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Under the Guidance of

Mr. Ankit Lal
Territory Sales Manager Airtel, Bareilly



(SESSION 2007 - 2009)

Submitted By
Ankit Saxena
Roll No : 0707270022

IIMT Management College

(Pocket ‘O’, Ganga Nagar, Mawana Road, Meerut, U.P)
(Affiliated to U.P. Technical University, Lucknow)

I Ankit Saxena ,by declare that I have carried out summer training

project on the topic comparison study of Airtel VS other company in

Airtel telecom services Bareilly. I further declare project work is my

original work and no part of this report has been published or

submitted to anybody or university of any other degree or diploma.


Place Signature

A project report like this can be completed without help and

advice from different services. This summer training project has been
made possible through the direct and indirect co-operation of various
person for whom I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude.

As the part of M.B.A. program, this summer training project

helped me and given me a chance to work and gain experience in my
specialization subject.

First and foremost I am thankful to the academic and the

administrative member of the IIMT family, for giving me a chance to
work on this project .I am thankful to Mr. Ankit Lal (Territory sales
Manager, Airtel Bareilly.) not only for his idea regarding the project
work. But also for his effective guidance whole hearted co-operation
and support while developing this project.

I am thankful to our DIRECTOR, DR.P.K. Ghosh due to his

effective guidance regarding the project work and the support while
teaching research methodology.

Without his inquisitive and helpful teaching methodology, I

could not possibly have developed and sustained an abiding interest
in learing research methodology. Last but not least, I am thankful to
those person who help me morally while conducting survey to collect
the primary data regarding the project.


Today cellular phone service has change the life style and

working method of people in India as well as in the whole world. Now

we able to contact anybody anywhere at anytime I had and privilege

to take training in Fastrack Communication, Bareilly.

In past few year, India experience a metamorphic change in

telecommunication services with gradual transaction from the

traditional method of wire a communication. Phone is common sight

in developed areas. So, because of several utilization of cellular

phone there is huge opportunity in this market and therefore grand

operator and not new technology are marketing the cellular phone

market sizzle like never before. So to say in this point of time, it is

very important for any company to retain its dealers and customer to

satisfy by the service provided by it ton maintain the network.


1. Introduction

2. Company Profile

3. Organization Structure

4. Value Added Service


1. Objective of the Study

2. Marketing Research Process

3. Research Methodology

4. Research Objective

5. SWOT Analysis

6. Conclusion

7. Data Analysis

1. Suggestion & recommendation

2. Questionnaire

3. Bibliography


The Word Cellular has been originated from the English Word


Cellular Telephony is a network of wireless equipment, which

use radio waves .The cellular phone sends and receives radio single

to and from nearest cell site, which is connected to the mobile

Switching Center (MSC). The MSC is connected to the conventional

local phone network. The use of radio waves as the communication

line eliminates the use of wires that tie down to one point. As long as

you are in the cellular service area, whether you are moving or

stationary you remain connected at all times.

When you subscribe to cellular phone service you are provided

with a SIM Card (Subscriber Identity Module ). The SIM Card is about

the size of a regular band credit Card with a microchip, which stores
you cellular number and other subscriber information. In the field of

cellular telephone, now a day mainly four technique are used which

are G.S.M. C.D.M.A, W.L.L, M.P.S./Cellular business based on GSM

and P.D.C.S.

Technology is spread all over the world. There are about 400

GCM network on air more than 164 countries, totaling close to 473

million subscribers. Different operator allows assessing different type

network GSM networks. There are essentially three type network –

900,1800 and 1900GSM.

What is GSM?

GSM stand for Global system for mobile communication. It lays

down the common standard for mobile telephone. Which allows the

subscriber to use their handsets, in any place ,which has GSM


GSM in the PAN European standard for digital cellular

telephone services it is worlds fastest growing mobile communication

standard. GSM was designed for European market to provide the

advantage of automatic, international roaming in multiple countries.

GSM system has already been implemented in Asia, Africa and the

Middle East

Being a digital technology GSM provide crystal clear sound,

fewer drop cells, excellent transmission quality and mobility not only

in India but even when you are traveling abroad.

The Sim card is vital component in GSM operation. The user

can store all relevant data for the phone on a removable plastic care.

The card can be plugged onto any GSM compatible phone and the

phone is instantly personalized for the user.

How the GSM Cellular phone


1. The caller while stationary or while traveling want to make a

2. His call is transmitted to the nearest radio base station from

where; it is transmitted through a microwave ling or through a fiber

optic cable to a mobile switch on exchange for mobile phone cells.

3. If the cell is to another mobile subscriber, the mobile switch to

another radio base station, from where it is transmitted to the

receiver’s mobile phone, directs it

4. In case the call is to subscriber on another network, fixed or

mobile. It is directed to the public network via the mobile switch and is

then carried to its destination like a normal call.

