet fired
events “an act of colonialism.” The student union “should prioritize
into an Islamic centre where children
advocating for student issues, not attacking Canada,” the NSYPC
were studying. When Mississauga Lib-
message said. Masuma Khan responded, “At this point, f*** you
eral MP Iqra Khalid introduced the
all… I stand by the motion I put forward. I stand by Indigenous
non-binding motion M-103 to con-
students… Be proud of this country? For what, over 400 years of
demn Islamophobia and study racial
genocide?” She signed off with the hashtags #unlearn150, #whitefra
and religious discrimination in early
gilitycankissmyass and #yourwhitetearsarentsacredthislandis. On
2017, she received thousands of hate
July 5, Michael Smith, a graduate student in history, filed a written
messages, forcing her to change office
complaint about Ms. Khan's Facebook comments, alleging that
protocol, from door locks to selective
“targeting ‘white people’ who celebrate Canada Day is blatant
answering of the phones.
discrimination.” Smith then wrote an op-ed for the National Post
Perhaps few have experienced the
newspaper about the debate at Dalhousie and Khan’s comments.
growing anti-Muslim sentiment as
After the piece came out, Khan became the target of social-media
intensely as Dalhousie University
comments telling her to “pack her bags.”
international studies student Masuma
Khan, who continues to face a daily
barrage of mutilation, rape, and mur-
the Trudeau Liberals voted to support Ihsaan Gardee, executive director of der threats almost six months after
some of Stephen Harper’s most regres- the National Council of Canadian she posted on social media about the
sive legislation, from the inflammato- Muslims (NCCM). He adds, decision of her student council to
ry Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultur- abstain from Canada150 celebra-
al Practices Act to the infamous C-51 This rise in Islamophobia also tions, calling them an “act of ongoing
(Anti-Terrorism Act), both of which occurs against the backdrop of colonialism that glorifies continued
disproportionately target members of a time where there has also theft from, and disenfranchisement
the Muslim community. been an alarming and well- of, the indigenous peoples of Turtle
“Canadians should not be smug documented rise in the growth Island (Canada).” Khan’s subsequent
nor take for granted the impact of of far-right extremism, which post calling out white fragility result-
global trends and also the role various targets not only Muslims and ed in the threat of disciplinary action
Canadian actors may play in promot- those perceived to be Muslim for an alleged student code of con-
ing Islamophobia here at home,” says but Canadians from other duct violation.

News & Analysis 25

rorism charges against the Quebec
masjid shooter, Alexandre Bisson-
nette, which critics say perpetuates
the harmful stereotype that only Mus-
lims are terrorists, and never victims.
During his 2015 election night
victory, Trudeau shared an anecdote
about meeting a woman in ˙ijœb who
reportedly told him she was voting
Liberal “because she wants to make
sure that her little girl has the right to
make her own choices in life and that
our government will protect those
rights.” Two years later, those words
rang hollow in a Parliamentary com-
mittee room addressing the Liberals’
problematic security legislation Bill
C-59. On December 12, London,
Ontario’s Zamir Khan informed MPs
Alexandre Bissonnette, who is a fan of US President Donald Trump, that his 3-year-old son Sebastien has
French far right leader Marine Le Pen, and the separatist Parti Que- been marked as a possible security
becois, was convicted of murder and attempted murder charges, but threat on the “No Fly List” since birth.
incredibly not terrorism. That charge is reserved for Muslims. “For families with flagged infants,
the associated delays further compli-
cate an already challenging travel
schedule,” said Khan, who co-found-
While the action was only with- by in the event of attacks. ed the fast-growing group No Fly List
drawn after a national outcry — with Despite the threats, Khan says she Kids. The organization is concerned
one Dalhousie professor noting that is refusing to be quiet, noting “even that C-59 promises no proper redress
none of the male dentistry students when I’m not speaking out I’m still system to eliminate information that
implicated in the notorious 2014 not safe.” She also points out that a wrongfully pegs their youngsters as
posting of misogynistic and homo- family member who is not involved security risks, a stigmatization with
phobic messages ever faced such in her realm of political action is traumatic results.
sanction — Khan continues to live nonetheless on the no-fly list for “As these children grow older,
with the fallout. sharing the same birthdate and last they become aware that they are the
“I get called a terrorist when I name as someone else the govern- reason for the ever-present waiting
walk down the street, I get spat on, I ment considers a risk. and security scrutiny,” Khan notes.
get told to go back home when I was “When the children grow into
born in Halifax, I get death threats, I n Ottawa, the federal govern-

teenagers and young adults, particu-
get called anti-Canadian when I ment plays a two-track game, larly young men, their innocence
stand up for Indigenous rights,” says issuing anodyne statements becomes less obvious… Their delays
Khan, who questions whether her about diversity while pursuing an become longer and the scrutiny more
safety is being taken seriously when, agenda that, rhetoric aside, still mir- intense. This has meant that some
despite the well-publicized threats, rors the Harper era. While even con- families have missed flights and that
the university has not been proactive servative leaders like Britain’s Theresa the kids shy away from air travel for
in offering her security. May have directly criticized Trump’s fear of stigmatization. This is not a
This fall, her campus began offer- incendiary anti-Muslim tweets and future I want for my son.” g
ing “emergency ˙ijœb kits” for women actions, Trudeau has been silent. The
whose head coverings had been spat prime minister was slow in condemn- Matthew Behrens is a Canadian
upon or violently removed. The kits ing Quebec’s face covering ban (Bill peace and social justice activist with the
include bystander resources, numbers 62) and absent the day MPs voted on organization, Homes Not Bombs. An
to lodge complaints, and safety tips. the contentions M-103 Islamophobia edited version of this story appeared in
Khan says they are akin to first aid motion. Also of concern was the the December 21, 2017 edition of
kits, unfortunate necessities on stand- October 2017 decision not to lay ter- NOW Magazine, Toronto.



