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Ouorxtlow Cnr,r, Norrcr

N".1 V 0? t raRD, Bhubaneswar Dated thetf-Fhugust, 201?
FARD-OE-lESTT.-001 9 / 20L6

The undersigned is directed to invite Sealed the Quotatiols in

prescribed format from the intending Registered Firms/ Authorized Service
Providers located at Bhubaneswar having valid & up-to-date Certificates of
GST Registration/ Service Tax Registration/ PAIII Card for providing Annual
Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Ol(One) Year to Air Conditioners &
Stabilizers of Fisheries & ARD Department, Odisha Secretariat,
The details of the Quotation Call Notice, terms & conditions of the
AIVIC senrice along with make, model & configuration of the Air Conditioners
is annexed to this Notice as Lnnexure-'A'. Further, the format for price
quotation for Comprehensive AMC of Air Conditioners & Stabilizers
annexed to this Notice as Annexure-rB'. Ttre same is available in the Office
Establisturrent Section of Fisheries & ARD Department, 'which can also be
downloaded from The approved price will be
valid for one year frory_ the date of approval communicated to the Firm
Interested Bidders may submit their Sealed Quotation in the
prescribed format mentioning rtAMC for Air Conditioners & Stabilizers for
F&ARD Department, Odisha Secretariat, Bhubaneswar for One Year" on
the cover of the envelope. Sealed Quotation should reach the undersigned
on or before lU.O8.20fZ by 5.00 PM and the same will be opened on
18.08.201? at I1.30 AIVI in the presence of the Bidders or their
11heinterested Bid.ders are required to deposit a non-refundable
arnount of Rs.200/- (Rupees Two Hundred) only as bid processing cost
in shape of Demand Draft drawn in favour of the "Drawingr & Disbursing
Officer<um-Under Secretary to Government, Fisheries & ARD Department,
Odisha Secretariat" payable at Bhubaneswar'
The Quotations received in incomplete shape or after the scheduled
date and time shall be summarily rejected. The undersigned reserves the
right to reject any or all Quotations without assigning arry reason thereof.

-f' -/ ^
Under Secretary to Governrnent

Merno No. ? L4 rc / FARD, Dated tnelg.f{Arrgust, 201?

Copy along with copy of Quotation Call Notice forwarded to the Head,
State Portal Group, I.T. Centre, Secretariat Building, Bhubaneswar with a
I/ request to display the same in the "Tender & Advertisement" link of
Government of Odisha Website for wide publicity.

Under Secretary to Governrnent

Memo N".9 q I ) / F.[R.D, Dated *etflfxusust, 201?

Copy along with copy of Quotation Call Notice forurarded to the
Director, Information & Public Relations Department for information and
immediate necessary action.
He is requested to publish the above Quotation Call Notice in two
local daily odia Newspapers as well as in one English Daily Newspaper for
wide pu.blication.

Under Secretary to Government

Merno N".?VIZJ rARI), Dared thetflfixugusr, 20Iz

Copy along with copy of Quotation Call Notice forwarded to the
Department Notice Board for information of all concerned.

Under Secretary toGovernrnent

Memo N",/!p./ rARD, Dated thel$fiusust, 201?

Copy forward.ed to the Chief Receptionist, Odisha Secretariat for
information and necessary action.

Under Secretary to Government

RreUESr fOn Snnr,un QUotetrON FOn PnOvtnrxc AWrvUnr, MRrntnrRNCn

Corvrnecr (AMC) Or Arn Cororrrowrns & Stxsrr,rzrns To FrsxrnrEs & LRD
Dnpenrvrrtr, Ootsxtt Srcnrrnnrxr, BxurmEswAR Fon OrcE Ymn

t. Sealed Quotations are invited in the prescribed format from the

intending Registered Firms/ Authorized Service Providers located at
Bhubaneswar having valid and up-to-date Certificates of GST
- Registration/ Service Tax Registration/ PAN Card for providing Annual
Maintenance Gontract (AIVIG) for 0l(One) Year to Ilir Conditioners
& Stabilizers of Fisheries & ARD Department, Odisha Secretariat,
2. Place, Date & Tirne for subrnission of Bid: Fisheries & ARD
Department, Odisha Secretariat, Bhubaneswar on or before 17.O8.2OI7
up to 5.00 PM.
3. The details of items to be managed during the AMC of Air Conditioners
and Stabilizers are below:-