History & Present Status

Bharti Tele-Ventures was incorporated on July 7, 1995 as a company

limited liability under the Companies Act, for promoting
telecommunications services. Bharti Tele-Ventures received
for commencement of business on January 18, 1996. The Company was
initially formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bharti Telecom
Limited. The chronology of events since Bharti Tele-Ventures was
incorporated in 1995 is as follows:

Calendar year & Events


- Bharti Cellular launched cellular services'AirTel'in Delhi

- STET International Netherlands NV, or STET, a company promoted by
Telecom Italia, Italy acquired a 20% equity interest in Bharti

- Bharti Telenet launched cellular services in Himachal Pradesh


- British Telecom acquired a 21.05% equity interest in Bharti


- Bharti Telenet obtained a license for providing fixed-line

in Madhya Pradesh circle


Bharti BT Internet for providing Internet services

- First Indian private fixed-line services launched in Indore in the

Madhya Pradesh circle on June 4, 1998 by Bharti Telenet thereby
fixed-line services monopoly of DoT (now BSNL)


- Bharti Tele-Ventures (by acquiring a 63.45% equity interest in SC

Cellular Holdings) acquired an effective 32.36% equity interest in
Bharti Mobile (formerly JT Mobiles), the cellular services provider
Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh circles

- New York Life Insurance Fund, or NYLIF, acquired a 3% equity

in Bharti Cellular


Bharti Telenet a 100% subsidiary of Bharti Tele-Ventures

- SingTel (through its investment company Pastel Limited) acquired

STET's 15.3% equity interest in Bharti Tele-Ventures

- Bharti Tele-Ventures acquired an additional effective 41.64%

interest in Bharti Mobile (by acquiring the remaining 36.55% equity
interest in SC Cellular) resulting in Bharti Tele-Ventures holding
effective 74% equity interest in Bharti Mobile.


- Bharti Cellular entered into license agreements to provide

services in eight new circles following the fourth operator cellular
license bidding process

- Bharti Telenet entered into license agreements to provide


- Bharti Telesonic entered into a license agreement with the DoT to

provide national long distance services across India

- Bharti Telesonic launched national long distance services under

brand name of IndiaOne


-Ties up with SSC (Secondary School Certification) Board, Hyderabad,

where Bharti will announce SSC results to its customers on their
mobile phones

-ICICI Bank ties up with Bharti for pre-paid mobile cards via ATMs

-Bharti forays into Mumbai with offers

-Sunil Mittal, Chairman & Managing Director of the company, bags

Businessman of the year award by Business India


-Bharti Cellular unveils CareTouch service

-Bharti Group's cellular brand Airtel has unveiled free multimedia

messaging services (MMS) for its customers. The company has also
rolled out pan-India GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) for its
corporate subscribers

-Launches its `IndiaOne MeetXpress' audio-conferencing service

-Launches free additional connection to its new subscribers in New


-Airtel provides SMS cricket updates

-AirTel rolls out voice mail service for pre-paid customers

-Offers 0-1-2, a new cellular package for the customers, which means
zero charges on incoming calls, Re 1 on mobile-to-mobile outgoing
calls, Rs 2 on mobile-to-mobile STD calls

-Six cell operators move over from Bharti to VSNL

-Airtel unveils IndiaOne Long Distance Calling Card

-AirTel unveils new post-paid scheme at zero rental

-AirTel launches `Happy Plan' in AP

-Airtel emerges as the highest selling pre-paid card

-Bharti launches first dual band network in Delhi

- AirTel on December 16, 2003 announced the launch of expense tracker

service, which provides customers the option of tracking their
day-to-day expenses on a daily or monthly basis. To avail of this
service, the customer should register himself by sending EXP REG Your
mail ID{gt} to 3020. This service will allow a user to track expenses,
while on the move by sending an SMS. Each SMS sent to 3020 would cost
Rs 3.


- Mobile service provider AirTel is launching its first ever MMS

(Multi Media service) downloads in Tamil. The launch of this service
has been timed to coincide with Pongal.
-Airtel launches Rs 50 pre-paids recharge

-Bharti Tele-Ventures enters into a three year service agreement with


-Bharti Tele-Ventures (BTVL) has signed and received unified access

service licence to provide GSM services in five circles including
Uttar Pradesh (East), West Bengal & Andaman Nicobar, Orissa, Bihar
and Jammu & Kashmir. The licence has been granted to Bharti Cellular
Ltd (BCL), the cellular arm and subsidiary of BTVL.

- Internet gateway and services provider, Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

(VSNL) has signed a Right to Use (RoU) agreement to deploy mobile
telephony major, Bharti Tele-Ventures' existing National Long
Distance (NLD) backbone.

-Bharti launches 2-in-1 card

-India's leading cellular company Bharti Tele-Ventures has bagged the

Asian MobileNews operator of the year award in India and the

-Bharti Tele-Venture on July 19 launched ring back tone service which

is a personalized mobile music service where the caller hears songs
and other sound clips instead of the traditional switchboard
ring-ring tone

-Airtel rolls out Full Talktime Advantage card

-Airtel rolls out wi-fi services in Mumbai

-Airtel launches GPRS services for pre-paid customers


-Bharti Tele Ventures Ltd has announced that Airtel, ICICI Bank &
VISA have joined hands to launch mChq - a revolutionary new service -
a credit card on the mobile phone

-Bharti Tele Ventures - Airtel introduces BlackBerry Connect in


-Bharti Tele Ventures announces agreement with Vodafone

-Airtel unveils 'free flight' offer


-Airtel unveils Re 1 STD plans

-Airtel launches NetXpert.

-Airtel launches Post2Pre recharging service on April 04,2006.

-Airtel sets up customer centre

-Mobile service provider Airtel today announced the launch of `Save

My Phone Contact' service for its pre-paid and post-paid customers in

-Bharti Tele Ventures bags 'Wireless Service Provider of the Year' &
'Competitive Service Provider of the Year' awards

-Sunil Mittal bags CEO of the Year award


-Bharti Airtel, telecom major, has come out with a slew of

initiatives including buying out SingTel's 50 per cent stake in joint
venture under sea cable company Network i2i for 0 million.

-Bharti Airtel on Feb 11, has been awarded QCI-DL Shah National Award
on Economics of Quality.