Israel and Zionism go hand in hand
By Zafar Bangash

This article was first published Herzl was a racist. He pro-

in the CI April 2010 issue. It pounded the idea, in the
is being reproduced here in wake of the Dreyfus affair
view of recent developments in France (year 1894), that
in the Holy Land. Jews could not assimilate in
other, primarily Christian
n its long tortuous his- European societies; they

I tory, Europe has

spawned many de-
monic ideologies — colo-
needed a separate home-
land of their own. Even
before Herzl announced his
nialism, imperialism, na- racist idea at the first Zion-
tionalism, fascism, Nazism, and Zionism, to name just a few ist Conference in Basle, Switzerland (1897), most rabbis
— but while most have been repudiated, at least theoreti- had condemned political Zionism. The Philadelphia Con-
cally, Zionism is venerated as a religion. Zionists masquer- ference of November 3–6, 1869 adopted a resolution that
ade it as a badge of honor. It would be difficult to find any- stressed the radical opposition between the universalist
one calling himself a colonialist or imperialist these days, principles of Judaism and those of political Zionism.
although there are plenty of countries peddling these ide- So how did political Zionism, a racist colonial enter-
ologies under the guise of other labels (humanitarian inter- prise, succeed in establishing itself in the heartland of Islam
vention, the right to protect, etc). Nor would one find any- despite strong opposition from leading rabbis and the
one openly proclaiming to be a fascist or a Nazi. yet there indigenous population of Palestine? By the turn of the last
are plenty of people who proudly claim to be Zionists. They century, British and French colonialists were busy instigat-
come in all stripes: Jewish, Christian, Hindu, atheist and ing revolts in the Muslim East (aka the Middle East) by
(yes) Muslim. buying the loyalty of Arabian tribal chiefs to use them
It is important to clarify at the outset what Zionism, or against the Ottoman Sultanate. The toxic brew of Western
to call it by its correct name, political Zionism, is not. colonialism, Arabian nationalism, and political Zionism
Despite strenuous efforts by its proponents, Zionism has lit- facilitated the imposition of the Zionist entity in Palestine
tle or nothing to do with Judaism, the religion of millions through the infamous Balfour Declaration.
of people. On November 2, 1917, British Foreign Secretary Lord
True, Zionist ideology was first propounded by people of Arthur Balfour, in a letter to Baron Walter de Rothschild,
Jewish background — Theodore Herzl, Ze’ev Jabotinsky et outlined the British government’s favorable view of estab-
al. — but they were not religious at all. In fact, they consid- lishing “in Palestine a home for the Jewish people…” While
ered Judaism as an impediment in their colonial enterprise. Balfour stated, “nothing shall be done which may prejudice

Special Reports 27
the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish Palestinian territory. The rapid increase in Jewish popula-
communities in Palestine,” he deliberately ignored their tion from 7% to 30% in 29 years (1919–1948) was not the
political rights. result of natural growth; it was achieved through illegal
That the overwhelming majority of inhabitants of Jewish immigration into Palestine.
Palestine were Muslims and Christians whose fundamental Even Hitler’s WWII bloodbath did not convince the
rights were being violated was of little consequence. In typ- overwhelming majority of Jewish people to settle in Pales-
ical colonial style, Balfour promised the Palestinians’ land tine. But Zionist leaders missed no opportunity to empha-
to European Zionist Jews. size the importance of Jewish migration to Palestine and
lamented the lack of interest among European and North
nlike European racists that have a long and gory American Jews.

U history of persecuting Jews and other minorities in

their midst, Muslims have not perpetrated any
pogroms or indulged in inquisitions against religious or
While Zionists denounce anti-Semitism and advance it
as the principal justification for the creation of a separate
homeland for the “Jewish people,” anti-Semitism is a twin
other minorities. of Zionism and needed for its survival. Herzl himself wrote,
Whenever Jews suffered persecution in Europe or Rus- “The Jews constitute a single people and cannot be inte-
sia, they found refuge among Muslims, hence the presence grated into other peoples. But they do become assimilated
of Jewish communities in North Africa, Turkey, and Iran to by any society if they find themselves secure in it for a long
this day. yet European racists transferred their “Jewish prob- period. And that will never be to our interest.” Thus, Herzl
lem” to Palestine. considered anti-Semites as indispensible allies in his quest
The tiny minority of Jews in Palestine — 7% in 1919 to create the Zionist State in Palestine.
and even at the time of Israel’s creation in May 1948 Today’s Zionists are no less eager to align themselves
through a scandalous vote in the United Nations General with racists and bigots. In fact many Zionists, especially in
Assembly (November 1947) — the 30% Jewish population the US, are leading Islamophobes. In Palestine, the Zionists
owned a mere 6.5% of the land. yet it was given 56% of have not only expropriated Palestinian land — today the
Zionists control more than 93% of the original land of Pales-
tine through theft, forcible occupation, and other illegal
means — they have also built roads, neighborhoods, com-
munities, and settlements reserved exclusively for theJews.
Crescent International magazine This is what apartheid South Africa had done, hence the
is now available online designation of Israel as an apartheid state. The apartheid
wall through which the Zionists have cut off Palestinian
families and villages, stealing in the process more Palestin-
visit us at:
ian land, caps it all. In a ruling handed down in July 2004, the International Court of Justice described Israel’s apartheid wall as illegal. Zionists are also masters at forging
history. From the biblical claims that “God promised them
this land” described as a “land without a people” (Palestini-
Don’t forget to refer to our ans are non-people in Zionist mythology), they have gone
Daily News Analysis about uprooting Palestinian families from their homes and
where we provide our unique villages, often at gunpoint and frequently using it as well, to
perspective on stories as indulging in mass starvation and killings. By using the Bible
as a real estate manual, ironically by people that do not even
they develop.
believe in God, the Zionists have added the myth of selec-
tive history to their spurious claims to Palestine.
Get your own hardcopy of Crescent They claim that they have a historic link with Palestine
International, your best source of insightful because Prophets David and Solomon (Ç) ruled the Holy
Islamic commentary and analysis Land 3,000 years ago. It is as if in Zionist mythology,
on current events, newsmakers, and nobody existed before the Hebrew tribes arrived in Pales-
movement issues, not to mention tine — not the Philistines (hence the name Palestinians),
Imam Mu˙ammad al-‘Œßø’s tafsør the Moabites, the Hittites, the Amorites, or others — and
series, The Ascendant Qur’an subsequent to the 73-year rule of David and Solomon
(see p. 40 for subscription details).
nobody else inhabited this land until the Zionists arrived to
inhabit it. The guilt-ridden Christian West that has histor-
ically perpetrated bloodbaths against the Jewish people


