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Chapter 3 Early Education in Calamba and Binan

1. Who is the first teacher of Jose?

2. Education characterized by four R’s. What are they?
3. Who are the private tutors of Jose during his childhood?
4. When Jose left Calamba to Binan?
5. How many hours of trip from Calamba to Binan when riding a carromata during the time of
6. Who is the cousin of Jose was with him went sightseeing in the town of Binan?
7. Who is the first teacher of Jose in Binan and also the late teacher of Paciano?
8. What kind of school building where Jose attended in Binan?
9. What is the distance from his school to his Aunt’s house where he boarded?
10. Who is the son of their teacher who bullied him and was the first person who fight with him?
11. What is the name of his uncle who taught him in the art of wrestling?
12. Ho is his Tio who inspired Jose to develop his artistic ability? Tio Jose Alberto
13. Who is his Tio who encouraged him to develop his frail body by means of physical fitness?Tio
14. Who is his Tio who intensified his voracious reading of good books? Tio Gregorio
15. Who challenged him to an arm wrestling match?
16. Who is his teacher in the art and also the father in law of his teacher/
17. Who is his classmate in art and with him who became “the favorite painters of the class”?
18. Who informing him of the arrival of the steamer Talim which would take him from Binan to
19. When he left Binan to Calamba.
20. Who accompanied him to ride a steamer Talim and was a friend of his father?
21. When is the 200 Filipino soldiers rose in a violent mutiny?
22. What is the complete name of GOM-BUR-ZA?
23. When is the execution of the three priest the GUM-BUR-ZA?
24. When Dona Teodora suddenly arrested on a malicious charged?
25. Who forced Dona Teodora to walk from Calamba to Santa Cruz
26. What is the distance his mother forced to walk from Calamba to Binan?
27. Who are the persons who defended his mother and finally succeeded to be acquitted and
28. How many years was his mother was in prison?

