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I’m sitting in the back garden en-
joying the sun and the warm
weather as I write this letter. This
can only mean that summer is re-
ally here!

So it’s time for MakeUp4All Summer

2010 magazine. In this issue we’ve
got fascinating, myth-busting inter-
views from beauty PRs who have
shared with us what they do, how an
average day in the life of a glamorous
beauty PR runs, and what they love
about their jobs. This issue, you’ll
read exactly what it’s like to work in
beauty PR, from the PRs themselves.

In this summer issue we’ve also fo-

cused on Chanel and their looks from Choose a colour focus or be ultra-dar-
the summer makeup collection, as ing and mix it up!
well as how the celebrities are wear-
ing the designer beauty trend. As we I’d love to thank British Beauty Blog-
all know “A girl should be two things: ger, who showed a great support, ed-
classy and fabulous.” © Coco Chanel ited the final version of the text and
helped in organizing the interviews.
And what is this summer’s Most
Wanted? It’s clearly the summer of Thank you, dear beauty PR girls and
designer lipsticks! With so many beauty bloggers, for your impact and
brands to choose from - Burberry interest in the project.
Beauty, Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani,
Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, Yves And, of course, thank you, my beau-
Saint Laurent, and Dior – no makeup tiful readers for giving me an inspira-
bag is complete without a bullet of tion to create and to step outside my
designer glam. own boundaries. Thank you for sup-
porting Makeup4All Magazine!
Whether you are heading off on vaca-
tion, or staying at home to relax, al- Marina, the Founder and Editor of
ways remember to protect your skin Makeup4All
and hair from the sun. Smile and
enjoy the warm days, and don’t be
afraid of vibrant colours. Treat your
lips to a vibrant luxury lipstick, wear
bright turquoise or gold waterproof
shadows on your eyes, and add some
daring, juicy shades to your nails.

2 SUMMER/2010
Meet e Beauty PRs 4
Ellie, PR Manager for Elemis UK 4
Sophie, Retail PR and Corporate Communications for World
Duty Free located at airports. 4
Create the Cover Look 7
Lets Shop! e Best Summer Beauty Buys 8
Dazzling Eyes 8
Beautiful Lips 9
Shimmering Bronzers 10
Brilliant Base 11
Marina’s picks 12
Hot Beds 13
Safety First 14
Sunset Coolers 15
Protect Your Style 16
e Body Bronzers 17
Blogospheric Beauty 18
Chanel Looks 25
Emma Watson 25
Naomi Watts 26
January Jones 27
Kate Bosworth 28
Sienna Miller 29
Beauty Most Wanted 30

SUMMER/2010 3
Meet e Beauty PRs
So many people often wonder looked back since. preview in July, writing a
what is the role of PR in the couple of releases, putting
“World of Beauty”, what do they Can you explain what the role of a together a few beauty
do and what their typical work- Press Officer is? awards entries, reading the
ing day looks like. It’s also inter- weekend coverage / news-
esting to hear their opinion about My role as a Senior Press Officer papers, dealing with charity
the on-line media. Two lovely PR is to liaise with beauty journalists requests to going through
girls shared their thoughts with to build the awareness of the El- my endless emails and mak-
us, please enjoy their interviews. emis brand – from product ing sure I meet press dead-
launches, spa therapies, location, lines.
news and events
and build on the What do you enjoy most about
reputation of your job?
our directors
within the in- There is nothing more excit-
dustry. ing than seeing a story or
This includes product you have pitched
writing press re- featured. I still get the same
leases, event buzz as I did when I first
management started in PR.
and strategy for Oh and also working as an
future Elemis Elemis employee its great to
launches to experience all the lovely
brainstorming products and spa –therapy
creative ideas to treatments first hand.
make Elemis
stand out in a How have bloggers changed
competitive in- the beauty landscape?
It’s been very exciting to see
Ellie, PR Manager for Elemis Can you tell us about a typical work- how this has evolved – now
UK ing day? there are so many beauty
bloggers its hard to keep
What was your career path to Beauty In PR everyday is a different day up!
Public Relations? which keeps the job interesting. It I think it’s definitely a great
can be that I’ve seen an interesting opportunity for beauty
After University with a degree in article that spurs an idea for a fu- lovers to post their honest
PR & Marketing I had the ambi- ture article which I could pitch to comments about a product
tion to work in the Music Indus- the journalist to organizing meet- especially as consumers but
try and not actually beauty. It ings with beauty journalists to also be updated with news
wasn’t until I got a job as an pitching product /spa therapy on the go.
events co-ordinator for a hair- ideas for features. As a PR its means we can
dresser that it opened a new set of It’s never quiet in the Elemis press get news out instantly.
doors and I started into the world office – especially as we’re cele- Blogging is hugely influen-
of beauty. After working in the brating 20 years! There always tial on consumers and other
hairdressing world for over 4 something to do – take today for media channels, so they are
years, and working with the likes example; Team meeting in the important for us to get to
of TONI&GUY/ Essensuals, I took morning, organizing a press know and work with.
a big step and moved to work in product launch for the end of the
beauty skincare and have never month, preparing a Christmas Your personal favourite