accepted such infantile claims at face value. tion into Palestine. If a core group of Jewish settlers, the
Nothing could be more spurious than the claim of vanguard of the Zionist movement, did not occupy a core
Christian charity assuaging the guilt of European Christen- area of territory, the Zionist enterprise would not succeed.
dom. Christian charity requires the good believer to give This is what the Israeli sociologist Baruch Kimmerling
from what he has; nothing could be more un-Christian than referred to as “territoriality” being at the centre of the Zion-
to “give” stolen property to someone else. Similarly, noth- ist project. At the time of Israel’s creation, the 30% Jew-
ing could be more personal than Christian morality, and so ish/Zionist population owned only 6.5% of the land yet
how is Christian dogma appropriated to govern the behav- they grabbed 56% of the territory, quickly expanding it fur-
ior of nation-states, which in reality wanted to solve the ther through terror.
Jewish problem through expulsion? Three instruments were particularly effective in this
theft: the Jewish National Fund (set up in 1901), the Land
he fact is, Europe and the numerous squatter/colo- Ordinance Act of 1943 and, the Emergency Laws decreed

T nial entities it spawned — America, Australia,

New Zealand, to name a few — never stopped
being racist; long before the Third Reich, the so-called
in 1945, the latter two courtesy of the British colonial occu-
pation of Palestine. The first stipulated, in typical colonial
style, that land acquired by it cannot be resold or even
“final solution” was discussed in Britain, and a thoroughly leased to non-Jews. The Land Ordinance Act was applied
assimilated Jew, constrained most of the time to live in his under the rubric of the “public interest” while under Emer-
own ghetto, was still not tolerable to the European racist. gency Law the military governor was given powers to sus-
And so European racism set upon a course to solve two pend all the rights of citizens. The most convenient pretext
problems with one master stroke. used was that of “security” or by declaring certain areas
Perceiving themselves to be locked in a life-and-death “prohibited.” The Zionist occupiers of Palestine have all
struggle with Islam, the real purpose of the creation of the these repressive instruments to dispossess the indigenous
Zionist State of Israel was to position a colonial beachhead Palestinian population.
in the heartland of Islam that would empty Europe of all its All this is done under the absurd and bogus claim that
Jews and simultaneously act as a permanent impediment to Jewish people are superior to Palestinians and they cannot
peace and progress in the Muslim world. live side by side with them as neighbors. How else should
Israel admirers never tire of reminding the world that it one describe racism? And regardless of what the cowardly
is the “only democracy” in the Middle East. Hitler’s Third Western rulers and their puppets say, Zionism is racism.
Reich was also a democracy yet it perpetrated the biggest
bloodbath in European history. The Zionists are busy repli- hat most people — and unfortunately the bulk of
cating the Nazis’ horrible record in the Holy Land.
There are also a number of racist laws in force in Zionist
Israel. One is the Law of Return. Under this law, any Jew
W Muslims falls into this category as well — fail to
recognise is that Israeli racism is integrally con-
nected to the Israeli nation-state. Were it not for the state
living anywhere in the world is automatically entitled to apparatus, the military, political, economic, and criminal
Israeli citizenship upon setting foot there. That the over- resources required to pull off this grand deception and occu-
whelming majority of Jewish people who occupy Palestine
today have no links with the land whatsoever is of little
consequence. Palestinians who have lived there for millen-
nia, have to prove their ownership to land or property
before they are given any rights. Their papers were often
stolen or destroyed by the very Zionist marauders who
invaded Palestinian villages and towns in 1947–1948. Tens The Islamic Book Trust
of thousands of Palestinians were murdered and others driv-
en out through a campaign of terror — and this was before
1948. This is even more critical for Palestinians in
Jerusalem; if they are away from the city for more than three
months, they lose the right of return. Similarly, every effort World’s premier online
is made, fair and foul, to force them to leave. Palestinians
are denied building permits not only for new homes but are
bookstore for Islamic books
also refused permission to rebuild. Palestinian home demo- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
litions are a common practice of the Zionists to target
Palestinians involved in resistance activity.
Concurrent with this was the policy of land grab, the
most important consideration after illegal Jewish immigra-

Special Reports 29
pation of the Holy Land would not be possible. Zionism will grips the whole world. Were such a will to reassert itself into
never become a bitter historical memory unless its eradica- people-to-people associations across the world, then Jews
tion is coupled with the dismemberment of the State of Israel would once again be free to settle anywhere in the Muslim
and the thorough dezionisation of its Jewish inhabitants. world, not just in the walled-off military bunkers of Tel
However even this is not enough, as the tentacles of Aviv and Haifa.
Zionism extend far beyond the borderless pariah State of And this directional course has its starting point at the
Israel into the Arabian and imperialist capitals of the world. heart of the Arab world, indeed the entire Muslim world:
It is not enough to say that imperialist America and colo- Makkah. Jerusalem will never be free so long as its sister
nialist Europe prop up the Zionist cancer in the Muslim holy precincts in Makkah are not liberated from the cryp-
world. The Zionists would never have lasted a day without to-Zionist clan of Saud and its people are not cleansed of
the willing 80-year complicity of Arabian despots, dictators, their tribal-cum-nationalistic perversions acquired from the
presidents, and princes from Morocco to the Persian Gulf. sons of Israel.
And we are witnessing this complicity explode into the This is the only way to eradicate Zionism — as ideology
open with the Arabians’ embrace of Zionist Israel. and as social construct. All partial solutions will land us in
Thus the will to make Israel disappear into the pages of the same spot we are in today. Until this racist ideology is
history must also be the will to look for an Islamic post- uprooted and eliminated utterly and irrevocably, there will
national alternative to the nation-state fiasco that currently be no peace in Palestine or anywhere else in the world. g

would be toppled. After the Islamic Awakening, the people

of the MENA region saw that the dream of resisting despots
can be converted into reality.
The Islamic Awakening movement was a natural socio-
political process, which got subverted into an imperialist