-Bharti Airtel Ltd has announced the following changes in the

operational leadership structure and roles in the Company effective
April 01, 2007.
-Bharti Airtel Ltd on April 01, 2007, has announced the reduction in
International Long Distance Tariffs (ISD) for all its mobile
customers in India.

-Airtel signs agreement with HTC for touch screen mobile.


• Bharti Telesonic entered into a joint venture, Bharti Aquanet,

with sing Tel for establishing a submarine cable landing station at


• Bharti Tele-Ventures acquired NYLIF’s equity interest in Bharti


• Bharti Cellular acquired a 100% equity interest in Harti Mobitel

(formerly spice cell), the mobile services provider in Kolkata.

• Bharti Tele-venture acquired an additional equity interest in

Bharti mobinet from millicom International and bell south


• Bharti became the first private telecommunications service

provider to lounch international long distance service.

• Bharti cellular entered into license agreements to provide

mobile services in eight new circles following the fourth operator

mobile license bidding process.

• Bharti Telenet entered into license agreement to provide fixed –

line service in the Haryana, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka circles.

• Bharti Telesonic entered into a joint venture. Bharti Aquanet,

with sing tel for establishing a submarine cable landing station at


• Bharti Tele-venture acquired NYLIF,s equity interest in Bharti


• Bharti cellular acquired a100% equity interest in Harti Mobitel

(formerly spice cell), the mobile service provider in Kolkata.

• Bharti Tele-venture acquired equity interest in Bharti cellular

from British telecom,

• Punjab license restored to Bharti mobile by the DOT and

migration to NIP –1999 accepted.

• Bharti Telesonic has entered into a license agreement with

DOT to provide National Long distance service in India has been the

first service provider to star6t service in the country .

• Bharti Aquanet, Bharti telescopic and Bharti cellular have

entered into license agreement with the DOT to provide ISP service

In India.


• Bharti launched mobile service in Gujarat, Haryana, Kerala,

Madhya Pradesh circle, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Punjab, Tamil Nadu,

Uttar Pradesh circle.

• Bharti listed on the national stock Exchange, Bombay Stock

Exchange and the Delhi Stock Exchange on February 18,2002.

• Bharti entered into a license agreement with the DOT to provide

international long distance service in India.

• Bharti launched fixed –line service in the Delhi, Haryana,

Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu license areas.

Bharti Enterprises

Telecom Seychelles

Launched Cellular service at Seychelles on December 12,

1998. Has licence to provide basic telephone service. Cellular
service, Cellular GSM service, International Telecom service, Radio
Paging, Satellite service and Marine Communication. Prior to Airtel s
entry, Cable and wire to UK had been providing telecom service here
to over 100 years and in a very short span of three years Airtel has
grown the market by 100%with 60% the total market share.

Bharti Telech

Longest manufacturer of BEETEL brand of PBT. First Indian

company to export PBTs to USA &Nepal.

Bharti Duraline

A JV between Bharti Telecom & Duraline Corporation-USA to

manufacture & market permanently lubricated Silicone HDPE ducts,
used to Intel and protects optic Fibe Cables and co-axial cables.
Clients such as Expressway Authorities Railways, Oil & Gas Piline
owner & telecom companies.
Bharti Enterprise
• Bharti Telecom

Is the flagship company of Bharti Enterprise, has introduced

telecom product.

• Bharti Telecom

It is holding company for Bharti cellular Ltd. Telenet Ltd.

Bharti cellular Ltd.: - Launched in Delhi on November 1995 and
became the first company to have 5,00,000 subscriber base
Operates in 16 cellular circles before Procuring 8 additional
Bharti Ltd.: - A partnership between Bharti and telecom Italia
was to revolutionize basic telecommunication through its launch
of basic telephone service at Indore (M.P.), on June 4, 1998
Bharti created history by completing the network roll out in MP,
in record time by commissioning 2600km. Long Optical fiber
transmission network,

Bharti Telespatial

It is the holding company for Bharti Internet service (Mantra

Online) and the Bharti British-British Telecom V-Sat service.
Bharti BT Internet: - Launched Mantra Online in Delhi, Mumbai
and Bangalore on May 26, 1999.
Bharti BT VSAT: - Identifying core relevance in salevance in
satellite communication through DAMA/ PAMA service.

Airtel’s Journey
• 1992 – Government invites cellular Mobile Telephone Bids.
• 1994 – Bharti cellular granted license to provide cellular phone
• Service in Delhi; JV establish – Bharti cellular is born
• 1995 –cellular service Airtel commercially launched in Delhi by
Bharti cellular
• 1996 - cellular service in HP and basic telecom service in MP
• 1997 – Airtel becomes a Mega Millennium network with
1,00,000 subersciber.
• 1998 – Airtel become the total communication service provider
with launch of service in Seychelles.
• 1999 – Airtel join the select Global club of service provides with
of the art ‘intelligent Network’ Platform.
• 2002 – Airtel crosses 6,00,000 subscriber base mark.

About Airtel

• Introduced GSM cellular service at Delhi on December

• Has more than 6,00,000 customer base at Delhi alone.
• Has operation in 6 cellular circles of Himachal, Delhi, Andhra
Pradesh, Karnatka &Chennai.
• Acquired 9 new cellular licences for Punjab, UP, Kolkatta,
Maharashtra & Goa, MP, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, Haryana &Gujrat.
• First Airtel connect inaugurated in1995.
• 2nd MSC switch installed in April 1997.
• Introduced in service platfom in 1997 Has Roaming 350 cities in
• International Roaming across 60 countries.