4 SUMMER/2010
makeup products to use in it! I was determined to get a de- tastic travel exclusive products
summer? gree that gave me hands on expe- across all categories, including
rience and that made me Beauty.
I’m loving Philosophy’s ‘employable’ immediately after
Kiss Me SPF 20 Red Lip graduation. With three A Levels Can you explain what the role of a
Balm. The cool minty balm in English, French and Psychol- Press Officer is?
and red colouring is perfect ogy I was often advised by teach-
for my skin tone. ers to pursue a degree in a ‘pure’ Ultimately, the role of a Press Of-
Oh and Laura Mercier’s subject like English. Worried that ficer is to promote the
tinted moisturizer and my I would leave university still not brand/product/service you repre-
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream knowing what I really wanted to sent through the local, national
are my other summer do, I decided to go down the vo- and international media – online,
beauty essentials. cational route and so went to in writing, on the radio and on
Do you have a beauty trick Bournemouth University to study TV. We are often also providing
that always works? for a BA in Public Relations. The advice to all staff on media mat-
Whenever I get a pimple I third year of the course was a ters, always monitoring and eval-
use Elemis’ Herbal Laven- compulsory year’s work experi- uating press coverage, supporting
der Repair Mask directly on ence in a press office and after in- departmental and corporate
it and leave it on overnight. terviewing, I accepted the role of events and occasionally manag-
It definitely reduces the size PR Intern at a large international ing crisis communications.
in the morning. brand renowned for its prestige In my opinion, the role of a press
skincare. It officer is predominantly one of
was this year service provision. I believe it’s
working in a crucial to work in a ‘journalist-
small team first’ culture and to provide what
of three that is needed – whether that’s press
ignited my releases, images, prices, inter-
passion for views, quotes, etc - in a timely
the Beauty and professional manner. I never
world (the forget that journalism is a dead-
products line driven profession and if I
and the peo- can’t provide what’s needed in a
ple), and my timely manner, there are plenty of
love of PR other people who can! This is es-
and commu- pecially true in the highly com-
nications. petitive beauty world. A good
Even though it was hard to drag Press Officer needs to be avail-
Sophie, Retail PR and Cor- myself away, I went back to uni- able, well informed and helpful at
porate Communications versity for my final year and two all times.
days after finishing my final
for World Duty Free lo-
exam, I was lucky enough to start A large part of being a Press Offi-
cated at airports. a new job as a PR Assistant in an cer is relationship building – with
extremely busy press office for an journalists of course, but also with
What was your career path to international consumer beauty suppliers, retailers and even other
Beauty Public Relations? brand. A year and a half later, I brands. PRs are often seen as the
now look after the PR and Corpo- ‘face’ of the company we work
At 16 I did work experience rate Comms for one of the UK’s for, an ‘ambassador’ – so it really
in a very small Public Rela- largest duty-free chains WDF pro- helps if you believe in what
tions office in my home- moting its 90 stores, the category you’re representing.
town and absolutely loved of airport shopping and the fan-

SUMMER/2010 5
Meet e Beauty PRs

Can you tell us about a typical days are the same! One day you
working day? could be working on an event Your personal favourite makeup
plan to launch a new store and products to use in summer?
There’s rarely a day at work the next day you could be hold-
that I would describe as ‘typi- ing emergency meetings on the I can’t live without Maybelline
cal’! The first thing I do is check back of an unforeseen crisis. I XXL waterproof mascara any
my Blackberry on the train into love the immediacy and the time of the year (but it’s partic-
work to check for any requests pace at which you’re forced to ularly good for summer swim-
that may have come in between work – there’s never a chance to ming) which I wear along with
‘clocking off’ the evening be- get bored in PR. I also regularly a flick of Bobbi Brown Long-
fore. If there are any, I get to count my blessings – working wear Gel Eyeliner. The new
work straight away on our re- in beauty means you’re always DiorSkin Nude foundation is
sponses. I always pick up a va- working with really lovely and beautiful for summer – just
riety of papers and magazines friendly people who all share enough coverage to make your
to read on my journey in, and the same passion. skin luminous and dewy and it
am also subscribed to influen- doesn’t completely camouflage
tial blogs and news alert serv- How have bloggers changed the my summer freckles. A gener-
ices to read en-route to keep beauty landscape? ous sweep of Armani’s Sheer
abreast of what’s going on in Bronzer (for daytime) or Bobbi
the media. Bloggers have made big Brown Shimmer Brick (for
In my current role, I am respon- changes to the beauty landscape evenings) really make you look
sible for communicating to a in recent years in my opinion. sunkissed. And it’s all held
wide range of media on a vast To many PRs, blogging is a firmly in place by using Shu Ue-
array of topics so it’s important scary world because it’s another mura’s UV Under Base which is
I keep on top of the newswor- step away from any form of the only product I’ve ever
thy stories within the business. ‘control’. Your products are no found that stops my makeup
This means a lot of internal longer able to hide behind big running down my face on a
meetings – catching up with all brand names or powerful ad- sweaty overcrowded London
the commercial teams on what vertising spends – they’re tried tube in August!
new products are going in, and tested in an honest way and
what’s coming up and what thrown open to judgement and Do you have a beauty trick that al-
new stores we’re launching etc. discussion that’s available for ways works?
This in turn leads to an ‘infor- the whole world to read. Whilst
mation gathering’ phase to help that’s scary for some, it’s incred- Every morning I heat my Shu
us write press releases, pinpoint ibly exciting for others. For me eyelash curlers with a quick
media that might be interested as a regular reader of beauty blast of my hair dryer to really
in the story, organise photogra- blogs, I absolutely relish the set the curl in my lashes (which
phy, relevant quotes etc. honesty of blogs, knowing that are naturally poker straight). It
Any ‘typical working day’ can what I am reading has gen- takes some practice to get the
be completely altered by an im- uinely been tested and written length of time under the
portant press request so a cer- about in truth. There’s defi- hairdryer right though – you
tain degree of flexibility is nitely an acceptance now that need to know exactly what tem-
essential! beauty blogging and the online perature to go for! You only
world can’t be ignored, and I need to scorch your eyelids
What do you enjoy most about am really interested to watch once to learn that lesson!
your job? how the relationship between
beauty brands and bloggers
I love the variety of PR – no two evolves as time goes on.

