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Letter of Recommendation

Clive has approached me for a Recommendation Letter. I am an Associate Professor in

the Electronics Department and have taught him ‘IC Technology’ in semester VII,
‘Computer Organisation’ in semester VI and ‘Microcontrollers and Applications’ in
semester V. Clive’s academic record has been excellent and in comparison to other
students in the same field, I can safely say that he is exceptional.

Besides a subject teacher, I am also his project guide in his final year of BE. The project
‘Handwriting Imitation Robot’ that his team wishes to realize, really pushes them from
just having the superficial knowledge of Neural Networks and Image Processing to
putting these fundamental concepts to work in various Deep Learning methodologies.
Similarly, during his third year of undergraduate study, he has taken part in various
project making competitions and has won numerous laurels for the same.

He is focused, result-oriented and self-motivated individual having high degree of

perseverance towards his goals. He has displayed a fine ability to analyze problems
and find innovative solutions to them through dedicated effort and concentration. He is a
diligent student having the fervor to learn and grasp easily the concepts of varying
complexity. He is receptive to suggestions and tries to fulfill any responsibility he
undertakes. He also has very good organizational abilities and displays an excellent
blend of team skills and leadership capabilities. Clarity of thought and Drive to achieve
are a few traits that are very prominently found in all the work that he does.

In addition to his coursework, he also dedicated some of his time volunteering at many
events of the College festival. I am also the student’s counsellor at VESIT and closely
observed him during the college activities. He has worked in IEEE chapter at college for
two years as Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer in third and fourth year. He
was working as an operations head in 2nd year for sponsorship committee for college
technical festival. He has the ability to manage and organize his time and schedule
around different activities without having them interfere with his studies.

Based on my association with him, I am glad that he is aspiring to continue his studies
and I totally support his endeavors. I wish him all the very best.

Mr. Abhay Kshirsagar

Associate Professor
Electronics Engineering Department
Vivekanand Educational Society's Institute of Technology.