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Concepts of Physics

1. What is the analogous component of a magnetic circuit with respect to current of an

electrical circuit?
a) MMF b) Flux c) Flux Density d) Reluctance

2. Half-life of a radioactive substance is ---------- to the mean life.

a) Proportional b) inversely proportional c) equal d) not related

3. Suppose the mean lifetime of a radioactive particle is 1 ms. If the mean lifetime becomes
double, the half-life will become:
a) 2 times b) 0.5 times c) np change d) none of the above

4. Heat energy received by the earth from the sun is due to

a) Convection b) Radiation c) Both a and b d) None

5. A sphere, a cube and a thin circular plate, all made of the same material and having the same
mass are initially heated to a temperature of 3000°K, which of these will cool fastest?

a) Sphere b) Cube c) Plate d) All at the same time

6. The process of heat transfer in which heat is transferred with actual migration of medium
particles is known as

a) Conduction b) Convection c) Radiation d) None

7. A black body radiates energy at the rate of E watt m-2 at a temperature of T Kelvin. When the
temperature is reduced to T/2 Kelvin, the radiant energy will become

a) E/2 b) E/8 c) E/16 d) None of the above

8. Woolen clothes keep the body warm, because wool -

a) Is a bad conductor b) Increases the temperature of body c) Decreases

the temperature d) All of these

9. The modulus of elasticity is dimensionally equivalent to

a) Strain b) Stress c) Surface tension d) Poisson’s


10. Two wires have the same material and length, but their masses have the ratio of 4:3. If
they are stretched by the same force, their elongations will be in the ratio of
a) 1:1 b) 3:4 c) 4:3 (d) 9:16

11. In an experiment to determine the Young’s modulus of the material of a wire, the length
of the wire and the suspended mass are doubled. Then the Young’s modulus of the wire

a) Becomes half b) Becomes double c) Becomes four times

d) Remains unchanged

12. Which one of the following does not affect the elasticity of a substance?

a) Hammering
b) Adding impurity in the substance
c) Changing the dimensions
d) Change of temperature

13. In a wire, when elongation is 2 cm energy stored is E. if it is stretched by 10 cm, then the
energy stored will be

a) E b) 5 E c) 10 E d) 25 E

14. With rise in temperature, the Young’s modulus of elasticity of a material

a) Increases b) Decreases c) Does not change d) Initially

increases, then gradually decreases
15. The period of geostationary artificial satellite is

a) 12 hours b) 24 hours c) 36 hours d) 48 hours

16. What pressure acts on an 80 kg person on the foot surface, by standing on one foot and
the area considered is a 100 cm2?

a) 0.8 kg/m2 b) 8 kg/m2 c) 80 kg/m2 d) 0.08 kg/m2

17. Accommodation of the human eye is:

a) The ability of the lens to change the index of refraction

b) The ability of the eye lens to change its optical thickness in dependence of the change
of curvature diameter
c) The ability of the eye lens to transmit better some wave lengths
d) The ability of the eye lens to change the diameter of curvature

18. Electrocardiography is a medical method which makes it possible to scan and graphically
a) Electrical activity of an individual myocardial cell
b) Electrical activity of the heart
c) Electrical activity of a nerve fiber
d) Mediated biosignal

19. Mediated biosignal originates:

a) As a response of a biological object to outer stimuli of a physical or chemical factor

b) As an answer of heart listened by a stethoscope
c) Only as an expression of a biological system activity
d) As a result of intrinsic activity of the biological system

20. X-Ray device is a

a) Therapeutic Device b) Diagnostic Device c) Both a and b
d) None