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ALTERNATE ORCHESTRATION Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman Music by Alan Menken Based on the film by Roger Corman Originally Produced by the WPA Theatre (Kyle Renick, Producing Director) Originally Produced at the Orpheum Theatre, New York City by the WPA Theatre, David Geffen, Cameron Mackintosh and the Schubert Organization NOTICE: DO NOT DEFACE! Should you find it necessary to mark cues or cuts, use a soft black lead pencil only. NOT FOR SALE This book is rented for the period specified in your contract. It remains the property of: AL TI ay MTI MUSIC LIBRARY 31A INDUSTRIAL PARK ROAD (Muse Teansas lormmiarvoncns NEW HARTFORD, CT 06057 421 West Sdth Steet, New York, NY 10018 (212) 541-4684 Book Copyright © 1982, 1983 by Howard Ashman. Lyrics Copyright © 1982, 1983, 1985 (Acting Edition) by Howard Ashman (ASCAP), Music Copyright © 1982, 1983 by Menken Music and ‘Trunksong Music (A Division of The Shukat Company, Limited) (BMI).. All Rights Reserved. In accordance with the terms and conditions specified in your performance license, all music, lyrics and dialogue contained herein are the property of the Authors and are fully protected by copyright. You are not permitted to make any changes to the music, lyrics or dialogue of the Play, including the interpolation of new material and/or the exclusion of existing material. Any changes shall con- stitute a will ful infringement of said copyright and will subject you to all the criminal penalties and civil liabilities under the United States Copyright Act. This book may not be duplicated and must be returned at the conclusion of your production. This Play is the property of its Authors, Remember, you have rented these materials and been granted a performance license. You may not duplicate any portion of these materials, disseminate them in any way, in whole or in part, including electronic or digital transmission and posting on the Internet, or use them for performances other than thase specified in your license agreement. Federal Copyright Law specifically prohibits the public performance of the enclosed material with- out a performance license. MTI's delivery of the enclosed material does not authorize you or your ‘group to perform the enclosed show(s) in any manner whatsoever. For example, it does not mat- ter whether your audience pays for their tickets or not; it does not matter if your group is a school or not. The law requires you to obtain a license prior to performing the enclosed material For further information regarding the severity of the punishments for willful infringement of copyright, please visit wwt.copyright gov. Music THEATRE INTERNATIONAL 421 West 54th Street New York NY 10019 (212) 541-4684 Little Shop of Horrors Guitar (Mandolin, Electric Guitar, Nylon-String Acoustic, Steel-String Acoustic) Act I A. Prologue .... 1. Little Shop of Horrors... Ja. Tick Tocks.. 2. Skid Row 2a. Skid Row —Playoff . 3. Da Doo... 3a. One Strange And Interesting Plant 4, Grow For Me... 4a. WSKID Radio Jingle... 5. Ya Never Know... 6. Somewhere That's Green. 124 7. Closed For Renovation. 27 7a. Orin’s Play-On (Revised Broadway Key) ...ssssensstsnnnnntentnesnsees 8 8. Be A Dentist (Revised Broadway Key) ... 31 8a, Orin’s Playoff (Revised Broadway Key) 7a. Orin’s Play-On (Original Key) 8. Be a Dentist (Original Key) ... 8a, Orin’s Playoff (Original Key) .. 