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January 1, 2018

Re: Termination of Support on a Software Release for RecoverPoint and Availability of New Software Release
for RecoverPoint

Dear Valued Customer:

Over the years, EMC has introduced leading edge technology in products that provide enterprise wide solutions
to our customers’ information technology needs. As enterprise technology and customer requirements have
evolved, so too have EMC’s products.

In line with this evolution, EMC is announcing the availability of RecoverPoint 5.1. If you have not already
done so, EMC strongly recommends that you implement this release as soon as possible. For those
RecoverPoint licenses covered by a current EMC maintenance contract, you can obtain RecoverPoint 5.1 at no
separate charge. If your license is not currently covered by a current EMC maintenance contract and you wish
to reinstate RecoverPoint maintenance, please contact your Renewal Sales Account Manager.

Please utilize the following method(s) to obtain RecoverPoint 5.1.

To Access a Download or Download a Kit at EMC’s Online Support Website:

 Log onto Type in the name of the product that you are looking
for in the “Find a Product” section. Select the product that you want from the displayed list and click the
blue button to start the search.

To Request a Kit* Via EMC Customer Service:

 Call EMC Customer Service at:

 United States 1-800-782-4362 (1-800-SVC-4EMC)
 Canada: 1-800-543-4782 (1-800-543-4SVC)
 Worldwide: +1-508-497-7901

*Some software product lines offer a physical kit in addition to a download. This is not an option on all software product

In addition, EMC is announcing the schedule on which support and maintenance for some older releases of
RecoverPoint will be terminated so that we may concentrate our efforts on the current technology.
Implementing RecoverPoint 5.1, (especially for those using RecoverPoint 4.4 and below) permits use of the
latest features and functionality.

176 South Street, Hopkinton, Massachusetts 01748-9103 • 508-435-1000

Sincerely. 2018:  For customers that have an EMC maintenance contract. Hopkinton. If you have any questions. please do not hesitate to contact them or your EMC Service Manager. The EMC maintenance contract will remain in effect and for use in connection with those release designations that remain eligible for support under the EMC maintenance contract. Please note that the upgrade process may be complex. but your then current EMC maintenance contract for RecoverPoint will continue to apply to other.4 and below. EMC Corporation 176 South Street. This latest technology enhancement is an example of EMC’s ongoing commitment to meet your information infrastructure needs today and tomorrow. for RecoverPoint 4. We recommend engaging our Professional Services organization to accelerate your time to implementation and minimize any potential disruption. Your local account team is fully knowledgeable in the upgrade process as well as the support status of your current products.4 and below will no longer be covered thereunder as such release has reached the end of its Primary Support period. more current releases in the manner provided in the EMC maintenance contract. RecoverPoint 4. Contract Related Notices  In accordance with the timeline set forth above.The details are as follows: As of November 30th. Massachusetts 01748-9103 • 508-435-1000 . EMC provides you with notification that:  All support for RecoverPoint 4.4 and below covered by an EMC maintenance contract.