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Bez, Sylvette
CHE5022 - Assingment #2
Prof. Michael J. Gonzalez
September 14,2017.

Linus Pauling
February 28, 1901 - August 19,1994

Was one of the world greatest scientists and humanitarians and a much respected and beloved
defender of civil liberties and health issues. Dr. Pauling is the only person ever to receive two
unshared Nobel Prizes for Chemistry (1954) and for Peace (1962).

In addition to the general recognition as one of the two greatest scientists of the 20th century,
he was usually acknowledged by his colleagues as the most influential chemist since Lavoisier,
the 18th-century founder of the modern science of chemistry. His introductory textbook General
Chemistry, revised three times since its first printing in 1947 and translated into 13 languages,
has been used by generations of undergraduates. After Pauling entered the field of chemistry as
a professional in the mid-1920s, his work, grounded in physics, has affected the work of every
chemist. He is also often considered the founding father of molecular biology, which has
transformed the biological sciences and medicine and provided the base for biotechnology.

Popular books in which Linus Pauling detailed his nutritional recommendations are Vitamin C and
the Common Cold, Cancer and Vitamin C (with Ewan Cameron, M.D.), and How to Live Longer
and Feel Better.

Abram Hoffer
November 11, 1917 - May 27,2009.

Was a Canadian biochemist, physician, and psychiatrist known for his "adrenochrome
hypothesis" of schizoaffective disorders. According to Hoffer, megavitamin therapy and
other nutritional interventions are potentially effective treatments for schizophrenia and other
diseases. Hoffer was also involved in studies of LSD as an experimental therapy for alcoholism
and the discovery that high-dose niacin can be used to treat high cholesterol and
other dyslipidemias. However, Hoffer's ideas about megavitamin therapy to treat mental illness
are not accepted by the medical community.

Bruce Ames
December 16, 1928 Present

He invented the leading laboratory test to screen chemicals for their ability to damage genes has
years of solid science He is the inventor of the Ames test, a system for easily and cheaply testing
the mutagenicity of compounds.

Dr. Ames, is a biochemist and molecular biologist at the University of California at Berkeley,
where he directs the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Center and is the
recipient of an outstanding investigator grant from the National Cancer Institute. He is a recipient
of the Bolton S. Corson Medal in 1980, Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement in 1985,
the Japan Prize in 1997, the National Medal of Science in 1998 and the Thomas Hunt Morgan
Medal in 2004, among many others.
His research focuses on cancer and aging and he has authored over 550 scientific publications.
He is among the few hundred most-cited scientists in all fields.

Jeffrey Bland
March 21,1946 - Present

A nutritional biochemist and registered clinical laboratory director, Dr. Bland is a former
professor of biochemistry at the University of Puget Sound, and a previous Director of Nutritional
Research at the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine.
Books: The Disease Delusion / Genetic Nutritioneering / 20 day rejuvenation diet program

Michael J. Gonzalez

Main Research Interest is the development of effective, non-toxic treatments for chronic
diseases, especially cancer. Changing the biochemical conditions that promote, develop and
sustain the malignant state can produce inhibition of malignant cell proliferation, increase
aerobic metabolism and achieve re-differentiation. We are also interested in the development
of non-toxic therapeutic strategies that enhance the effectiveness of other treatments or that
reduce their toxicity.

As a consultant for several companies, he has been responsible for designing formulations of
nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical products. He has been a consultant for The Center
for the Improvement of Human Functioning (now Riordan Clinic), in Wichita, Kansas. He has
obtained several research awards for his work on Nutrition and Cancer. He is currently Co-
Director of RECNAC II project, and Research Director of the InBioMed Project Initiative. Dr.
Gonzalez also serves as a nutrition consultant to the Puerto Rican Basketball National Team and
is part of the Medical Commission of the Puerto Rican Basketball Federation.
Doctor Gonzlez and Dr. Jorge Miranda-Massari, founders of InBioMed, are leaders in the
development of non-toxic chemotherapy treatments for cancer. The findings of their work with
Intravenous Vitamin C as an anti-cancer agent, published in 2002, were confirmed by the NIH in

They have brought many new concepts into the field, such as the Bioenergetic theory of
carcinogenesis, the systemic saturation phenomenon of intravenous vitamin C, the metabolic
correction concept for disease treatment and prevention.

Roger John Williams (Biochemical Individuality)
August 14, 1893 February 20, 1988

He is known for isolating and naming folic acid and for his roles in discovering pantothenic acid,
vitamin B6, lipoic acid and avidin. He served as the founding director of the Clayton Foundation
Biochemical Institute. He is credited for emphasizing the "Biochemical Individuality" of each
person with respect to their metabolic makeup and micronutrient needs. His later career he
spent time writing for a popular audience on the importance of nutritition.

