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Modern Evocation Tutorial

It is with this thread that I will attempt to give a modern evocation method to allow the magician to evoke a spirit.
The following method will work equally well with Elemetals, Planetary spirits, Olympic spirits, Aerial spirits, Demons
and Angels/Arch-Angels. You may only have to change what is used to create the circle and the type of incense used.

However, before we get into the actual method, I think it is important to determine the difference between a
modern evocation and a Grimoire Tradition (solomonic, etc) evocation.

Grimoire Tradition Evocation

As the name suggests, the methods of evocation in this space are outlined in various grimoires. Most of the
grimoires have a Christian slant to it, calling upon the Abrahamic God YHVH to compel the spirits to appear. Grimoire
Tradition methods are generally complicated, long and intricate. They call or elaborate circles, various prayers to the
Abrahamic God, sacrifices, ritual baths, recitations, the use of planetary hours, etc. Several even require fasting,
abstaining from sex, idle banter or even talking with the opposite sex for a few days leading up to the ritual. One
even stated the magus must take a bath in a public fountain. Not to mention the tools. The tools are things that most
people cannot easily obtain. Things like a lionskin belt, blasting rods, etc. Now, being that we live in a 21st century
world, most of these things can be purchased online. But then comes our next hurdle: the price.

Outside of Ebay I've only found one website that houses everything generally needed with a traditional Solomonic
approach. Her work is good, but you may very well be skipping this month's mortgage payment to pay for it. Her 9ft
Goetic circle and Triangle of Art will run you nearly $1000. That still doesn't include the sword, blasting rod, robe,
lamen, belt, ring, pentacles and seals (though the seals you can usually print out on your own, unless they have to be
drawn on virgin parchment in doves blood or the like). As you can see, following the instructions in most of the
classical grimoires can be very impractical. If you've got the time, money and patience to work with these grimoires
then by all means.....go for it, they work and work well! But in our modern age where wages are getting lower while
prices are getting higher, what is the modern magus to do? Enter modern evocation.

Modern Evocation
A breath of fresh air to the modern practitioner. Modern evocations allow the magician to evoke the very same
spirits listed in the classical grimoires but without all the pomp and circumstance. No fanfare, no bells and whistles. If
you've been actively practicing magic or at least a year chances are you have the required materials needed. Things
like candles, an athame (ritual knife), incense, incense charcoal, a censor or burner (or even a cooking pot will do)
are all that is required (excluding what's needed to make the circle, which can be a multitude of things).

But, does the lack of preparation and expensive tools make modern evocation a better choice? Not necessarily. Sure,
it won't cost you anywhere near the thousands of dollars that Grimoire Tradition might cost you (unless you're
artistically inclined and can make the items yourself) but what it doesn't cost you in money, it will cost you in power.
One should also have their "astral senses" open for modern evocation. If you cannot open your 3rd eye or scry with
any efficeincy I would get that up to snuff first. Then proceed with evocation. There are many books and tutorials
available or opening your astral senses.

The differences
Now that we know what both types of evocations are one may now ask: what makes them different? Simple.
Grimoire Tradition is considered "low magic", meaning that it is applied, pay attention to that word......applied. What
this means is that the expensive tools and hard to find ingredients are what put the magician in the necessary state
of consciousness (the how of this is a whole other topic of it's own, and will be left at that) needed to evoke the
spirits. The magician, of course, still must have a strong Will and speak with authority. But he won't have to exert
much energy on his own, the tools pretty much do all the work for him. This is most likely the reason the tools are
expensive and hard to find. If anyone could get their hands on these things everyone would be doing this....which
needless to say is not a good thing.

With modern evocation on the other hand, the power lies 100% in the magician. You have to fall into the "theta-
gamma" state on your own. You have to open your astral senses on your own (though the incense may help a bit
with this). When the spirit is near, you have to use your Will to move it into the Triangle and to if the spirit is known
to lie or give the magus a hard time, it is your Will that will have to constrain it and keep it in line. As can now be
clearly see, the onus is on the magician. If the spirit doesn't materialize, it's not because you didn't wear the ring and
all you have to do is hop on Ebay and shell out $100 for one. It didn't materialize because your Will wasn't strong
enough, you didn't speak with authority and you didn't fully immerse yourself into the evocation.

That is the difference. One relies on the classic tools to aid the magician in calling the spirits while the other relies on
raw Will power. It is the latter that we will deal with today. I may write up a 2nd thread on a full Grimoire Tradition
ritual in the future. It is my goal today to outline a method that will allow anyone with at least a year of occult
training to be able to follow these instructions and be able to evoke, to physical appearance a spirit of their choice.
Shall we begin.


