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General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures

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2 Corporate Presentation

Tax. General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Abbreviations Abbreviation Description Abbreviation Description BS OHSAS BSI’s Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series HP Horse Power CAGR Compounded Annual Growth Rate MMBOE Million Barrels Of Oil Equivalent CBM Coal Bed Methane MMSCMD Million Metric Standard Cubic Meter Per Day CPCL Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited NELP New Exploration Licensing Policy DIL Deep Industries Limited O&G Oil & Gas EBIT Earnings Before Interest & Tax ONGC Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited EBITDA Earnings Before Interest. Depreciation & Amortization PAT Profit After Tax EBT Earnings Before Tax RGPPL Ratnagiri Gas and Power Private Limited GACL Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited GDU Gas Dehydration Unit sq km Square Kilometres GSPL Gujarat State Petronet Limited TCF Trillions of Cubic Feet 3 Corporate Presentation .

General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Contents 1 Company Overview 2 Key Highlights 3 Business Opportunity 4 Annexure 4 Corporate Presentation .

General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Business Segments One of the leading solution provider to the Oil & Gas producers in India  Diversified Oil & Gas company serving the industry in India since 1991 One of the leading companies in Outsourced  Business interests includes: Compression and  Oil Field Services Dehydration – Natural Gas Compression – One of the leading companies in the outsourced gas compression business – Natural Gas Dehydration – One of the first companies to supply dehydrators on contract basis More than 2 decades of experience in oil and gas – Drilling and Work over Rigs – Long standing relationship and preferred vendor status with few clients  Exploration & Production – Oil & Gas Exploration & Production – 4 NELP Blocks Service providers to a large number of oil and gas – CBM Exploration & Production – 3 CBM Blocks in India and 1 CBM block in Indonesia producers in India – Marginal Fields – 3 Fields awarded by ONGC in Rajasthan  Presence through its subsidiary in USA and Singapore and a branch office in Indonesia Deployment of Skilled team  One of the first companies in India to provide high pressure Natural Gas Compression Services and Gas and efficient customisation Dehydration Services on charter hire basis  Rated as “CARE A-” and “ CARE A2+” (28-Sept-15) and “CRISIL A-” and “CRISIL A2+” (12-Nov-14) for Long term and Short term Bank facilities respectively. Long term association with US based vendors  Received several accolades including Forbes Asia .Best Under Billion Dollar Company – 2010 List 5 Corporate Presentation .

Asia Inc. USA (“IPO”) Contract awarded for Gas compression Purchased one 100 Awarded 3 marginal gas Air Compression by Equipment Lease and Ton Cardwell KB 500 fields by ONGC ONGC Service Agreement with S Axle Mobile Rig 2007 Hanover.General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Journey of the Company Major milestones and achievements 1991 1997 2004 2006 Commenced activities Contract awarded for Sales Representation Awarded 2 CBM of providing liquid Agreement with Valerus blocks under CBM III Natural Gas transportation services Compression by ONGC Compression Services Initial Public Offer Ltd.. USA Strategic shift from Registered with 2001 providing Crude International Oil/Liquid transport Association of services to providing Drilling Contractors Air/Gas compression (“IADC”) services ISO 9001-2000 1994 certification 2005 6 Corporate Presentation .

000 HP ISO 14001:2004 & BS OHSAS Drilling Rig Services 18001:2007 Certification 2015 2010 * For the Company 7 Corporate Presentation .780 Mn in Cairn India ltd Gas Dehydration Business Natural Gas Compression Contract at 2013 Awarded contract worth Gamnewala by ONGC INR 850 Mn for 1. General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Journey of the Company Major milestones and achievements 2008 2011 Contract awarded for Natural Awarded one of the largest Gas Compression Gas Compression at Balol by Contracts at Rajamundary by ONGC ONGC Natural Gas Compression Contract at Kariakal by Awarded 1 Onshore O&G block HOEC 2014 under NELP VII Awarded 1 CBM Block in Indonesia Natural Gas Compression Award of 25% stake in Contract at Kemalapuram by Natural Gas Compression Contract at Kalol by ONGC North Karanpura CBM Block CPCL Winner of 3 O&G Blocks under NELP IX Natural Gas Compression Contract at Award of largest* onshore Awarded contracts Borohola by ONGC workover rig contract from worth INR 2.