It is also the title of one of his well known books that emphasizes the uniqueness of nutritional
requirements from person to person based on their genetic makeup, lifestyle, medical history,
and diet.

Thomas Seyfried (Cancer as a metabolic disease)

Dr. Seyfrieds research program focuses on gene environmental interactions related to complex
diseases, such as epilepsy, autism, brain cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Seyfried
investigates many of these diseases from the perspective of, genetics, lipidomics, and energy
He received his Ph.D. in Genetics and Biochemistry from the University of Illinois, Urbana, in 1976.
He did his undergraduate work at the University of New England and also holds a Masters degree
in Genetics from Illinois State University. He also served with distinction in the United States Army
First Cavalry Division during the Vietnam War, and received numerous medals and

Dr. Hugh D. Riordan
May 7, 1932 January 7, 2005.

American psychiatrist and researcher. He was the co-founder and, until his death, the director of
the Olive W. Garvey Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning (now called the Riordan
Clinic. He was best known for his belief that nutrition and vitamins are effective treatments for
diseases such as cancer.
Over the course of his career, he wrote four books, several papers and many publications on the
topic of medicine. He was a recipient of the 2002 Linus Pauling Award from the American College
for Advancement in Medicine.
The vast majority of his papers dealt with the benefits of vitamin C. Dr. Riordan was a prolific
speaker with more than 186 public speaking engagements from 1979 2004. His legacy
continues today at the Riordan Clinic in Wichita, KS.
79 articles and 4 books

Otto Warberz
October 8, 1883 August 1 1970.

Otto Heinrich Warburg studied chemistry under the mentoring of Emil Fischer, and gained the
degree, Doctor of Chemistry (Berlin), in 1906. He then studied under von Krehl and obtained the
degree, Doctor of Medicine (Heidelberg), in 1911. Warburg's early researches with Fischer were
in the polypeptide field. At Heidelberg he worked on the process of oxidation. His later researches
at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute have led to the discovery that the flavins and the nicotinamide
were the active groups of the hydrogen-transferring enzymes. This, together with the iron-
oxygenase discovered earlier, has given a complete account of the oxidations and reductions in
the living world. For his discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme,
the Nobel Prize has been awarded to him in 1931.

In his latest years he added to the problems of his Institute: chemotherapeutics of cancer, and
the mechanism of X-ray's action. In photosynthesis he discovered with Dean Burk the I-quantum
reaction that splits the CO2, activated by the respiration.

Albert Szent Giorgi
September 16, 1893 October 22,1986
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1937

Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi was born in Budapest on September 16, 1893 his early researches
concerned the chemistry of cell respiration. He described the interdependence of oxygen and
hydrogen activation he also demonstrated the existence of a reducing substance in plant and
animal tissues. At Cambridge and during his early spell in the United States, he isolated from
adrenals this reducing substance, which is now known as ascorbic acid.
In 1938 he commenced work on muscle research and quickly discovered the proteins actin and
myosin and their complex. This led to a reproduction of the fundamental reaction of muscle
contraction which formed the foundation of muscle research in the following decades

Alex Vazquez

Dr Alex Vasquez holds three doctoral degrees as a graduate of University of Western States
(Doctor of Chiropractic, 1996), Bastyr University (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, 1999), and
University of North Texas Health Science Center, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine (Doctor
of Osteopathic Medicine, 2010). Dr Vasquez is the author of many textbooks, including
Integrative Orthopedics (2004, 2012), Integrative Rheumatology (2006, 2014), Musculoskeletal
Pain: Expanded Clinical Strategies (published by the Institute for Functional Medicine, 2008),
Chiropractic and Naturopathic Mastery of Common Clinical Disorders (2009), has also written
more than 100 letters and articles for professional magazines and medical journals such as
British Medical Journal (BMJ),, Annals of Pharmacotherapy, Journal of Clinical
Endocrinology and Metabolism, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA),
Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Journal of the American Osteopathic Association
(JAOA), Nutritional Perspectives, Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT),
Current Allergy and Asthma Reports, Integrative Medicine, and Arthritis & Rheumatism, the
Official Journal of the American College of Rheumatology.

Dr. Vasquez lectures worldwide to healthcare professionals and provides expert consultations
to physicians and patients internationally. The former Editor of Naturopathy Digest and a
reviewer for Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, PLOS One, Alternative Therapies in Health and
Medicine, and Autoimmune Diseases, Dr Vasquez is currently the Chief Editor of International
Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.