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Nijith Swetha Wedding

The purpose of this document is to ensure a shared understanding of what is to transpire.

While all shall be done very prayerfully and in total dependence on God, every effort shall be
made to ensure that every aspect of the ceremony is meticulously planned.
Everyone involved shall therefore take special care to study the directions herein and fall in line
with the minutest detail. When each one does his or her small bit, the whole ceremony turns out
to be an orderly and beautiful service (act of worship) unto God.

1. Pastoral Team
 Bro. Mathew Cherian
 Bro. Babu M George
 Dr. Joy David
 ?
2. Wedding Ceremony coordinators
 Nitin Skariah @ 7510209610
 Jithu Sunny @
 Joel @
 Ashique James @
 Charms @
 Cibin Babu @
 Milesh @
 Febin @
 Jobin @
 Ashish @
3. Wedding Reception Moderators
 Abraham Samuel @
 Linsa @
 Alsa @
 Kshema @
 Nishy @
 Pooja @
4. Things to do – minimum 3 days before wedding
 Order food for Monday (26/12) Dinner – Daji/Nikhil
 Order food for Tuesday (27/12) Breakfast – Daji/Nikhil
 Hire chairs and tables, large tea/coffee containers for Chungam house – Daji/Nikhil
 Call Naushad catering; dining arrangements, head count, vegetarian arrangements, table
cloth color – Daji/Nikhil
 Call Photographer; number of photographers, check the requirement of zoom lens as they
are not allowed on stage, program/activity timing– Daji/Nikhil

Nijith:8129634708, Daji:9447270779, Nikhil: , Lovesy:

 Call Choir leader; 2 codeless mic (with new batteries), 1 wired mic, background instrumental
music in the beginning and at the end. – Namitha
The choir/music operators must ensure seamless transition from the beginning to the end.
There must be absolutely no gap from one item to the next – no tuning of the instruments
 Buy paper plate, glass, spoon, Bin liner etc. for serving food at Chungam house – Daji/Nikhil
 Music download and copy to a USB drive – Namitha
 Purchase Diesel Can, Diesel (40 lit) – Daji/Nikhil
 Order Cake – Daji
 Call mamen mappila; confirm water availability, security etc. – Daji/Nikhil
 Arrange Water
 Print Program Chart– Daji/Nikhil
 Arrange new Bible to hold – Daji/Nikhil
 Confirm any Pastor on stage from Swetha’s side?– Nijith
5. Things to do – previous day of wedding
 Cake Collection – Nikhil
 Buy juice & water with straw - Nikhil
 Buy milk and other necessary items
 Venue visit – Nikhil/Nitin/Jithu and all available
 Handover diesel cans & Ring Basket – Nikhil/Nitin/Jithu
 Confirm cleanliness of the wedding car – Daji/Nikhil
 Evening prayer & Dinner
6. Things to do – wedding day morning
 Venue Visit – Nikhil/Nitin/Jithu
Ring basket, cake table, tray for cake knife, cake knife, ribbon shooter, flower stand, welcome
board, initials behind the stage, “reserved seat”
 Handover cake, program chart, juice, tray, juice glass, USB stick with music –
 Handover of Nijith’s wedding ring to Kshema – Namitha
 Confirm car decoration is satisfactory – Namitha
 Confirm flower stand is ready: Namitha
 Breakfast starts at 8:00 am ? and finish by 10.00 am? – Ashique/charms/Joel
 Photography starts at 8:30 am – Nikhil/Namitha
(Nitin & Jithu will leave to the wedding hall in Santro at 10.00 am, one driver required for
Nitin’s car???, photo section for Nitin’s & Jithus family shall be done prior)
 Prayer Starts at 10:00 am – Nikhil/Namitha
 Lock the door – Namitha/Lousy
 Groom party leaves at 10:25 am – Ashique/charms/Joel
 People in wedding car: Driver: Nikhil, front seat: Nijith, Backseat: Daji, Lovesy and Namitha.
 Lock the house - ????

Nijith:8129634708, Daji:9447270779, Nikhil: , Lovesy:

