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Meet the Author

Ivan Dimitrov
Digital Marketer for pCloud

Hello, my name is Ivan Dimitrov and I am a self-taught Digital Marketer.
I have worked in one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in my country
Bulgaria  —  Interactive Share  —  for clients like Goodyear, Durex, Smirno ,
Scholl, Rexona, VW and many many more.
I also work together with and consult EnforceDigital on numerous projects,
incl. such with the world’s most famous tness model on the social media 
— Lazar Angelov.
Currently, my main focus is the Digital Marketing of pCloud, a Cloud Storage
Platform which grew from 2,000,000 (when I joined) to 7,000,000 in 2
Here is a list of the top digital marketing tools you should learn to use
in 2017.

53 Digital Marketing Tools You
Should Master in 2017
1. Google Trends
2. Google Keyword Planner
3. Ahrefs
4. AppAnnie
5. Serpstat
6. SimilarWeb
7. Buzzsumo
8. Facebook Audience Insights
9. Facebook Ads
10. Google Adwords
11. Bing Ads
12. Google Analytics
13. Facebook Analytics for Apps
14. Yandex Metrica
15. Color Picker
16. Google Analytics URL Builder
17. Tag Assistant
18. FB Pixel Helper
19. Google Tag Manager
20. Data Scraper
21. Google Analytics Debugger
22. Pocket
23. Bootstrap Studio
24. Canva
25. Flatpack
26. Marvellapp
27. Adespresso ads
29. Behnace

Slack 42. Hubspot Blog 50. Digital marketer 43. Active Campaign 36. . Ahrefs Blog 48. Headreach 33. Confluence 40. Buzzstream 34. Dribbble 31. Evernote 41. MOZ Blog 54. GrooveHQ Blog 53. Neil Patel Blog 45. Buffer Blog 52. Jira 39. Todoist 38. Jon Loomer Blog 49. pCloud 37. Webris 44.30. Pitchbox 35. Medium 46. Unsplash 32. Content Marketing Institute Blog 51. Search Engine Land 47. Adespresso Blog Hope you find this interesting.

You can also add other terms so you can compare data. Simply go to the website and type the keyword or the industry name you are interested in a hit “Enter”. Without proper planning and research. It can give you validation on an idea pretty fast and it is very easy to use. They also show you an interest by region on a map and also related queries You can also search by countries. Always do your research and plan this will not only make your job easier but you will learn a lot more things in the process. Digital Marketing Research Tools Research is essential to the success of any marketing campaign. Google Trends Google Trends lets you see the latest trends. . time period. And as you may know. you are making your tasks when starting a campaign a lot harder. categories and type of search which includes Youtube search. 1. Youtube is the second-biggest search engine in the world. data. and visualizations from Google and find out what’s trending near you right now.

What is the Google Keyword tool? It’s a feature in Google Adwords which I will be talking about later in this article. I will not be telling you what I think I will just tell you how you can use it in the best way possible.So if you are going to start a business. Google Keyword Planner You can choose one or more keywords. Google Keyword Planner So there are two opinions on the Google Keyword tool there are the people who love it and the people who hate it and think it’s data is misleading. It is similar to Google Trends but it gives you actual numbers you can work with. “”Medium” or “Low” and what is the suggested bid for that keyword. . It’s located in the “Tools” tab. You can see if the competition is “High”. choose the country and the language you want and see approximately how many times your word is searched. research competitors. create a new campaign or just curious about certain words Google Trends is one awesome tool you can use! 2.

. to get some kind of idea on volumes. 3. you can set “Alerts” so each time a website ranks for a keyword or receives a mention somewhere on the web. but it is a great tool to begin with. Ahrefs Ahrefs Home Page Why? Mainly because you can learn almost everything about your competitors with the Ahrefs Site Explorer. For instance.I do not recommend to use only the Google Keyword tool to research your keywords. you can start a Google Adwords campaign directly while you research your keywords which I also don’t recommend. Also. What I recommend is that you check it out and find out if it fits your needs. where they rank for speci c keywords in Google Search. A cool thing about the keyword tool is that you can export the data and import it somewhere else. how many backlinks and who exactly links to their website and much more. What it gives you is the opportunity to learn where your competitors get tra c.

