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Image Streaming Brain Exercise and Problem Solving Techniques page 1 of 6 pages

Burton Linne, 2008

Image Streaming Brain Exercise
Problem Solving Technique

Burton Linne July 2008

So the test remains unpublicized. With your eyes closed. but even more useful in already superior minds of freshman students enrolled in chemistry and physics courses in a small south western Minneapolis college. This acoustic energy is detected by both of your ears and translated into electrical pulses which are sent through to your left brain hemisphere which the sends it to your right hemisphere to be processed into a . It turned out to be a spectacular success. The sample was below the quantity needed for publishing the results. I saw the test review. or weird shapes. That’s it. On average the advanced intelligence students scores went up 15 to 20 points after 30 days of practicing the procedure. Sounds pretty flaky. you audibly report what you see floating across the inside of your forehead. the nerve system that translates your thought process into muscle movement (vocal chords) produces a sound. When you command your vocal chords to describe what you see. PhD in the 1990s as a method of increasing brain activity in below par students.Image Streaming Brain Exercise and Problem Solving Techniques page 2 of 6 pages Burton Linne. blobs of color. However. but this turns out to be brain work in very high order neuroscience. 1997 Image Streaming Brain Exercise and Problem Solving Technique Burton Linne July 2008 Introduction “Image Streaming” was developed by Win Wenger. The Einstein Factor. You can see the information as it travels across your inner forehead as distinct images. This is what it is. co-authored with Richard Poe. The instructor there performed the only scientifically designed test of the efficacy of Image Streaming by measuring the before and after IQ scores of about 30 volunteers. PhD as published in his ground breaking book. 2008 This entire instruction set is based on original works by Win Wenger. What you perceive from your five senses is filtered through your limbic system (inner brain) sent through your prefrontal lobes of your brain (forehead) and thence into your cerebrum (grey wrinkled outer brain) for perpetual storage.

it grows a hard wire to match up with another neuron. Fifteen minutes to thirty minutes of this activity is like body building with weights for a couple of hours. Each time a neuron is tickled to send the pulse (information) on to the next neuron. MRI testing shows that while in this loop. The signals travel at the high speed. . This goes on at the rate of about 200 mph. This process runs continuously while you are in the game. This shows that brain activity is stimulated with no more than what I just described that covers all distant parts.thought for filtering through your limbic inner brain to travel across your forehead up to your grey storage department. The wires grow very slowly. Ages: 4 to 90. This is mental exercise unlike any other kind of mind work. the brain lights up in all parts. This is a feedback loop.

describe the chair in the corner of your room Then describe what you see as you go around the room to each other item one at a time. Repeat this for 10 half breaths. Get comfortable. Working with a partner who will prompt you. Continue this for 10 minutes the first time. whether something you recognize. and taste sensors of your body. 2008 Images? Why do you see images in the first place? The human brain stores images. Increase each session by 5 minutes until you are comfortable with 20 or 30 minutes.) Prompter: What do you see now? Tell me? (This will prevent you from going to sleep) Describe whatever you see. Describe these items in as great detail as you can. surface. touch. sight. Take a deep breath. and anything else. size. Trade places with your partner when your session is over.Image Streaming Brain Exercise and Problem Solving Techniques page 3 of 6 pages Burton Linne. You will be coasting at Alpha frequency. The Process Quiet your brain to day dream level. or just a blob of color or whatever. material. Take another breath. sound. Color. What you will see flashing across the tv screen inside your forehead are the images created in your limbic brain from the information flowing into it from the smell. Let it out slowly. Focus all your attention on just the sound of your breath. but only half as deep. Take another half deep breath. Let it out slowly. (This will get the images flowing. but images. Let it out slowly. Listen to your breathing. not words or alphabet or numbers. Close your eyes. .

