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ECE613 Advanced Embedded Programming L T P C

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Version No.: 1.00
Prerequisite: C programming

Awareness on Linux Device Drivers, System calls, API, Architectures of Open Multimedia
Application Processor, FPGA.
Expected Outcome:
Ability to write simple device drivers, API‟s for Embedded systems.

Unit I OMAP 3 hours

Architecture of UTLP-OMAP, Modes, Interfaces and peripherals, Setting up the interfaces
between LINUX PC and UTLP.

Unit II Development Environment 2 hours

Eclipse project and project files, API‟s for 7Segment LED, Character LCD, LED, UART,
GLCD & touch panel in Normal Mode.

Unit III Linux 3 hours

Linux Basics, Booting process, make files , using SD card and reader to transfer programs,
Introduction to LINUX system calls, API‟s, device drivers, compiling and installing a device

Unit IV FPGA Introduction 3 hours

FPGA vs ASIC, design scenarios, Building blocks of an FPGA: LUT, LE, Slices, CLBs, RAMs,
IOBs, Clock Management, Configuration of FPGAs, FPGA design flow, Test bench based
verification in FPGA design.

Unit V FPGA Applications 4 hours

FPGA implementation on UTLP-Overall Block Diagram and interfaces, Designing Key pad
interface, Designing serial asynchronous interface (RS232C), Designing parallel interface
(Character LCD), FIFO designs.

Reference Books:
1. Michael Barr, Anthony Massa, “Programming Embedded System with C and GNU
Development Tools” O'Reilly Media, 2006.
2. Neil Mathew, Richard stones, “Beginning Linux Programming” 3 rd Edition, Wrox – Wiley
3. Technical reference manual of UTLP[Unified Technology Learning Platform], 2011
4. Technical reference manual of XILINX Spartan-6.
5. Technical reference manual of OMAP 35X.

Mode of Evaluation: Assignments/Term-end/Projects.

Proceedings of the 29th Academic Council [26.4.2013] 231