Excellence Recognition

• Voted Best cellular service consistently in 1997, 1998, 1999

• Won the coveted Technies award
• Asia pacific award for most Innovative HR practices –2000
• Golden peacock National Training for excellence in training
practices –2000
• Golden peacock National Quality Award –2001.


• Introducing the concept of retaling

• Launching cell- to- cell in Delhi
• Achieve 10 million calls
• Introducing of VAS such as smart mail, Fax Facility, Call
hold/wait etc.
• Launch of commercial services
• Crossing 30 lacs customer Base

Our Partners

Singapore Telecom

 British Telecom

Warburg Pincus

 New York Life

 Telia AB Sweden

 Intel

 Siemens Ltd.
Bharti-Group Structure

Bharti Enterprises

Bharti Teletech Bharti Tele-venture Bharti Global

Mobility Leaders Infotel Leaders

Cellular Fixed line Long Broadband

Service Service Distance Service

Bharti Healthcare Bharti Foundation

Bharti Televentures Limited- Organization

Cellular Aces Long Distance Broadband

Cellular network Fixed-line Network National long Services

Distance Network

Andhra Pradesh Internet Services

VSAT Services

Chennai Madhya Pradesh All Indai Network solutions

Delhi Circle International Long

Gujarat Haryana Distance Ketwork

Haryana Delhi All India

Himachal Prades Karnataka

Tamil Nadu Landing Station

Karnataka Chennai



Madhay Pradesh




Tamil Nadu

Uttar Pradesh




Joint Managing Director

Operation Corporate Function

President President Director Director

Cellular Fixed-line, Project & Human
Service Long distance& Capex Resource
Services Director Director
Finance Marketing&

Director Director
Legal Corporate

Director Group
Corporate Company
Affairs Secretary

Management – Bharti Airtel

Name Designation
Sunil Bharti Mittal Chairman and Managing director
Ajay Lal Non Executive Director
Bashir Currimjee Non Executive Director
Francis Heng Hang Song Non Executive Director
Mauro Sentinelli Non.Exe\Ind.Director
Paul O'Sullivan Non Executive Director
Rajan Bharti Mittal Non Executive Director
Manoj Kohli Joint Managing Director & CEO
Nikesh Arora Non.Exe.Independent Director
Manoj Kohli Joint Managing Director & CEO
Name Designation
Akhil Gupta Non Executive Director
Arun Bharat Ram Non Executive Director
Chua Sock Koong Non Executive Director
Kurt Hellstrom Non Executive Director
N Kumar Non Executive Director
Pulak Chandan Prasad Non Executive Director
Rakesh Bharti Mittal Non Executive Director
Quah Kung Yang Additional Director
Pulak Chandan Prasad Non Executive Director
Quah Kung Yang Additional Director








We will meet the mobile

Communication needs of our

Customers through

 Error free services delivery

 Innovative products and Service

 Cost Efficiency

 Innoventuring

 Customer

 Performance

 Valuing Partnership

 Valuing People

 Responsible corporate Citizenship

 Ethical Practices
Our Quality Commitment

We will deliver error-free

Mobile communication

Service through

 Customer service Attitude

 Employee Empowerment

 Speed

 Creativity and

 Continuous Improvement
Session objective

By end of this session you would have knowledge on

 Postpaid products

 Prepaid products
Post Paid Products – Air Tel

Air Tel-postpaid contract connection

 Postpaid are those connections where the customer enters into

an agreement to utilize mobile services.

 Customer is billed as per his usage.

 Receives a monthly bill for services availed.

 For a postpaid connection customer has to :—

 Pay Refundable basic Security Deposit.

 Fill up the Subscriber Enrollment Form.

Post Paid products Air Tel

Documents required with SEF

Any one of:

 PAN No. and details/Form 60/61

 Photograph

 Relevant photo identification

 Driving license copy

 Voter’s ID’s copy

 Passport Copy
Post Paid Product – Air Tel

Pricing / Tariff Plans

It has two Components

1. Airtime

2. Other Network Charges

 The customer chooses from the tariff Plan offered to them

 It varies from law user to High User.

 The customer can shift from one Tariff Plan to another.




Advantages for a Postpaid Customer:

 Monthly Billing

 Various Value added services available

 Call Details are provided to the customer.

Pre Paid Products – Air Tel Magic

Airtel Magic – Prepaid It is a ready to use cellular


 Pre – activated

Cared – Instant


 Off the shelf


 No monthly

Rentals – No bills

 Easy Recharge

 For a

Per Paid Products – Air Tel Magic

Magic Offers:

 Proactive SIM card

(Activated after submission of Documents)

 Recharge Coupon

 Value added Service

Reactivated ISD/STD


Call wait / hold

Call divert

Information services

 Voice Mail

Pre Paid Products – Air Tel Magic

Magic Distribution

Distributors are typically


The Retails outlets range from

Telecom Shops to PCO’s to

Chemists to Stationery Shops

For Magic 3 levels of sales are monitored:

Primary : Company to Distributor

 Secondary : Distributor to Distributor

 Secondary : Distributor to Retailer

 Tertiary : Retailer to end Customer

Session Objectives

By the end of this session you would have

knowledge on:

The value added Services

 How do the Value Added Services Works.

 What is the billing and Charges of the vas.

Value Added Services

Air Tel in order to make cellular telephony an integral part of a

users life and to empower his / her lifestyle while on the move offers

various other facilities called value Added Service.

These value Added Services can be divided into

1. Call Management Services

2. Voice

3. Data
Value Added Service

Call Management Services:


 Call Wait / Hold


 Call Divert

 Call Conference
Value Added Services – CLIP – Not Available it is
included in Rent.

