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El test de autoevaluacin consta de tres partes:

USO DE LA LENGUA, que comprende 40 preguntas de

opcin mltiple. El tiempo mximo recomendado para la
realizacin de esta parte es de 40 minutos. El valor de los
ejercicios es de 20 puntos, 0,50 por respuesta correcta.

COMPRENSIN LECTORA, que consta de dos textos de

lectura con sus correspondientes tareas. El tiempo mximo
recomendado para la realizacin de esta parte es de 40
minutos. El valor de los ejercicios es de 20 puntos, 1 por
respuesta correcta.

COMPRENSIN AUDITIVA, que incluye dos audiciones con

sus correspondientes tareas. La grabacin contiene las
instrucciones para la realizacin de esta parte de la prueba.
El valor de los ejercicios es de 20 puntos, 1 por respuesta

La puntuacin mnima para superar cada parte de la prueba

(Uso de la lengua, Comprensin lectora y Comprensin
auditiva) ser de 14 puntos. Las puntuaciones de cada parte
son independientes. Si se obtiene al menos 14 puntos en
cada parte, se entiende que su nivel es suficiente para
matricularse en 2 curso de Nivel Bsico.

Las respuestas a todos los ejercicios se encuentran al final

del examen.

A continuacin se detalla la relacin de ejercicios que

corresponden al test de autoevaluacin para acceder a
2 curso de Nivel Bsico.



USE OF ENGLISH: Choose the correct word or expression : a, b or c.

1. I cant see well without my ______.

a) comb b) glasses c) keys

2. There are 20 in my ______.

a) wallet b) watch c) ring

3. They ______ a sports car.

a) drive b) wear c) play

4. ______ work in hospitals.

a) Nurses b) Journalists c) Patients

5. My sisters daughter is my ______.

a) cousin b) niece c) aunt

6. It isnt cheap. On the contrary, its ______.

a) fast b) high c) expensive

7. I usually ______ at 6.30 a.m. because I start work at 7.00 a.m.

a) go to bed b) sleep c) get up

8. In my free time I ______ with my friends.

a) go out b) go up c) go in

9. My favourite sport is ______.

a) painting b) swimming c) singing

10. I put on my______ when my hands are cold.

a) trousers b) socks c) gloves

11. A ______ is a machine to wash clothes.

a) dishwasher b) washing machine c) washbasin

12. My favourite vegetables are ______.

a) carrots b) eggs c) sweets

13. To buy medicine you go to a ______.

a) newsagents b) bakers c) chemists

14. Travelling by ______ isnt polluting.

a) tube b) motorbike c) bicycle

15. This is my teacher. ______ names Tina.

a) His b) Her c) Hers

16. I dont like ______.

a) a cat b) the cats c) cats
17. He loves her but she doesnt love ______.
a) his b) him c) he

18. They ______ yoga twice a week.

a) does b) do c) doing

19. This is my ______.

a) friends flat b) flats friend c) flat friends

20. Halloween is ______ October 31st.

a) in b) on c) at

21. I dont like ______.

a) shop b) to shop c) shopping

22. I ______ a lot of wine last night.

a) drink b) drank c) drunk

23. Are there ______ plates in the cupboard?

a) any b) some c) a

24. Take your umbrella because it ______.

a) is sunny b) is raining c) snowed

25. Shes a good student. I think she ______ the exam next June.
a) passed b) passes c) will pass

26. Its her birthday next week but she ______.

a) is celebrating it b) is going to celebrate it c) isnt going to celebrate

27. This is ______ famous building in the city.

a) more b) the more c) the most

28. Hurry up! You are walking very______.

a) fast b) quickly c) slowly

29. I ______ to be a millionaire but Im not.

a) like b) love c) would like

30. - ______?
- Im an engineer,

a) How are you? b) Whats your nationality? c) What do you do?

31. - How do you spell your surname?

- ______.

a) 76, Preston Road b) R-Y-D-E-R c) From Manchester.

32. - Can I see your passport, please?

- Yes. ______.

a) Thats right b) Please c) Here you are

33.- When is your birthday?
- ______.

a) Happy birthday! b) November 19th c) Its twenty past seven

34.- How often do you eat meat?

