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Pencil an instrument for writing At this time, I started to
Pencil or drawing, consisting of a thin used pencil and crayon
stick of graphite or a similar By this media I know h
Crayon substance enclosed in a long to hold pencil properly
thin piece of wood or fixed in a astudent to draw some
metal or plastic case. A crayon shapes and color it.
(or wax pastel) is a stick of
colored wax, charcoal, chalk or
other material used for writing

or drawing. A crayon made of

pigment with a dry binder is a
pastel; when made of oiled
chalk it is called an oil pastel.
Pencil an instrument for writing In this year I was grade
Pencil or drawing, consisting of a thin one. I was still using
stick of graphite or a similar pencil with paper to
Paper substance enclosed in a long enhance my writing sk
thin piece of wood or fixed in a
metal or plastic case. Paper
material manufactured in thin
sheets from the pulp of wood or
other fibrous substances, used


for writing, drawing, or

printing on, or as wrapping
A book is a series of pages By this year, I started t
Book assembled for easy portability hold books to read som
2007-2008 and reading, as well as the and to developed my
composition contained in it. reading skill.

Radio is the technology of That time I enjoy listen

Speaker music using speakers,
listening news through
Radio radio as well.


using radio waves to carry

information, such as sound, by
systematically modulating
properties of electromagnetic
energy waves transmitted
through space, such as their
amplitude, frequency, phase, or
pulse width.A speaker is a term
used to describe the user who is
giving vocal commands to a
software program.
Newspaper is a periodical In this year, my habit is
Newspaper publication containing written reading newspaper and
information about current magazine because it
Magazine events.Image result for what is contains a lot informat
magazine about world and countr
A magazine is a publication, happenings.
usually a periodical
publication, which is printed or
electronically published.

A dictionary, sometimes known By this point, my medi
Dictionary as a wordbook, is a collection dictionary to gain
of words in one or more knowledge and to incre
specific languages, often my vocabulary.
arranged alphabetically,which
may include information on
definitions, usage, etymologies,
phonetics, pronunciations,
translation, etc. or a book of

Manila Manila paper a strong usually At this point, I was gra
Paper brown paper made from Manila 6 and my media are
hemp. marker, manila papers
A book is a series of pages books because of
assembled for easy portability reporting.
and reading, as well as the
composition contained in it.
Marker Marker a felt-tip pen with a
broad tip.

Google is a search engine that By this time, we usuall

Google can be employed to find a had reporting and we a
variety of information such as reporters we need to
websites, pictures, maps or gathered information s
even just the answer to the used Google since it's t
crossword clue . popular search engine.

YouTube is a free video sharing At this year, I'm fun of
YouTube website that makes it easy to watching YouTube vid
watch online videos. because of different


Facebook is a social By this year, I used

Facebook networking site that makes it Facebook because of p
easy for you to connect and influence; they said tha
share with your family and Facebook is the fastest
friends online. way to communicate in
different areas.


Spotify, the popular digital At this time, one of my

Spotify music streaming service. media is Spotify becau
Merriam-Webster is areference enjoyed a lot of music
Merriam books, especially known for its there. On the other han
dictionaries. Merriam Webster also
Webster media at that moment
2015-2016 because it was easy to
search the meaning of
certain word.

Social networking service that In this year, I used to

enables its users to take communicate my famil
16- pictures and videos, apply friends, etc. through so
digital filters to and can be media. It was nice beca
seen by thousands of people. there are a lot of featur
that can use by individ
to communicate creativ
2017 and easily.
Submitted by: Gemma B. Mejala
12 ABM-B student

Submitted to: Mrs. Riza Lynn O. Siega