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A6 Software Introduction V2.


Communication Language
Click on the port options

COM Install driver of USB cable, connect USB with PC, PC will
scan the port automatically and communicate with the ECU.
Or it can be set by manual. It will show the status of the
communication (Display: COM failed ! or COM OK! ).

SWITCH There is a switch icon above the language options which

has the same function with changeover switch, it can
change the fuel by click the centre button.


As shown above, there are the real time data of the engine, e.g.: RPM, Tinij.Petrol,
Tinj.Gas,T.Reducer and so on. The two parts interface of Master Browser and the
Quick View area, the master browser display area, the observed data visualization;
quick tour of the area shows the same real-time data as the main browser area when
the display to switch to another interface, you can quickly browse district to observe
real-time data.


CYLINDERS Choose the right cylinders as your car

FUEL Choose the right fuel you running on(CNG or LPG)

MINIIMPULSE When debugging the gas data output, to prevent the idle speed
or Tinij. Petrol is very small(it will cause to the running gas be
too heavy) and set a mini impulse. e.g. the original data is 1.8ms.
1, it means when the Tinij. petrol larger than 1.8ms, the gas data
output will participate in calculations and output; 2, when it
smaller than 1.8ms, the gas data output will not change
INJECTION Different engine with different injection way, it should be set
according to the original cars’ engine RPM gauge and make the
Gas ECU can collect the real RPM.
IGNITE It should be the same as the ignition coil of the engine.

RES. OF RPM According as the voltage of the ignition coil, 5V match with
weak signal, 12V match with standard signal.

T.REDUCER When the water temperature of the engine reach the set value, it
can turn petrol to gas when in waiting to turn to gas, in this
moment, the yellow LED and the red LED at the most left of
lower side on the changeover switch will bling.
RPM As above mentioned, the car will turn petrol to gas when the
RPM of the engine reached the set value.
MODE When choose “in acceleration”, RPM reach the set value, it will
changeover to as; when choose in deceleration, RPM exceed the
set value, it will changeover to gas when RPM drop to the set
OVERLAP TIME The instant time when changeover petrol to gas.


ALFA The ratio of the petrol and gas output relationship, e.g:when set
in 115%, it means petrol injection 100 and gas injection 115.
OFFSET It’s a light tuning when idle speed is unstable.

MAP TABLE It can be set in CLOSE, if you need more power and save gas.

TEMP. SENSOR Select the same as the water temperature sensor you used.

INJECTOR Select the same as the injection rail you used, if you use 3 ohm,
please choose 3 ohm; if you use 2ohm/1 ohm, please choose
LEVER SENSOR Select the same as the pressure gauge you used.

After you set all above asked, it will be revised according to the features of GAS. As
above picture mentioned, when the water temp in 50℃, further reduction of 7 on the
basis of the original (click the value, plus or minus adjustments up and down arrows)

五、 Status

SYS WORK TIME Total time of the engine work (including the fuel time and
gas) after installed on the gas sytem.
GAS WORK TIME Gas system installed on the engine using gas time (each
time added together).
SAVE FILE The feature data saved after debugging a car.

LOAD FILE Under the same model (the computer to use these functions to
save good data), this function can be loaded into directly.
RESET ALL ECU back to original setting.