- ______.

a) Hardly ever b) In the restaurant c) Seven portions

35.- How much is this shirt?

- ______.

a) Medium b) 25.45 c) Cotton

36.- Can I have a coffee, please?

- ______.

a) No, thank you b) Of course c) Its OK

37.- I am taking my driving test next week.

- ______!

a) Congratulations b) Im so sorry c) Good luck

38.- Do you want to come to the cinema?

- ______.

a) Excuse me! b) Well. Im busy c) Well. Dont worry

39.- Im going on holiday tomorrow.

- ______.

a) Youre welcome b) Have a good time! c) OK. See you tomorrow then

40.- How about going to a concert on Saturday?

- ______.

a) Correct! b) Good idea! c) I see


Match the headlines (1-12) to the extracts (A-J). There are TWO EXTRA headlines that
you do not need to use. Extract 0 is an example.

0. A secret to a long life: stay
It took five minutes at the Pod Hotel in New York to
in school
see that its designer knows how to use space. New
York hotel rooms tend to run smaller than in other
1. Future technology.
American cities, and Pod rooms average 100 square
feet, compared with an average U.S. hotel room size of
2. Is this winter or summer? 325 square feet

3. Cyclist killed in road The 347 diminutive guest rooms come in several
accident. configurations. Guests can choose a room type and
book it on the hotel's Web site or through the
4. Chaotic teenage schools. reservation desk.

5. Shes not heavy, shes a

mother. B.

6. Job offer in education. Elizabeth Bolden has had a very long

life. She died this week passing on the
7. Little rooms, big city. mantle of the world's oldest person to a
man from Puerto Rico.
8. Healthy diets to lose Her funeral was held yesterday in
weight. Memphis. Many of her six generations
of descendants attended the service.
At the last count there were two
9. Memorial Cycle Ride.
surviving children, 40 grandchildren, 75
great-grandchildren, 150 great-great
10. Exercise does not stop grandchildren, 220 great-great-great
obesity grandchildren and 75 great-great-
great-great grandchildren.
11. Missing boy scout
12. Woman, aged 116,
Last Tuesday a rescue dog led searchers to 12-
EXAMPLE : 0 year-old Michael Auberry who was weak and
dehydrated but alive in the rugged North
A Columbia University student has found a Carolina mountains, about a mile from the
correlation between education and health and camp he had wandered from four days earlier.
offers the following advice: If you want to
improve health, you will get older by investing "He was a little disoriented, but he was great,"
in education more than by investing in medical said Misha Marshall, the Rescue Dog
care. Association volunteer. "He just said, 'I'm
hungry,' " Marshall said. And he wanted some
We require qualified teachers of Drama,
ICT and Maths to join a friendly team in
a high school on the outskirts of North- Freakish weather conditions have made
West London as soon as possible. temperatures this month hotter than July at
Please send your CVs as soon as night. The average night temperature for July in
possible along with at least two teaching London is 12C, but overnight temperatures in
references we can contact. the capital hit 12.6C on Monday. A normal
January night averages 1.5C.

Met Office figures show that the country is on

E. course for another record-breaking month - the
average temperature last week was the highest
The difficulty of educating this age group is for January in 350 years.
felt even in many wealthy suburban school
districts. But it is particularly intense in
cities, where the problems are more acute
and where the need for solutions is most I.

In a study in 36 nursery schools, half the

schools instituted three extra half-hour sessions
of physical play and activity every week, and
parents were asked to give their children more
Here's a question: Can you be a cool mum if activity and less television. The other half had
you're overweight? According to Hollywood, the no extra activity or information.
answer is an emphatic no.
Whenever I read a celebrity tabloid magazine
All the children were regularly weighed and
what I see is that the chicest, most glamorous
measured and their body mass index was
celebrity mums out there -- the Angelinas,
calculated, and there was no difference
Madonnas and Gwyneths of the world -- are very
between the groups.
thin. Try to name 10 celebrity actresses,
musicians or models who are fatter than before
their pregnancy weight.