General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Key Highlights Comprehensive service provider to oil and gas companies Comprehensive service offering to oil and gas producers Growing Business Consistent yearly growth in revenues Long term relationships with clients & Large Order Book First mover advantage in outsourced gas dehydration opportunity Qualified Management & Experienced Team 8 Corporate Presentation .

2  Have tie-ups with 5. Singrauli & MMSCMD expansion purposes MMSCMD expected to  1 oil & gas block each Godavri) in India come up for in Chhattisgarh and bidding/already bid for Gujarat and 2 oil &  1 CBM Block in gas Blocks in MP Indonesia 9 Corporate Presentation .7 gas fields in Rajasthan companies for Karanpura. General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Comprehensive Service Offering 1 Technically equipped to provide comprehensive offering to oil and gas producers Oil & Gas Services Exploration and Production Natural Gas Compression Work Over & Drilling Rigs Natural Gas Dehydration Conventional Unconventional  Owns 53 Gas  Own and operate 9  One of the first  Deep Industries is  Deep Industries is Compressors with total work over rigs companies to bag operator in 7 oil & gas operator in 4 CBM capacity of more than  Have tie ups for up to contract for blocks in India blocks in India and 50.5 TCF Services in India MMSCMD  3 onshore marginal international  3 CBM blocks (North  Compressing about 3.000 HP 2.102 sq km having total area of 2.920 MMBOE resource potential of Gas Compression Dehydrating about 1.060  One of the largest  Currently has 1 drilling resource potential of sq. km having companies providing rig  Contract for 8.000 HP Dehydration on covering total area of Indonesia covering a contract basis in India 10.5  Contracts for 5.

General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Growing Business 2 Track record of delivering projects and maintaining commitments Gas Compression Business – Growth in Asset Base to keep up with increased business Particulars Deployment of Gas Compressors & Rigs 53 FY13A FY14A FY15A Owned by the Company Gas Compressor Business 10 48 Number of Gas Compressor Packages 43 48 53 7 No of Clients 18 19 27 7 Rigs Business 43 Number of Onshore Rigs 7 7 10 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 No of Clients 4 4 5 No of Gas Compressors No of Rigs Deployment of Gas Compressors and the Rigs have increased as have the number of contracts and clients per year 10 Corporate Presentation .

4 58.3 378 614 669 296 FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 EBITDA EBITDA Margins PAT growth 21.6 18.1  Overall revenue has grown with a CAGR of 18.8 20.7% over FY2012-FY2015  Robust 23. General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Consistent Yearly growth in revenues 3 Strong growth in topline and bottom line with robust margins Revenue Growth EBITDA Growth All figures in INR million All figures in INR million 534 563 1.026 920 56.7 19. underscoring the operations of the Company FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 PAT PAT Margin 11 Corporate Presentation .9 48.0 54.9% CAGR in EBITDA aided by margin expansion 200 213 over the same period 120 121  PAT margins too have been consistently high.

General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Established Relationships with Clients 4 Our experience and performance help us meet PQE requirements Long term relationships with various public sector and private sector clients in India Long term relationships help in a better understanding of our clients’ requirements and better evaluation of the scope of work and risks involved in a project we bids for. as well as address changing demands in target markets 12 Corporate Presentation .

