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10/1/2018 How I order card?

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rashidaz Posts: 1 Member ✭

December 2017 in Getting Started

I want to get Payoneer card but I can't do this. I have to click on

"Order Card" but I can't see that location on my screen.
Please help me in this situation.

Adam_Payoneer Posts: 1,106 Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
All Categories 12.1K
December 2017 edited December 2017

Hi @rashidaz, Getting Started 3.4K

Apart from India who can only withdraw funds to their local banks, all Read Before 288

other supported countries that apply through Payoneer have the option Posting
to apply for the Payoneer prepaid card in order to be able to gain
Meet and Greet 2.9K
immediate access to your online payments.
O cial Support 11.3K
Before being able to either withdraw the funds to their bank or order the Community
re-loadable prepaid cards, you will need to begin receiving your online
payments to your Payoneer account. Once your funds has su cient Popular Questions 535
and Tips
balance, you will be able to access the funds in the method of your
choosing. Ask The 10.5K
How do I order the USD prepaid card?

From the drop-down menu at the top of the account login page select the I'd love Payoneer 370
to work with...
card balance for the currency card you wish to receive and click on "Order 1/3
10/1/2018 How I order card? — Payoneer Community

Card". After entering your shipping address and con rming your account News and 117
details, your card order will be processed and you will receive a Announcements
con rmation email for the order.
Payoneer Mobile 109
If the option does not immediately appear, please note that you will need App
to receive at least $30 in total payments before the option to order the
Industry 403
card will appear.
How do I order the Euro or GBP card?
Freelancers 208
Before following the steps above, you need to be active in receiving
payments before hand. A liates 118

Whether you are ordering the Euro or pound card, you need to receive at E commerce and 76
least 50 EUR or GBP to be able to order the card in the desired currency. Online Selling

Why do I need to receive payments rst? Do I have to pay a fee for Local Communities 805
ordering the card?
Payoneer in India 136
Receiving payments is only a requirement to show that you are a
freelancer, seller or other form of service provider who plans to receive Payoneer in 314

payments through Payoneer. Bangladesh

Ordering or activating the cards we issue is done at no cost. Payoneer in 332

I received the required payment amount but I still cannot order the
card Payoneer 17
Mobilizers- Events and
If you were paid by another Payoneer user or your payments came from Meetups
an online ewallet, please know that these payments will not count
Find a Meetup or 14
towards the ability for ordering the card.
Event Near You
Individual clients payments that go through the Billing Service or
company payments that come through the Global Payment Service or
directly from a partner Payoneer works with will be considered eligible
payments for the card.

Have additional questions? Go to our FAQ page to learn more. If you My Payoneer card
comprimised and
didn't nd an answer to your question, don't be shy! Leave a comment
below the thread with your question.
6:13PM Tomas2017

My Payoneer card
comprimised and
Happy and willing to answer general questions.
For any inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact 4:49PM Tomas2017
Payoneer's Customer Care Support Center.
How can i get my
payoneer security
Sign In or Register to comment. question answer?
3:09PM jbarros

I can't nd the
Country of customer 2/3
10/1/2018 How I order card? — Payoneer Community

in the Payer country

1:53PM Cristale_Payoneer


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