9, Mushnik And Son.. 9a. Sudden Change: 10. Git It. 10a. Dentist Chair Play-On .. 11. Now (It's Just The Gas) (Revised Broadway Key).. Mla. Act I Finale (Revised Broadway Key) ..... 11. Now (It's Just The Gas) (Original Key) . Ma, Act I Finale (Original Vocal Key) Little Shop of Horrors Guitar (Mandolin, Electric Guitar, Nylon-String Acoustic, Steel-String Acoustic) Act if Ib. Entr’acte.. 12. Call Back In The Morning... 13. Suddenly Seymour 13a. Melodramatic Chords ..... 14, Suppertime . 15. The Meek Shall Inherit 15a, Thunder And Lightning 15b. Seymour Plots. 16. Sominex/Suppertime— Reprise . 17, Somewhere That's Green —Reprise 17a. Death Of Audrey 17». Death Of Seymou 18. Finale .... 19. Bows .. Note: We included the “original” keys for two of Orin’s numbers from the 1982 off-Broadway production. These “original” keys appear in sequence. When your music director determines the best keys for your production, we recommend that you paper clip the unused keys—this will help to avoid confusion, and eliminate a good deal of unnecessary page flipping. (Please do not use tape, rip out pages, or otherwise damage this book.) GUITAR Tacet “Little Shop Of Horrors” Prologue 5708] (rev 50%, cchestration: Danny Troob Guitar Tacet) Grandly imp) B24 “# A“Prologue” [r 5/04] apo ‘Segue as one “Little Shop Of Horrors” GUITAR “Little Shop Of Horrors” Little Shop Of Horrors [rev 5/04) Danny Troob Fun, easy 4 Am? Am7 D7 07 o7 Am7 Amz Amz #1"LSOH™ [75/08] 07 o7 07 Gtr * #1 °LSON” [r5/08) G Am7 07 G cm Gcm G Am7 Vo 90 GB Cm GD Cmeb cae A Gsharp4 8 fp — 95 Wf ‘To Mandolin Tick Tocks [rev 5/04) “Little Shop Of Horrors” e 7 8 sustain thru vamp GUITAR 2 “Little Shop Of Horrors” Skid Row [r5/04] Orchestration: Danny Troob {in tempo) F7sus4 7 ; @ ‘Tempo ala King, Mated mf fo] “Bb F B Dm A Dm Gt. Choked cnoxds #2 "Skid Row” [75/08] Bb 32] Ebmaj7 Eb6 Ebmaj? Gm D7sus Gm Cm Gm7 cm7 Ebr Ebr 40 ebmaj7 the Ebmaj7 Gm D7sus Gm Muted —~_F_ = Choked chords Bb F Gm not choked eb F 7sus nf er cmrsuss Om? ENF Gtr s #2“Skid Row” [r5/04) cm G_Ccm Gm GmF Bb Single notes 80 rit. poco a poco ——~_ P (84) Slower 4 #2 “Skid Row" [r 5/04] Single ate not mate Bb Gm Gm F Bh Dm Am? Dm Am7 Dm i af’ accel, poco a poco eb Bheb Cm7 Gm F7sus 707 “Tempo primo Tos] Muted, Marcato_ {roa} Bp Ns Gm7 Fo Bb Dm A7sus Dm Am7sus Dm 769 110 mf = Bb Bb6 eb — Unmute 115 one (Gon top) (Bb ontop) EF EME 18 =a cresc. poco n poca ” (High F on top) F9sus =10- GUITAR - 2A Electric “Little Shop Of Horrors” Skid Row~Playoff [r 5/04] Orchestration: Danny Troob ioe} -- GUITAR 3 Electric “Little Shop Of Horrors” Da Doo [r'5104) Orchestration: Danny Troob, Easy 50's Feel i) = Ab [3] Play If! shusfte feet Db Eb “total elie ofthe un” 4 may * (chord) ingle notes) 7 27 molto rit. cs =12- GUITAR Steel String 3A “Little Shop Of Horrors” One Strange And Interesting Plant ir 5/04) Orchestrat Danny Troob katy Swing FIG EmG DmG EmG FIG EmG DMG EnvG 21 mp 2 3 ‘ FIG EmG DmG__EmG FIG EmG DmG Ema Vamp ~13- GUITAR “Little Shop Of Horrors” Grow For Me F 5/04] (54 Orchestration: Danny Troob Easy 50's feel a =15- a #4"Grow" [75/08] High Staccato Chords eb Gm eb Ab AcT 7 ] = E°7 Fm Fte7 EG eb7 28 28 30 mp AD A As eb 78° CmBb F7 Cm7iG F7IA 8)7 ~16- Ger. z #4"Grow" [r5}04] Ab7 EG Fto7 EWG fort] Safety On Cue Slower, poco rubato 7 Atempo Grad, add volume distortion 68 © ay mf =F Dictated ‘motlo rall. > 71 TF ‘molto rall. Segue -17- GUITAR Steel String 4A “Little Shop Of