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Radical Ecologies Designing For The Risk Society (Strategic Creativity Series)
Design Academy Eindhoven 2017 ISBN 9789491400339 Acqn 28102
Pb 15x23cm 80pp col ills £11.25

This reader is part of the 'Strategic Creativity Series' at the Design Academy Eindhoven. An
overview of the educational programme entitled 'The Risk Society', it offers insights and tools that
were generated by students through design research on risk situations. How can designers help
us prepare for, deal with, or act upon risks? This question has become increasingly crucial with
the growing number of risks currently faced by humankind - radical ecologies such as melting
glaciers, fragile financial systems, and failing democracies. The topical investigation involves
established theories about risk and newly developed ethnographic, visual, and design research

Let's Talk Water (Strategic Creativy Series)

Design Academy Eindhoven 2017 ISBN 9789491400346 Acqn 28125
Pb 15x23cm 80pp col ills £11.25

In this era of climate change, our relationship to water - be it rain or rivers, for drinking or
wastewater - is changing. A new awareness and an understanding of how we can use water
sustainably, are needed, and we must investigate how we can prepare for heavy rain, droughts
and flooding. This publication presents a range of design research methods which build on our
thinking-through-making approach, which tailored specifically to fit the complex situations we

Immersive Narratives (Strategic Creativity Series)

Design Academy Eindhoven 2017 ISBN 9789491400322 Acqn 28126
Pb 15x23cm 80pp col ills £11.25

Digital and social media offer endless possibilities to create and share multi-layered stories at a
rapid pace across the globe. Virtual Reality headsets have become a new way to deliver these
stories - and those are new on the verge of entering the mainstream. 'Immersive Narratives'
addresses how these changes influence journalism. In the Design Academy Eindhoven minor
programme students embarked on a design research journey in close collaboration with the
Dutch broadcaster VPRO Medialab.