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Nov-Dec 2017


Your Missionary Serving in British Columbia, Canada

Contact Information But our God is in the heavens: he hath done

whatsoever he hath pleased.
Sending Church Psalm 26:7
Ada Baptist Temple
301 Napier Rd Greetings Supporting Churches and Prayer Partners,
Ada, OK 74820
Pastor: Mickey Hollars Here we are at the end of another year! It has been our great
honour and privilege to serve for another year in the country of
All financial support Canada. While this is a field where hearts are often as cold as
should be made payable to
the winters and as hard as the ice covered lakes, we are grateful
and sent through Ada
Baptist Temple that God does what pleases Him and still moves in the hearts of
Field Address
Since our last letter we have had a gentleman coming that one
Wes & Susan Hutchens
1060 Elwyn Rd. of our young ladies invited to church. She invites many folks
Kelowna, BC V1X 1P4 as God gives here opportunity in her work place. Robert is an
Phone: 250.300.3452 older man that shops where she works. Several weeks ago he
came for the first time to our morning service. He stayed for
Web Address:
our monthly lunch fellowship, and visited with several of our
folks. As he was leaving I asked about his church background
Email: and he told me he was following the Hindu belief system. Robert has come for several different services and events, but
on Christmas Eve he came for our Christmas program. I had
planned for a gospel message because I had hoped we would
have visitors, however Robert was the only one. During the
message, Robert’s countenance changed from his normal
happy-go-lucky smile to one of intense focus and
thoughtfulness. He did not get saved, but I believe the Holy
Spirit was working in his heart. Please add Robert to your
prayer list, and pray for him to come to accept Christ as his
Nov-Dec 2017

As I write this letter, Susan and I are preparing to drive to Los Angeles to see Sam, Juliana and Emma
off as they leave to begin their ministry in New Zealand. Sam is the third successive generation of
Hutchens to head off for the mission field. My dad and mom left for their first term in Jamaica about
two weeks after Susan and I married October 1984. Susan and I came to Canada to plant churches in
August 2004. And now Sam and his family begin their work in New Zealand. God is good!! Please
pray for them as they go, and for us as we drive down and back to LA.

Susan and I are doing well. As I just mentioned, Sam & Juliana are beginning the new year in New
Zealand. Andrew is enjoying his new job as a peace officer with all of its demands. Beth was able to
visit with us in Canada during her Christmas break, and has now returned to Minnesota to continue
her teaching job.

Thank you for all of the Christmas cards and financial gifts that were sent our way. Thank you for
your prayers, which are essential to the work here. And, thank you for being faithful to the Lord
where he has planted you! Happy New Year!

By His Spirit,

Wes & Susan Hutchens