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1 Read the sentences. Write S if they have the same 4 Write comparative sentences. Use the words in
meaning and D if the meaning is different. brackets.
0 Sweden is colder than Italy. / Italy isn’t as hot as 0 Tom is learning Spanish slowly. (His sister / fast)
Sweden. S
His sister is learning Spanish faster than him.
1 American food isn’t as expensive as French food. /
French food is more expensive than American food. 1 You drive dangerously. (I / safe)

2 My English isn’t as good as yours. / My English is 2 Kate arrived late at school. (Pete / early)
better than yours.
3 I’m not as clever as you. / You are more intelligent 3 Charles can dance very badly. (His brother / well)
than me.
4 My son is younger than yours. / My son isn’t as old 4 You talk to your parents very rudely. (I / polite)
as yours.
5 Cats are more independent than dogs. / Dogs aren’t 5 Lea was calm. (Sue / angry)
as independent as cats.
5 10
2 Rewrite the sentences so that they have the same 5 Complete the sentences. Use the comparative
meaning. adverb forms of the words in brackets.
0 Tom is a bad cook compared to you. (much)
0 My cat runs faster (fast) than yours.
You are a much better cook than Tom.
1 He plays the guitar than her. (bad)
1 Chips are more unhealthy than vegetables. (far)
2 She sings than I do. (good)
3 He got to work today than yesterday. (early)
2 This film is definitely more boring than the book.
4 I tried in P.E. today than you. (hard)
(a lot)
5 Can you try to speak ? (clear)
The book
3 It is cloudier today than it was yesterday. (a bit) 10
The weather 6 Find and correct the mistakes in each sentence.
4 My tablet is a lot newer than your computer. (much) 0 He’s the most tall boy in our class.
Your computer
He’s the tallest boy in our class.
5 Mary is 1.37m and Tia is 1.35m. (a bit)
1 Is London biggest than Madrid?
10 2 Katy isn’t as tall than Tia.
3 Complete the sentences with your own ideas. .
Use a lot, much, far, a little, a bit. 3 I am shorter much than my mum.
0 Actions films are much better than thrillers.
1 Games shows reality shows. 4 Summer is the better season.
2 A concert a play. .
3 Staying in a hotel
5 Where’s the best place to buy the late fashion.
staying on a campsite.
4 History Geography.
5 Classical music rock music.


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