ISLAMIC project. Nevertheless, the indigenous process broke the

invincibility perception many people had about NATO-
backed regimes in the MENA region. Today, imagining the
AWAKENING: WAS fall of the Sisi regime (in Egypt) or the Bani Saud regime
(in the Arabian Peninsula) is quite conceivable. This in
it WORTH IT? and of itself is a huge achievement.
As the people of yemen aborted the Saudi instigated
Short-term losses pave way for long-term gains sedition to be led by yemen’s former dictator, ‘Alø ‘Abdullœh
By Tahir Mahmoud Íœli˙, the people of the MENA region realized that one
does not need NATO air support as in Libya to bring
tyrants to justice.
The Islamic Awakening movement also provides an
opportunity to learn from the failures in Egypt, Libya, and
Syria. In all of these locales, the Islamic movements, which
even years after the Islamic Awakening (aka Arab were at the forefront of events, committed strategic mis-

S Spring) movement erupted, the question that preoc-

cupies many people’s minds is: was it worth it? This
column will not only argue that it was worth it, but that it
takes. Part of the solution to any problem is the realization
of how and where one has committed a mistake.
As pointed out by ICIT director, Zafar Bangash, in
was absolutely necessary and it is a great blessing even in Egypt “…the Ikhwan and Mursi assumed that if they played
places where events went completely off-track, like in Libya within the existing system and surrendered to US-Zionist
and Syria. interests, they would be allowed to complete their term in
Prior to the first uprising in 2011, which overthrew the office.” This mistake will most probably make Islamic
illegitimate and oppressive regime in Tunisia, the people in movements in the MENA region realize that strategic com-
the Muslim world only daydreamed in cafes, masjids, and promise with oppressive regimes and their NATO benefac-
their homes about a day when foreign propped tyrants tors is not a viable option. This point has been emphasized

Special Reports 31
numerous times by one of Turkey’s most popular Islamic term sacrifices and obstacles. The long-term gains from
activists and scholars, Alparaslan Kuytul. making ordinary people realize that tyrants are not invinci-
In Libya, the US backed Qatari regime utilized the ble and that people will no longer remain silent in the face
naivety and greed of some individuals within the Islamic of abuse of power, are huge assets for future changes that are
movement in Libya and used them as a stepping stone for bound to occur.
the NATO invasion. As a result Libya collapsed as a state, At the moment the Syrian, Bahraini, and yemeni the-
but eruption of the migrant crisis forced Europe’s ruling atres are going through positive turning points. In Syria, the
caste to realize that they are no longer immune from the NATO project to eliminate Iran’s and Hizbullah’s presence
chaos they instigate in the MENA region. collapsed completely. Prior to 2011, the Syrian regime was
While Syria faced the worst kind of NATO sabotage, it an equal partner with Iran and Hizbullah; today the sur-
made it out of the crisis in far better shape than Libya and vival of Syria depends on Iran and Hizbullah, thus the most
Egypt. In September 2017, yaakov Amidror, former head of powerful forces resisting Zionism in the region have become
Israel’s National Security Council, summed up the main more influential in Syria than prior to 2011. Through the
reason behind the carnage in Syria. Amidror stated, “We do Syrian theatre, Hizbullah, the only regional actor to kick
not interfere in the question of who will rule in Damascus; out Zionists from occupied land, graduated into a regional
we interfere with the question of how strong Iran and military and political power, which even its detractors now
Hizbullah will be in the region.” From day one, Crescent openly admit.
International had argued that the crisis in Syria has nothing In Bahrain, the ruling kleptocracy remains entrenched
to do with freedom or human rights, but it is all about weak- only because of a foreign army propping it up. The people’s
ening Islamic Iran. The unfortunate reality is that even resistance has not died down and is only gaining more legit-
though there are numerous videos of Syrian “Islamic” rebels imacy domestically and internationally. The people’s move-
being treated in Israel, some narrowminded Muslims still ment in Bahrain learned from the Libyan and Syrian fiascos
view the conflict through the sectarian lens. and is refusing to accept foreign military “assistance.”

ost-2011 events, no regional dictator can afford to erhaps the most strategic events are taking place in

P disregard the popular backlash. Violence is no

longer the monopoly of corrupt and oppressive
regimes. Of course the elimination of monopoly on force by
P yemen where the region’s most hard-core pro-Zionist
regime is bogged down in a quagmire. In all locales
where the people’s revolutionary movement was scaled down
illegitimate regimes created its own problems, like ISIS and or subverted, Riyadh’s money and lobbying with Washington
others, but these are short-term problems that are slowly played a significant role. This convinced many leading
but surely being eliminated. scholars and activists of the fact that if the Saudi regime does
Another strategic lesson that has been learned from the not fall, all other regional changes will be secondary.
Islamic Awakening movement is that the so-called Islamic Due to unpopular Saudi policies, the Saudi soft-power
organizations with ties to and influenced by Salafist/Saudi emanating from its occupation of Makkah and Madinah has
ideas are not capable of presenting not just a civilizational lost its appeal even within its own constituency and it can-
alternative, but an Islamic organizational alternative, nor not be revived without collapse of the Saudi monarchy. The
can they provide even rudimentary long-term solutions to Saudi brand no longer appeals even to scholastic Wahhœbøs,
Muslim societies. to wit the desire of the “new” royals to rebrand themselves
ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other NATO-facilitated groups in the mold of modernism and a more “moderate” form of
with the Umayyad takførø mindset have failed to run a state Islam that is approved by the secular establishments and
and manage a society in Afghanistan, when the Taliban governments in Europe, the United States, and Israel.
were in power, in Chechnya between 1996–1999, parts of Observation of online activities of Wahhœbø “scholars” and
Nigeria, Somalia, and more recently in Libya and in some organizations reveals that the ones possessing “legitimacy”
parts of Syria and Iraq. are those who at least partially distance themselves from
NATO regimes hoped that the failure of the Saudi tied the Saudi monarchy, and the ones who are not, simply view
“Islamic” movements would discourage Muslims from pur- them as cash cows.
suing an Islamic socio-political model for Muslim societies. In addition to the above, the presidency of the irascible
Of course the opposite has happened. Muslim masses and short-tempered Donald Trump created the first strate-
became more motivated in seeking an alternative to the gic divide between Washington and European powers,
NATO propped “Islamists.” which provides an opportunity to further isolate the US
Detractors of the positions presented above will be and thus limit its destructive impact.
quick to point at insecurity and economic hardships created The Islamic Awakening movement created short-term
after the 2011 events. There is no denial that post-2011 difficulties, but if properly utilized, these short-term hard-
events caused a great deal of misfortune, but these are short- ships can be utilized as long-term opportunities. g