504 GACL 10 Grand Total 6. Cairn 774 2.769 1.382 million from 28 contracts to be completed over the next three-four years Total Order book of ₹ 6.417 Gas Dehydration Units. Workover Rigs. General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Large Order Book 4 Long term nature of contracts provides clear visibility of revenues.769 million to be completed over a three year period  Current orders for work over rigs and gas compressors with outstanding value of ₹ 3.151 million provides strong revenue visibility 13 Corporate Presentation .151  New Gas Dehydration Orders secured in September 2015 with outstanding value of ₹ 2. GDU revenue expected in FY16 Current order book (Value of outstanding Contracts in ₹ million) Division wise Order Book Client Balance Contract Value (₹mn) ONGC 4.878 Oil India 321 RGPPL 299 CPCL 113 Petronet 90 GSPL 46 Assam Gas 42 Gas Compressors. Essar 40 1.

4 MMSCMD and expects to bid for a few more contracts aggregating to ~ 5 MMSCMD  Active technical backup from M/s Valerus Compression Services. as needed by the stricter implementation of regulations.  DIL is the one of the few companies in the country who qualifies to provide the Gas Dehydration on contract basis based on its experience of quantum of Gas Compressed in past.  DIL has put in bids for 2 more contracts for GDU installation for 3. one of the key suppliers of GDUs  Also has tie-ups with reputed and experienced Gas Dehydration packagers in USA for the supply of Gas Dehydration Packages 14 Corporate Presentation .2 MMSCMD has already been awarded to the Company. USA and are the only authorized representatives of Valerus in India. General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures First mover advantage in Gas Dehydration 5 Gas dehydration to provide an additional revenue stream from FY16 Deep Industries to benefit from its market positioning Gas Dehydration Unit  The blast at the GAIL site increased the scrutiny on the processes followed by producers and resulted in regulations being made more stringent  This necessitated ONGC to get a dehydration unit installed at the site before resuming production.  ONGC Rajamundry contract for installation of a Gas Dehydration Unit for 1.

Exploration. drilling and completions. Prem Sawhney.L Patel Vipul Singhal Rohan Shah Sr. to be held in Oct 15. has over 20 years of the Work Over Rig and Drilling Rig University.Com degree from Gujarat University. Exploration General Manager Chief Financial Officer Post Graduate in Geology & PhD in Has experience of 12+ years in Holds CA degree from The Institute of Petroleum Economics. Singhania.K. USA. is instrumental in industry. Rupesh Savla. Served as GM of ONGC with over 46 years of experience in drilling for carbon b resources.General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Qualified Management & Experienced Team 6 Qualified and motivated employee base and experienced management team Qualified and motivated employee base and experienced management team Paras Savla. Ghai. Operation & Reliance Industries Limited and He has about 9 years of post Economics. Com. He has over more planning. As of September 30. Essar and Reliance Industries. N. Australia. Advisor Senior Vice President 27 years of extensive experience in B. Gas operations. ED and CEO for E&P Sr. Dharen Savla. Chairman & Managing Director Managing Director Executive Director First i generationi entrepreneur with i h over C Commerce G d Graduate f from G j Gujarat MBA from Swinburne University of 20 years experience in oil and gas University and an MBA from Bentley Technology. Nominated as a finalist for the experience in execution of projects in Activities of the Company. ONGC. 2015. Development. He Chartered Accounts of India and holds a than 36 years of experience with ONGC in has worked as Drilling Engineer in B. responsible for the HR department.S.E(Chem). the Company had more than 550 full time employees 15 Corporate Presentation . the oil and gas sector. A. Reliance Industries and Essar Dr. Advisor. MBA with more than 37 Holder of certificate in drilling from exploration and development of years of experience in the Oil and Gas International Well Control Forum and has conventional & unconventional hydro sector. He is also CNBC 14th ABLA. K. supervised operations. Past P assignments i i l d include specialisation i li ti in i severall areas off Oil and d conventional ti l Oil & Gas G and d CBM wellsll in i ONGC. Graduate from Gujarat College. qualification experience.