This is a place of deep relaxation. There are two more levels available to you: Theta which is no directed thoughts. which is the-resonant frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic field. 2008 Problem Solving In this process you will be using an effective method for tapping into the matrix of information as used in quantum physics.. You descend from fully active Beta to day dream level Alpha. vivid imagery flashes before the mind’s eye and we are receptive to-information . 40HZ beta frequency may be key to the act of cognition.Image Streaming Brain Exercise and Problem Solving Techniques page 4 of 6 pages Burton Linne. In Alpha. The beta state is associated with peakconcentration. the half-delivery forces the brain to partially shut down. Einstein did the same but with a pencil. First you must quiet your brain with the breathing technique taught in Image Streaming as above. The following has been well researched. Theta is one of the more elusive andextraordinary realms we can explore. This paper will tell you what to do without getting into the various theories. In theta we are in a waking-dream. remote viewing. Frequencies are the resonant frequencies of your brain activity. Continued for a minute or two. This method works. This turns off the background chatter. heightened alertness and visual acuity. You are in Beta now as you read this. the entry-point that leads into deeper states of consciousness. Alpha is also the home-of the window frequency known as the Schuman Resonance. It is also known as the twilight state-which we normally only experience fleetingly as we rise up out of the depths-of delta upon waking. or drifting off to sleep. Theta waves range between 4-7 HZ. we begin to access the wealth of creativity-that lies just below our conscious awareness . deep is the gateway. and Delta which is deep sleep. This is where you operate in Image Streaming and in Problem Solving. Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein used variations of this technique in conducting their careers in idea and product design explorations Edison held a ball bearing between his fingers that would wake him when he relaxed to let the bearing fall. Alpha waves range between 7-12 HZ. but-not quite meditation. distance healing and other previously ridiculed activity that are now proven to be real. Beta waves range between 13-40 HZ. The half-breaths cut the oxygen flow to your brain. Many books are now being written on getting information from the universe’s matrix.

If the image you see after you have flown over the wall makes no sense. Then visualize a brick wall. Theta has also been-identified as the gateway to learning and memory. Delta waves range between 0-4 HZ. “When will ABC stock rise?” Next: Put yourself in Alpha mode using the breathing technique. Write or draw the new image. reduces stress and awakens intuition and-other extrasensory perception skills. 2008 beyond our normal conscious awareness. Then jump over the wall.Image Streaming Brain Exercise and Problem Solving Techniques page 5 of 6 pages Burton Linne. .. e. A double thick black fabric over my eyes held on with a couple of elastic bands. This is why sleep. Inaddition. You cannot operate in this frequency. write down or draw what you see. certain frequencies in the delta range trigger the release of-Growth Hormone beneficial for healing and regeneration. “ Is ABC stock going to rise in price on Friday the 10th of January 2008?” Or.” I now use a sleep mask. but valuable information can be received if only you can capture it for practical use before it dissolves. This is true even for my daily mid-day 45 minute brain recovery nap.g. enhances learning. You cannot achieve Delta if any light energy penetrates you eyelids to trigger electrical pulses to your pineal gland in the center of your brain where a third eye would fit. Read your question aloud at least 3 times.-deep restorative sleep is so essential to the healing process. Repeat this process at least 3 times. Theta meditation increases-creativity. Now ask aloud: “What does this mean?” Another image will appear. This is the so- called “third eye. Write your problem in one tight simple sentence. Write or draw what the new image looks like. Delta is associated with deep sleep. 100mg of vitamin B6 daily is helpful in the capture. Result: I am asleep within seconds and awake right on time without an alarm (most of the time) fully alert and rested. very low starch diet. Next: visualize your written query. The answer to your question will appear. It helps to be on a no-sugar. A pad and pen by your bed is mandatory. Then read it aloud so you can hear the question as you did in Image Streaming. Next:.

If there is an answer.Image Streaming Brain Exercise and Problem Solving Techniques page 6 of 6 pages Burton Linne. But they will each have some nexus to your question. it will materialize. If not. once for each new answer. Some kind of common denominator. 2008 At the end of this repeat and repeat question series you will have 3 or 4 seemingly different answers. the answer will become clear. repeat the answer query four or five more times. Burton Linne . When you lay them down side by side.