metis civilization, from p. 7 “We the Onkwehonwe of Kanonhstaton are
still standing strong,” said Ronda Martin, in
front of the blockade decorated with Hau-
from them, the national publicity they generated, creating the condi- denosaunee and Mohawk Warrior flags, built of
tions that pushed the federal and provincial governments into action to what appeared to be part of a decommissioned
solve the dispute. Call it the elected council natives playing the good electrical tower. “We ask again for the public’s
cop to the traditionalist bad cop. patience as we work on some very complicated
In May 2006, natives occupied Douglas Creek Estates and 21 were issues.” In a YouTube video uploaded by Turtle
arrested, prompting several hundred natives, some of whom were Island News on August 17, Doreen Silversmith
masked and were armed with baseball bats, axes, and hockey sticks, to listed off three demands of Six Nations people
return to the site. The police retreated and the natives reclaimed the at the barricade. They include that the province
site and set up roadblocks along the access street. During the evening, and the Canadian government return to the
the protesters put hundreds of tires across the highway, doused them negotiation table with the Confederacy, that
with gasoline, and lit them. Ontario honour its promise to really return the
“As the world has seen, our protest has been firm but peaceful. Our land, and that Six Nations elected band council
people are responding without weapons, using only their bodies to withdraw its injunction against Hill. This latest
assert that we are a sovereign people with a long history and that we blockade ended peacefully in early September,
cannot be intimidated,” said Six Nations Confederacy Chief Allen but after the court ruling upholding the evic-
McNaughton. When the community’s chiefs asked people to abandon tion, the matter remains unsettled.
the barricades, it was the clan mothers who overruled them, leading a The current stand-off is over who has
cultural reawakening in their traditionally matriarchal community. authority over these lands reverting to native
Local non-natives were furious and in June more than 400 area res- control — the traditionals or the Elected
idents and businesses filed a class-action suit against the Ontario Council. The traditionals are more interested
provincial government for its failure to protect them adequately. This in agricultural and woodlands use, the Elected
was settled in July 2011, with the government paying the non-natives Council want to use it for housing. The Elect-
$20 million and prosecuting several demonstrators. ed Council is cooperating with the Ontario and
In 2007, another development site within six miles of the Grand federal governments by accepting the corpora-
River in nearby Brantford was blocked off by protesters. On September tion fig leaf for the development of the lands,
13, Sam Gualtieri, a builder, was attacked in a confrontation with but claims to be resisting the government and
occupiers at the 90-home Stirling Woods development and seriously striving for the same goals as the traditionals.
injured. Mohawk native Richard Smoke was convicted of assault for The confederacy is refusing to acknowl-
resisting Gualtieri when he tried to force Smoke and several others to edge the Ontario government corporation,
leave his daughter’s house, which he was helping build as a wedding which would still leave Canadian officials in
present. Smoke later apologized to Gualtieri in court. control through the elected council. Ontario
The 2006 government promise read, “It is the intention that the Premier Kathleen Wynne threw the gauntlet,
land title be returned to its original state, its status under the playing games with the band, in an attempt to
Haldimand Proclamation.” The historic road-block stand-off over undermine the authority of the HCCC, by uti-
Caledonia and the Burtch Lands ended in 2010 with the province lizing the factions the government has created
promising to hand it back to the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, but to get what they want: the complete and total
instead putting it in a federal corporation, with a Six Nations Elected assimilation of the Six Nations.
Council member on the board. There are 28 land claims by Six Nations,
which have been on the books since the 1990s
Elected Council vs. Confederacy when litigation against the federal government
The stand-off in Caledonia continues, pitting the SNEBC against the was filed. This, as well as other court chal-
traditional Confederacy. In 2010, the SNEBC rescinded a motion that lenges made through the Elected Council since
recognized the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council as the leader for then, have all stalled without ever being heard
the Douglas Creek Estates site in Caledonia. “The Confederacy nego- and without the SNEBC being able to achieve
tiating team has been there for four years with limited success,” said any headway.
SNEBC rep Chief William Montour. At the same time, Mohawk There is hope, as other bands have been
farmer Kristine Hill, who had been farming a section of the nearby moving forward toward real governing autono-
Burtch Lands (formerly seized by the Ontario government and used as my (Yukon, Nisga’a), having healed the inter-
a prison) under authorization of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, was nal divisions created by the 1924 government
evicted after an injunction was filed against her by the government on reorganization of native governance. Islamic
behalf of the SNEBC, the elected council. A decision on this case, principles of governance can help here. This is
along with a contempt of court charge, was delivered in an Ontario the subject of Part 3 of this series: Prospects
court in September 2017. for Metis civilization. g

Special Reports 33

European Enlightenment is no stranger to extended flirtations with Islam
By Dr. Kevin Barrett

Islam and the English Enlighten- out of an appropriation of Islamic civ-

ment 1670–1840 by Humberto Gar- ilization. Since then, the West has
cia; Pub: Johns Hopkins University adapted and developed what it bor-
Press, Baltimore, Maryland, 2012, 368 rowed, just as the Islamic world has
pages. Price: $49.49 Hbk; $50.81 adapted and developed what it had
Amazon Kindle. itself inherited from ancient sources.
But few realize that Islamic influences
he story of How Islam Creat-