1. Caller Line Identification Presentation

 Enables the display of the number that is calling the subscriber.

If the calling person’s name has been entered in the phone

book the calling person’s name is flashed.

 Enables the subscriber knowing who is calling before accepting

the call.

 Enables the user being able to opt answering the call or not.
What does it cost?

This facility is a available to his at a monthly charge of Rs. 99/-

Advantages to the Customer

 Has the option to reject unwanted calls.

 Saves airtime on calls he does not wish to answer.

 Can call the caller from a landline.

Value Added Services – Call Wait/Hald

2. Call Wait / Hold

If the subscriber is taking a call and somebody else calls the

subscriber is alerted through a sound alert. The subscriber then has

the option to either putting the call in progress on hold and answering

the new call or rejecting the new incoming call.

Billing & Charges

There is on monthly charge for this facility but the subscriber

has to pay the incoming rate for both the calls.

Advantages to the customer:

Ensures the customer does not miss any call.

Can talk to 2 callers alternatively.

Value Added Services – CLIR

4. Call Line Identification Restriction

When some one calls a cell phone user who has CLIP the

caller’s number is displayed on the LCD screen. The CLIP restricts a

subscriber number being displayed when he / she calls.

Billing & Charges

he charges for this facility are Rs. 199/- per month.

Advantages to the Customer

Can make calls without the party receiving knowing who is calling.

Chances for rejection of calls lesser.

Value Added Services – Call Divert

5. Call Divert

When the subscriber does not wish to answer a call on his

cellular phone he/she can divert the call to any other cellular/land line

or voice mail number.

There are various options that the user can set for call divert:

 Un – conditional I.e. all calls to be diverted

 When busy

 When the call is not answered

 When the phone is off or there is on coverage

Billing & Charges

Monthly subscription – Nil

 When a call is forwarded to an MTNL number:

 Outgoing airtime and MTNL charges.

Value Added Services – Call Divert

Billing & Charges

 When a call is diverted to another cellular number.

Outgoing airtime and the cellular number it has been diverted to

will be charged its incoming airtime.

Advantages to the Customer

 Can transfer the calls to another number or voice mail.

 Ensures that call handled in the manner that he / she wants.

Value Added Services – Call Conference

 Call Conference service is pre activate in prepaid or postpaid in

present time. By this facility user can take talk to max. 5 people on

one time by talking them on conference.

 The other user can also take the 5 people on conference

include him, dose not depend on network

Call Conference Charges

User have to pay for there local and std rates for there conference call per min.
Value Added Services – Safe Custody

6. Safe Custody

If a customer does not wish to utilize his cellular service for a

certain period of time but wishes to retain his / her number he can

keep his number in safe custody till he wishes to reutilize the service


The safe custody option is valid for a period of six months only.

Billing & Charges

Monthly charges of Rs. 250/-

Advantages to the Customer

 If the customer is going out of town he / she does not have to

pay rentals for he time period they do not wish to utilize the service.
 The do not have to deactivate their connection and take a new

connection or return.

 They can retain the same number.

Value Added Services – Voice Mail

Voice Mail

Air Tel provides the capability to a user to have his / her own

answering machine, which ensures that a subscriber never misses

out on any call.

When the subscriber is not able to answer a call is busy on

another call, out of signal range or the cell phone is switched off, he /

she can divert the call to a voice mail box which records the message

in the callers own voice.

The subscriber later at his or her own convenience can retrieve

the massages.

Value Added Services – Voice Mail

How to activate voce mail?

Calls transfer needs to be diverted to a voice mailbox, where

the caller can leave massages.

Got to the divert menu on the handset and select the options

that you want the call to diverted i.e.

 When the Cellular phone is busy.

 When the Cellular phone is out of range.

 When there is no reply.

 All Calls to be diverted.

After the selection enter the number the calls have to diverted to.

Which is 98100 98200

Value Added Services – Voice Mail

Billing & Charges

For the Voicemail facility the customer has two options:

Monthly Subscription Airtime charges

Nil Rs. 1 per minute for Massage retrieval only.

Advantages to the customer

 No call goes unattended

 Does not need a separate voice mail

 Has the facility of recording greeting in his / her own voice

which enables that the caller is greeted by a familiar voice.

Value Added Services – SMS

SMS – Short Message Service

One of the capabilities of the GSM technology is the sending

and receiving of short receiving of short text message through the cell


Message that can be sent through SMS can be only up to 165

characters in length.
This facility can be used to send messages, greeting or memos.

If the user is the coverage area or the cell phone is switched off

the message is stored and the receiver will get the message when he

is back in the Air Tel service area and his handset is switched on.

Value Added Services – SMS

How to use the SMS Service?

 Go to the message menu and set service Center to

+91989701914 / 5

 To send a message go to the write message menu key-in the

message and send it to the persons cellular number.

 When the subscriber receives a message his / her display

screen will flash a message the user can then go to the read

message option to read the message.

Billing & Charges

The customer will be charged Rs. 1.00 for every outgoing SMS.

Advantages to the Customer

 Can send greetings / memos etc.

 Can store a message and send the same to multiple numbers.

 Can get a message though to people even when the receiving

party may be unable to answer the phone.

 Complete assurance of the message getting through

Value Added Services – SMS

SMS Based Information Services

The customer by sending certain Key words by SMS can get

back information pertaining news, entertainment, weather, medicine,

travel schedules, etc.