Yesterday Apple launched a new mobile phone
Cyclists gathered yesterday to honor those who it said would act as "your life in your pocket".
died while riding their bicycles in 2006, visiting The iPhone will allow users to email, surf the
each of 14 sites where riders have been killed. internet, take pictures, play music and watch TV
shows and films.
After the journey ended next to the Monument
for unknown Cyclists, speakers called for safer The iPhone will be controlled by a touch-
streets, harsher penalties for reckless motorists sensitive screen and will have full access to the
and improved crash reporting by city agencies. internet. Travellers will be able to check maps,
Cycling deaths reported in 2006 dropped by 10 football scores or watch television on the go.
from the year before.


Look at the following questions about the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET). Then
read the text and choose ONE of the options (A , B or C) to complete the sentences.
Number 00 is an example.

00.. The Metropolitan Museum is open A. every day of the week

B. every day except weekends.
C. every day except Mondays.

11. To visit the Museum after 6.00 p.m. you have to go... A. on a Saturday.
B. on a Sunday.
C. on a Holiday Monday.

12. You do not have to pay if you are A. over 65 years old.
B. from New York.
C. less than 12 years old.

13. If you are in a group of twelve people A. you have a discount.

B. you cant visit at the weekend .
C. you have to reserve in advance.

14. To go into the Museum you cannot take A. your coat.

B. your handbag.
C. your suitcase.

15. There is an Audio Guide for people who speak A. Russian.

B. Spanish.
C. Korean.

16. The Museum parking area is A. closed at night.

B. closed on Mondays.
C. always open.

17. You can leave your bicycle A. in the garage all day and night.
B. in the garage when the museum is open.
C. outside the garage only.

18. You can take photographs A. of the permanent collection.

B. in special exhibitions.
C. in all the galleries.

19. Copying Museum works in oil paint A. is prohibited.

B. is permitted without restrictions.
C. requires a permit.

20. To eat something you can go to A. the Trie Caf.

B. the Met Store.
C. the Trie Caf and the Met Store.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street. New York, New York 10028-0198

Opening hours*
Fri & Sat : 9:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m.
Sun, Tues, Wed & Thurs : 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Mon : Closed **

**The Main Building of the Metropolitan Museum will be open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on the following
Holiday Mondays: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: January 15, 2007; Presidents' Day: February 19, 2007; Memorial
Day: May 28, 2007; Independence Day Weekend: July 2, 2007; Labor Day: September 3, 2007; Columbus Day:
October 8, 2007

$20 recommended for adults, $15 recommended for senior citizens (65 and older), $10 recommended for students,
free to Members and children under twelve with an adult.

Group Visits
Advance reservations are required for all groups of ten or more adults, or ten or more students with accompanying

Luggage Policy
Luggage is not allowed into the Museum. All standard-size backpacks, large bags, and packages 16" x 16" x 8" or
larger must be checked in at the coat-check facilities.

International Visitors
Maps, brochures, tours, and assistance in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese,
Russian, and Spanish can be obtained in the Great Hall during your visit. In addition, the "Director's Selections"
feature on the Audio Guideavailable at distribution booths in the Great Hall and is recorded in English, French,
German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish.

The Museum parking garage, located at Fifth Avenue and 80th Street, is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a
week. Designated spaces are available in the parking garage for visitors with disabilities. Bicycle racks are provided
inside the garage for use during regular Museum hours only. Bicycles are parked at the owner's risk; the Museum
can accept no responsibility for vandalism or theft.

Gallery Photography Policy

Still photography is permitted for private, noncommercial use only in the Museum's galleries devoted to the
permanent collection. Photography is not permitted in special exhibitions or areas designated as "No Photography";
works of art on loan from private collections or other institutions may not be photographed. The use of a flash is
prohibited. Movie and video cameras are prohibited.

Sketching and Copying

Sketching with pencil, felt tip, ballpoint, crayon, pastel, and charcoal is permitted in all galleries of the Museum
devoted to the permanent collection and in most special exhibitions. The use of ink, fountain pen, and watercolor is
To copy works in the Museum's collection with acrylic or oil paint, you must apply for a permit. Permits are limited in
number. To receive an application, call 212-650-2818 and leave your name and mailing address, including zip code,
clearly on the voice mail.