6 SUMMER/2010
Create the Cover Look
On the cover: Promo look from Chanel’s Les
Pop Up de Chanel Summer 2010 makeup col-
Here is how to create the look

After applying your preferred CHANEL Foun-
dation, gently sweep SOLEIL TAN DE
CHANEL Moisturizing Bronzing Powder over
forehead, cheeks and chin, mimicking the
shape of the number 8 as you apply. Or, on
bare skin, apply this subtle illuminating pow-
der wherever the sun would naturally 'kiss' the

Apply ROUGE ALLURE Luminous Satin Lip
Colour in Super for a rich base of bright pink
colour. Top with GLOSS FLUO DE CHANEL
Brilliant Lip Shine in Laser to heighten the lip-
stick's fluorescent effect, while imparting in-
tense luminosity and megawatt shine.

Give fingers and toes a trend-defining look
with LE VERNIS Nail Colour in hues that com-
plement Summer's sun-bronzed skin. Riviera
pops with the bold intensity of fuchsia

SUMMER/2010 7
Lets Shop! e Best Summer Beauty Buys

Dazzling Eyes
Shade Seeker: The summer's hottest eye shad-
ows are all about blazing hues.

Dolce & Gabbana Eyeshadow Quad in Fabu-


Clinique Branded Bronze Color Surge Eye-

shadow Quad

Dior 5-Couleurs eyeshadows in Ready to


Clarins Instant Sun Light Eye Palette

shu uemura Gem Glam Glitter Pressed Eye-


Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color in GD824

Ocean Sunset

Givenchy Le Prisme Yeux Island Camaieu in

17 Island Lagoon and 18 Island Sand

MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Eye Shadow from

In the Groove Collection

BECCA Bombora Palette

Guerlain Terracotta Eyeshadow Pen in Gold

Rush and Smoky Metal

8 SUMMER/2010
Beautiful Lips
Dewy Lips: Moist and hydrated lips
edged with the season's colours are per-
fect for summer pouts.

Guerlain KissKiss Baby in Cherry Sum-

mer and Coral Sunset

Dior Ultra Addict Glosses

Lancome Natural Origin Juicy Tubes

Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Line

Chanel Rouge Allure in Super, Genial

and Darling

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Gloss in

Colin and Max

Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15

Max Factor Max Effect Lip Gloss

Paul & Joe Lip Pencil Duo

NARS Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment

SUMMER/2010 9
Shimmering Bronzers
Bronzed Beauty: Bring your complexion to
life with healthy-look, beautiful bronzers.

Artdeco Bronzing Compact SPF 15

Illamasqua Bronzer in Burnish

Clarins Instant Smooth Compact

Estée Lauder 'Bronze Goddess' Soft Duo


Guerlain Terracotta Light Bronzing Powder

Lancôme Tropiques Minérale Bamboo

Bronzer Compac

Laura Mercier Bronzed Pressed Powder

Yves Saint Laurent Terre Saharienne

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel

MAC Cosmetics Cream Bronzer in Beach


10 SUMMER/2010
Brilliant Base
Flawlessly Forward: Complexion enhanc-
ing beauty for photo-finish faces.

NARS Multiple Tints in Cadaqués,Beverly

Hills and Turks & Caicos

MAC Cosmetics Marine Life High-Light


Givenchy Fleur de Frangipanier Unique

Compact Powder

shu uemura Gem Glam Flawless Glow


Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric Second

Skin Blush

Guerlain Meteorites Pearls

Paul & Joe Finishing Powder

Lancome Ageless Mineral Blush

Chantecaille Cheek Shade

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Beach

SUMMER/2010 11
Marina’s picks
Marina's Picks: My favourite must-haves for
the summer season.

Burberry Beauty Lip Cover Soft Satin Lip-


Illamasqua Liquid Metal 4-Colour Palette

Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams

Make Up For Ever HD Blushes

Zoya Nail Polish in Robyn

Guerlain Ombre Eclat 4 Couleurs in 409 Om-

bres Perlees

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pure Shine in 93

Pink Lychee

MAC To The Beach Lustre Drops in Sun


Estee Lauder Liquid Eye Shadow

Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks in Super, Ge-

nial and Darling

12 SUMMER/2010
Hot Beds
Polished To Perfection: The lushest lacquers for top

Chanel Le Vernis in Nouvelle Vague

Givenchy Vernis Please in Vert

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Jo'mina

Yves Saint Laurent La Laque in Ultra Orange

Essie Nail Polish in Haute As Hello

Zoya Nail Polish in Jolene

Orly nail polish in Ole

Butter LONDON Nail Laquer in Twee

China Glaze Nail Laquer in Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Urban Decay Summer of Love Nail Kit

Shine On (beige sparkle), Woodstock (radioactive
pink), Love Light (baby pink sparkle), Hashbry
(bright orchid), Magic Bus (emergency orange),
Aquarius (electric teal), Psychedelic Sister (bright

SUMMER/2010 13
Safety First
Shady Lady: Have a no-burn policy for skin that
looks radiant and feels protected.

Kiehl's 'Super Fluid' UV Defense SPF 50+

Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Treatment SPF 36 PA++

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Natural Sunscreen

SPF 30

Clinique 'Sun' Advanced Protection SPF 45

Dior 'Capture Totale UV Protect' SPF 35

Lancôme Bienfait Multi-Vital Eye SPF 28 Sunscreen

BECCA Cosmetics Mineral SPF 30 Primer

Elemis Sunwise Body Glow Super Protection Spf25

Decleor Aroma Sun Expert Protective Hydrating

Milk SPF30 for Body

Thalgo Satiny Nourishing Oil Spf 6

14 SUMMER/2010
Sunset Coolers
The Coolest: Aftersun essentials to beat the heat
and hydrate your body.

Guerlain 'Terracotta Eau Sous le Vent' Hydrating Tan-

Enhancing Body Mist

Bobbi Brown 'beach' Body Lotion

St. Tropez Tan Optimizer Body Moisturizer

Lierac Prolonged Bronzing Cream Ultra Anti-Old High

Hydration Face

Guinot Grand Soin Apres Soleil After Sun Complex

California Tan Afterglow

Clarins SOS Sunburn Soother

Xen-Tan® Tan Extender

Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Doposole

Fake Bake Smoothie Oil

SUMMER/2010 15
Protect Your Style
Looks For Locks: Protect your hair from summer's
harshest rays.

