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The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection by Captain Pat BOONEPictures from Jan
PASHIDIS � Renato ZACHELLO � Krister EDLUND and Chris BRADY � author of Version 2.1 - Jan 20th, 2010
2. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection This presentation covers the Boeing 737
(Classic & Next Generation) pre-flight Exterior Inspection according the Boeing
FCOM Normal Procedures and Cold Weather Supplementary Procedures. For training
only, do not use for operation ! Always use your company publications as sole
official source ! Reference : Boeing 737 FCOM December 2009 Legend : (CL) = Classic
(NG) = Next Generation Slide 2
3. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection This presentation requires Microsoft�
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4. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection This 40 slides presentation comes with over
100 pictures and lots of extra information. Whether you are a newbie to the 737 or
an experienced Boeing 737 captain, you will certainly discover interesting items�
Don�t run through this presentation click-click-click-click-click-click � Instead,
prior to viewing the next page, challenge yourself �what am I looking for when I�m
doing the exterior inspection myself ?� and find-out that you may be overlooking
some important safety items ! Slide 4
5. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection This presentation is divided into 4
chapters : 1- General Guidelines 2- The Walk Around 3- Cold Weather Operations 4-
Top 10 Blunders� Slide 5
6. General guidelines
7. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? General guidelines General Guidelines -
Surfaces and structures must be clear, not damaged and not missing - Fluids should
not be leaking - Tires should not be worn, not damaged and no loose treads - Gear
struts should not be fully compressed - Engines inlet and tailpipe should be clear,
access panels should be secured, the engine exterior should not be damaged and the
reverser must be stowed
8. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? General guidelines General Guidelines -
Doors and access panels (that are not in use for servicing) should be latched -
Probes, vents and static ports must be clear and not damaged - Antennas may not be
damaged - Light lenses should be clean and not damaged
9. The Walk-aroundExterior Inspection � Normal Procedures
10. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Left Forward Fuselage
Left Forward Fuselage An unaspirated TAT probe (recognizable by its perforation and
a large hole at the rear of the strut) indicates a valid OAT on ground only when
probe heat is OFF and after sufficient cooling time. Exterior Inspection Probes,
sensors, ports, vents and drains ��.. Check Doors and Access Panels (not in use)
��� Latched Especially on (CL) make sure the pitot tubes and alpha vane are not
Additional Information damaged by the passenger bridge. On (NG) these probes are
moved forward. Aspirated and non-aspirated temperature probe��.. Exterior Emergency
Exit Lights���������� �Now, what are you looking for lights The exterior emergency
at this location ?� interiorsimultaneously with illuminate the emergency exit
lights. An aspirated TAT probe delivers an Exterior emergency lights are accurate
temperature measurement installed next to each entry/service (we need 2 items here)
on ground. This probe is cooled by door, overwing exits and behind APU bleed air
from the left the wing root (picture). pneumatic duct.
11. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Nose Nose Exterior
Inspection Radome ����������������.. Check Forward E&E Door ���������...�. Secured

thedoor and the main may still As composite material �What are you looking for damaged (delaminated) well) are the nose wheel on the inside ! (located aft of Noise Vortex Generators guarded are by a single EQUIP amber (NG)on the flight deck. Six diverter strips transmit static build-up during normal flight. Additional Information Circuit Breaker only) (CL Forward Toilet Service Door E&E Access Door �����������... Check Gear strut and Doors ����������� Check Exterior Light ��������������.. indicates the Dome Light. As neededInspection Flood This is not the Gear Pin ��������������..�����������.. Escape Let�s take a look inside the E&E (NG) �What are you looking for The Main Battery at this location ?� Don�t call maintenance for a missing screw or bolt� ThisThe GND is the outlet for the water tiny hole SERVICE Bus drain flexiblepoweredthe flight deck. the nose mayalso Lightning impact on These strips puncture Noise vortex Generators ������������..Check AirflowHandle ishere The Light Switch is located flush. sensors.. This pictures ILS and WX antenna (located inside the showsradome requires maintenance inspection. ports. vents and drains ��. Check Nose Wheel Steering cable assembly ���� Check (NG) Picture Nose Wheel (7 items) Ground Crew Horn 13.. (MEL 33.�.. inside and around Nose Wheel Well Inspection 737-800 are sensitive to Check Some Flood Light. the floor as shown here.. Check Nose Wheel Steering Assembly ������. Even with to apparent damage on the The forward E&Efrom January 2005. This panel isExtended Door �������. Pack and Lower Fuselage The ATC 2 antenna Exterior Inspection The Cargo Compartment Access Panel allows However. to the or exceptionally and prevent damage There After each lightning strike or bird strike. the light in the forward and aft cargo you to enter the forward cargo compartment door openings come without a lens cover.. Ram Air Deflectorfrom the passenger cabin.