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‘du | Aime /R v. Wine muecer | PRG Wine mieten tablets.) 1, will Saturday. night at eight o'clock. ALMA, (Crossing down two steps.) What? JOHN. (Crossing m;, below.desk to. ber, with tablets.) Pll give you this box. of tablets, but watch how, you take them, Never | than: one. or:two, at atime. ALMA. Didn’t you say. something elsé a moment ago? JOHN. I said I would call. for you:at.the-rectory Satu ALMA. Oh . Joun, Is that ‘all tight? (ALMA nods speech with box resting in palm, of ber band, as, there, . JOHN. gently. closes her fingers on Ox. Ama, Oh! (Laughs faintly.) Rosa,..(Enters, from 1. SOS ups up L: end of desk.) Jobnny! (ALMA goes, out- hastily and R. Lights in office dim and glow comes on chart of anatomy.) JOHN. Do you think yopean find your. way home, Miss Alma? (As JOHN: closes. doorAlosa crosses to front-of chart..JOHIN crosses to ‘her, takes ber ypftighly in his arms, kisses ber. Lights-in: office tack. Then lights dim up on the figure’ of the END | OF SCENE igbts: on sky cyclorama, also SI RT ee aos aati is seated'in chair x. of table, writing. bis sermon, MRS. WINEMILLER sits on-love-seat, indolently. fanning herself. ‘ALMA runs fit from R,, crosses up, puts bat and gloves , Ott piano bench up c. ALMA. What: tinie, Father? He goes.on writing. She, crosses down to table.) What time is it, Father? WINEMILLER, ‘(Jakes out watch.) Five of eight. Pm working on my sermon. (Puts watch back in pocket.) * ALMA. Why don’t you work in the, study? 42 we : . WINEMILLER. The study is suffocating. So don’t disturb me. ALMA. (Glances ‘at’ MRS, WiNEMILLER;’ then to -WINEMILLER.) Would there be any chance of getting Mother upstairs if someone should call? WINEMILLER. Are you expecting a caller? Alma. Not ‘expectinig’ There is just’ a chance of it, WINEMILLER. Whom aré you expecting? ALMA, (Moving 1, two steps.) I 1 wasn’t expecting anyone, that there was just a possibility — * WindMILLen, Mr. ‘Doremis? T thought that his was his evehing with his mother? ALMA. Yes, itis his evening with his mothet. WINEMILLER. Then ‘who is ‘coniing here, | Alma? . ALMA; Probably no one, Probably no one at al.’ (Crdisés up, sits piano bencb.y WINEMILLER, ‘This is all very mysterious,” MRS, ‘WINEMILLER: ‘That boy next door is éeining to see ne that’s whio’s coming to see her. (Pulls her dress up’ over ber’ knees.) ALMA, (Rises,"croSsésto Mas, “WINEMILEER, kneels, ‘pulls ‘down dress.) If you’ will go’ upstairs, Mother, ‘Il call-the drugstore and ask them to deliver @ pint of fresh peach ‘ice-cream, |” MRS, WINEMILLER. Pll’ go upstaifé when I'm readygood “and realy; and ol can put that in’ your pipe’ and smoke it—Miss Winemiller! Pulls up ber’ dress again.) * ALMA: (Rises? Crosses to above table’¢.) I may as well wet you wih might call, so that if he calls there will not be any npessannes about it. ‘Young Dr. Buchanan’ said: he might call, ‘ MRS, WINEMILLER, (Jumps tp, crosses'to betseen sofa and piano: bench.) See! WINEMILLER. ‘(Taking off his. glasses.) You can't be'berohas ALMA. (Crossing L; to window.): Well, Lam; ~ ® MRS, WINEMILLER, Didn't I'tell. you? WINEMILLER, (Rises.) That young man might come here? ALMA. He asked me if he might and I said yes, if he wished to. But it is now after eight, sovit doesn’t:look like he’s coming. WINEMILLER. If he does come you will go upstairs to your room and_I will receive him. (MRS. WINEMILLER crosses. down to above table.) ALMA. If he’ does come Pll do no such thing, Father. (Crosses up to love-seat, sits.) 43 Ca» winemiLuer,. (Crosses up L. fo ALMA.) You must be out of your mind. * ALMA. PIL receive him myself. You may retire to your study, and Mother: upstairs. (MRS; WINEMILLER crosses down, sits in chair R, of table.) But if he comies Ill receive him, I don’t judge people by the tongues of gossips. I happen fo know that he has been grossly misjadged and, misrepresented by old busybodies who're envious of his youth and brilliance and charm!, WINEMILLER. If you're not out of. your. senses, then I'm out of mine, (MRS, WINEMILLER furtively lights cigarette.) ALMA. I daresay’ we're all.a bit peculiar, Father... . WINEMILLER, Well, Ihave had one. almost rable cross to bear—_(Crosses: to. MRS. WINEMILLER, takes cigarette out. of ber mouth, puts it oud.) and perhaps 1 can bear another. But if you think, Pm ‘retiring ‘into my. study. when this young man, comes, probably. with a. whiskey bottle in. one hand and.a pair of dice in the: other—(ALMA rises, steps down.) -you have another think coming. (He crosses to.table, picks’ up bis sermon, crosses to front. of fove-seat,). Till. sit. right here and look, at. him. until-he leaves. (Sits on fove-seat, A, whistle is heard outside, R) .., _ALMA;,(Crosses up to. piano. bench, picks up bat.and gloves.) As. a. matter of fact I think Pl walk down to the dragstore and, call for the ice-cream myself. (She rushes out Ri)...» MRS; WINEMILLER, (Rises, crosses up above table.) There she goes to. him! Ha-ha! oe o , Hoos WINEMILLER,” (Looking: ap.) Alma! Alma!*(Rises; crosses to door.) ‘Where is Almia?—Alma! (Goes out R:): » MRS, WINEMILLER, (Circles. L,.to down-stage, following: bim' out R.) Hathal: Who. got:fooled?: Who got fooled! Ha-haaa! Insuffer- able cross yourself,, you-old--windbag'.. . (She exits)R. WINE- MILLER, off, calls" Alma!” Lights: dirt out to black, except sky. lights and star effect.) g END: OF SCENE (Nore: When’ALMA fishes from ze€tory in this scene, she runs behind cyclorama to stage L. foy next entrance.)