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Ginger Boo! Ginger K9 Cottages Displays Christmas Music Boxes Clocks

Halloween Cottages Traditions
pp. 6-7 pp. 7-9 pp. 11-12 pp. 12-13
p. 2 pp. 4-5 pp. 9-10
Ginger BOO! Collection
Haunted Mansion Cottage* & Small Haunted Fun House Cottage** & Large
Spooky Tealight Display Spooky Tealight Display
(GB101 & GCD105B) (GB102 & GCD105BL)

Spooky Tree

Creepy Hollow Display Creepy Clock

(GB103) (CC107)

Creepy Cemetery** Barn O’ Bats* Haunted Pumpkin Patch**

(GB104) (GB105) (GB106)

*Pairs with Small Spooky Tealight Display. **Pairs with Large Spooky Tealight Display.
Make a new memory and cherish the old.

At TRC Designs, we believe that Christmas is first few years—from engraved wine glasses
about making memories. Our mission is to to small ornaments.
deliver unique, high-quality, made-in-USA
In 2010, he was struck with an idea that
products centered around precious Christmas
would prove his most incredible yet. The first
memories. Each cottage is hand-assembled
five Ginger Cottages were designed, and ex-
start to finish in central Virginia, and is guar-
ceeded sales expectations four times over. In
anteed to excite and fascinate your family.
the years since, we have continued to grow
We are honored and proud to be living the exponentially, creating new Christmas memo-
American Dream. Our company has grown ries with the people we’ve met along the
from a beloved pastime housed in a garage way.
into a thriving business.
Each of our products is made with meticulous
Glenn Crider began handcrafting nutcrackers care by the hands of our assemblers, or
and wooden toys almost 40 years ago as a “elves,” as we like to call them. We celebrate
hobby, and counted himself lucky to break roles and famous figures both German and
even at the craft shows he visited. American, and hide little pieces of history and
enchanting fairy tales in each product.
But when he lost his job after the 2008 reces-
sion, this hobby became the only option to We hope that our products will fill you with
sustain him and his family. Citing his mantra warmth from good times, past and present.
“failure is not an option,” Glenn experiment-
Merry Christmas!
ed with different types of products for the
-The Elves at TRC Designs, Inc.

Due to the handmade nature of our products, products

may vary slightly from images shown.

Ginger Cottages

Wedding Chapel Nativity Chapel Pat-A-Cake Bakery* Yesterday’s Toys
(GC102) (GC102N) (GC103) (GC104)

All Aboard Train Depot Santa’s Workshop Drosselmeyer’s Nutcrackers Santa Train
(GC105) (GC106) (GC107) (GC108)

Want to know a secret?

Each of our cottages is filled with little surprises inspired by history, pop culture, and imagination. From allusions to Don
Quixote on the Windmill, to the marriage of a certain famous couple in the Wedding Chapel—while not always easy to
find, we guarantee our secrets will spark your curiosity and warm your heart.
Visit the Secrets page on for hints to the secrets found on your cottages.

Ginger Clock Tower Ginger Man Covered Ginger Bridge Santa’s Windmill
(GC109) Grist Mill (GC111, GC111A)** Reindeer Barn (GC116)
(GC110) (GC114)

Goody Goody Santa’s Sleigh Station Holiday North Pole Engine Elf Academy One
Gum Drop Shop (GC118) Lighthouse Co. #1 Firehouse Room Schoolhouse
(GC117) (GC119) (GC120) (GC121)

Ginger Nativity Polar Post Office Santa’s Cinema*** Alpine Time Santa’s Ski Lodge
(GC122) (GC123) (GC124) Clock Shoppe (GC126)


Big Red Sock Paws for Christmas Ginger Market Christmas Tree Lot
Stocking Company Pet Shop (GC129) (GC130)
(GC127) (GC128)

**GC111 depicts a horse-drawn sleigh crossing the bridge, *Pat-A-Cake Bakery (GC103) retiring after 2017.
and GC111A features an Amish-style horse and buggy. *** GC124 comes with color-changing tealight behind sign.

Specialty Cottages Celebrating little pieces of American life and history.
A portion of each sale of GCC143 benefits the Old North Church.