Redken Color Extend Sun After Sun Shampoo

Kerastase Micro-Voile Protectuer

Tigi Bed Head Some Like it Hot Conditioner

L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Solar Sublime Ad-

vanced Conditioning Spray

Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque

Philip Kingsley Swim Cap Cream

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

Frederic Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream

Moroccanoil Gold Glimmer Shine

PHYTO Phytojoba Intense Hydration Mask

16 SUMMER/2010
e Body Bronzers
Faker-Maker: Faux-glow and self-tan are the easy
way to boost your summer beauty.

Estee lauder Luminous Body Lotion

Paul & Joe Sahara Sparkles Shimmer Lotion

Laura Mercier Body Bronzing Makeup

Illamasqua Illumine Oil in Volt

L'Oreal Nutrisummer 24h Moisturizing Lotion

Shiseido Daily Bronze Moisturizing Emulsion

Bobbi Brown All Over Bronzing Gel SPF 15

Lancôme Flash Bronzer Tinted Self-Tanning Leg Gel

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion

Guerlain Terracotta Spray Bronzing Powder Mist

SPF 10

SUMMER/2010 17
Blogospheric Beauty

So many of you loved the Blogos- What is on your wishlist from ucts should be a must-have
pheric Beauty from the ”Spring summer 2010 makeup collec- in summer?
Issue” that I had to include this tions?
section in the Summer Issue as Althoug I'm porcelain pale
well. Find out what beauty blog- On top of my wish list (need, and like my skintone, I
gers from all over the World think want, must have!!) is both of the think a sunkissed look is al-
about summer essentials. Dior 5 coulour eyeshadow ways in for summer. For the
palettes (drool!). I would love to face, I recommend products
Michelle from MupNorth try out a Nars Multiple tint too. mentioned in the next ques- tion. Then, for a no-fuss,
Aleksis from Alpha Blonde fresh eye look, I sweep a
What makeup and beauty prod- shimmery golden shade on
ucts should be a must-have in the lid (try Sleek Storm
summer? What makeup and beauty prod- palette, MAC Patina or All
ucts should be a must-have in That Glitters or Inglot,
For me, Summer skin and summer? which has a vast range of
makeup is all about looking fresh, beautiful colors!) and line
natural and dewy – so must-have A makeup spritzer like evian the upper lashline with a
makeup products are cream spray water or Fix+/Coral lip darker brown such as
blushes that gives a pop of color, gloss/lipstick and a great bronzer! Annabelle So Foxy or MAC
cream highlighter, a sheer wash Embark. Then add mascara
of shimmery eyeshadow on the What are your favourite bronzers (for those hot, humid days
lids (think Mac Naked Lunch) and self-tanners? I'd go for Covergirl Lash-
and lipgloss with spf (favorite is blast Volume waterproof),
Dior Crème de Rose lip balm). Be My favorite bronzer is NARS 'la- some blusher (Benefit
careful, you want to look dewy – guna'(although I'm looking for a CORALista or NYX Peach)
not glittery or sweaty! new one as this one makes my and a brighter, warmer
jawline breakout) and I am LOV- shade of lipstick (Rimmel
What are your favourite bronzers ING Bare Escentuals faux tan self- Moisture Renew in Soft
and self-tanners? tanner Coral or MAC Jest) or gloss
(Revlon Coral Reef or Pink
My Holy Grail bronzer is What is on your wishlist from Pop).
Shisheido Luminizing Color Pow- summer 2010 makeup collec-
der in Golden Bronze. It’s got two tions? What are your favourite
shades of bronzer and one high- bronzers and self-tanners?
lighter so you can mix these to get Actually nothing in particular...I
the perfect shade to match your do want a lot of Buxom items (lip I think for summer most
skin. It’s amazing AND it’s refill- gloss/lipstick/eyeliner/mascara) gals' aim is a bronzed,
able! and also a 24/7 lip liner from glowy skin, which is still
All though I don’t use self tanners Urban Decay, I will be on the nicely hydrated and pro-
much, the only one I will use is hunt for a new bronzer though! tected from UV rays. I'll be
St.Tropez whipped bronze Might try out MAC's when the 'to checking out Jergens Natu-
mousse. Best tip I ever got is to the beach' collection comes out. ral Glow oil-free face self-
apply it with a beauty blender tanner with SPF 20 for that
type sponge and dab it on. You Monika from Rocaille Writes purpose, and then all you
keep your hands clean and you’ll need is just a touch of
get no streaks! bronzer through the cheeks;
What makeup and beauty prod- I'm really loving my Benefit

