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Conceptual Physics Chapter 2 Study Guide
Essential Skills Questions:
1. What are the Letters & units for:
Letter units

2. What is the definition of acceleration: _____________________________________________________
3. What 3 controls in a car can change velocity? _______________________________________________
4. What is the acceleration of a ball after it has been thrown into the air? ___________________________
5. How fast is a ball thrown straight up traveling at the very top of its path? _________________________
6. What is the ball in question 5’s acceleration at the top of the path? ______________________________
7. What is the definition of speed: __________________________________________________________
8. How is a car’s speedometer similar to or different from an x-t or a v-t graph? ______________________
9. What formula would you use to calculate the average speed between Rocklin and Tahoe? ____________
10. Does turning in your car affect your speed, your velocity or your acceleration? ____________________
11. If you’re riding a go-cart and you increase your speed from 20mph to 25 mph in one second and 25mph
to 30 mph in the next, what is your acceleration? ____________________________________________

Non-Essential Skills Questions:
12. Sketch the x-t & v-t graphs for “constant velocity”.

13. Sketch the x-t & v-t graphs for “constant acceleration”.

14. Show a v-t graph with the acceleration of two cars A & B where the acceleration of car A is greater than
car B:

Which direction does the cannonball have constant acceleration?_________________________ 19. would it be a shorter distance “as the crow flies”? Use this concept to help explain the “distance” to Folsom vs. the “displacement”. How far a boat with an acceleration of 20m/s/s will travel in 10 seconds? Equation: Substitution: Solution with units: 17. Distance to Folsom would be: Displacement would be: 16. Which direction does the cannonball have constant velocity?_________________________ Exam Questions associated with the additional CST portion of the exam: 20. 15. The AREA directly underneath the line on a v-t graph represents the DISPLACEMENT of the moving object. Find the displacement of the area shaded in below. If it takes you 20 miles to drive to Lake Folsom. What is the car’s acceleration? .) 21. BONUS (DIFFICULT): A car initially traveling at a speed of 10 m/s accelerates uniformly to a speed of 20 m/s over a distance of 50m. draw the flight path with the horizontal and vertical velocities as shown on the website at the link “Flight Path”: 18. Consider a cannonball shot from a cannon at angle. (Make sure you “follow your units” (show your units) in your work as well as in your answer. SHOW YOUR WORK.