Services Offered:

 News
 Stock

 General

 T.V Schedule

 Sports

 Entertainment

 Travel schedule

 City information

 Niche segments – Doctors

 Content

 Helpline

Value Added Services – SMS

Billing & Charges

The customer will be charged Rs. 1.00 for every outgoing SMS

Advantages to the customer

 Information at finger tips

 Information highlights

Value Added Services – E-mail


Airtel through its e-mail services adds the power of the Internet to the

cellular phone.
 Directly send the message to your e-mail address which would

be 9L xxxxxxxxxx @

 For eg. If the user’s mobile number is 9810012345 then the

email address would be

Value Added Services – e-mail

Sending e-mail from a handset

 Go to write message menu

 Type in the e-mail Id that he / she wishes to send the message


 After a space type the message to send

 Send the message to the address 600.


1. To examine the present market condition of AIRTEL when

compared with ESCOTEL.

2. To determine the present market position of AIRTEL in Bareilly.

3. To determine the preference of the customer, regarding mobile

communications (Airtel Vs Escotel)

4. To study that how much market is covered by both Airtel &


Study is conducted to study different tariff measure the level of

satisfaction of the dealer’s and to know the present market position of

Airtel communication when compared to Esectel.

Another main purpose of study was to complete of the project

during the summer training, as it is the requirement of a MBA student.


The whole project constituted to determine the dealer

satisfaction. The survey was carried out in Bareilly. It is the

requirement of Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The study was carried with special reference to Bharti Cellular

Ltd. Bareilly. This project was carried out for the above-mentioned

reasons and to acquire deeper knowledge to Telecom Sector.


It is the very important part of the project study, which contains

various important things, or heading like.

 Research design

 Universe

 Sampling

 Types of data

 Method of date Collection

As it is quite obvious that tope like study on the level dealer

satisfaction and present marketing condition. It is very hard to under

to various surveys without any specific sampling.

(a) Research Design

The research work designed in such a way that whole study

related to the topic was carried through the sample study by the help

of questionnaire and interviews including management cadres.

(b) Universe

The total universe was divided in certain specific units. Here

universe means the concerned environment where survey was

conducted. Actually the study was carried out in a group of two

people. Basically the universe for this study was total Bareilly.

(c) Sampling

It was very tough to conduct survey every where and with each

customer. So, sample study was done. The sampling design consists:

 Sampling unit-Dealers

 Sampling size-Here sampling size is 200.

 Sampling procedure-Questionnaire, interview,

and survey.

(d) Types of Data

There were two types of data and those were primary and

secondary data. Primary data was consisting of data collected during

the survey. While secondary data were consisting of some sort of

supported information regarding company, customers, places and

many more.

(e) Method of Data Collection

Primary data were collected through various survey and interviews of

top personnel. The whole customer survey was done through

questionnaire and interview. A copy of it is attached in the appendix.

While the secondary data were collected through company’s

magazines and browser and information gathered and given by

training guide.
Comparison Between Escotel And Airtel

At present in Bareilly, there are two major cellular phone

connections providing companies. In case of GSM they are Escotel.

For may study it was very important to enlighten the good and bad

qualities of both the companies so, that Bharti Cellular Ltd. can

improve more in satisfying its dealer’s resulting in the indirect

satisfaction of is customer’s and strengthening its market position.

Comparison was done mainly based on:

 Tariff

 Dealer satisfaction

 Visibility

 Average connection sold

 Complaints and suggestions

Plan My Tone Airtel/Escotel

Escotel is providing two type of cellular connection

 Post paid/Smartone
 Prepaid/V-Tel

Post paid/Smartone (Escotel)

The standard package for post paid is as follows:

Normal Connection
Basic security deposit = 1000/-

Activation Charges = 500/-

In regular connection there are three schemes available:


Monthly rent: 349/- Airtime charges: 1.99/- (60 sec pulse) I/O


Monthly rent : 599/- Airtime charges : 1.50/- (60 sec pulse) I/O

Monthly rent: 799/- Airtime charge: 1.20/- (60 sec pulse) I/O

Pre-Paid Connections

VITEL Talk time 590/-

V-tel Sim Card 494/- (Validity 30 days)

Available recharge coupons: MAGIC

VALUE 210/- Magic Sim Card495/-

Talk time: 175/- Available recharge coupons:

(Validity 20 days)  VALUE 324/-

VALUE 525/- Talk time 175/-

Talk time 494/-

(Validity 30 days)

 VALUE 630/-
(Validity 30 days) (Validity 30 days)

VALUE 599/-  VALUE 1260/-

Talk time 475/- Talk time 1075/-

(Validity 30 days)

Dealer Satisfaction

Under the survey there was a question to measure the level of

satisfaction from the service providing company with the help of
parameters such as:

Airtel Escotel
 Poor  Poor
 Average  Average
 Good  Good
 Excellent  Excellent

It was observed in case of Airte, dealers were satisfied and they

ranked it as company satisfying the dealer on an average. Whereas,
Escotel was going with the updation of its Network, its customers like
busy network faced so many problems call dropping, non-connectivity
Overall it was viewed that Escotel was not doing well in serving
its dealers & customer when compared to Airtel. At that point of time
they were installing SIEMENS Switches in their Network.


During the survey emphasis was also paid on the factor of




Talking about the complaints and suggestion it was found that

people ware satisfied with the performance of Airtel in Bareilly.

Reason being the have improved their network a lot.

Where as Escotel was facing some problems related to Airtel

need to improve its customer Care service as complained by the
customers of U.P. West. It is having its customer care in Delhi so it is
not easy to solve each & every query of customers so fast as it is
done in case of Escotel, it is having its customer care for U.P. West &
Uttaranchal customers in Vidya Lakshmi complex, Bareilly

Dealer outlet selling in Bareilly

Survey is being done on 300 outlets. Out of them dealers


 V- tel+Magic = 82


 Only Magic = 78

 Magic + Airtel = 60


 V-tel + Escotel = 80

The graphical representation is given in the next page.

