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ATR on Flight Safety Documents System

S.No. Compliance Check Report ATR

1 Operator not nominated any person as Nodal Officer for Capt. Jaswant Singh, Junior Pilot has
compliance of flight safety documentation system. Hence no been nominated as Nodal Officer for
process for following :- Flight Safety Documents System and
1. Review the document on a yearly basis process to review on yearly basis or
2. Review after major events, technology changes, changes in after major events etc would be
safety regulations completed in time and detailed
3. Maintain accurate, detailed records of communication for records thereof would also be
reviewing and validation process considering its effect on maintained in prescribed formats.
entire flight safety documentation system
2 Flight safety documents system was not validated before Flight safety documents system has
deployment, under realistic condition now been validated under realistic
3 No document cell as given in FSDS manual does exist within Document cell as given in FSDS
the organization. manual has been established.
4 Tracking system does not include a procedure to verify that Procedure to verify that operational
operational personnel have the most recent updates. personnel have most recent updates
is being included in tracking system.
5 Information contained in each the Operators document has Requisite information in Operators
not been properly categorized depending on Time critical, document is being categorized.
Time sensitive etc. More so sequencing is not being done to
place the time critical information early
6 There is no system developed for information gathering, System for gathering information,
review and disposition system to process information review and disposition is being
obtained through regulations. formulated.

7 Master manual Register is not being maintained properly. Master manual register has been
prepared and now being maintained
as per norms.
8 There is no process for distribution of the documents Process for distribution of
throughout the organization documents throughout the
organization has been formulated.
ATR on Safety Management System

1 Filled gap analysis was not available with the Gap analysis in respect of existing safety
Operator arrangements as compared to those necessary
for SMS function has been prepared and will
be made available to next audit.
2 Safety policy has not been communicated Safety policy has been communicated
effectively throughout the organization effectively throughout the organization.
3 Safety committee exists but no evidence to show Safety committee is functional as monthly
that its functional meetings of the committee are conducted.
4 ERP is not been tested yet Recently in the month of Oct., 2017 we have
gone through the proving flight in which ERP
has been tested.
5 There is no system for the recording and storage of Required documents are being maintained
SMS documentation and records, i.e., hazard logs, according to norms.
risk assessments and safety cases.
6 The procedure for voluntary reporting system Procedure for voluntary reporting system has
however not functional been made functional.
7 The procedures of checklists are not being Procedures for checklists are being reviewed
reviewed when significant changes in the whenever significant changes in the
organization occur. organization occur.
8 Safety surveys are not being carried out Safety surveys are now being carried out.

9 The process for communication of safety related Process for communication of safety related
information to operators does not exist. information to Operators has been formulated.
10 Amended SMS manual as per revised CAR section 1 Amendment of SMS manual as per revised CAR
Series C part 1 needs to be submitted Section 1, Series C Part 1 is under process and
will be submitted as soon as possible.

11. Chief of Flight safety has not been nominated In view of size of organization, Accountable
Manager Capt. Keshri Singh is performing the
duties of Chief of Flight Safety also.
12. CVR monitoring records are not available CVR monitoring records is available in the
organization and will be made available during
next audit.