� located A missing or cracked lens cover must be on the right hand side of the passenger cabin Pack and Pneumatic the 10th (737-6/700) � ���.. The panel Check This connection Ground Pneumatic ..�.... find stored In APU starter hand converter unit E&E entry door ! near the and removal are done via the forward cargoP91 reset and compartment. provides access no the WX radar and PSEU (NG)... Pack and Lower Fuselage Right Wing Root.. installed on light to reduce the at this location ?� flight deck ambient noise level by 3 decibel. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Right Forward Fuselage A diverter strip above each Service/Entry Door guides away rain drops rolling down from the fuselage. the E&E..E&E door be outside. but the maximum tow (CL)angleInspection Flood light bar The Nose Wheel Spin Brake (snubbers) ��. the forward E&E door. Check Nose Gear Steering Lockout Pin ����. Secured must be near Access Doors 13replaced or the light bulb th (737- 8/900) window cutout � row E. You may notice up to the nose wheel well ?� (CL) Nose Wheel Down �2 hands� during off-loading.. Check Doors and Access Panels (not in use) ��� The Crew Oxygen Bottle ground touched Latched avionics may not be wired These without carrying the Oxygen Pressure Relief Green Disc ��.. tail-tipping.. ports. decrease energydestroy the radome.. the are two E&E access doors. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Nose Wheel Well Nose Wheel Well Exterior Inspection Tires and wheels �. (2 items) 12. The red line As needed light. The forward door radome) in the event of a lightning strike. sensors. Check Do not enter the cargo compartment in case of Exterior Lights �������������� is Connectionthe cargo a (spurious) smoke/fire warning.carpet..Closed the F/O Window Verify that E&E Outflow Valve ���������.. & Locked marking. vents and drains ��.. that annoying tube when you close theoperate� Exhaust fan to sliding window� 14... below removed.. Right Forward Fuselage Exterior Inspection Probes.....Although located in which youservicing Theplaceglove.The radome is made of composite material Additional Information for operation of the WX radar. must be tube on for the (3 items) you EQUIP Cooling Normal on (CL) know.. In place is a NOGO (for tow truck drivers) aft wall) (on the Nose wheel Shimmy Dampersfor night flight ! requirement As a general rule..04) Probes. �3 fingers� (that is Additional Information Picture (CL) showing both the Nose Gear Steering �What are you looking for 5 cm or 2 inches) of polished portion Lockout Pin (lower left) and the Gear Pin (top) of the strut should be visible. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Right Wing Root.

Never grasp a LE Flap with your hands.. closed This valve is Wing anti-icing Wing Anti-Ice Exhaust �������������. Check Fan Blades. Air conditioning Outlet Outlets 16. The COMM 2 Connection Detail (CL) on the left-hand sideon the (NG) COMM 3 the airport�s (Pack) of the left-hand since airplane. (into right compartment. nosefor hot cone.. Check him� the forget about airplane because the ground engineer isTank Vent Inlet (400) Auxiliary Fuel headset-connected on the same side... The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Airconditioning Bay Airconditioning Bay Ram Air Inlets While we are here. Probes and Spinner ������ Check number of The maximum allowed drops per minute differs by engine Thrust Reverser ������������. on the by a handle air supply flight controls. 1. The airconditioning bays are located on each side of the wing roots. This picture is taken after descent Exterior Inspection in VMC and landing at an airfield with ambient Don�t call maintenance to temperature above 35 �C / 95 �F !! Access Panels ������������� notice there is no ice on the flaps ! fuel Also Latched Defined cold-soaked report holes in the leading edge ! These holes serve Leading Edges Flaps and Slats ������. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Number 2 Engine Number 2 Engine Exterior Inspection Access Panels �������������notice an engine oil leakage If you Latched during the pre-flight exterior Probes. let�s take a brief look inside the airconditioning bay. (into the Ground the Radiothe inleton a hot 2 to protect Altimeter Connection (Pack) Pre-conditioned Antenna VHF against insects duringTransmitter of the Groundconnection is located a stopover. LE/TE Flaps/Slats �What are you looking forwinglets. including maintenance. Stowedsection.duct manually operated Only on the wing itself. Check (NG) Do you recall the Cold soaked Fuel Frost Limits ? Additional Information The defueling bay door cannot be Lower Wing : Max. not(shown here). Cargo Hold Lighting�������. ports. seconds. Landing Light including clothing stowed away by (NG) Retractable (5 items) painting. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Right Wing and Leading Edge Right Wing and Leading Edge Picture of cold soaked fuel frost on lower wing surface. is located ondon�tright-hand side of the the �����������..5 mm or 1/16 inch Pressure of the right . The air-cycle machine The Water Separator The right pack heat exchangers. call maintenance.and Receiver Pneumatic Main Distribution Manifold). forward of the main wheel well. 17. 15.. (CL) Auxiliary Fuel Tank Vent����������. make sure you installed for the event that luggage is blocking Leading Edge Flapscargo door handle..