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In order to get to where it is today, America had to go through many periods of
darkness. In fact, most of its early times were filled with hatred and greed. The 1791-1877
time period brings many changes to American society. After the revolution, America had to
prove that it was able to run independently and successfully. So, slavery was introduced in
the 17th century, in order to increase productivity. However, though it may have quickened
the process of building a nation, the effects of slavery were certainly not worth the few years
of time it bought as it was detrimental to the lives of slaves, but as well as to the many
generations who followed. After many decades, powerful Americans slowly began to come to
their senses that slavery was a unnecessary evil. The process that lead to “freeing” slaves was
tiring and lengthy, and came with numerous difficulties.
First and foremost, not everyone believed that slaves were human, and deserved to be
treated as so. The industrialized North of America believed in freedom of slaves and
acknowledged the pain it caused, whereas the South wanted to continue using slavery,
dehumanizing the people to beasts. The drastically seperate views caused lots of social
tension, of which politician Abraham Lincoln often addressed. His humanitarian views were
what elected him as President of the United States, but not without the help of his VP,
Andrew Johnson, who was a Southerner with very much South aligned views. Having
Johnson as VP gained Lincoln votes from the South, but his views on slavery remained the
same. With a leader who had the power to make a change on the side of freedom, the goal
seemed more possible. Having a strong leader with humanitarian morals gave hope to people
who before, couldn’t see any change in the future. Not only was this time period have
noticeable changed in African-American rights, but also the women’s rights movement. The
women’s rights movement was a powerful movement which began 1848 by Elizabeth
Stanton. She created the Declaration of Sentiments, based off what’s mentioned in the
Declaration of Independence. Americans then and today are proud of the effort put into to
gain independence, creating a strong sense of patriotism. The immense amount of patriotism
is also a vital aspect of America’s identity, and what helped Stanton create a convincing
argument, allowing the declaration to be passed. The women’s suffrage movement grew, but
lost momentum when the Civil War began. Often the women’s rights and African-American-
women’s rights associations butted heads due to the worry one might not achieve the rights
they’re fighting for. However, the two associations eventually joined forces to fight for equal
rights for all. These two movements have large impacts on America’s identity and society

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