on Western culture have continued
ed the Modern World, as Mark beyond the Western Medieval and
Graham’s 2006 title puts it, Renaissance periods. One little
is fairly well known. Even Eurocen- known area of influence is Islam’s
tric scholars admit that most of the contribution to the English Enlight-
“advances” credited to Western civi- enment — the subject of an excellent
lization have Islamic roots. Graham 2012 study by Vanderbilt University
shows how the standard Western nar- professor Humberto Garcia. Thanks
rative of Islamic custodianship of the culture, science, and to Garcia’s book, I was surprised to learn that some of my
philosophy of the ancient world during Europe’s Dark Ages Unitarian ancestors were practically crypto-Muslims, and
misses the way the Islamic world adapted and creatively that their Islam-inspired radical agitations were a major
developed its ancient inheritance. The European Renais- force driving the Enlightenment.
sance was therefore less of a rediscovery of ancient Greco- Growing up in a Midwestern family of lapsed Unitari-
Roman civilization than an adaptation of contemporary ans (we visited the famous Frank Lloyd Wright church in
Islamic civilization. Madison, Wisconsin only occasionally) I was never taught
But Europeans were and still are loathe to admit this. what Unitarianism was or where it came from. As best I
Europe’s identity was largely founded on a rejection of could discern, Unitarianism means spending one or two
Islam, as reflected in the epic tales of Charlemagne, Roland, Sundays a year in a uniquely beautiful church, singing
and El Cid, and in the theological fulminations of popes, Kumbaya, and preaching tolerance and diversity with bare-
prelates, and even poets (Dante Alighieri, the all-time ly a mention of God.
greatest Christian poet, was a brilliant plagiarist who bor-
rowed most of his material from Ibn ‘Arabø and the Islamic hough today’s Unitarians are a harmless and some-
Isrœ’ and Mi‘rœj literature — yet remained fundamentally
hostile to Islam).
Despite such hostility, the European Renaissance grew
T what ineffectual lot, supremely in tune with the
dominant zeitgeist of “secular humanism on
steroids,” the founders of Unitarianism were dangerous rad-


tioningly accept the oppressive hierarchies under which
they lived.
Unitarian ideas were so dangerous that they had to be
left unpublished, softened, or disguised for public consump-
tion, lest the person expressing the ideas find himself
imprisoned or worse. Henry Stubbe’s pro-Islamic The Rise
and Progress of Mahometanism, for example, was written
circa 1671 and privately circulated thereafter. But it
remained unpublishable until 1911, more than three cen-
turies later (anyone publishing it would have been risking
his neck). Stubbe praised Islam’s policy of tolerating and
protecting religious diversity, favorably contrasting it with
the repressive practices of Christendom in general and Eng-
land in particular.
Stubbe’s dangerous ideas influenced several generations
of English Unitarians as well as allied freethinkers, radicals,
and social reformers of various stripes. In this English
Enlightenment tradition, Garcia writes,

Islam is the ally of the radical Enlightenment, an

underground international movement that defined
its theological and political heterodoxy through bor-
rowed legends, stories, and motifs associated with var-
ious prophetic strains of near eastern monotheism.

The Tory defenders of the status quo attacked English

Enlightenment figures as “Protestant Mohametans.” In lan-
guage that sounds eerily like the Islamophobia of today’s
right-wing lunatic fringe, Tory pamphleteers imagined a
vast international conspiracy of pro-Enlightenment Unitar-
ian protestants working with Muslims from the Ottoman
lands and Morocco with the common aim of overthrowing
Christian civilization in general and the British monarchy
with its state church in particular.
icals who challenged the power structure of their day and
s Garcia shows, these fears, while grossly exaggerat-

the belief system on which it was based. The three central
tenets of Unitarianism amounted to a harsh dismissal of the ed, were not entirely groundless. Stubbe’s work
central irrational elements of Christianity. First, Unitarians reached an audience of English followers of the
insisted on the unity of God (what Muslims call taw˙ød) and Hungarian Count Teckely, who led a Protestant Republican
therefore rejected the Holy Trinity. Second, they rejected rebellion against the Austro-Hungarian Habsburg Empire,
the doctrine of Original Sin — the perverse idea that a per- allying with the Ottomans and fighting alongside them in
fect God would create a totally flawed, “fallen” world, and the ill-fated Battle of Vienna in 1683. Garcia writes of
that human beings were the most horrifically flawed part of
creation. Third, they emphasized the importance of using English Teckelites, or radical dissenters who ground-
human reason in understanding scripture. In all three of ed a reformist agenda on constitutional principles
these doctrines, the founding Unitarians were essentially that required a heretical rereading of the Islamic
rediscovering truths that had been clearly stated in the prophetic tradition. Stubbe promoted such an agen-
Qur’an more than 1,000 years earlier. da during the same period that the Hungarian “mal-
Garcia shows how these radical (and radically rational) contents” were forming an alliance with the
ideas challenged the superstitions on which the European Ottoman Porte. The Rise and Progress of
church-state power structure was built. From the divine Mahometanism makes three controversial claims:
right of kings to the trinity to the crucifixion as redemption first, that Islam revived Arian Christianity, an anti-
from original sin, obscurantism and mystification were at clerical messianic Judaism that upheld Christ as a
the heart of the power process that forced people to unques- prophet and, as a result, was marginalized by the per-