18 SUMMER/2010
Hoola, but also I'm very have from Summer Collections! itching to try! NARS are releasing
tempted to try The Body EL Bronze Goddess Body Oil, 3 rather fantastic looking multiple
Shop matte bronzer, which YSL Solaris Lip Glosses and Nail tint sticks and there's a particu-
is a bit warmer shade. Polishes and that's it! I'm trying to larly pretty pink Pure Shine com-
For the body, I enjoy using be modest. ing out in the YSL Solaris
Dove gradual tanners, espe- Collection that has my name on it!
cially the SPF 15 version. Charlotte from Lipglossip-
What is on your wishlist ing Gio from Beautiful with
from summer 2010 makeup Brains
What makeup and beauty prod-
As mentioned above, I have ucts should be a must-have in
What makeup and beauty prod-
to get my hands on Revlon summer?
ucts should be a must-have in
Summer 2010 new lip gloss
shades. I'm also lemming Chunky coloured eyeliners.
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi (I They're a fantastic way to create a
A broad spectrum sunscreen is
know it's not from a sum- bright, summery look without
definitely a must in the summer
mer collection, but a great going overboard. For a perfect
to protect your skin from the
summer shade I reckon!) flash of colour, go for a chunky
harmful sun rays. (Although you
and loved the look of those pencil to stop the line looking too
should wear one all year round!).
new Clarins Crystal lippies, precise and don't forget Also, some bright and colourful
especially in the shade to smudge!
eyeshadow or lip gloss shades to
Sheer Red. I'm all about the
add a touch of fun to your look
lips I guess! What are your favourite bronzers and a tinted moisturizer instead
and self-tanners? of foundation for a lighter cover-
Vesna from Beauty age that will even out your skin-
Addict As someone that burns rather tone without looking greasy or than tans, whilst remaining per- sliding off your face!
petually pale pink... I like Xen Tan
What makeup and beauty Transform Luxe for a natural What are your favourite bronzers
products should be a must- golden glow. The only bronzer and self-tanners?
have in summer? I've ever had any luck with is an
Illamasqua Blush that goes by the
YSL Summer Collection and name Rumour - if you're pale and Well, I don’t really use self-tan-
Estee Lauder Bronze God- scared of powder bronzers... ners. I have very pale skin and I’m
dess Collection! check it out! proud of it, and I’ve never really
liked the tanned look, it looks so
What are your favourite What is on your wishlist from unnatural! You don’t have to be
bronzers and self-tanners? summer 2010 makeup collec- tanned to look good, every natu-
tions? ral skin color is gorgeous. As for
I don't use such products . bronzers, I’m still looking for a
Three brands that are getting me good one that doesn’t look too or-
What is on your wishlist hot under the collar this sum- ange on my pale skin, but so far
from summer 2010 makeup mer... the one I like the most is MAC
collections? Bronzing Powder in Golden.
Urban Decay are bringing out a
Huh, there are so many rather fab looking makeup setting
products I would love to spray called All Nighter that I'm

SUMMER/2010 19
Blogospheric Beauty

What is on your wishlist from Biotherm Source Therapie, or based and never leaves me
summer 2010 makeup collec- Number 7 Protect and Perfect (the looking orange. I'm keen to
tions? latter is less hydrating though) try the Chanel Soleil Tan de
underneath a facial sunscreen Chanel, which I have heard
Mmm, I’m not sure yet but I have feels more comfortable than a many great things about.
my eye on the Nars Cream Duo heavier moisturizer. I make up for Nars do some great bronz-
eyeshadow in Burn It Blue, those it at night by using a decent mois- ers for people with medium
blues and turquoise are gorgeous! turizer though! skintones too - Laguna is a
I also love the new nail polishes Another option for those blessed classic, but I sometimes find
from Illamasqua. with good skin, is to use a tinted it a little overpowering on
moisturizer which gives a hint of my pale skin.
Jen from Mizz Worthy coverage as well as moisture. I personally love the Laura As for self tanning, I rarely
Mercier, and I use the oil free ver- do it - and when I do, I usu-
What makeup and beauty prod- sion, which doesn't feel to greasy ally use a gradual tanning
ucts should be a must-have in in the summer weather. I like to lotion, which cuts down on
summer? set with a little powder - and I in- the mess and the smell, and
evitably need a little top up every also looks a lot more natural
Without a shadow of a doubt, SPF few hours to keep thinks looking on me.
is a complete and utter must have good. Try Illamasqua for pressed
for the summer. I still feel like powder, and I also like ELFs HD What is on you wishlist
people don't realise sometimes powder for a budget option. from summer 2010 makeup
how damaging the sun can be, collections?
even in the UK. Even if you don't Other than that, in general I like
feel overly concerned about the to keep makeup fairly light on hot At the moment, I am loving
risk of skin cancer, the sun is dry- days - it inevitably feels uncom- wearing brighter lips and
ing and aging - If you want a tan, fortable in hot weather to be cheeks with minimal eyes -
getn one from a bottle! I am per- wearing layers of various eye I'm all about the lipsticks! I
sonally so militant about apply- shadows, etc, so I stick to mascara am in love with the lipsticks
ing SPF, that I'll usually come and a little lipstick and blusher. I and glosses from the Chanel
back from a holiday abroad just do enjoy wearing more dramatic Summer 2010 collection -
as pale as I was when I left, which looks at night though - bronzy perfect pinks and corals
is a source of great amusement to smoky eyes are a particular which are not unwearable. I
friends and family. As much as I favourite. was also very pleased to
insist on SPF though I do despise pick up Givenchy's "Island
that caked greasy feeling of many What are your favourite bronzers Hibiscus" limited edition
high SPF creams and lotions - I'm and self-tanners? lipstick which is a gorgeous
a big fan of the Garnier Ambre So- fuchsia pink, and will dou-
laire Clear Protect sprays and I have to admit, I'm not the great- ble up as a blush creme with
their light milks. For facial sun est fan of self tanning and bronzer a light hand. Also, although
protection, biotherm and clinique - I prefer to play up the fact that I not strictly summer collec-
offer some decent options too. have pale skin with a good high- tions, there are several
lighter and a little contouring. beautiful shades in the
I also find I need to switch up my However, I can be a fickle crea- Guerlain Rouge G lipstick
skincare routine for something ture and do occasionally dabble range, and the eye winc-
lighter and less oily, but which with bronzer - I use Illamasqua's ingly expensive Tom Ford
still gives the skin moisture - I bronzing duo in "Glint" and private blend lipsticks come
find using a decent serum such as "Writhe", which is more golden in some very tempting