Ginger Beach Cottage Southern Tobacco Ginger Garden Center Old North Church
(GCC103) Barn (GCC139) (GCC143)


K9 Cottages
name tag

Beagle Chihuahua Dalmatian Dachshund

(K9101) (K9102) (K9103) (K9104)

Poodle Scottish Terrier Yorkshire Terrier German Shepherd

(K9106) (K9107) (K9108) (K9109)


Jack Russell Cocker Spaniel Bulldog

(K9111) (K9112) (K9113)

Personalize it!
Order a custom
name tag for your
Pug & Dog Bone
Tealight Display K9 Cottage at
(K9110 & GCD105D)
FREE Shipping!
Basset Hound Boxer
(K9114) (K9115)


12” Point of Purchase Display Arch Mantel Display

(GCD101) (GCD102)
3D Tree Set Single Cottage Tealight Display: Mint, Snowflake,
(GCD103) Tree, Heart, Patriotic
(GCD105-M, -H, -S, -T, -P)

North Pole Mantel Display 15” Alpine Grove Mantel Display

(GCD107) (GCD108)

15” Alpine Sunset Display 15” Mountain Retreat Mantel Display

(GCD109) (GCD110)

Christmas Tree Single Display Schwibbogen Display
(GCD114) (GCD115)

Cottages not included with displays.



Left side

Right side

Jolly Ol’ Elf Lamp

Features the timeless poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” engraved on the shade.

Christmas Traditions


Jolly Ol’ Elf


*Identical to CTD102 but for the

functioning clock in the moon.

Jolly Ol’ Elf Ornament 8 Tiny Reindeer (Dasher)

(CT118) (CT110)

Dancer, Prancer,
Vixen, Comet,
Jolly Ol’ Elf Display
Cupid, Donner,

Music Boxes

Single Cottage Music Box— Der Tannenbaum Music Box North Pole Music Box
Mint, Snowflake (GCM102) (GCM103)
(GCM101M, GCM101S)

Snow Queen’s Castle Music Box Gingerbread Town Music Box Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
(GCM104) (GCM105) Music Box


Hansel and Gretel Music Box Santa’s Workshop Music Box Ferris Wheel
(GCM107) (GCM108) (GCM109)


Christmas Clock—Believe Christmas Clock—O Holy Night

(CC101) (CC102)

Christmas Clock—Merry Christmas Christmas Clock—Tradition

(CC103) (CC104)


Christmas Clock—Dashing Through The Snow

Christmas Clock—Ginger Time

Gingerbread Mantel Santa Clock The Count’s Estate Clock*

Clock (GCD113) (GBD101)
(GCD112) Stands 13” tall 20” x 13.5” x 11”
Stands 24” tall

Each of these 3 large clocks includes at least one cottage: the Gingerbread
Mantel Clock includes 7, the Santa Clock includes 1, and The Count’s Estate
includes 4.
*The Count’s Estate is from our Ginger Boo! Collection, found on p. 2 of this

Let’s make something your customers will never forget. Develop a custom souvenir
product with us using UV-printing technology.

Buildings, flight boards, tap handles, magnets, and more.

Contact us about developing a product for your business!

Contact your sales representative or visit:

Custom Designs

Design fees and prices are general estimations and may vary according to the
final design. Design fees may be credited with qualifying orders.

2-D Keepsake
Laser-engraved design on wood
One– and two-sided designs
3D layered designs also available
Quantity: 144+
Design Fee: $40
Wholesale Cost: $3.75—$5.25
2-3 week production time once design approved

3-Dimensional Semi-Custom Cottage

Add text or image to any Ginger Cottage.

Add Text : Add Image :

Quantity: 24+ Quantity: 24+
Wholesale Cottage + ($0.50—$0.75) each Design Fee: $40
2-3 week production time once design approved Wholesale Cottage + $1 each
3-4 week production time once design approved

3-Dimensional Full Custom Cottage

Simple to complex designs
Quantity: 250—500+
Design Fee: $100—$300
Wholesale Cost: $10—$14.50 each
2-3 month production time once design approved

Custom NutcrackersUSA Nutcracker

12-inch wooden nutcracker
Quantity: 50+
Design Fee: $375
Wholesale Cost: $75-$125
2 month production time once design approved
Visit for more information

Gingerman’s Christmas Adventure
By Glenn A. Crider and Jamie Cosley

Our story finds our little hero in Santa’s sleigh on the

way to the home of a good little girl or boy. But
something goes awry, and Gingerman ends up in a snow-
bank instead! How will he make it in time for Christmas
Written by Glenn Crider, designer of Ginger Cottages,
and NutcrackersUSA, with illustrations by Jamie Cosley.
Cosley has worked with names like Lucasfilm Ltd.
(creators of Star Wars), The Topps Trading Cards Compa-
ny, and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.
Glenn and Jamie, as you might expect, have hidden
dozens of secrets in the book that are sure to entertain
children of all ages.

We change our logo every year to document our history.

Perhaps they’ll help you document special events in your life as well!

TRC Designs, Inc.

We make Christmas memories and more! @GingerCottages @NutcrackersUSA

For more information, contact your sales representative, or call us:

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