Book Review 35
secution of corrupt Trinitarian churches. Second, Garcia’s account suggests that the real source of 17th
that Christianity’s decline and Islam’s rise is a legiti- and 18th century Islamophobia was a sort of unconscious
mate response to the combined influence of Trini- ideological inferiority complex. Stubbe’s critique of Con-
tarianism and the clergy, political theologies that stantinian Christianity, the Nicene Council, and Trinitari-
promote despotic monarchies. And third, that anism was difficult to refute, so his opponents resorted to ad
Mahometanism is a natural faith worthy of admira- hominem attacks.
tion. The Prophet’s civic laws have accomplished in Stubbe’s influence sparked what Garcia calls “Islamic
less than a century what Trinitarian Christians could republicanism” — radical egalitarian opposition to the
not in over a millennium: his laws have anchored a British crown, the power hierarchy atop which it sat, and
state-sponsored (rather than ecclesiastical) tolera- the state church it had created to serve its own interests.
tion policy for all religious minorities on a solid con- These institutions ran on mystification whose ubiquitous
stitutional foundation that originated with Noah’s injunction was to just believe and obey, don’t ever question
covenant as prophetically renewed by Abraham, or critique. And the supreme example of mystification in
Moses, and Christ. Like Teckely, Stubbe treats service to tyranny was the Trinity.
Islamic toleration as the antidote to the religious This underground Islamic republican movement res-
and political contentions that have plagued Europe onated throughout the 18th and early-19th centuries, ally-
and England since the Protestant Reformation. ing itself with other Enlightenment currents that culmi-
nated in the French Revolution. Naturally the Islamic
The Tory propagandists had good reason to fear that Stubbe Republican affinity for the French revolutionaries, and
and his school might consider allying with Muslim polities later its flirtation with a self-proclaimed Mahdi named
against the British crown, Napoleon “Ali” Bonaparte, made the movement seem even
more terrifyingly subversive to the guardians of the British
Stubbe has no qualms about justifying Islam’s rise to establishment.
geopolitical domination, because the true opponents
to the Christian faith are the Trinitarians, “enemies efore reading Islam and the English Enlightenment I
to all human learning”: St. Athanasius, for his false
teachings about the “son of God,” and Emperor
Constantine, for rigging the Nicene Council elec-
B had no idea that Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s famous
poem Kublai Khan, which I encountered in English
literature seminars, is a disguised disavowal of the great
tions in favor of the Trinitarian heresy. Stubbe Romantic poet’s earlier flirtation with pro-Bonaparte
argues that Islam was spread not by the sword but by Islamic republicanism! The “stately pleasure dome” of the
the word. poem, Garcia explains, represents the utopian Napoleonic
Islamic republican dream that Coleridge and Robert
Southey had fallen for in their youth, but grew disillu-
sioned with in later years.
Like Coleridge and Southey, two other leading British
Romantics, Percy and Mary Shelley, went through a phase
Imam al-‘Œßø’s unique of equating their radical utopian ideas with Islamic republi-
canism — in their case what Garcia calls “‘Gnostic’ Shi‘ite
khu†ba∆s now online Islam.” Like Coleridge, Percy Shelley disavowed this phase
of his intellectual journey in a poem that has become a
Every week for the last 34 years, Imam canonical classic. In Garcia’s reading, Shelley’s The Revolt of
Mu˙ammad al-Œßø has led Jumu‘a∆ Íalœ∆ Islam announces Shelley’s own revolt against his youthful
outside of Washington’s Islamic Center, Islamic republicanism. Mary Shelley, however, took a differ-
in protest at its subservience to despotic, ent path: Garcia reads her novel The Last Man as critical of
pro-Western, and anti-Islamic Muslim her husband’s turning against Islamic republicanism and
governments. Now his passionate and Islam in general.
insightful khu†ba∆s can be accessed online: Garcia’s book is worth reading not only as a fascinating
slice of hidden history, but also as a meditation on the past with suggestive implications for the present. Today, as the
Islamic Republic of Iran comes into the crosshairs of a deca- dent and desperate Zionist-led West, it is instructive to
learn that the specter of Islamic Republicanism as a civiliza-
tional alternative has been terrorizing Western tyrants for
more than three centuries. g


I S L A M – F U N D A M E N T A L S

man’s bond with God is

the engine of history
Tafsør of S¥ra∆ al-Nisœ’, the fourth s¥ra∆ of the Qur’an
By Imam Mu˙ammad Ó. al-‘Œßø

his central task in history of Say, “Verily, no one could ever

T reformulating society accord-

ing to Allah’s commands
demands the energy of the central stir-
protect me from Allah, nor
could I ever find a place to hide
from Him, if I should fail to con-
ring in man, “Verily, the hours of vey [to the world whatever illu-
night impress the mind most strongly mination comes] from Allah and
and speak with the clearest voice” His messages” (72:22).
(73:6). The night is the time for psy-
chological fortification and motiva- The combination and the syn-
tional invigoration, while the day is chronization of self and society is still
for operational achievements and an issue that only a few outstanding
practical progress, “…whereas by day and involved Muslims have been able
a long chain of doings is your por- to grasp. A paralyzing dichotomy of
tion” (73:7). The struggle is recipro- Muslims has on one hand the “Sufis,”
cal and reinforcing, as night and day who are consumed in a self without a
go together, with the objective being to drive the human will society, while on the other the “dœ‘øs,” who are consumed in
into its natural state of congruence with the divine will, a society without a self. This discrepancy has left a field of
“But [whether by night or by day], be conscious of your mischief wide open for satanic forces to play off these two
Sustainer’s name, and devote yourself to Him with unqual- contradictory and often mutually exclusive positions. If
ified devotion” (73:8). only these two sides could see their own mutual need of
Unlike the behavior of today’s spiritual Muslims who each other and their combined need of Allah (Â), the
want to polish their souls in the “seclusion” of prayer, not Muslim domain as we know it, and the larger world in gen-
wanting to be sullied with the tarnish of the people or soci- eral, would be considerably different,
ety they belong to, the improvement of self in this
Qur’anic/Muhammadi model was always on par with and He [alone] knows that which is beyond the reach
equivalent to the improvement of society. When of a created being’s perception, and to none does He
Muhammad (r) was ordered to stay up during the night he disclose anything of the mysteries of His own
was aware of his time-sensitive, society-changing, and unfathomable knowledge, unless it be to an apostle
trans-subjective role. The struggle against the deviations whom He has been pleased to elect [therefor]: and
inside a person is the same as the struggle against the devi- then He sends forth [the forces of heaven] to watch
ations inside this same person’s society at large, sponta- over him in whatever lies open before him and in
neously and simultaneously, what is beyond his range of perception — so as to

Islam – Fundamentals 37
make manifest that it is indeed [but] their At first blush, this may sound easy — if it is all taken out
Sustainer’s messages that these [apostles] deliver; of context. But in the context of the real world to which
for it is He who encompasses [with His knowledge] this message was repeatedly presented, it is well known that
all they have [to say], just as He takes count, one these prophets in transmitting thoughts and feelings, ideas
by one, of everything [that exists] (72:26–28). and solutions, and rules and laws had to dispel negative
images and deliberate misinformation produced and publi-
Unlike the attitudes of today’s reformers, redeemers, and cized by their opponents. These men of God were accused
revolutionaries, who are looking for a “quick fix” with the of insanity and blasphemy. Not only did they have to
objective of establishing an “Islamic” analog to Western endure all this, they were required to fight back with the
civilization in terms of power and influence, the transfor- truth that comes with justice, and with justice that comes
mation of society is not achieved by a military coup d’état, with the truth. There were establishments, systems, and
nor by a social class of people coming to power, and certain- governments that were, for national security reasons, for
ly not by the trickle-down economic benefits that come economic purposes, and for status quo expediencies at
from the freewheeling of a free market. The much needed lethal odds with God’s men of scripture — His Prophets and
transformation of society in today’s world comes from and Messengers (Å).
with the transformation of man’s relationship with Allah Then came Allah’s final prophet, Muhammad (r), who
(Â). That relationship has to be adjusted, corrected, and demonstrated to everyone that a deviant society — even a
perfected. This is the relationship that is at the core of primitive one as existed in Arabia during his generation —
human development and the one that amounts to the will never countenance or tolerate a human attempt to dis-
engine of human history. mantle its own social, economic, and military structure. If
the difference between an Islamic theory or ideal and what-
ometimes ordinary people get caught up in the heat ever happens to be opposing it is strictly abstract and intel-