Chapter IV Scholastic Triumphs at Ateneo de Manila

1. When Jose went to Manila to take entrance examinations on Christian Doctrine?

2. Who accompanied him to take an entrance examination?
3. Where they took the entrance examination?
4. Who is the college registrar of Ateneo Municipal refused to admit him for two reasons?
5. What is the two reasons why Jose cannot register to Ateneo de Municipal?
6. Who helped him to enter the Ateneo de Municipal?
7. What was the family name carried by Jose during that time?
8. Where Ateneo was located?
9. Where Jose boarded?
10. Who owned the boarding house?
11. How the Jesuits trained the character of their student?
12. What they usually heard early in the morning before the starts of their daily class?
13. The students were divided into two groups, what are they?
14. What are the ranking each of those empire?
15. It is the rank where a man who rules an empire?
16. It is a rank where an unofficial defender of the rights of the individual?
17. It is a rank where a member of a Roman senate?
18. It is a rank where an officer commanding a Roman?
19. It is a rank where a leader of an organization who carries a flag or banner?
20. It is a group where it is composed of externos (non-boarders) with blue banners?
21. It is a group of student where consisting of internos (boarders) with red banner?
22. What Ateneo uniform consisted of?
23. What was the name of the coat?
24. Who is the first professor of Jose in the Ateneo?
25. What was the place of Jose as a new comer?
26. What was the brightest pupil award of Jose during the end of the class?
27. Where Jose took private lessons during noon recess to improve his Spanish language?
28. What was the place of Jose at the end of the year as a student?
29. On summer vacation who brought him to Tanawan?
30. After the summer vacation, when Jose went to Manila during his second year where did he
31. Who was the name of his landlady when he is in second year level?
32. What was the first favorite novel of Jose?
33. What was Jose also read?
34. What was the only one medal won by Jose at the end of his third year?
35. When Jose became an interno of the Ateneo?
36. Who is his professor who inspired him to study harder and write poetry?
37. How Jose described his best professors in Ateneo?
38. When Jose graduated at the Ateneo Municipal?
39. What Jose received from his Alma Mater?
40. What was he prayed early in the morning on the day of his graduation?
41. Where was the extra- curricular of Jose where he became an active member and later
secretary in a religious society?
42. Jose also became a member of the academy of literature and sciences society, what is that?
43. Who is his teacher when he studied painting?
44. Who is his teacher when he studied sculpture?
45. He continued his physical training under his sports minded Tiyo, who is that?
46. What was the image he carved that Jesuits fathers were amazed?
47. What was the tools and equipment he used to carved that image?
48. What was the other image he carved?
49. Who requested to carve that image?
50. Who related an incident of Jose’s schooldays in the Ateneo which reveals hero’s resignation to
pain and forgiveness?
51. Who is the two Ateneans quarreled and violently hurled books at each other?
52. Who has an anecdote on Jose illustrates his predilection to help the helpless at the risk of his
own life?
53. Who is the boy crying because his kite was caught by the vines growing on the belfry of the
Manila cathedral and helped by Jose to get it?
54. What was the first poem written by Jose?
55. This poem of Jose congratulated his brother in law the husband of his sister Narcisa on Saints
56. This poem is a hymn inspired by historical voyages of the Portuguese Maritime explorer
Ferdinand Magellan.
57. When he written the poem about the voyages of Portuguese Maritime explorer Ferdinand
58. This poem is about Juan Sebastian Elcano, a Spanish Basque Ferdinand Magellan’s second
in command who took over and completed the first circumnavigation of the world.
59. This poem he described how combative and strong the Spanish forces were with 100 ships
and how great Urbiztondo was because he defeated the Moros under Sultan Muhamat of Julu.
60. What are the various topic of poem written by Jose?
61. This poem written by Jose in honor to Calamba, the hero’s natal town.
62. In this poem he expressed his love of God as the foundation of excellent education that man
can only attain his totality with God’s teaching.
63. In this poem Jose indicates how he values education.
64. This poem described the defeats and capture of Boabdil, the last Moorish Sultan of Granada.
65. This poem relates the victorious entry of the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel into Granada,
last Moorish stronghold in Spain.
66. This poem praises Columbus, the discovery of America.
67. This poem relates how King John II of Portugal missed fame and riches by his failure to
finance the project expedition of Columbus to the New World.
68. This poem in verse the tragic life of Columbus.
69. The last poem written by Jose in Ateneo, it is a poignant poem of farewell to his classmates.
70. This poem expressed his devotion to his Catholic faith in melodious poetry.
71. This poem is to praise the Virgin Mary.
72. This poem based on the prose story of Saint Eustace the Martyr.