Dealer Promotion of the Company to the


During the survey I found that dealers on their behalf promote

the product of the company in following manner.

 20% promote V-tel

 25% promote Magic and

 Rest 55% promote both V-tel and magic






10% 3%



0-2 3_5 6_10 above -11

Dealers Exclusivity

The next part of the survey was to find out dealers exclusivity

when they are selling both product i.e. V-tel (Escotel) and Magic


 Total no. of dealers selling both V-tel (Escotel and Magic)

(Airtel) = 96

 Dealers want to be excusive for a single company either

Escotel/Airtel = 45

Escotel Airtel
20 25

 Dealers do not want to be exclusive for any company = 55

 Being exclusive for any company depends on the profit and

margin provided to dealer = 6

The graphical representation is given in the next page.





Exclusive for Escotel Exclusive for Airtel

Donot want to be Exclusive Depends on Margin
Customer Preference

As I have gone through the survey I found that there are 53% of

customer preference Magic (Airtel) and 47% of customers given their

preference to V-tel (Escotel).




Serial No. : Date :…
349 PLAN PLAN 599 PLAN 999 PLAN 1699 PLAN
Monthly Rental (Rs.) 500 99 99 99 99 99
Bill Plan Charge 250 250 500 900 1600
Enrollment fee (once 1000 1000 0 0 0
only)(non refundable)
Security Deposit 1000 0 0 1000 1000 1000
Airtel Rates (In Rs.)
Standard Hours (8.30 am – 9.30 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs
To Local GSM 4,50 plus actual
(Including Intra Circle) Access
charge on all call
PSTN (Private & 1.99/1.00 1.80/1.00 1.2 0.75 0.6
To Mobile 1.75/1.00 1.00/1.005 0.5 0.5 0.4
To WLL (Private & 1.99/1.00 1.99/1.00 1.2 0.75 0.6
PSTN (Private &
Less then 50 km – 1.99 1.99 1.20 0.75 0.6
with/without transit
50 – 100 kms 1.99 1.99 1.99 1.99 1.99
100-200 kms 1.99 1.99 1.99 1.99 1.99
200-500 kms 2.99 2.99 2.99 2.99 2.99
More then 500 kms 3.99 3.99 3.99 3.99 3.99
Confessional Hours (9.30 pm- 8.30 am) NA NA NA NA
4.50 PLUS Actual
charge on all call
ISD 15.99 15.99 15.99 15.99 15.99
Sunday & National 1.50 plus actual NA NA NA NA NA
Holidays Access
charge on all call
Incoming Free Free Free Free Free Free
Free Airtime every Rs 100/mth Nil Nil Nil Nil
month for 12 mths.
STD Discount :-
Mobile-Mobile Nil Nil Nil 250 250
(Includes-A-A) free min.
STD Discount Free min Nil Nil Nil Nil 10
No activation in New Freedom 349 Plan & AirTel 012 Plan
I/We want to subscribe to the following Bill Plan circled below:
(WEST) 349 PLAN AITRTEL-012 599 PLAN 999 PLAN 1699 PLAN
1. For all the above tariff plans the pulse rate of 60 sacs is applicable
except for RTP which in on 30 sacs pulse.
2. Clip charges waived of till 1st july 2003 a promotional offer.
3. The SMS charges in (MO) will be Re. 1/SMS MO.
4. For charges for Values Added Services and to subscribe please refer
to VAS activation from.
5. For call charges of Re 1 per minute Rs 50 Extra per month would be
6. M2M STD pack : 100 minutes charges at Re 0.50/min for an additional
of Rs 100 per month on total Freedom 999 & Total Freedom 1699
7. SMS Combo Pack : For a monthly charge of Rs. 49/-SMS charges @
Re .60 per SMS OM + 80 free SMS.
I have read and understood the terms and conditions mentioned and
unconditionally accept them as binding on me. I have understood the rates, lariffs
and other related conditions as mentioned in the bill plan enrolment form at which
telecommunications services will be provided. I hereby undertake to pay all
charges raised on account of services availed.
Subscriber’s Name: Subscriber’s Signature: Company Name & Stamp:
Mobile Number (Only for exlsting users for Bill Plan charges): Date: Sale
Franchisee/ Franchisee Name
1. Any charges in the Bill plan would also be applicable from the next billing
2. Other terms & conditions on Subscriber Enrolment From (SEF) remain as
3. For other deposits and facilities please refer the other documents
available form the time.
4. Bharti Cellular Limited resaves the right to alter/change the above
mentioned tariff plans without intimation of the subscriber.
5. the above mentioned tariff plans are subject TRAI approval.
6. All outgoing tariff inclusive of applicable IUC charge as per directive from
7. Re 1 between 11pm-8sm daily.
Bharti Cellular Limited :
Regd. Office: H-5/12 Qutab Ambience, Mehrauli Road, New Dehli- 110 030
Circle Office : Plot No. : 493, Scheme – 1 Mangal Pandey Nagar, University
Road, Bareilly, U.P. – 250004
Call : 98970 12345. Visit us at www airtelworld com


During the survey it was found that 48% of the dealers were

keeping both V-tel and Magic in their other outlet.

5% were keeping. V-tel.

And 4% dealers were having Magic (prepaid)+Airtel (post paid). Out

of the above data 27% dealers’ were interested in being exclusive for


8% dealers do not want to be exclusive for either company.

And rest 6% dealers said that their exclusivity depends upon the

Company’s scheme.

The weekly average connection sold by dealers of Airtel ranges

between 3-5 to 6-10.

Where as on the other hand it was 0-2 to 3-5 for Escotel.

The study reveled that customers preferred more of Airtel

connection compared to V-tel. Due to the good network service

provided by Airtel.

At some point Escotel was giving strong competition to Airtel

because of its good schemes. The prepaid connection is more

popular that the post paid connections due to the limited consumption

of mobile phone in the region. 60% of the people preferred to have

the prepaid connection and only 40% of them wanted to use the post

paid connections. During the survey respondent’s support was quit

well and 45% of the people gave suggestions in order to improve the

services of Bharti Cellular Connection Lte.

Airtel should be really proud of its new 32K Sim launched which

is really attracting new customers.

Swot Analysis Strength
 Airtel was the 2nd to be launched in U.P. (W)

 Wide network of franchise and dealers with sales team.

 It has its 24 hrs customer care service in Delhi and shortly

open in Bareilly.

 Offers a number of value added service to the sustomers.

 The financial muscles of the Bharti group back Bharti.

 Airtel cellular network has been built by lucent technology

the leading telecommunication equipment provider in the


 Airtel provides the widest coverage more than any other

circle service provider in the country.

 Airtel provides high-level signal transmission foe stable

and ensure network.

 Proper and regular advertisement by which customer can

easily know about various changes and new scheme.

 Having an internal communication system i.e. called



 Some customers are not satisfied with the services of

the company.

 Should learn to handle its potential customer by their

proper knowledge.

 There are some customers who do not pay their bills

regularly, so there must be proper arrangements o

calling bill from such customers.

 There are some customers who get connection by

depositing wrong address proof and documents so it

reduces the reliability of regular customers.

 Business of customer care dept., reduces the

satisfaction of customers.

 Airtel has weak signals in interior areas of city and


 There are tremendous opportunities in cellular market.

 Airtel has got license of four new circles (Punjab, U.P. (E),

Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh). So the company has lots of

opportunities in these new circles.

 Airtel has providing prepaid connections. So it creates new

opportunities for low- income groups to access.

 Airtel has providing national roaming and international roaming

facility so that high-income groups can get easy access.

 Bharti group is backed by the financial muscles of bharti group

so it has an opportunities to go in international cellular market.


 Competition with Dot phones.

 BSNL is knocking the door of cellular market with a lest cost.

 Government have issued the licenses to AIRTEL and

RELIANCE to provide its services in U.P.(W) circle.

 Airtel is going to provide its services in four new circles so it has

face cut through competition by existing companies.


While going through the survey, I came know what the common mass

thing about Bharti Cellular Communication Ltd.

It is doing well but needs to improve as an ongoing process. The

prospect base of the company is very high. But nothing succeeds

better then success. So, Airtel has to improvise. On certain grounds

on the basis of my survey I am giving the following suggestion.

 Dealers should be provided with the booklet of all

the facilities and services what so ever he/she will get.

 Claims should be cleared as early as possible.

 Standard and amount of visible should be improved

and increased respectively.

 New and better schemes should be launched to

maintain its position in market.

 There are a lot of single dealers of Airtel also

interested to sell connections of Escotel. So Escotel should reach

to them as soon as possible.

 Regular pamphlets should be send to the dealers to

educate them about the new changes in schemes/policy/changes


 The margin if the dealer should be increased to an

optimum level affordable by the company to motivate the dealer in

further improvement.

 There are certain points on highway where Airtel

needs to improve its signals. They should promote the sales force

to enhance the after sales services.


Market research suffers from several limitations. A large no. of

problems caused by financial constants, insufficient, sample size,

lack of personal contact etc. during the survey following limitation was


 The sample size decided by the company was comparatively

small to know the present market scenario.

 The survey as too much of time consuming as it was person-to

person interview and a door-to-door survey.

 The dealers come times did not respond properly and asked

irrelevant questions, to the questions put to them.

 The survey was only confined in Bareilly.

 The problem arose with dealers as they provided wrong and

bias information to protect their image I front of their favoring


Q.1 Do you own a cell phone connection?.

1. Yes 2. No

Q.2 If No, But want to use which connection would you prefer ?.

1. AIRTEL 2. Escotel

3. BSNL 4. Reliance

Q.3 IF, Yes Then which connection do you use ?.

1. AIRTEL 2. Escotel

3. BSNL 4. Reliance

Q.4 For how long you are using this connection ?

1. Below 6 months 2. 6 months

3. One (1) Year 4. Above one (1) Year

Q.5 Are you are satisfied with your service connection ?.

1. Yes 2. No

Q.6 How much you are satisfied with your service connection ?.

1. Satisfied 2. Somewhat Satisfied

3. Dissatisfied 4. Somewhat dissatisfied

Q.7 Are you satisfied with the dealings of your customer care ?.

1. Yes 2. No

Q. 8 Are you satisfied with the billing department ?.

1. Yes 2. No

Q. 9 Are you satisfied with department dealings ?.

1. Yes 2. No

Q. 10 Do you think that service connection will show better response in near future ?.

1. Yes 2. No

Q. 11 Your suggestions to improve the services offered by us?.

Name : Occupation :

Organization : Address :

Contact No :
1. Kotler Philip, “Marketing Management”.

2. Kotler and Armstrong, “Marketing Management”

3. Kothari C.R., “Research Methodology.

4. Business Today. June, July Edision.

5. Business world. June, July Edision.