Dining Facilities
The Trie Caf, located in the covered walkway surrounding the Trie Cloister, serves light fare and snacks Tuesday
Sunday from 10:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m., May through October.

Shopping facilities
The Met Store is located off the Great Hall and in several other convenient locations throughout the building. The Met
Store features publications and reproductions produced by the Museum, as well as other books and merchandise
related to the permanent collection and special exhibitions. More than two thousand of these products are also
available in the online Met Store.

SECTION 1: Listen to the following extracts. What are they talking about?. Match the
extracts (1-10) to the topics (A-L). There are TWO EXTRA TOPICS that you do not
need to use. Extract 0 is an example. You will hear the recording twice. You now have
30 seconds to read the list of topics.


Extract 0 Holidays

Extract 1 _____ A. Jobs

Extract 2 _____ B. Food and drink

Extract 3 _____ C. Tennis

Extract 4 _____ D. Football

Extract 5 _____ E. Weather

Extract 6 _____ F. School

Extract 7 _____ G. A city

Extract 8 _____ H. Name, age, family, city

Extract 9 _____ I.- A hotel

Extract 10 _____ J.- Houses

K.- Clothes

L.- A museum

SECTION 2: Listen to the interview with Karen and for numbers 11 to 20 choose the
option (A, B or C) to answer the question or to complete the sentence. Number 0 is an
example. You will hear the recording twice. You now have 2 minutes to read the


0. Where is she from? A. Britain.

B. Canada.
C. The USA.

11. What s her job? A. Shes a painter.

B. Shes a singer.
C. Shes a writer.

12. How old was she when she went to Asia

for the first time? A. 7 years old.
B. 17 years old.
C. 27 years old.

13. Which country did she go to? A. China

B. India
C. Thailand

14. How long was she in that Asian country? A. Six months.
B. One year.
C. Two years.

15. She describes the experience of living

in a different culture as A. difficult.
B. frightening.
C. interesting.

16. She lived with a family that spoke A. English.

B. French.
C. their native language.

17. She learnt the basics of the language A. in 3 months.

B. in 4 months.
C. in 6 months.

18. After Asia, which was the first country in Europe

she lived in? A. France.
B. Greece.
C. Spain.

19. She lived in Spain for A. one year

B. two years
C. three years

20. She bought a house A. in the Basque Country.

B. in the south of France.
C. on an island in Greece.


1. b) glasses 15. b) Her 29. c) would like

2. a) wallet 16. c) cats 30. c) What do you

3. a) drive 17. b) him
31. b) R-Y-D-E-R
4. a) Nurses 18. b) do
32. c) Here you are
5. b) niece 19. a) friends flat
33. b) November
6. c) expensive 20. b) on 19th

7. c) get up 21. c) shopping 34. a) Hardly ever

8. a) go out 22. b) drank 35. b) 25.45

9. b) swimming 23. a) any 36. b) Of course

10. c) gloves 24. b) is raining 37. c) Good luck

11. b) washing 25. c) will pass 38. b) Well. Im

machine busy
26. c) isnt going to
12. a) carrots celebrate it 39. b) Have a good
13. c) chemists 27. c) the most
40. b) Good idea!
14. c) bicycle 28. c) slowly


1J 3 EXTRA 5F 7A 9G 11 C
2H 4E 6D 8 EXTRA 10 I 12 B


11. A on a Saturday 16. C always open

12. C less than 12 years old 17. B in the garage when the
13. C you have to reserve in advance museum is open
14. C your suitcase 18. A of the permanent collection
15. B Spanish 19. C requires a permit
20. A the Trie caf



1K Clothes 6J Houses
2E Weather 7C Tennis
3L A museum 8H Name, age, family, city
4F School 9G A city
5B Food and drink 10A Jobs


11C Shes a writer 16C their native language

12B 17 years old 17A in 3 months
13C Thailand 18 C Spain
14B One year 19B two years
15A difficult 20C on an island in Greece

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