Medical Studies at the Universities of Santo Tomas

1. Who wanted Jose to pursue higher learning in the University of Santo Tomas?
2. On what month and year Jose enter in the UST?
3. What aged of Jose when he entered at the UST?
4. What are the two course Jose took up in the UST?
5. What are the two reasons why he took up those courses?
6. Where Jose wrote a letters for the advised as to what career to take?
7. Aside from Philosophy and Letters, what other courses did Jose studied in the UST?
8. What is another reason why Jose chose medicine for a career?
9. While Jose studying at the UST, he took up also the vocational course of Ateneo, what is that?
10. On what aged Jose passed the final examination in the surveying course?
11. When the tittle of surveying course issued to him?
12. While he continued to participate actively in the Ateneo’s extra-curricular activities, what is his
position in the Academy of Spanish Literature and in the Academy of Natural Sciences?
13. Who is the woman that Jose’s second romance?
14. How Jose described Miss L.?
15. What are the two reasons for the change of heart of Jose to Miss L.?
16. Who is the third romance of Jose?
17. During the time when Jose met his third romance where did he boarded?
18. Who is the parents of Leonor Valenzeula?
19. What is the pet name of Leonor Valenzuela?
20. What Jose always sent to ORANG?
21. Who is the fourth romance o Jose?
22. At the start of the junior year of Jose at the UST, where did he boarded?
23. Who is his landlord-uncle?
24. On what college did Leonor studied?
25. Where and when Leonor Rivera born?
26. What is the pet name of Leonor Rivera?
27. Who brutally slashed Jose with his sword?
28. Where he reported that incident?
29. What society who held literary contest?
30. What poem of Jose who won in that contest?
31. What aged of Jose when he wrote that poem?
32. The first prize consisted of, what are those?
33. In the second contest held by Artistic-Literary Lyceum what was the novel of Jose who won the
first prize?
34. What aged of Jose when he wrote that novel?
35. Who won the second prize?
36. What zarzuela of Jose he wrote as the President of ASL on the occasions of the annual
celebration of the Feats Day of the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of the Ateneo?
37. When he wrote that zarzuela?
38. What tittle of sonnet he wrote for the album of the Society of Sculpture?
39. What poem of Jose in honor for Ateneo’s Patroness?
40. When he wrote that poem?
41. What poem he wrote as an expressions of affection to Fr. Pablo Ramon?
42. Where Jose went for a pilgrimage?
43. Who accompanied Jose went to a pilgrimage?
44. They took a flat-bottom sailing vessel from Calamba to Pakil, Laguna, what is the name of that
sailing vessel?
45. Where they stayed?
46. They fascinated by the famous people dancing in the streets during the procession in honor of
the miraculous Birhen Maria de los Dolores, what is the name of that dance?
47. What is the name of a pretty girl colegiala who skillfully played the harp at the Regalado
48. What are the two reasons why Jose and his party made a side trip to the neighboring town of
49. Brown Filipinos are insulted by the Spanish and called them, what?
50. As the revenge of what student Spaniard called the Filipinos, they called the Spanish
51. What is the secret society of the Filipino students founded by Jose in the year 1880 at the
Universities of Santo Tomas?
52. Members of that society are called,what?
53. Who is the secretary of that society?
54. Where is the first fight of Jose with the society against their pale skin distractors?
55. Jose was unhappy in the University of Santo Tomas for 3 reason, what is that?
56. What are the Jose’s three excellent during his course in philosophy and letters?
57. What is his excellent grades during his first year as medical student?
58. Who are those people who knew about his decision about studying in Spain?

Chapter IV In Sunny Spain

1. What are the reasons why Jose wanted to finish his studies in Spain?
2. What is another reason why Jose wanted to go to Spain aside from his studies?
3. What is Jose secret mission?
4. Who are the persons who knew the secret departure of Jose to Spain?
5. Where Jose being recommended by Jesuits priest?
6. When Jose left the Philippines to Spain?
7. What steamer did Jose rode on trip to Singapore?
8. How many passengers rode in the steamer?
9. What kind of passenger with Jose during his trip to Singapore?
10. Who is the ship captain of the steamer?
11. When Jose saw a beautiful Island while the steamer approaching to Singapore?
12. When is the Salvadora docked at Singapore?
13. Where they checked inn?
14. How many days they stayed in that city?
15. When they are in the city what Jose saw?
16. What is the name of the ship did Jose rode in trip from Singapore to Colombo?
17. When this steamer left?
18. When and where the Djemnah stop?
19. Where the next destination of Djemnah is?
20. How many days took by Djemnah to traverse the Suez Canal?
21. Where Jose fascinated to hear the multi-racial inhabitants speaking a babel of thanks?
22. When they reach Naples?
23. Where the place is did Jose being fascinated in Naples?
24. When the steamer Djemnah dock at the Feach Harbor of Marseilles?
25. When Jose finally reached his destination to Barcelona?
26. How many days Jose stayed at Marseilles?
27. When Jose left Marseilles?
28. Where Jose being inspected for his passport to enter Spain?
29. What is the first article written by Jose in Spain?
30. Where he sent his first article in Spain?
31. What is Jose’s pen name in his article Amor Patrio or Love of Country?
32. What is his second article in Spain?
33. What is his third article in Spain?
34. When he wrote his third article?
35. When Paciano advise Jose to finish the medical course in Madrid?
36. When Jose studied the medical and philosophy and letters in Spain?
37. Where Jose studied the Medical and Philosophy and Letters course?
38. Where he studied painting and sculpture?
39. Where he practice fencing and shooting?
40. What is the name of the man he always visited in Saturday evening?
41. Where he send a lovely poem and the tittle of this poem?