 How the remaining people come to the hall (eg. maids and other helpers at home)???
7. Things to do – at the venue
 Confirm stage decoration is completed in all aspect – Nitin/Jithu
 Confirm choir is ready and sound is ok for the whole auditorium, 2 codeless mic and wired
mic are available and working – Nitin/Jithu
 Confirm catering arrangements is going good – Nitin/Jithu
 Confirm security is ready – Ashish & Milesh
 Collect program chart and keep in place – Febin & Jobin
8. Wedding Ceremony
 10:30: Program Card Distribution at the entrance - Febin & Jobin
Handover program chart to those who already in the Auditorium before 10:30.
 10:30: Direct people to seats – Cibin and Milesh
Only till program starts, after that Cibin to assist Pastors if needed. Milesh to direct people
from the entrance.
 10:45: mellow music begins in the auditorium. Sound systems are final checked
 10:45: Groom car arrives at the hall entrance – Photos shall be taken at this time
 10.50 Bride car arrives (they will be waiting outside and will only arrive after confirmation
from Nitin to Swetha’s driver @ ? )– Photos may be taken at this time.
 Bride and groom may be thirsty at this time. Make water available with straw- Nitin
 Collect Swetha’s wedding ring –Kshema
 Instruction to Swethas family - Nitin
 10:55: Pastoral team on stage - Jithu
 10:55: All guests except for people for bridal march shall be directed and seated in the
Auditorium – Nitin & Jithu
 10:58: Groom and immediate family member take position for the grand entrance
o Namitha & Nikhil
o Charms & Lovesy
o Daji and Nijith
 11:00 Confirmation will be passed from Nitin to Jithu when bridal march is ready to start. MC
and Choir will be notified by Jithu.
 Music ends and MC shall
o Announce that the wedding is going to begin soon
o Request all the guests to be seated, to remain in the spirit of prayer and put
their phones on silent mode.
o Announce the groom and bride will enter now.
 11:02 Bridal March Music will begin and immediately the Groom and his family will slowly
walk down the aisle.

Note: 10 seconds gap shall be ensured to cover photos and videos

 Seating arrangement in order of bridal march:

Nijith:8129634708, Daji:9447270779, Nikhil: , Lovesy:

Namitha Nikhil Charms Lovesy Daji Nijith Enter Here

Jithu shall make sure Namithas parents (with Andrew) sit behind Namitha.
 11:03 Bride and immediate family member take position for the grand entrance
o Sowmya & Rajith
o Shilpa & Sneha
o Rachel & Shilpa
o Alex & Swetha
Note: 10 seconds gap shall be ensured to cover photos and videos
 After a short gap (leaving enough space for photographers and videographers to operate) the
bride and family will slowly walk down the aisle.
 The groom and his family may turn around to watch the bride arrive
 Seating arrangement in order of bridal march:

Enter Here Swetha Alex Rachel Shilpa Sneha Sowmya Rajith

After the bride has arrived, the groom can be seated; so also the bride.

Final Seating:


… .. Nijith Aisle Swetha …. ….

 11:10: MC will start weeding ceremony with an opening prayer.

 Song # 2 for bride and groom to enter stage: After a little while, the groom and father slowly
walk up to the stage. Groom remains standing (facing the audience) at the seat designated to
 Only after the groom has reached his chair and the photographers are ready, the bride will
get up and be led to the stage by Alex holding her hand.
 Bride remains standing (facing the audience) at the seat designated to her. The bride is to
stand on the right-hand side of the groom.
 Brides father Alex may shake hands with the groom and his father.
 Both fathers may return to their seats; the bride and groom will keep standing for a while
until, MC signal them to be seated.
The two chairs in the front row, now vacated by the bride and groom must be filled with
some immediate family members (?? & ??) as this row will be repeatedly photographed
during the ceremony, and it will look odd if those two chairs are kept empty.


Nijith:8129634708, Daji:9447270779, Nikhil: , Lovesy:

Bride and Groom: Do not look grumpy. Keep a pleasant smile on all through the ceremony. During
the Bible reading, sermon and vows, an element of soberness is the appropriate facial expression.

During song # , the bride and groom will be asked to stand. They must leave the flower bouquet
and/or Bible on their chairs so that their hands are free - in a few minutes, with one hand they will
have to hold the microphone, while with the other hand they will be holding the other partners

When you speak, make sure that you hold the microphone very close to your lips.

Witness: Grooms side: Name: Charlie

Witness: Brides side: Name: ???
Witness: Church: Name: PJ Sunny

The reception will follow seamlessly after the marriage ceremony; MC will invite Abraham Samuel
(and his team) to come up on to the stage to lead the reception ceremony.

Following people may come to the back stage:

Noel, Charms, Kshema, Nishy, Pooja, Ashique, Linsa & Alsa

 Mellow music starts until Reception MC (Aby) instructs to stop

 Photographs with pastors may begin.

Carryout arrangement for reception –

 Setup of Cake stand and Cake: Charms & Joel

 Linsa ready with Bouquet
 Alsa ready with Bouquet
 Kshema ready with ring basket
 Nishy ready with tray with knife (for cake cutting)
 Pooja ready with tray with juice

When the whole team is ready, Jithu will signal Aby to start the reception ceremony. Aby may instruct
choir team to stop the music.

Reception ceremony begins.

Nijith:8129634708, Daji:9447270779, Nikhil: , Lovesy: