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Syringe Service Alliance of

the Nashua Area (SSANA)

What is SSANA?
SSANA is a syringe services program (SSP) that
services the Greater Nashua Region. It is a
community initiative for harm reduction.
How Do SSPs Benefit
Communities and Public Safety?
What is a Syringe Reduce new HIV and viral hepatitis
infections by decreasing sharing of
Services Program syringes and other injection equipment
A community-based public Reduce drug use and increase entry into
health program that provides Substance Use Disorder treatment 
comprehensive harm
reduction services such as:
Sterile needles, syringes, Reduce needlestick injuries among first
and injection equipment responders and the public
Safe disposal containers
for needles and syringes  Prevention saves health care dollars by
HIV and hepatitis testing preventing infections
and linkage to treatment
Overdose prevention Reduce overdose deaths by teaching
education and how to use people who inject drugs (PWID) how to
Naloxone, a medication prevent and respond to drug overdose
used to reverse overdose
Referral to substance use
disorder treatment,
including medication- 5x 1 in 3 3,600 $400k
assisted treatment
Referral to medical, mental More likely Number of Less HIV Estimated
health, and social services for a PWID to officers who diagnoses lifetime cost
enter into may be stuck among PWID of treating
Tools to prevent HIV, STDs, treatment with a needle in 2015 one person
and hepatitis including when using during their living with
counseling, condoms, and an SSP career HIV



Senate Bill 234-FN

passed in June of 2017
officially legalizing
Syringe Service Programs For SSANA program information contact:
in NH. Read SB 234-FN here: 603-816-0595
To request syringe services contact:
Safe Sharps Disposal 
Collect What you need to know to protect

yourself and your community 

How to Safely Dispose of Sharps

Respect If you do not own an official sharps container
or sharps clippers, please use the following
guidelines to dispose of your sharps.
What are Sharps? 1. Find a large, puncture proof container i.e. an
Sharps can include empty detergent or fabric softener bottle. 
needles, syringes,
finger sticks or lancets, 2. Clearly label the container “SHARPS-DO NOT
epi-pens, insulin pens,
infusion sets, etc. 3. After filling the container with your used
sharps, secure the cap and tape it closed.
Approved drop off
sites in Nashua 4. Dispose of the container at an approved site. 
Ask any local pharmacy, hospital, health care provider, or
Southern Medical Center  health department on how to get an FDA approved
1 Medical Center Drive  sharps container.
Nashua, NH   
603-577-2000 If You Find Sharps in the Community
24/7 Assume it has been used 
Drop off at Emergency Dept/
Outpatient Entrance 
Call someone who is trained in sharps disposal
If you are unsure of who to call, 
St. Joseph Hospital contact 978-743-9636 
172 Kinsley Street
Nashua, NH Remember...
603-882-3000 NEVER flush sharps down the toilet
M-F 8am-5:30pm
NEVER place loose sharps in the trash
Drop off at information desk 
main lobby (Atrium) NEVER put sharps in the recycling bin
NEVER store sharps in containers that are not
If you are unable to visit puncture resistant (i.e. milk jug or plastic bag)
one of these locations, For more information:
please contact