��Check Lens �What are you looking for because the flaps slam upwards if your fellow pilot on the sure there is no protective cover ! Make flight deck pressurizes system B (NG) Cargo Hold Access Panel���������� along this side ?� on the static ports. sensors. 10 minutes after engine shutdown. will notice the top (5 items) You A large puddle may cause heavy ifengine scale for the left pin here smoke and right the reverser is dispatched and exceptionallyof the wing fire up to because a tail pipe dihedral inoperative (locked). Protective covers are installed for the Make also sure These 4 flat antenna�s is several reasons. for 5the reverser deployed surfaces Caution at this location ?� fan starts toafter recent flight rotate� A small puddle T12 Total Inlet Temperature Sensor of oil in the engine exhaustThe oil level indication has a different of a red locking plug is acceptable. maintenance for Oil leakage����������. and not on along the leading edge Upper Wing : Max. washing or ground personnel Air 1 and summer day.. Check frost area painting (NG) as wing anti- icing air outlet ! Fuel Measuring Sticks �����. inletarefree of FOD. Additional Information With hydraulic system B unpressurized. the Antenna�s ����������������Check LE Krueger flaps may droop.. 3 mm or 1/8 inch if the defueling valve is open. side air-conditioning system is integrated into the jetway. If view within limit These on this frame A you into the engine from the with detach the the engine (open).. vents and drains inspection.Checkfocusholes are used to rear �What are you looking for sleeve.. Check Fuel Tank Vent �������������.Before closing-up Pneumatic Manifold Duct). Check Additional Information Alignment of these black indicator Generator Drive Oil system������������ strips indicate proper stowage of to call You don�t need the left and right thrust reverser missing bolts. type and by engine Exhaust area and Tailcone ��������. Flush and secure Wing Surfaces �������������. ��.

must be painted area LE slats actuator Similar on both wings (!) 18. unless the NGS is (6 items) dispatched inoperative. uplock hook in doubt. Always .���. and if there is any the up Wheel Well ���������������. Check the ground spoilers.. Actuators and Doors ������ Check Gear Pin ������������. Check main wheel gear (dome) lights inoperative landing gear anti-corrosiveup and locked.Landing Gear Up-Lock system �What are you looking for System both the Fire Handle and the . On NG with the SFP (Short Field Static Discharge Wicks ����������. it (5 items) Only within thereset by maintenance. the strut should be extended by �3 fingers� with passengers Brake Temperature���������������. mounted The stowaway.wing ?� > 0�C or Poppet is flush with the wing OAT Check that Flame Arrestor Valve 32�F lower skin. two If aall three main landing or pin is broken. (if you found it in your garden.�F). Secure tire wear limits Refer to your company manuals and procedures for or call maintenance. 19. Additional Information As a general rule.the uses over. just consider the brake wear indicator pins. in (NG)Right Main Wheel Well ?� .. remaining dispatched with Parking brakes must set in order to check �What are you looking for one. Anyway. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Right Main Gear Right Main Gear Exterior Inspection Tires.(if OAT isMLG uplock mechanism The above 2 �C � 36 Up However. Check disappeared (CL) an inoperative inspection call maintenance. Pressure and Filters .. 21..the Loose Thread Frangible Fitting Verify that the operability green indicator light is illuminated.angle is further increased.. As a general rule at least one red and Horizontal Stabilizer : 3 one green navigation light must operate for night flight. both brake pins flush. deflection Check Additional Information Any idea about the number of static Flight and Ground Spoilers ������������ dischargers installed on each wing ? Main Wing : 4 MEL 33-11 is rather complicated due to �WhatWing (with looking different plastic lenses (single or dual) Main are you blended winglets) : 2 for at this location ?� and winglets installed or not.(CL) Landing Gear Viewing Verify that Bottle Discharge Switch are safety wired. associated hold the well protection compound maintenance� springs cannot locked position. It can even hide aspoiler Mixer.�� As needed Hydraulic Lines �������������. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Right Wing Tip and Trailing Edge Right Wing Tip and Trailing Edge Exterior Inspection Picture (NG) : The deflection of the flight spoilers deploy is less than Position and Strobe Lights ��������. call fitting is broken.. is a NOGO for night flight ! in flight please return to company) flood light (two installed � one for each gear) so here are some suggestions : .��theTwo be raised after takeoff. and fuel loaded.. According to the Maintenance Manual AMM 32-41 you may not leave with a flush pin. The F/O Flight Control Spoiler quadrant. what locking toindicator. (3 items) This picture shows a 737-800 with a dual Vertical Stabilizer : 4 plastic lens and blended winglets. It has happened that a spring However. No visible moisture If the valve is popped wing inwards. the With one or at the right main landing gear ?� DDG-CDL forTemppenalties and MFD Brake fuel display on the rejected takeoff. (NG) If The flightyou notice thesee here is the main landing center you red with an If can be dispatched keepboth (NG � as installed) NGS light �����. Check Gear Strut. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Right Main Wheel Well Right Main Wheel Well When the hydraulic fluid return filter is Exterior Inspection Thisclogged. 20.. brakes can still handle one maintenance actions. Check installed. on The FCOM does not specify what to check. the brake can stay in service if operation of the The aircraft can be pin is satisfactory. Brakes and Wheels ��������.General condition (no loose cables. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Right Main Wheel Well Inside the Main Wheel Well There is a relatively large empty space Additional Information next to and aft of each flap transmission. gear doorsmissing� Refer to the it � option) (NG missing... (4 items) Check your company SOP. a like a hydraulic pressure may look red differential fluid leak�indicator will appear on top of the filter APU Fire Control Handle �������. no fluid leaks) - Hydraulic System Quantity. the Performance) option Aileron and TE Flaps �����������. brake wear indicator pin If one is missing.

this is the (Electric Motor Driven Pump). The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Left side Left side Differences with Right Side As a general rule both pressure indicators should point upwards. apply the performance weight penalties (NG) The logo light is powered from from the DDG / CDL.�. APU Inlet Door system ������������. let�s take a look. Check Elevator Feel Probes ����������� Check (400-800-900) Tail Skid . Check Strobe Light ��������������� Check APU Cooling Air Inlet and Exhaust Outlet �. vents and drains ��. sensors. This this indicator pressure Thrust Reverser Control Valve (NG) TE Flap Transmission : hydraulic system reservoir The Standby is theunit transmits power from the orange/black keel beam.You can find six of these through cables connected with the Captain�s mounted in the forward flight deck control The TE Flaps hydraulic systemand the wheel This is the motor A EMDP wall. call Other �������������������� When dispatched with the seal removed. reservoir pneumatic The systemair EDP (Engine B pressure indicator Driven Pump) is located in� The accumulator brake Engine 2 of course. PTU.�� Check (CL) Verify that the Squib Discharge disc (yellow) Additional Information looking �What are you for and the Bottle Overpressure disc (red) are in place along the aft fuselage ?� recent delivered (NG) the main service panel is located on On The water Toilet Waste System�������������. with an extra toilet access panel in the front (CL).� Check �What are you looking for around the tail ?� (8 items) APU Exhaust Outlet 24.. is This Hydraulic system the keel beam. is located on the center torque shaft to the TE flaps for(NG). This VHF items -Antenna�������������. may tend slightly to the left They on cold days and slightly to the right (NG) Waste Compressor Vent .. ports. The CAPT Flight Control aileron quadrant.right side (NG) � left side (CL) of outflow valve comes with �teeth� to the Verify the cargo compartment entry picture is (NG). there are two of these beasts Hydraulic system B installed in the wheel well. Pressure Module 22. Check (CL) COMM 3 APU Air Inlet ��������������� Open (NG) COMM 2 (CL) APU Fire Bottle �������. Check Horizontal Stabilizer and Elevator �����. the engine reverser is de-activated� (NG) This is the center tank boost pump. pedals. The cables are connected to the The aft pressure bulkhead isilluminate with the CAB/UTIL do not flight on 737-100 thruin OFF�! hemispheric switch 800 deck manual trim wheels.�. This picture is that So. missing. the airplane. A short guided tour inside flight deck control wheel wired and pointing upwards... (Electric Motor Driven Pump).���������. 23. Both motors drive the TE flaps through common orange/black Mounted on the forward part of the system B EMDP B painted shafts. Left Aft Fuselage : When you return to the flight deck. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Right Aft Fuselage Right Aft Fuselage Exterior Inspection Doors and Access Panels �����... If the handle is rotated. Check Static Discharge Wicks ���������. The rudder door as seen from the Now....toilet service panel is located on CL) for any dents� The the opposite side. never been before. Location of the HF antenna APU Fire Extinguisher system ���������. for Engine 2.��� Closed Compartment (NG) Aft Cargo Outflow Valve �����������. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Tail Tail APU Cooling Air Inlet Exterior Inspection Vertical Stabilizer and Rudder �����... and flat on the 900 25.side. The Stab trim Main Bus 1. Probes.. inside the tail cone : rudder Stabilizer Trim system ������������. The handle is the Main Wheel Well : for maintenance only. (6 Comm NG) (7 items reduce aerodynamic noise.worth a double check� through cables connected with the F/O should be The handle on the forward side on the forward wall.. alternate electric motor are integrated in the same housing on the aft wall of the wheel well.��� Latched Negative Pressure Relief Door ���.. where you have inside. Hence the logo lights control cable drum. This here isflight deck door connected to the the electric actuator. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? The Walk-Around ? Tail Tail Location of the VOR/LOC antenna Additional Information The famous Stab Logo Light������������������� trim jackscrew Horizontal Stabilizer-to-Body Sliding Seals����� Antenna HF and VOR�������������� The APU inletsteering cables.��� Check Behind this bulkhead is the toilet Antenna VHF waste tank and the compressor. or lower seal is If the upper The electric Stab trim actuator maintenance..

The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? Cold Weather Operations Pay extra attention to the following items : Surfaces ��������������������������� Check Control Balance Cavities �������������������� Check Pitot Probes and Static ports ������������������. what�s wrong here ? (NG) The main gear frangible fitting may never be used to attach the fuel truck ground wiring cable ! 34.. you should also have noticed that the red painting is missing and/or covered with lubricating oil� This is a NOGO ! 38. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? Top 10 Blunders Number 4 During the walk- around in heavy rain. These drains guide away rain water that has entered the cabin through the Left Main Wheel Well : associated door. Check APU Air Inlets ������������������������. always pay extra attention to access panels when the airplane is being returned from maintenance. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? Cold Weather Operations Some Pictures : Clear ice on the leading edge Ice formation on the engine fan after a short taxi time Ice formation in the engine inlet Ice formation on the pitot tubes 29.cabin crew flushes when the the Check �What additional items will you be checking A malfunctioning air/waste separator may direct waste on the left side of the airplane ?� to the air outlet i. Check Fuel Tank Vents �����������������������.. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection the end .o. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? Top 10 Blunders Number 9 A large dent in the fuselage may easily go unnoticed� 32.�.. always take a look to the wheels ! 40..B737. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? Top 10 Blunders Number 2 This engine looks in good shape ? You caught a bird into the N2 compressor during landing. 30. we can as well start withthis classic one :Tools or an oil can accidentallyleft behind in the main wheel wellby maintenance personnel. so you will be flying with the right nose wheel well door open� 36... Top 10 Blunders !In fact.for more information www.����. toilets..NG) (1 item � CL) So here is a good advice : stay away from this hole ! 26. 37. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? Top 10 Blunders Number 7 OK. However. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? Top 10 Blunders Number 1 The (smaller) main wheel of a Boeing 737-500 And our Number 1 winner mounted on the Boeing 737- 400� today is� ??? So. especially during a night time walk-around without carrying a flash- light� 39..s. you will probably experience additional ambient noise in flight� 35. what�s wrong here ? This rod is broken. During the exterior inspection Additional Information you may notice the sound of the vacuum compressor Entry / Service Door Floor Drains ����. A clogged drain may Fire Discharge Bottles ������. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? Top 10 Blunders Number 10 How about these 3 tools�? General condition OK ? The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? Top 10 Blunders Number 5 OK. you may perhaps not be looking upwards� and these missing access panels from the Horizontal Stabilizer may go unnoticed� Furthermore. Cold Weather OperationsExterior Inspection � Supplementary Procedures 27. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? Top 10 Blunders Number 3 Anything wrong here ? (CL) While the gear pin may have drawn your attention. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? Top 10 Blunders Number 6 There is no potential danger that the door opens in flight when the Z-Handle is not correctly stowed. Check Landing Gear Doors ���������������������. The Boeing 737 Exterior Inspection ? Top 10 Blunders Number 8 Don�t tell me I didn�t warn you ! 33. This may go unnoticed.days as pressure inside the take a look at these drains. towards the waste tank� (2 items . Check Very often.. Check into the E&E. Check Air Conditioning Inlets and Exits ����������������� Check Engine Inlets �������������������������.uk Have a safe flight ! Slide 40 . cause rain water to seep causing damage to electronics.B737MRG. Check 28. on hot the drains are clogged ! bottles changes with www.