S of the moment, allowing themselves to be convinced

by erroneous arguments made by “experts.” They
tend to believe that empires and imperial power set the
lectual, then why cannot the opponents of Islam relinquish
their grip on power and use their persuasive powers to
rationalize their own theories? Why is it so hard for them to
stage for humanity and are in control of events. Even as let the Islamic and non-Islamic theories clash in an open
they are interacting with the Qur’an, they forget it is their public forum where neither has a base of institutional power
well-disposed and gracious relationship with Allah (Â) behind it and then let the best theory win? But that did not
that raises their lives (the life of self as well as the life of happen and it will never happen; and the committed
society) and it is their impolite and ill-mannered relation- Muslims need to be cognizant of this reality. The way
ship with Allah that profanes their lives (the life of self as counter-Muslims behave is that they will use any power at
well as the life of society). Allah’s communication to man is their disposal, usually illegitimate, to hold out and refuse
the crux; after that, it is man’s social and cumulative reac- the Islamic appeal to the average man and to the larger
tion to it that counts. With this understanding in mind, it population. When that “ram it down your throat” approach
becomes a matter of great urgency and a matter of life and becomes a “social law” it is not the Muslims’ choice to
death to make Allah’s words and meanings accessible to all throw in the towel and make believe they can change soci-
human beings, all human societies, and all intelligent ety by words alone. If they learned anything from Allah’s
beings, the jinn included. final Prophet (r), it should be that it takes power to diffuse
In times preceding the contemporary world, Allah’s power, and that it takes the power of truth to diffuse the
Prophets (Å) spread the word and publicized the gospel. In power of falsehood. In this manner, “…there will be no
so doing they did what was expected of them, they lived up fitna∆, and the døn will be Allah’s” (8:39). g
to their duties, and they discharged their responsibilities.
When they returned back to their Sustainer they did so
knowing they gave it their all. As if this has not been under-
scored enough already, these prophets and apostles did not
restrict their communication of Allah’s message to theories
and hypotheticals; they, in addition to the words of truth
they expressed, were busy trying to consolidate the truth in
a social behavior that meets Allah’s standards and that
secures His will in man’s interactions, relationships, and
social development. In other words, they wanted Allah’s
(Â) message to be the norm, the standard, the model, and
the pattern of human behavior and social conduct. Doing
this became their signature jihad.


this disease with them. This is espe-
cially true of some white converts.
They jet-set to conferences insisting
on traveling in business class, staying
in five-star hotels and walk around
with an entourage of admirers.
Such conduct is contrary to the
teachings of Islam and the Sunnah of

letters our beloved Messenger (r). He was a

modicum of modesty who easily
mixed with the people around him.
He asked for no special privileges.
This was evident from his participa-
tion in the construction of al-Masjid
al-Nabawø as well as digging the
trench prior to the Battle of al-A˙zœb.
We pray that these celebrity preach-
ers would come down to earth and
begin to live the true Islam as demon-
vating friendship with our Jewish and strated by the noble Messenger (r).
More “moderate” BS? Ali Mukhtar
Christian cousins,” said BS, according
to a report carried by the Saudi Press Denver, CO, US
Following Saudi crown prince
Mu˙ammad bin Salmœn’s announce- Agency. Meanwhile the Kingdom
ment that the medieval kingdom will vigorously pursue the wicked Ira-
would henceforth follow “moderate” nians, Hizbullah, and Houthis Negative influences
Islam, a number of other policies because they are all Shias!
Tariq Akhtar Our surroundings influence our
have come to light. The new policy
Los Angeles, CA, US thinking and shape our conduct.
of moderation will have the following
That is why it is said, one is known by
features. At the time of Hanukah, a
the company he keeps. Muslims liv-
huge menorah will be installed atop
Kashmiris’ plight ing in the West cannot remain
the clock tower in Makkah that
immune from its negative influences.
dwarfs the Ka‘ba∆. The menorah will
There is a long list of places where For Muslim parents to impart proper
be encased in glass to protect the can-
Muslims are suffering. Whether in education to their children, they
dles from being blown out. That
Palestine or yemen, the Rohingya or themselves must live and exhibit cor-
would be sacrilegious, something the
the Kashmiris, the list is endless. It is, rect values.
“moderate” kingdom would not want.
however, troubling to note that some Shehnaz Bukhari
Then leading up to Christmas, a
Muslims’ plight is ignored. The Kash- Chicago, IL, US
huge cross will be mounted atop the
same tower in Makkah. BS, dressed as miris fall into this category. Apart
Santa Claus (he has the girth and from Pakistan, few other countries or
would not even need to put a pillow Muslims in other parts of the world Letters to
around his waist), would hand out pay much attention to their plight. the Editor
Christmas gifts to pilgrims coming for This must change. The long-suffering Letters for publication should be
‘Umra∆. Each pilgrim will get a deluxe Kashmiris deserve no less. concise, appropriate to the subject
Ibrar Butt of the paper, and clearly marked
edition of the King James Bible print-
“for publication.” The writer’s name,
ed at the King Fahd Printing Complex Montreal, PQ, Canada address, and telephone number must
in Madinah, together with a silver be given. Letters may be edited or
cross on a chain. Pilgrims will be abridged to fit. Send to:
required to wear the cross around their “Celebrity” shaykhs! Crescent International
necks during †awœf. The chief mufti of P.O. Box 747, Gormley, ON,
Saudi Arabia has issued a fatwa saying Western culture tends to produce L0H 1G0, Canada
this is permissible in Islam! narcissists and exhibitionists. Unfor- email:
“These steps are aimed at culti- tunately some converts to Islam bring

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