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GurukulXpress is complete school management system which provides a flexible and
scalable solution to meet needs as per your requirements and budget.
A robust and configurable system with flexible licensing model:
 Less IT investment cost upfront.
 Highly scalable based on changing business needs.
 Business continuity by providing on tome services, total security and backup of
 Different level of services: Gold, Silver & Bronze based on business criticality and
 Managed in-house solution: We customize and deploy the solution to your
 premises and provide services as required.
 In-house business/ IT department takes the control of the solution, we stay in the
background to ensure business continuity.
 Supported with all three service levels depending upon location and business

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Gurukul Gurukul Gurukul
Gurukul File
Admittance Payroll Accounting
Management Wizard Pro

Gurukul Gurukul Guurkul

Scholar Workforce Inventory
Medical Care
Monitor Governor Master

Gurukul Fee Gurukul Gurukul

Attendance Event
Administrator Library Genie
Tracker Manager

Gurukul Gurukul Gurukul Gurukul

Student Scheduler Hostel Alumni
Examiner Protocol Supervisor Sleuth

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 Manage all your staff, student and business information through a single system.
 Online presence and collaboration- communicate on time in cost effective and secure
way. Be close to your students and their parents, teachers and staff and other key
stakeholders such as suppliers, investors and regulators.
 Managed and timely billing and payments – students, staffs and suppliers.
 Be online and keep in touch with your Alumni.
 Customized Reporting for superior decision making and history tracking.
 Take out unnecessary paper based processes and reduces overall operations cost.

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 Student Information:
 Master information e.g. Student's detail, address and other registration
 Yearly academic information, results, subject wise progress, assignments and
research, extra – curricular activities, medical history etc.
 Staff and other employee Information:
 Employee details including history of employment, department, career and
performance management.
 Suppliers Information:
 Daily operations like mess/food supply, books, clothing/ uniform and other
 Other Information:
 Events and school activities, time-table of classes and attendance record, online
prospectus and admission process including test including test, if required.

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 Students/ Parents:  Staff and other employee:
 Online course syllabus, events  School e-mail, online time table and
calendar, time-table, attendance other events calendar, reminder
record, results and academic services (email/SMS).
progress report.  Access to specific class/ students
 Workflow based request information to update/track academic
management – leave application, progress and results.
books, uniform and other school  Online course, assignment and other
supplied product/services. academic information management.
 Online collaboration with other  Back-office automation:
students / parents- through emails,  Computer based record keeping and
blogs and forums. reporting.
 Students only- online assignment  Suppliers: Online order placement and
submission. fulfilment.

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 Parents:
 Track tuition, living and other fees information.
 Pay online through universally accepted credit/debit card, online banking and e-
 Plan your fee payments(monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or yearly), set reminders for
timely payments and communicate online directly with accounts team for
discrepancy resolution.
 School’s account team:
 Track fee payments, generate and communicate for exception reports, other book
 Track and pay timely to your suppliers online.
 Match bank transactions and collaborate for discrepancy resolution.
 Management team:
 Financial planning and superior decision making for investments, future business

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 Website:
 Show your presence, online prospectus, admission form, results and activities to
attract new students.
 Be close to your investors, show your business growth and future prospects.
 Get mandatory compliance and regulatory certifications and show it to the rest of
the world.
 Alumni Services:
 Communicate with your alumni, let them manage their profile on the school page
and stay in touch.
 Invite alumni to events and activities, boost your current students morale through
talk shows, alumni profiles.
 Build the strength of your school with the strength of your alumni and their

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 Management information reporting:

 Keep a track of necessary events, activities, students academic progress, build
progressive plan accordingly.
 Track your financial and other operational processes and align it with future
growth strategy.
 Have all required information in front of you, on time and complete, to take
superior business decisions.
 Remove paper based processes:
 Manage information in much secure way than in paper files.
 Be on time when it comes to billing, payments and approvals like mark sheet to
parents, leave applications, yearly communication and event invitations.

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 What needs to be done now:

 Contact us and we will provide full business requirement analysis for free.
 Based on the solution required and your budget, we will work in close
collaboration with you to finalised a suitable deal.
 We will customize and deploy the solution as per agreed model either hosted or
 We will provide a complete user guide and training to your employees, staff
members, students and parents wherever required(online and in person).
 Once up and running, we will ensure that this solution adds value to your
organization by supporting business continuity, managing exceptions and building
extra capabilities as required by the business.

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 Save stationary cost

 Save time of all levels of staff & students
 No data redundancy
 Complete decision support system
 Less manpower required
 Comprehensive MIS reports
 Regular new version’s available for free
 online and on phone -24x7 support system
 Detailed help in documental, graphical and video formats.

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