20 SUMMER/2010
shades... At £35 a pop clear of my blushes and just stick- more 'shiny' in summer; so I'd say
though, they are a real in- ing with the bronzed look and it would be a very, very sheer
vestment! adding a bit of a shimmer to my powder just to knock off that sur-
cheekbones for a highlight. I re- face gleam. I love a peachy blush
It's difficult to think about ally want to get my hands on in summer such as Metier Le
summer makeup for me Smashbox's new Halo Bronzer. Beaute's dupe of Orgasm, called
without mentioning the I've tried it a few times and it's Echo, that is just so much better,
Estee Lauder Bronze God- just lovely. and of course, keeping a cooling
dess range, which has some spritz in the fridge such as Avene
beautiful bronzers, eye What are your favourite bronzers water won't make you more
colours and lip glosses. For and self-tanners? beautiful but will make you feel a
a more subtle touch of whole lot less sticky and hot! I
colour, some people might Aside from lemming for the also use a sun cream for face and
like the new LE mascara Smashbox Halo Bronzer, I actu- body from Institut Esthederm
coming out from YSL, ally love e.l.f.'s Studio Bronzers that doesn't use traditional SPFs
which is a teal blue colour. and their Studio Contouring but encourages melanin produc-
Blush and Bronzing Powder. tion and helps the skin to protect
From the high street, it's They are some amazingly pig- itself...I really like it a lot and have
also well worth taking a mented products for being so af never burned with it.
look at the Revlon range for fordable. Bare Escentuals Faux
some beautiful and well for- Tan is a wonderful self-tanner What are your favourite bronzers
mulated lipglosses, as well that I often use on my legs. The and self-tanners?
as a pretty LE summer eye coloring is perfect and it's long-
palette. If you can get to a lasting. I very rarely use a bronzer..they're
superdrug, the Sleek range always full of shimmer and I'm
is also well worth a look - What is on your wishlist from not a shimmer fan for cheeks or
their new Circus palette, summer 2010 makeup collec- face, and self tan wise, I like Fa-
contains a range of bright tions? mous Dave and Vita Liberata.
shades which can be used
for either full on drama, or A definite must on my wishlist is What is on your wishlist from
as bright eyeliners. Also try Lorac's Little Black Palette. The summer 2010 makeup collec-
Rimmel and Barry M for eyeshadows are the most smooth, tions?
dramatic lip colours. If you beautifully bronzed colors; fa-
are more into the natural vorites of mine for the summer Anything from the Guerlain col-
look, then try the lip toned months. I love a smokey bronze lection, and I am determined to
shades from the new Une eye on a hot summer day. And of master their kohl this year!
range too. course, the Smashbox Halo
Jacqueline from A Bril-
liant Brunette BritishBeautyBlogger

What makeup and beauty What makeup and beauty prod-

products should be a must- ucts should be a must-have in
have in summer? summer?

I'm really into bronzers Well, I notice that - probably be-

right now. I've been steering cause of SPF - people always look

SUMMER/2010 21
Blogospheric Beauty

Mona from Make Me mani Eyes to Kill waterproof mas- - a great bronzer to brighten
Blushhh cara. your skin - the perfect metallic nail
What are your favourite bronzers polish
What makeup and beauty prod- and self-tanners? - waterproof eyeliner in
ucts should be a must-have black, navy and brown for
in summer? Guerlain makes the best bronzers different occasions and rea-
hands down. My favorite is the sons.
UV protection/SPF, however you Terracotta Light 01 Blondes. - a skin highlighter (I am
want to call it, profect your skin! Givenchy's bronzing Prismis- partial to cream based for
simes are also pretty awesome. the summer) such as cream
What are your favourite bronzers As far as self tanners go, Lancome color base in hush, illa-
and self-tanners? makes wonderful ones. If you masqua lies blush or Shu
want a slightly more natural op- Uemura's highlighting radi-
My personal favorite is Guerlain tion, Kiehls self tanner is also ex- ant stick
Terracotta light bronzing powder, cellent. - A tined moisturizer, I do
really natural for fair skin beau- not like a heavy coverage
ties looking for that touch of sum- What is on your wishlist for summer. My all time
mer glow from summer 2010 makeup col- fave is Laura Mercier. Have
lections? used for over 8 years. Tried
What is on your wishlist and true favorite
from summer 2010 makeup col- At the very top of my summer - Always need a perfect
lections? wishlist were the 2 new Mix nude lipstick, right now its
Blushes from Jill Stuart. Not fartom ford's vanilla suede.
MAC Lustre drop in Pink Rebl behind were Lunasol's Nature - lastly, a pair of signature
from the To The Beach Collection, Color Eyes. From Western mar- chic sunglasses!
Givenchy Fleur De Frangipanier ques, Guerlain's Perlee collection What are your favourite
Compact Powder, Guerlain lim- was the one that caught my atten- bronzers and self-tanners?
ited edition eye palette #409 tion.
ombre perlees, OPI polish in Flit My favorite bronzer is
A Bit Dara from Belle du Jour NARS Casino, a finely
NYC milled brown powder with
a refined golden shimmer
Betsy from Autumn Mas-
and NARS multiple in Tuo-
querade What makeup and beauty prod- mota which is a matte ucts should be a must-have bronzing cream stick. My
in summer? favorite self tanner is St.
What makeup and beauty prod- Tropez, hands down gives
ucts should be a must-have Summer is all about being natu- the best faux- tan. No or-
in summer? ral, fresh, bronzed and glowing ange, streak free and best of
with a pop of color! all no stench!
Broad spectrum sunscreen and
good skin cleansers are at the top What is on your wishlist
of my must have for summer list! - the perfect creamy coral lipstick, from summer 2010 makeup
Good skincare is a must for sum- my favorites are YSL peach collections?
mer. Makeup wise I tend to wear faubourg #30, illamasqua Over
a brighter look and use melt proof and Obey and Lancome's Chris My wish list is ever chang-
products like Chantecaille Just and Tell. ing and growing... More
Skin tinted moisturizer and Ar-

