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Esto se logra a partir de la rotación por distintos sectores, donde

tienen la posibilidad de conocer las instalaciones de campo, participar

en proyectos con equipos de profesionales de trayectoria y vivir en
primera persona desafíos reales de la vida profesional.

Crecer haciendo que otros crezcan es una de las

premisas que motivan nuestro trabajo en Pan American
Energy desde hace 20 años”, explicó Huergo”

Qué sabés de la compañía?: Ésta siempre es una pregunta

capciosa. Parece dirigirse a saber si investigamos el apartado que
describe la misión de la compañía en su página web. Sin embargo, lo
que realmente pretende nuestro interlocutor es saber si nos
conectamos con esa misión, si nos identificamos con ella y en qué
medida. Por eso, cuando parece preguntarnos si hicimos nuestro
trabajo de investigación para la entrevista, nos está interpelando
personalmente, quiere saber cómo nos relacionaremos con los
objetivos de la organización.

Hábleme de usted / Tell me about yourself.

When I was a child I liked to play with water and I collected rocks, I
always liked the idea of studying a career related to the natural sciences
and in fact chemistry and biology were my favorite subjects at school. I
remember reading one day in a school chemistry book an article that said
chemistry the science of life and how this was almost all we have as
humanity, and decided to choose to study chemical engineering because
before I wanted to study chemistry. Thanks to my excellent
qualifications among the best public university in engineering, because
my family did not have to pay me a private university. During college I
worked in two research centers, one in catalysis, in the hck area, and
another in bioprocesses in the area of biofuels by anaerobic digestion. As
an engineer I am passionate about energy and oil was always my ideal to
work but the oil situation of Colombia has no programs for recent
graduates, I came to Argentina with the dream of making my life here

I am a chemical engineer graduated in March 2016, I am passionate

about the energetic processes in my career so much so that since the
seventh semester is linked to the best research group in catalisis of
Colombia "cicat" co-financed by the ICP. work in the hck area. When
my director stopped the investigation due to the oil crisis. In 2015, I
joined a research group at the university to do my thesis on biofuels.

I like to think like a very innovative person. for example in my research

thesis: kinetic study of anaerobic digestion of chicken in the
psychophilic and mesophilic ranges of temperature for the production of
methane, I managed to transform and expand the research proposal that
my director did to me since I inquired about the bases of scientific data
as (science direct) and I found that there was little research in the area of
psychoanalysis and I consider studying this aspect, taking advantage of
the fact that Colombia has cold regions. At the beginning the results of
the incubation of the inoculum from the cold lagoon were not the best so
I got ideas to propose a protocol of adaptation to the substrate and
temperature through consultations on other interesting topics such as
biotransformation. This thesis was exciting because it allowed me to
contribute my knowledge and above all to innovate and never give up.
Now I have an article accepted and soon to be published in the journal
bioresources technology with coauthorship with: ........... I think I can
also do that here, if you're willing to grant that opportunity.

¿Cuáles son sus pasatiempos? / What are your hobbies?

Hable sobre sus tres mayores realizaciones / Tell me about your three
greatest achievements.

Hábleme de una situación donde usted ha utilizado sus habilidades de

liderazgo / Tell me about a situation where you applied
your leadership skills.

¿Por qué escogió trabajar aquí? / Why have you chosen to work here?

¿Cuáles son sus fortalezas?/ What are your strengths?

I think that my best quality is the fact that I’m a fast learner. Even if I
don’t have that much experience with a certain task, with a bit of
guidance I'm able to accomplish it quickly
¿Cuáles son sus debilidades? / What are your weaknesses?

¿Con qué aspecto de la cultura de la empresa usted más se identifica?

/ To which cultural aspect of the company you relate yourself the

¿Por qué usted debería escogido para trabajar en el trainee de esta

empresa?/ Why should you be chosen to become a trainee at this

¿Cómo se ve de aquí a cinco años?/ Where do you see yourself in five

years from now?