Sl.No. Particulars Sp ecification Make Quantity

2.0-Ton & 3-Star Voltas 0l no.
.0- Ton & 3-Star Voltas 0I no.
Split .6,ir Conditioner .5-'Ton & 3-Star Voltas 0l no.
0t. with Compressor rq:-Ton & 3-Star Samsung 04 nos.
1.5- Ton & 3-Star tG 02 nos.
.5- Ton & 3-Star Janasonir 0l no.
Window Air Gonditioner .5- Ton & 3-Star I,G 03 nos.
02. with Compressor
V-Guard 0I no.
5_KVA & 90-Input
4.KVA & 9O-Input V-Guard 04 nos.
Stabilizer for Air 02 nos.
03. 4-KVA OPTO
4-KVA Everest 0l no.
4-KVA Liptronix 0I no.
Windr rs AGs + 09 Stabilizers)
(10 Split trGs + 03 Windows

4. Scope of Senrices:
a) The period of AI\4C will initially for one year! which may be
extended to another year on same terms & conciitions and price,
based on satisfactory performance and discretion of the Fisheries
& ARD Department.

b) Technical support for diagnosis of fault and. rectification.


c) This Comprehensive AMC includes replacements of parts,

compressor, refilling of gas etc.
d) Onsite support for correction of hardware problems.
e) All major and minor hardware repair and replacement for damage
due to high voltage and lightening.
f) Problem diagnosis and rectification on entire system.
g) Coverage_should be24 hrs. X 7 days inWeek.
h) The vendor will deploy a designated personnel equipped with
adequate media for communication. The person should reach
Fisheries & ARD Department, Odisha Secretariat, Bhubaneswar
within one hour of receiving complaints from F&ARD Department.
The vendor is also liable to provide immediate support as and
when informed by F&ARD Department inholidays.
i) The vendor should be equipped with his own mechanical,
electrical and/ or electronic tools to attend all the activities.
j) One mandatory visit to be made in every month in working days
(during normal working hours is 10.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs.) for
preventive maintenance).
k) Ttre visit should be duly certified by the Authorized staff of F&ARD
Department. Out of mandatory visit, F&ARD Department may
trigger any other visit. Vendor should file the report to F&ARD
Department after duly signed by Authorized Officer.
5. Bid Price:
a) The contract shall be for the full quantity as described above.
b) Corrections, if any, shall be made by crossing out, initialing,
dating and rewriting.
c) AII duties, taxes and other ievies payable components shall be
included in the total price.
6. Evaluation of Tender:
The evaluation and comparison of the quotations wili be
determined to be substantially responsive i.e. which
i) are properly signed; and
ii) conform to the terms & conditions and. specifications;

iii) filled in the Indian Currency.


7. Eligibility Criteria of the Bidder:

The bidder shail furnish the followincl documents to estabiish the
bidder' s eligibility :-
i) Certificates of Authorized Distributor/ Dealership/ Service
Provider (Proof to be enclosed).
ii) Valid & up-to-date Certificate of Service Registration duly
registered under Service Tax Act (Proof to be enclosed).
iii) Up-to-date Certificate of GST Clearance (Proof to be enclosed)
iv) Attested Photocopies of PAIrI Card pro-t to be enclosed).
v) Price Bid in the prescribed format (Annexure-rB') duly signed
and sealed in each page.
vi) Non*refundable Demand Draft amounting Rs.200/- (Rupees Two
8. Response & Resolution Time:
Response & Resolution must be within one hour after gettingr
verbal complains from F&ARD Department and the resolution will be on
best effort basis. If there will be any delay in resolution, necessary
standby of simitar or higher capacity specifications must be provided.
9, InfrastnrctureSupport:
a) The Registered Office or Service Ces.tre should be within the
locality of Bhubaneswar. Ttre Head of the firm/ agencies should be
available on his own direct telephone (Office as well as residence)
and also on mobile phone so as to call in emergiency cases.
b) The Bidder must provide Contact Number of Office and Mobile
Number of Senrice Engiineer, Director/ Proprietor-
c) Must provide Dedicated Technical Help Desk at Bhubaneswar.
d) Must have Dedicated Senior Service Engineers at Bhubaneswar
with e:rpertise in maintenance of Air Conditioners & Stabilizers.
e) The Service Engineers should be eguipped with Mobile Phones.
10. Penalty:
Support seryice for any problem must be attended within the time
frame mentioned above. Otherwise penalty for delay in service must be
charged as per the discretion of the Authority of F&ARD Department.
ll. Terms of Payrnent:
Payment shall be made on quarterly basis equally.
12. Terrnination of Gontract:
In case the Bidder does not fulfill any condition or failed to provide
serrrices as per the terms & conditions, the contract will be terminated.