22 SUMMER/2010
tome ford lipsticks and Paul Coral lipsticks. I loved Linda Can- when you have the whole day
and Joe eye glosses! tello's own make up line, so I'm ahead of you for your make-up to
looking forward to her summer hold up under?
Grace from London products for Armani. The new
Makeup Girl transparent Multiple Tints from Also, I have recently discovered NARS are very nice too - I'm Fredric Fekkai hair products - the
tempted by bright red Beverly gloss spray is lovely.
What makeup and beauty Hills.
products should be a must- What are your favourite bronzers
have in summer? Alex, junior brand manager and self-tanners?
of Illamasqua from Illa-
Most importantly sun- Xen Tan is fantastic - I have never
screen! I always use an spf masqua Blog
found a better, quicker, easier to
30 from May to September.
use product than this. Effortless
I also like a vitamin C serum tanning for the working woman;
underneath it to add antiox- What makeup and beauty prod-
it's what I have always dreamt of!
idant protection. I'm loving ucts should be a must-have
I smother myself in Illamasqua Il-
pale skin with a pop of in summer?
lumine Oil in Pulse on a night out
colour on the lips and - it's better than other body shim-
cheeks at the moment, so a I cannot live with out Illamasqua
mer oils than I have used because
bright lip gloss or lipstick Bronzing Duo - it has two differ-
it has more interest; a slight glim-
and a toning cream/gel ent colours that can either be
mer of pink, blue, bronze, gold
blusher. blended together, or used sepa-
and pewter pigments are very eye
rately to highlight and contour.
What are your favourite Glint is this beautiful slightly
bronzers and self-tanners? pearlescent champagne colour
What is on your wishlist
and Burnish is a deeper bronze. I
from summer 2010 makeup col-
I don't self-tan ever on my have recently purchased the Illa- lections?
face or most of my body - I masqua Kabuki Brush and it's one
just don't like the way it of those products that you won- Well, I own most of the SS10 Body
looks on me. If I'm going dered how you functioned with Electrics and we are currently
barelegged I do take the out it! working on our AW10 collection
glare off my legs with St so I am currently lusting after
Tropez light Everyday I also love to shift my focus from most of that! There is this one lip
gradual tanner. For bronzer, eyes [my winter staple] to the lips gloss that blew my mind...but I
I like Edward Bess Day- in Summer; the bolder gloss the probably shouldn't mention too
dream powder bronzer, and better. Illamasqua Intense Lip much on that ;-)
I've recently discovered and gloss in Petulant is a ravishing
like Hourglass Illume cream pink and Indulge is a barbie pink. Otherwise, you can't go wrong
to powder bronzer and I also have to switch to a lighter with a Chanel nail varnish - I have
blush duo. foundation so the new reformu-
hunted high and low for Partic-
lated Light Liquid Foundations
uliere. I have a strong interest in
What is on your wishlist are excellent. visual campaigns- which makes
from summer 2010 makeup For skincare, I am never without working for Illamasqua great! -
collections? Emma Hardie products. They are
and love looking at all the major
beautiful, smell divine and are
fashion and beauty houses cam-
I'm most excited by the luxurious to use. I always have paigns as they come out.
Giorgio Armani Blushing ten minutes in the morning for
Fabric blushes and Tokyo my skincare ritual. Why rush it
SUMMER/2010 23
Blogospheric Beauty

Magi from Magimania Kitiya from Mischo Beauty Marina from Makeup4All

What makeup and beauty prod- What makeup and beauty prod- What makeup and beauty prod-
ucts should be a must-have in ucts should be a must-have in ucts should be a must-have in
summer? summer? summer?
High SPF is a must. Maybe
some oil-control product. For A complete/consistent skincare SPF creams and after sun lo-
color issues I think it's a type regimen is a must, in my opin- tions, sun care products for
thing. I love golden shimmer on ion, not only for the summer, hair, sun glasses, a good
dark toned girls. On more fair but year-round! But what sum- bronzer and a highlighter are
tans something peachy is nice. mer might mean for your regi- priorities for my summer
However, less is more just for men is switching to lighter beauty look. These are closely
the comfort. Bright lips is a weight creams and moisturiz- followed by waterproof mas-
trend I really like. ers, due to the change in tem- cara and cream eye shadows
perature. It might also mean and I treat myself to a vibrant
What are your favourite bronz- using moisturizers with higher nail polish and a bright luxury
ers and self-tanners? SPF's. And if you're spending lipstick!
time outdoors and at the
I don't use any bronzing prod- beaches, you'll definitely want What are your favourite bronz-
ucts. I don't feel comfortable to make sure you're using a ers and self-tanners?
with another layer of powder broad spectrum sunscreen with
and I am afraid it might look UVA/UVB protection. Sun I love Hoola from Benefit and I
cakey or streaky through the damage is the major external find that Dove self tanner is as
hot day. I hate the scent of self cause of aging. good as any luxury product.
tanners and the whole proce-
dure is too messy for me. What are your favourite bronz- What is on your wishlist from
ers and self-tanners? summer 2010 makeup collec-
What is on your wishlist from tions?
summer 2010 makeup collec- My absolute favorite is Lan-
tions? come's Flash Bronzer. It looks There is a whole page dedicated
natural on, gives you a bronzy to my wishlist in ”Lets’s shop”
I am into lipglosses. I am look- glow and has an amazing scent! part of the magazine.
ing forward for MACs Super-
glasses and the new gloss range What is on your wishlist from
by DIOR. Oh, and the new Daz- summer 2010 makeup collec-
zle Lipsticks by MAC as well. tions?

