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Emily Hankins

2nd Grade
Duration: 30 minutes

Adapted Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Format

Standards/Quality Indicators/Skills
Missouri and national standards, quality indicators, and skills addressed by this lesson
Missouri Learning Standards:

RL.2.3 Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges
RL.2.2 Recount stories, including fables and folktales from diverse cultures, and determine their
central message, lesson, or moral.

Learning Objectives/Goals and Duration

The lessons objectives and learning outcomes appropriate for meeting curricular and student needs; What
will the students be able to know/do by the end of the lesson? Include the duration
(number of minutes) you estimate the lesson will take.

Students will be able to retell how the main character in the story reacted to the adversity that she
was faced with.
Students will develop a better understanding of how people around the world work to make others
lives better.
Step by Step Instructions
1) Students will be seated on the carpet quietly before you begin the read aloud.
2) Once students are ready to listen, you will show the students the book Malalas Magic Pencil.
3) Before you begin the read aloud, ask the students what to predict what they think the book will be
about based on the cover.
a. What do you see on the cover that looks unusual to you?
b. What in the title do you see that may help you decide what this book will be about?
c. Do you have any background knowledge about who Malala is?
4) After students have made their predictions, write the word adversity on the board. Ask students if
they know what this word means. After a few students have guessed, tell that adversity means
difficulties that someone is facing in their life.
5) Tell students, today we will be looking to see how our main character reacts to what is happening in
her life, and how she overcomes the adversity she is facing.
6) Read the book aloud the book, periodically stopping to ask questions.
7) After you have finished reading the book, ask students to talk with a partner about what adversity
Malala had to overcome in the book. Then select a few students to share what them and their
partner discussed. Write their answers on the SmartBoard.
8) After pass, out a blank sheet of paper, and tell students that at their seats, they will be working to
draw what they would create if they had a magic pencil to make the world a better place.
9) Collect their drawing after they have finished.

Resources and Materials
List of materials used in the planning of and during the instruction of the lesson
Malalas Magic Pencil by Malala Yousafzai

Instructional and/or assistive technology incorporated into the lesson to enhance instruction and
student learning
o Using the SmartBoard, the teacher will write down students responses to how
Malala is overcoming the adversity in her life.

Instructional Input
What knowledge is required for you to impart to students in order for them to achieve the
objective or purpose?
The teacher will need to further explain adversity to the students, after they have them
share what they think that it is.
Teacher will need to model by introducing the students to the idea of adversity, and
modeling how they can pick it out in the book.
The teacher will need to ensure that the students understand the impact that Malala had
on womens education in the Middle East.

Checking for Understanding

How will you monitor students learning? If you are using questioning, provide examples of
questions you will use.
Summative Assessment:
o Teacher will pay attention and be involved in various partner conversations well
they are participating in Think.Pair.Share.
o Teacher will record students answers to how they think Malala overcame
adversity in her life.
Formative Assessment:
o Teacher will collect the pictures that students have drawn, and look over them to
determine if they understood the moral behind the story, and how Malala made
education part for girls in her part of the country.

Guided and Independent Practice
If relevant, what activities will the students engage in under close teacher monitoring and
direction? What activities will the students engage in without teacher supervision?
The students will be under close teacher monitoring and direction in the beginning of the
lesson while the teacher reads aloud the book, and asks questions. The teacher will then
listen as the students talk in partnerships about the adversity Malala faces in the story.
The teacher will then work together with the students to create a list on the board of how
she overcame the adversity in her life.
The teacher will then give the students directions on to create their picture with their
magic pencils and direct them to work independently.
The students will engage mostly without teacher supervision while they create their
pictures about if they had a magic pencil. The teacher will circulate around the room, and
asking prodding questions where they seem fit. Some questions could be:
o What are you drawing?
o How would creating ______ make the world a better place?
o Who does the _______ impact in our world?

How will you bring the lesson to close? Are there key points of learning you need to review,
clarify, or check? Closure may not be synonymous to an ending point of learning.
To close this activity, the students will return to the carpet and share their Magic Pencil
drawings. They will talk about what they would change in the world, as well as who this
problem affected.