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XK3190-A12 SERIES maintenance introduction

Example 1 Problem phenomenon: No display when powered on

Repair steps:
-Check Chip 818A5 is damaged or not;
-Check transformer is damaged or not;
-Check the switch is damaged or not;

Example 2 Problem phenomenon: Can’t powered on by DC

Repair steps:
-Check rechargeable battery 6V is sufficient or not;
-Check whether chip 7808 output 8V voltage;

Example 3 Problem phenomenon: Display Err-3

Repair steps:
-Check whether load cell is damaged or not;
-If load cell is ok, then it may be caused by AD part, check chip 5513 is damaged or not;

Example 4 Problem phenomenon: Breakdown

Repair steps:
-Check chip 93C46 is damaged or not;
-Check software is OK or not;
-Check A/D part is damaged or not;