Before we begin, I think I should start with what spirits one should start with. The Olympic spirits have long been
regarded as the best spirits to start with. They are generally friendly towards Man, give great advice, rarely try to
fuck you over and come 99% of the time when called without several conjurations needing to be recited. The
following is a list of those spirits. I highly suggest starting with them, evoke them several times before moving on.
The evocation hierarchy you move in should look like this, but it is ultimately up to you:

1. Olympic Spirits (All 7)

2. Aerial Spirits
3. Elemental Kings
4. Planetary Spirits (actually angels)
5. Angels
6. Demons

Again, this is only my honest suggestion. If you feel you are ready to jump right to the Planetary Spirits or Demons,
by all mean, jump ahead. But if you have zero experience in evocation I suggest at least starting with the Olympics,
then go where ever you want from there. What follows is a list and short description of the Olympian Spirits and
their seals to use in this evocation:


Ruling Planet: Saturn

Confers invisibility, bestows long life, converts anything to stone, provides familiars, teaches alchemy, magick and
medicine, tranforms treasure into coal, transforms coal into treasure.
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Obtains treasures, prolongs life to 700 years, reconciles other spirits so that they will transport precious stones and
provide medicines.

Ruling Planet: Venus
Converts gold into copper, converts copper into gold, provides other spirits.

Ruling Planet: Sun
Converts anything into gold or precious stones, provides 600 years of perfect health, bestows wisdom, provides
other spirits, teaches medicine, provides gold.

Ruling Planet: Mercury
Provides spirits, teaches all arts and alchemy.
Ruling Planet: Mars
Confers great honor in warfare.

Ruling Planet: Moon
Prolongs life to 300 years, converts all metals into silver, provides spirits, heals dropsy

Please note that these descriptions are minimal and may not full explain the extend of their abilities or their
limitations. For example, Bethor (although considered the "money" spirit) can prolong your life to 700 years. But,
since they are ruled by angels they are under the command of YDHVH and the requirement of this ability is granted
so long as YDHVH (the Abrahamic God) says it's ok. Anyway, the above spirits are by far the "easiest" to work with
and call on, but it does not mean in any sense that they are less powerful than any of the other spirits that one can
evoke. Their methodology may differ when it comes to getting you what you desire from that of say, demons, but
they get the job done just as effectively.

Should be a short section. Not much to talk about here. These are the things you will need:

Candles (of various colors, but at least two of each color)

Incense (spirits initially prefer copal and dittany of crete). Get them in resin form, not powder or stick or
Incense/hookah charcoal
Incense burner/censor (or a cheaper route can be a simple cooking pot that you rarely use)
Triangle of Art (can be made from many materials)
Athame (easily bought from any occult shop online. Solid black handle, no need for any designs. A simple
black handled kitche knife will do as well)
Circle (can be made out of rocks, sawdust, flour, salt. If you prefer a permanent circle it can be drawn on
cement in chalk or painted on canvas)
An altar ( a simple end table will do. Nothing elaborate. Just as long as it's waist high)
A temple (best not to use your bedroom, even though I do, or any place you can be disturbed. Your
unfinished basement, extra/unused bedroom, attic, garage, wooded area, etc are all acceptable places.

You will of course need a catalog of spirits, there are many available. I will leave it up to you to determine which
spirits you want to work with.....after you've gotten a few evocations of the above Olympians under your belt....of
course. If you want to add a bit of magical flavor to your evocations you can purchase virgin parchment or animal
skin vellum online for fairly cheap (usually less than $15 for a few sheets) and some doves blood, dragon's blood or
butterfly's blood ink to draw up the seals on.

The above tools will all need to be consecrated. You can modify the follow "Invocation of Omnipotence" ritual to
consecrate the tools. If you've been practicing magic for at least a year it shouldn't be difficult to modify it. Instead of
bringing the light into yourself, put it into the tools, etc.

Invocation of Omnipotence
More along the lines of a visualization than an invocation, as usually no words are said. You can, however, ad-lib if
you would like; add in your own words of power if it helps you. The Invocation of Omnipotence is calling down the
power of the One (give it whatever name you like, God, the Universe, Destiny, Allah, The Void, The Eternal Spirit, The
Creator or w/e) into yourself, temporarily giving you it's power. Please don't be stupid here (pardon my language)
but no, you will not actually have God's power. You won' be able to move mountains or cause locusts to rain down

on your enemies (though there are grimoires out there that can show you how to do just that ). The Invocation
simply gives you the power to add immense power to your spells and rituals or to have the inherent authority
needed (in both modern and Grimoire Tradition evocations) to evoke spirits to physical appearance. Because of this,
you can use this Invocation in your other magical rites and spells. Also, just because it deals with light and seemingly
positive energy does not mean the Invocation won't work with demonic evocation, quite the contrary actually. It was
developed for the purpose of demonic evocation.