t3. Egftorrnance Security ;

The Performance Security @ 5% of the Contract Value shall be

submitted by the selected Bidder and will be retained till the contract
period. If the Firm fails to execute the contract, the security money will
be forfeited in full or in part as per the decision of the Authority of
F&ARD Department. The security money will be refunded after
successful execution of the contract within 28 days after completion of
the contract.
t4. Terrns & Conditions:
a) Price must be mentioned inclusive of all taxes and transportation.
b) The vendor must provide valid & up-to-date Certificates of GST
Registration/ Service Tax Registration/ PAN Card within the
locality of Bhubaneswar with ad&ess and contact number
(Photocopies to be enclosed with Signature, Date & Seal).
c) Bidders are advised to visit the site/ office premises between
working hour3-to inspect, examine and satisfy themselves before
submitting their tenders for AMC of Air Conditioners & Stabilizers.
d) The offer duly signed by the Director/ Proprietor or an
authorizatrin letter for signing the tender document by:other
employee and other relevant documents must be submitted.
e) Transportation will be at approvFd Bidders risk.
f) For inspection, please contact Shri Krushna Chandra Tripathy,
Under Secretary to Government, Fisheries & ARD Department in
Mobile No.8895274566.
g) All the spares to be used in this work shall be original spare parts.
h) Conditional bids will not be accepted.
D Bid shall remain valid for 60 days from the last date for submission
of quotations,
j) The price offer through Email / Fax will neither be accepted nor
k) F&ARD Department reseryes the right to accept, reject or cancel
any or all bids without assigning any reasons thereof and does not
bind itself to accept the lowest bid.
l) In case of any dispute, the decision of the F&ARD Department shall
be final and bindingion you.
m) Incomplete offer or conununication after due date & time will be

A5[NEXg8E *,8,
Fonmrr Fon Pnrcn Quornrrot Or CnMpntrrrEwsls ltn$slr, lVlernrrxrrrrcr
Conm,lcr (EItdC) Or.trR CouoltroNnns & Srxnrr,rzrns

Unlt Price ln fotal f,mount ir

sI. MR including II\IR including
Particulars Specifrcation Mahe lf ssrrrry
all taxes for all taxes for one
one year yeal
2.0-Ton & S-$tar Voltas 0l no.
1.0-Ton & 3-Star Voltas 01 no.
Split Air
0t, Conditioner rvith 1.S-Ton & 3-Star Voltas 0I no.
1.S-Ton & 3-$tar 04 nos.
L5-Ton & 3-Star IJG 02 nor.
l.S-Ton & 3-$tar Panasonic 01 no.
Window f,ir
1.S-Ton& 3-Star IJG 03 nos.

5-KVA& $O-Input V-Guard O1 no.

Stabilizer for "8 4-I{VA& 9O-Input V-Guard 04 nos.

Conditioner 4.KVA OPTO 02 nos.
4-Ifi/A Everest 0l no.
4-nIA 0l no.

Amount in lllords (.....,...... ) Onty.


I / We hereby declare that all the statement(s) mad.e in this application

are true, complete and correct to the best of my lcrowledge and belief. I
:understand that in the event of any information being found false or incorrect
or any other ligure inflated. or misleading at any stage or I am,/ we are not
satisfying the etigibility criteria prescribed in the relative advertisement of
my tender is liable to be cancelled. I am/ we are willing to abid6 by the
terms and. conditions laid. by F&ARD Department. In case of any lapse on myl
our part which may affect the performance of the job or the quality of the
work is found substandatd or the service or response is found poor,
proportionate value may be deducted. hom my bills as deemed to be proper
by the Competent Authority.

Place :

Date : Signature of the Tenderer with Seal

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