My wish list includes:

Givenchy, CHANEL & Nars!

24 SUMMER/2010
Chanel Looks
You could see the beautiful Chanel promo image on the cover of Summer’s Makup4All issue. And
here are several looks of celebrities created with makeup by Chanel. All the looks are from 2010 Cos-
tume Institute Gala which took place in May in New York.

Emma Watson
Makeup Artist Fulvia Farolfi
Beauty Inspiration: “Emma wore a sculpted,
one shoulder white gown with a tight waist,
beautiful draping and bold zip in the back.
Quite modern, yet classic. We felt that makeup
called for a smoky eye and a warm skin tone,
soft cheeks and pale lips. She wanted to look
modern and diversify from her usual romantic

Fulvia prepped Emma’s skin with CHANEL
Sublimage Serum. As a base, she applied
CHANEL Teinte Innocence in Beige, topped
with a bit of CHANEL Natural Finish Loose
Powder in Clair.

The cheeks were a soft pink with CHANEL
Powder Blush in Rose Petale.

On the eyes, Fulvia used a new eye shadow
palette from the Fall collection CHANEL
Quadra Eyeshadow in Enigma. She used the
rose shade in inner corner and below the brow,
metallic grey on top and bottom lids, and the
metallic plum near the roots of the lashes. She
finished the eyes with two coats of CHANEL
Inimitable Mascara in Noir.

She completed the look with a pale beige lip,
CHANEL Rouge Allure in Mythic.

SUMMER/2010 25
Chanel Looks
Naomi Watts
Makeup Artist Fulvia Farolfi
Beauty Inspiration: “Naomi wore a stunning ma-
genta silk one shoulder gown, with a pleated big
bow on the one shoulder. For the make up we
felt like a light eye and bright lip would comple-
ment the look. With her fair complexion, blue
eyes and blonde hair, it is my favorite look on
her. We did not want to make it look retro.

Fulvia prepped Naomi’s skin with CHANEL
Ultra Correction Line Repair Day Cream. The
base was CHANEL Pro Lumiere Professional
Finish Makeup in Nude, and CHANEL Eclat Lu-
miere Highlighter Face Pen in Beige Tendre.

CHANEL Blush Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed
Pink to the apples of the cheeks

She applied CHANEL Soft Touch Eyeshadow in
Ivory all over the lid, and lined the eyes very
close to the top lashes with CHANEL Long-Last-
ing Eyeliner in Ebene. Finally, Fulvia applied
two coats of CHANEL Inimitable Mascara in
Noir, to make the eyes pop.

Bold, red lip were achieved with CHANEL
Rouge Coco in Cambon.

26 SUMMER/2010
January Jones
Makeup Artist Rachel Goodwin
Beauty Inspiration: “The inspiration for Janu-
ary’s look was her dress. I wanted the makeup
to be dramatic with a futuristic edge.”

Rachel prepped January’s skin with CHANEL
Sublimage Fluid.

The cheeks were sculpted with CHANEL Mois-
turizing Bronzing Powder in Terre Ambre – no
blush colour.

She used shades of blue and grey from the
CHANEL Quadra Eyeshadow in Bleu Celeste
all the way up into the eyebrow and toward the
hairline as a bold singular statement.

Her lips were totally nude but hydrated with
CHANEL Rouge Allure in Mythic

SUMMER/2010 27
Chanel Looks
Kate Bosworth
Makeup Artist Kate Lee
Beauty Inspiration: “I was inspired by Kate’s
Valentino dress, and I wanted to give her a retro,
30’s style makeup look.”

Her cheeks were CHANEL Powder Blush in Im-
prevu which she applied to the cheekbones and
across the bridge of the nose.

CHANEL Intense Eye Pencil in Clair, inside the
eyes to pop their amazing colours! She then used
CHANEL Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Taupe
Grisé, from the lash line to the brow bone, gently
gradating as she went.(both items from Fall 2010
collection). She blended almost up the brow
bone and mirrored under the lower lash line to
complete the gentle wash of colour. Lashes were
curled, and a generous coating of CHANEL
Inimitable Mascara in Noir completed the eyes.

Finally, on her lips she used CHANEL Rouge
Coco in Rose Comete, a soft blue pink.

28 SUMMER/2010
Sienna Miller
Makeup Artist Kate Lee
Beauty Inspiration: “Sienna wore a beautiful
navy blue dress. We were channeling Brigitte
Bardot and decided to do a 60’s influenced eye.
I used navy colours to make it a little more mod-

Kate prepped Sienna’s skin with CHANEL Hy-
dramax + Active Cream.

CHANEL Powder Blush in Rose Bronze on the
apples of her cheeks.

She used CHANEL Intense Eye Pencil in Marine
by wetting the tip then filling in the upper lids
to form the base and depth of Sienna’s 60’s ink
pot eyes. On top she pressed in the navy shade
from the CHANEL Quadra Eyeshadow in Bleu
Celeste, blending in a very controlled manner,
so not to lose the oval shape.

The lips were CHANEL Rouge Allure in

SUMMER/2010 29
Beauty Most Wanted
With so many amazing beauty inno-
vations, what could possibly be the
most wanted item for summer?
Something hot, sultry and enticing,
just like summer itself! Meet the lux-
ury designer lipsticks making their
way into the chicest make up bags
and get them while they’re hot!

30 SUMMER/2010
ere are a lot of variants to choose
from and let’s take a look at some:
- Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Collection
- Rouge Coco Lipstick by Chanel
- Dolce & Gabbana The Roses Lipstick Collection
- Burberry Beauty Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick
- Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Lipstick

No matter what lipstick you’ve chosen go for

bright and juicy summery shades!

SUMMER/2010 31
e most beautiful summer
2010 visuals - Illamasqua
Body Electrics Collection