Horrors” WSKID Radio Jingle [rev 5/04] Orchestration: Danny Troob Easy swing (swung 8th’s) "-2-3-d-5-6-7-" ) GIA_FEmv/A —_EM/A_F§ mA GIA Fim/A_EmA_ Fema GIA__Fim/A__G/A Em7_A79__Dmai7 3 2 13 Segue as one “Ya Never Know” -18- GUITAR 5 Steel String Acoustic Electric “Little Shop Of Horrors” Ya Never Know (ev 4) Orchestration: Danny Troob [Steel Stg. Acoustic] Easy Swing Bbic Amc Gmc Amc 2 Bhic Am Gmc AmiC 2 AbIBb Gmeb — F miBb Gmbb> 2 AbIB> Gmp> — FmvBb Gmeb 2 18 14 15 16 Bbc AmC = Gmc Amc 2 T1025) v7 8 19 20 DIED Cmeb Bbeb cmb 2 eo 2 25R 258 esc ] Vamp (Vocal last x) BbiC AmiC Gmic Amc To Electric 305 ae 22 - [8 Bars] -19- Gm. #5"Ya Never Know" 75104) Electric 48} Dm cD Dm cD Om cD Dm cD Gm7_ FIA Bb ‘To Reggae sound | ov” 66 Vamp ete) J. 7 72 73 ~20- #5°"YaNever Know" [75/08] E> Eb7 AG Ab Gm Fm -2t- Grr. 4 #5 "Ya Never Know" [75/04] [Bridge] = bey ehie FIA Abm ap in background — an aod EWG Fm7 BLT eb eb7 e106 107 108 108 F7 F7IA Bb7 c7 sound 72 ‘anf little staccato chops F F7 Bb Bh Am Gm =22- Gtr + #5-"Ya Never Know” [75/08] F Fé soft Gm7 Am 196 157 ip crese. poco a poco Bb Ber ere Chaug. Dm Ame nf a7 c7 Am Am Gm F Gm7z C7 =23- GUITAR Nylon Acoustic Lo “Little Shop Of Horrors” Somewhere That’s Green [r 5/04] 1504 Orchestrat Danny Troob tate) os 18 eed J 20 22 ute TY 23 26 ute) 7 a ~24— om 2 4 6°Somewhere Thats Green” [r [Nylon String Gte] Vamp iso Play-tstxonly 3 AN 32 vit, ‘34 ad lib rit poco rail, \ iano) St G CIG sim. D7sus a G OF slur from C to B (7 Bars] #6 “Somewhere That's Green" [75/04] Gtr aD [76} Poco Slower, very sweetly A _‘fir from skid” on 87 pocorit. 68 ‘Meno mosso that's? A _ Somewhere e389 90 a poco rit, ae Atempo 95 it, 98 97 nf poco rit. Applause Segue: “Closed For Renovations” -26- GUITAR Steel String “Little Shop Of Horrors” 3 Closed For. Renovation Orchestration: Danny Troob Brightly, but not fast (a la Gilbert & Sullivan) “123-4” [Play at bar 37) Wocat) 4 ZT Grandly U7} (pt-1 solo) hte) db e 30 nf 31 32 [4 Bars] ~27- Gtr, 2 7 “Renovation” [r 5/04] 33 [Steel String] (7) play F c7 mf c7 - F F7 Bh Bey FIC C7sus pan C7sus cr are > 5 F Fieb Bhp Bhmidb FIC F 55 ‘To Electric ~28- GUITAR - TA Orin’s Play-On (Revised Broadway Key) Orchestration: Danny Troob “My date'll be here any minute.” Heavily ‘muted [x] "Sf toasty) GUITAR : 8 Electric Be A Dentist (Revised Broadway Key) Orchestration: Danny Troob ic ‘Mute w/ hand, and syne. accents ad lib non Ling” =31- Ger 2 #8 Dentist” Bbm7 eb cm oa } 28 vv 22 V 33 ‘Mute (as before) mf 34 35 36 — gf long hold [35] 7 ‘Lamyour..” Bb Playthrough == Gm cm lat mp not muted cee Bb7IAb my a sub. f cr #8 “Dentist” (62) Muted (Chord does not change) io) 69 70 71 72 73 (orn) Pla (Chord does not change) “Now spi Play Quick Segue -33- GUITAR : 8A Orin’s Playoff (Revised Broadway Key) Orchestration: Danny Troob (Drs) = {To 6) GUITAR TA Orin’s Play-On (Original Key) Orchestration: Danny Troob “My date'l be here any minute.” Heavily muted [2x] ot S (sas) ~36- GUITAR 8 Electric Be A Dentist (Original Key) Orchestration: Danny Troob @ Mute w/ hand, and syne. accents ad lib nf 2 3 neyo) [15] Hiehnoras F Dm Gm7 c7 f Gtr. #8 “Dentist” ‘Mute (as before) ~ 35 36 mf ai 2 gfe long hold “Lam your. or fay 6 G Playthrough Em in a ™Pp not muted Mute: G7F Gtr. #8 Dentist” 5 6 68} Muted (Chord does not change) f 6 70 71 7 73 (Chord does not change) ‘Qe ow spe PIAY Quick Segue -39- GUITAR 8A Electric Orin’s Playoff (Original Key) Orchestration: Danny Troob GUITAR Mandolin “Little Shop Of Horrors” Mushnik And Son (5/04) Orchestration: Danny Troob [Start bar 7] ‘Vamp (vocal last x) “Hell think about it?” “He'd think about ie” 28 [28] Poco meno mosso v 30 rit 2 33 vs. -41- Gr A tempo 3a] Mandolin Solo 2 2 2 #9 "Mushoik” (75/04) 7 72 73 74 75 rit. pocoa poco -~ —42- Gtr Atempo #9/Mushnik” (75/08) ee [95] ance} 03, e 1 pe 105 108 fz [3 bars] —43- Gtr, “#9 -Mushnik {5108} e f 113 114 15 Applause segue ~44— GUITAR 9A Nylon Acoustic “Little Shop Of Horrors” Sudden Changes 5°04] | Orchestration: Danny Troob Listesso tempo Bl Easier 7 7 3 3 mf dolce S —_ nf moto rt [10} " Rubato cym7 FE7 o 2 23 amp doe 25] Quasi tempo, very gently =45- GUITAR 10 Electric G . I “Little Shop Of Horrors” [rev 5/04] Orchestration: Danny ‘Troob Motown 4 C Muted single-string Funk w/Tension” 2 sim. ae” ow AFRAID Ur ass) C7 G7 am FT Single string 3 ™P Vamp jC7 Funk (2-string) c FOG 7 ssvistx fF ‘Up thereafter [2] 7 soft F7_single-note comp. C7 sim F7 7 28 25 26 27 Pp cresc. G7 Whammy! ~ = Wham! 07 single-string Funk, as earlier ‘O28 29 sfz 0 mp ‘at c eb F 6 Cros Ldon't..” =46- Gtr 2 #10Git 1" 1Sl04) [a] Wed) Aminor C Major ar (solo) ~~ Sf 38 39 40 at ‘Vamp oe C7 2-string Funk 42, 43 44 mp 8) o7 cob oF Ss c7 Single-string c7 wae 0 30 Ba mp mp F6 c Eb oF Vo mn St 8 = °F Double Time) or FES G+ messy drop © Sf BF ELS S VS. -47- Gtr. > #10 °Git Le” [15/04] [=] vamp mute w/hand, Vamp C7 C7 _vary ad lib. Same feel FE aE fase FE o SSS fe] FS FES F FOF FS ccs F F6 Double Time) D_ (single note) oy sub p ©8 cresc. poco a poco whammy ‘Nasty ‘n loud (maybe 8va?) Tinf 72 unison bends —+ G7 3e Dictated “ogit it” (solo) ~~ % tf [Attacca “Dentist Chair Play-On”] ~48- GUITAR Electric 10 “Little Shop Of Horrors” Dentist Chair Play-On Orchestration: Danny Troob Moderato [Electric] , “1-2-3-" __wldistortion 7 Se 5 8S att, 5 on cue -49- GUITAR Electric il Now (It’s Just The Gas) (Revised Broadway Key) Agitato Orchestration: Danny Troob {Electric} Light distortion ei 14 15 Dictated GR. Clean ° sound Gimecd? ahs 2 22 se fz fe [2] 2 Slowly at first Don't be e 25A 26 a7 ‘accel. poco a poco Or 30 at rit. pocoa poco * VS. -51- Gtr # 11"Now (Gas)” [5/04] os vctonth Sf distortion ———— 40 Slower at first a Don't _be e 43 it, 44 = (ctor J ay oe a8 a7 e accel. poco a poco fig e J Are you 3 i > St 82 rit, poco a poco Freely laa sl storton (otto much) Stowiy spre? ely a Cath) i 35 56 ot molto rall. tie ip pee IF Segue as one: “Act I Finale” -52- GUITAR 1A Act I Finale (Revised Broadway Key) Orchestration: Danny Troob Heavily, very freely (Vocal) ‘weird harmonix —s oF w. 20. ao 4 5 mf Ue] casy, creepy 2 16] Slower, In4 [t0.23) [23] Driving, Hard Rock ge 2 Z. End Act I -53- GUITAR u Electric Now (It’s Just The Gas) (Original Key) Agitato Orchestration: Danny Troob [Electric] Lightdistortion - ee ae Slowly at first Don't be . ae i a ‘accel. poco a poco * 0 81 Fit. pocoapoco VS. -55- 35 ee Sf distortion —S— Slower at first be Don't o 43 rit, a [4s] cu J Z 27 © rs 77 r accel. poco a poco ty 4 gy A Are you 49 50 rit. pocoapoco 8" % Freely ‘w/ distortion (not too much) Slowly ly add2 on A (ths) oa Ey 34 tb ip jp fe molto rall. oe SS ‘Segue as one: “Act I Finale” —56- GUITAR 1A Electric Act I Finale 1a Vocal Key) Orchestration: Danny Troob Heavily, very freely (Vocal) weird harmonix, 3-2 = | ! Easy, creepy 2 ne} Slower, In 4 Driving, Hard Rock octet SSS oe pe eve = ees ZH End Act I -57-