The Invocation

Sit in the middle of your temple on a chair. Back straight, palms rested on your knees. Close your eyese and breathe
slowly for 30 seconds to a minute. Bring your mind to a calm. Those well versed in meditation should arrive in a calm
state quite rapidly. Once you are calm begin to see a light emanating from the heavens. See this light swirling down
in a twister through the clouds, past the tree tops, through your roof (if indoors) and into your crown chakra. Feel it
flowing through your body, pulsating from the major chakra points. As it hits each point, feel the power build. This
process should take a few minutes, but shouldn't be any more than five minutes.

Once the major chakras have been activated and your body is full of power, with your eyes still closed, do your best
to visualize the room you're in. See the twister of power expanding, pushing out from your body and into the room.
Tiny swirls of light can be seen inside the twister. See the room fill with the light as well until it becomes a generator
of power. Then, as quickly as the room filled with power, the twister and light is gone, as if someone flipped off a
switch. You open your eyes. At this point, you should be able to physically feel built up energy inside of you, just
waiting to be released. Usually this is the point where you begin to perform the actual evocation or any other
magical operation.
That's pretty much it. As previously stated, you can ad-lib some words of power if you would like. It can also be
modified to consecrate the tools above. Follow the same methodology except for instead of the light going into you
it goes into the tools. The altar too must be consecrated.

The Summoning
Now we've come to the part I'm sure most of you are truly interested in, the actual summoning rite. The following
will be the instructions leading up to and finally the actual evocation rite. The beauty of modern techniques is that
the actual conjuration can be modified to fit any style or magical tradition you follow. There aren't any strict rules in
this regard.


Prepare the temple by cleansing it of negative energy. This can be done in many ways, sage, purified water,
banishing rituals, etc. Also make sure it's physically clean. Vacuum, sweep, clean up, etc, whatever is necessary to
make it physically clean. The temple should preferably have no windows or wall hangings (though I use my bedroom
as I live with others and don't really have a private place to do this and of course, my bedroom has both windows
and wall hangings) but this may not always be practical. If the room has windows, close the drapes or shut the
blinds/shutters. Remove wall hangings if it can be done.

Place the Altar in the center of the room. Color coordinate the candle colors to the type of spirit being called, ex:
black for demons, white for angels, green for earth Elementals, etc etc. Get two candles and place one of each
opposite end of the altar. Light them. Construct the Triangle if you don't have a permanent one. An astral circle may
suffice if you're energy work is advanced enough but for now stick with a physical circle. I usually use rocks to form
my Triangle with modern evocations. It must be 3x3x3 on each side, as 9 has magical qualities. Once the Triangle is
constructed visualize a blue fiery light tracing itself over the physical Triangle. Solidify that blue flame until nothing
can escape the Triangle, but things may enter it.

Do the same with the Circle. Construct it around the altar but be sure to keep the Triangle OUTSIDE the circle. Never
let a spirit within the circle, even angels. The circle not only represents protection, but also eternity, as a circle is
never ending. It is the place where gods stand. In that circle, you are no longer a man/woman, and you must see
yourself in that fashion. You are temporarily a god, capable of commanding legions to do you bidding. Again, I make
my circle out of rocks but as stated above, sawdust, flour, salt, etc will do. Once the circle is constructed, visualize
that same fiery blue flame engulfing the perimeter of the circle. Only this time when you solidify it, make sure it's
powerful enough to allow your power to get out, but allow nothing in.

Once the circle and triangle are set place your censor/brazier or cooking pot in the center of the triangle. Using tongs
and a lighter, light the incense/hookah charcoal (never touch the charcoal with your bare hands when lighting it or
while burning incense on them). Place the hot charcoal in the censer or brazier or cooking pot. Using the athame,
place some incense resin on the blade and pour it onto the charcoal. If using a pot you should be able to fit a few
pieces of charcoal in it. Place no more than three or four and place resin on all of them. The goal here is the incense
smoke. It not only pleases the spirits, but it gives them the matter they need to form their bodies onto this physical
plane. For without it, we wouldn't be able to see them.......or at least VERY rarely. If you have a smoke detector in
your room I would disable it at this point. Do not open your windows either, even a crack. The amount of smoke the
incense produces isn't enough to harm you, nor is the carbon monoxide.

