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Government officials are chosen by the people.

They are bound to protect and serve

the people. It is a hot debate whether they take decisions based on their own
judgement or on the will of the people. I think there are certain times when the
government officials need to listen to the people and take decisions based on both
their intellectual ability and the will of the common people. But most of the
times, the officials need to be unbiased and work for the greater good of the

First of all, the will of the people is a very ambigous term. All of the people may
never be on the same side. Many could have possessed ill will that could
potentially disrupt the good being of a country. For example, Bangladesh has a
shared border with India. In the recent times, many people are being arrested for
drug trafficking and illegal arms trading through the border. So, the government is
now strict on the border rules and thus are thinking to impose strict rules over
inter country goods transportation. While this could potentially harm many legal
business men, it is necessary for the greater good. Therefore, despite protestation
from many business persons, government needs to be strict on this. This implies
that the judgement of the government officials can be impartial and thus benefiting
the country.

In addition, government officials can take decision which may rely on future
predictions. To illustrate, let's take an example where the country is in a
moderate economical condition. So, the people may want better salary scale, better
life style. But the government officials have incorrigible evidence that there is a
high chance of flooding this year. So, the reserve of the country should be kept at
balance to prevent casulaties and to survive the aftermath of the upcoming flood.
Therefore, despite what people demands, government officials know better than
anyone what is good for its own people. Thus, the officials can serve the people
with better judgement.

Yet, one could say that in desperate times desperate measures need to be taken.
Take for example, the case of a recent election in Bangladesh. The election
committee decided that there would be only local law enforcement agencies on guard
at the voting centers. But the people were terrified that they would be forced by
local gangs to put their votes for an undesirable one. Therefore, considering this
dangerous situation, the intermediary government decided to put the Bangladesh Army
at charge in the voting centers to keep the election unbiased. This is an example
where the officials should consider the will of the people. Though, one should
always be cautious about the ramifications of bending the rules to favor some
people which may not be well for the country.

In conclusion, i think the position of a government official is a very complicated

one. Sometimes, they need to take decision when no one is more important than the
country; though there could be a possible situation where the will of the people
deserves extra attention.