General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Business Opportunity Further expansion in oil and gas services sector in India Increase market share in in Gas Compression Business Expand Rigs business by capitalizing new opportunities created by increased demand on exit of one of the existing players Leverage our experience and track record in the gas compression to get new contracts for gas dehydration Focus on expansion while maintaining margins Expansion of assets base to cater to new opportunities in all three segments of Oil and Gas Services 16 Corporate Presentation .

an explosion – Specialised service providers who can provide shorter lead times – Reduced capex requirement for upstream companies – Risk mitigation and better performance  The Gas Dehydration Business throws open an immense opportunity as most Public Sector Undertaking would be happy to contract this business due to the time taken from decision making to implementation.  PNGRB has made it mandatory to have the Gas Dehydrated before they can be mounted  This can lead to corrosion and leakages. driven by: worse still. We believe. or to the gas pipelines. based on industry discussions. General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexures Business Opportunity Leveraging technical expertise to target opportunities in the GDU space Changing market dyncamics to provide an opportunity to players Need for Dehydration  In June 2014 a massive fire broke out following a blast in GAIL 18" size underground gas  Wet gas can form hydrates in pipelines. We expect gas dehydration to be outsourced.  The blast at the ONGC site increased the scrutiny on the processes followed by  Because of the potentially high hydrate producers and resulted in regulations being made more stringent. contents in the gas the blockage can arise within minutes without any prior warning. that the immediate potential for gas dehydration would be close to 10 MMSCMD 17 Corporate Presentation . Pipeline in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. India which if accumulated can create plugs in the pipeline. if they themselves have to install.

Ambli Bopal Road. Ahmedabad .380058 . Ambli. FY 2016 Thank you for your Interest Annexures Follow DEEP INDUSTRIES LIMITED 12A & 14. Abhishree Corporate Park.

457 1.586 3.583 1.055 1.003 3.018 Operating Expenses 164 224 245 Deferred Tax Liabilities 174 235 290 Other Long Term Liabilities 1 15 15 Employee Benefit Expenses 68 93 133 Working Capital Borrowings 76 62 123 Other Expenses 55 65 82 Trade Payables 56 60 75 Preliminary Expenses Written Off 4 4 4 Other Current Liabilities 5 3 3 Short Term Provisions 172 219 119 Total Operating Expenses 291 386 463 Total Shareholders Equity & Liabilities 3.936 2.026 Term Loans 799 1.720 1. 90 - Other Income 18 12 13 Total Shareholders Funds 1.893 3.970 2.0% 54.9% Capital Work In Progress 498 515 500 Total Fixed Assets 2.013 Reserves & Surplus 1.196 Total Revenue 669 920 1.904 Money Received Against Share Warrants . General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexure Annexure 1 Financial Snapshot | Income Statement & Balance Sheet Income Statement (Consolidated) Balance Sheet (Consolidated) Balance Sheet FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 Income Statement FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 Share Capital 263 263 292 Total Revenue from Oil & Gas Services 651 908 1.586 3.840 19 All figures in ₹ million Corporate Presentation .209 Non Current Investments 3 3 3 Depreciation & Amortization Expenses 101 120 121 Long Term Loans & Advances 26 7 5 Other Non Current Assets 25 26 34 EBIT 277 413 442 Current Investments 37 42 10 Finance Costs 64 85 108 Inventories 48 41 59 Trade Receivables 136 167 260 EBT 213 328 334 Cash & Equivalents 66 111 109 Total Tax Expense 91 127 121 Short Term Loans & Advances 164 267 131 Other Current Assets 27 30 20 Profit for the Year 121 200 213 Total Assets 3.5% 58.003 3.472 2.707 Intangible Assets 3 3 1 EBITDA Margin 56.840 TOTAL ASSETS EBITDA 378 534 563 Tangible Assets 1.375 2.

4%) 20 Corporate Presentation . General Introduction Company Overview Key Highlights Business Opportunity Annexure Annexure 2 Corporate Structure Deep Industries Deep Natural Resources Prabha Energy Private Deep Energy LLC Deep Global Pte Ltd Limited Limited Subsidiary Subsidiary Subsidiary Subsidiary (70%) (71.