Get back into the circle and at this point, if you didn't do so before hand, draw up the seal on the spirit on clean
paper. If drawing it and not printing it out or using the grimoires themselves, draw it on thick computer paper with
black marker (or you could use my earlier suggestion of purchasing virgin parchment and doves blood ink). Once the
seal is drawn, place it between the candles. From here you want to "open" or "activate" the seal. This lets the spirit
know you wish to call on it. If you aren't familiar with sigil magic and activating or opening sigils you can utilize my
tutorial here:

I feel no need to post another method of activating a sigil/seal when I've already posted the above thread and it
works just fine. If, of course you have your own methodology then by all means, use it. Once the sigil is activated, the
spirit will have heard your call and should be moving between the planes to come to your temple. Now, recite the

I call to thee, (Name of spirit) and ask that you appear unto me in beholdable form within this Triangle. I call you,
by the inherent Divine Authority invested in me. I call you by the Powers of the Universe, and by the Power of my
words. Heed, and come quickly. Enter into my temple and hear my requests. I call to thee, (Name of spirit) and ask
that you appear unto me. I call thee.........I call thee..........I call thee......

The above conjuration should be said with authority, though not demeaning. The conjuration may need to be said
several times. The spirits will not answer the call of one who isn't sure of themselves. Why should they help you with
your problems when you can barely help yourself? Speak with authority, stand strong and firm. Compose
yourself............and wait. If you have spoken with a True Will and authority the room should begin to have a
thickness descend upon it. This is the first sign the spirit is near. Continue to recite the conjuration, holding fast to
your composure, to your Will......for the spirits can sense weakness and they do not bend to the Will of the weak.
Once you feel the spirit is near you must again use your Will and will it into the Triangle.

Focus your gaze to the Triangle. If the spirit hasn't already appeared the smoke above the incense should be forming,
beginning to take shape within it. At this point the conjuration shouldn't need to be said more than twice more. As
you recite the final conjuration.........the spirit should have appeared.

Now that the spirit has manifested, make your request. Notice I say request(s) and not demand(s). You are not
commanding these spirits, you are merely beseeching them, though there is usually no reason why they won't help
you with your needs so long as it's within their office to do so. If dealing with demons make sure to make your
request as specific as possible. Demons don't care how they get the work done, so long as it's done. People who get
hurt along the way are just collateral damage. Keep it specific, details are VERY IMPORTANT. In terms of the
payment, that is between the spirit and you. I will not give suggestions or recommendations. Just because Bethor
told me he wants me to offer him X doesn't mean he won't ask you for Y. The spirit expects you to keep your end of
the bargain just as you expect it to keep it's end. If you do not keep your end, what you requested may be taken
from you or other spirits may be less willing to work with you.

The Dismissal

Once your request has been made or the information you desired has been given you may then give the spirit what
is known as the "License to Depart". Have a gift ready for the spirit as a "thank you". You may simply leave the
incense burning until it's gone or pour milk or honey on it's seal. Anyway, the following should suffice just fine:

I thank you, (name of spirit) for hearing my call and coming to my aid. I leave you this gift of (incense, milk, honey,
etc) as a sign of gratitude for your attendance. As you came in Power, I now request that you go in peace and into
the far corners of the Universe to bring me my desire. Go now, in peace and forever in the Power of the Word.

The incense smoke should begin to flutter and soon the spirit will be gone. The thickness and heaviness of the air will
be lifted. You may feel physically tired, which is normal as you exerted much energy and power during the evocation.
No need for a banishing for a closing. Simply take down the fiery blue flames that encircle the circle and triangle and
snuff out your candles and incense (unless allowing the incense to burn as a gift) and clean up your tools and the
temple. Go and eat some heavy foods to help you ground and center, watch TV, play Black Ops 2 or w/e. Try to get
your right brain working again, as it won't be able to comprehend the "supernatural" event that took place.

The above is a true rendition of the exact methodology I have utilized over the past few weeks with my study of
modern evocation. Both myself and my students have used it with great success. Though I must say, though it is far
cheaper and more accessible than Grimoire Tradition, at heart I am a Solomonic magician and must admit I shall
most likely remain so.......if for nothing more than not wanting to throw away thousands of dollars worth of tools.

So go now, magus, and bring to fruition your desires. The spirits are here to help us, for it is in their nature to do as
we request. They want to help us, for many of them have not been called in centuries. Any chance they get to flex
their god-like powers, they will surely rush to your temple to do so. Take advantage of this. They want to give you
the world, all you must ask.