It shows you accurate search volume data.Also with their “Content Explorer” they give you the opportunity to nd the most shared content on the web. 4. How hard is to rank for that specific words.0 It has an enormous database of keywords and you can research keywords in 170 countries. Since I make my decisions based on data I can say that I really like how Ahrefs works.0 Ahrefs Keywords Explorer 2. a very detailed SERP analysis with all the data you need in order to make a plan and a marketing strategy. App Annie . Last but not least. thousands of keyword ideas with all the metrics you need to know in order to make your decision easier. how many searches are with clicks and how many searches remain without clicks. Another awesome thing about the keyword tool is that it shows you the keyword difficulty in other words. Here you can see the most shared article about iPhone cases with a total of 91k shares. It has a ranking history graph. Another great feature and my favorite is the Keywords Explorer 2.

you need Appannie. It is the best tool for tracking competitors in almost every app store there is.Appannie Homepage If you are an App developer or a Marketing Manager in a startup that has an App. . The coolest feature in my opinion is the ASO (App Search Optimisation). What it does is that it shows you where your app is ranking on a speci c keyword in Google Play and Apple Store. Here is a screenshot on how you can use it.

Serpstat Serpstat is also an amazing keyword tool that I love. 5. It’s similar to Ahrefs. It’s pretty real-time so you can test di erent text in a matter of days and see what works better for you. I use it mainly to compare data and because the data for some countries is more accurate than other tools.Keywords for pCloud App Based on that you can edit your titles and descriptions when you upload a new version of your app. .

It is a super easy to use and you should check it out. 6. backlinks and much more. SimilarWeb SimilarWeb it the first tool that I use to get an Idea for a website. . Here is a screenshot from the keywords tracking tool Aesthetic by science keywords tracking You can also track competitors keywords.Recently the guys made a redesign of the dashboards and now it looks amazing.

As we know Facebook has one of the best targeting ad systems that has ever been built since it has tons of data for all of us. Facebook audience Insights One of the most powerful and underestimated tools that exist right now. I mostly use the Chrome extension that they have because as I said it gives me the information I need to decide if I want to go further with research or not. what are the countries. It will analyze a certain topic or competitor that you give it and tell you the content that performs best. a basic idea of the keywords that the websites ranks for and some other cool stuff. 7. 8. If you have writer’s block or want to see what are the best posts about something just type it in and you will get your answers. Similarweb Chrome Extension For instance when someone contacts me with a review proposition or something like that I open the website and see what tra c that website does and where is it from.What it does is give you an estimated tra c of a website. You can even see who shared the content with twitter and contact them when you have yours ready. Buzzsumo Buzzsumo is a tool for content discovery. what are the sources of that tra c. .

behavior. habits and even life events. . you can even search by household income. Also. You can see how many people you can reach based on country. It can help you make a plan for a Facebook Ads campaign in the best way. interests.If you learn to use this tool you will make your job as a marketer a lot easier. you can see what other interests the people you want to target have and what is the best way to target them. The cool thing is that it is super easy to use and you will not waste days trying to figure out how it works. devices they are using. It shows you demographic data and for some countries.

Advertising Platforms The easiest and fastest way to share a message with a massive number of audience is advertising.You can create an audience for an advertising campaign right there and instantly start using it without having to do it all over again. So if you don’t use it for marketing purposes you should learn how and start immediately! . Facebook Ads As you know Facebook is the biggest Social Network in the world with an average of 25.5 Billion visits per month. 1. in my opinion the most powerful ad network right now. average session duration of 16 minutes and 5 seconds and an estimate of 14. Today ad networks have become thousands of times smarter and there are a million ways you can target so that your message gets to the just right people. Here is just a fraction of that how the best ad networks work and how you can use them.36 scrolls per visit. Exactly because of those numbers and the ability to collect data Facebook Ads is.

Creating a New Campaign The ad types speak for themselves but I will try to explain them better with a few words.There are many types of ads you can place in Facebook based on where are the users you are targeting in you marketing funnel. Awareness .

Boost Posts  —  This type of ad is for the posts on your Facebook Page (already posted or not) they can be photos. events. videos. and offers Promote your page  —  If you want to get more likes on your Facebook Page you should use this type of ad because it is optimized for People that are more likely to like your page (based on your targeting of course) Reach people near your business Increase brand awareness  —  This type of ad is to be used when you just want to reach as many people as you want so they learn about your brand Consideration . links.

you can collect a lead directly on Facebook without the user even leaving. After you have his email you can use it via integration with some of the biggest email CRMs or just download it and use it however you want. No spam of course! . With this type of Facebook ad. What it does is that it sends tra c to your website and by default it’s targeted to people that are more likely to click on your ad. Raise attendance to an event  —  This type of ad is targeted to people that are likely to attend an event based on your targeting. Of course most of the times the user has to receive something in return so you can send Him to a thank you page that is off Facebook. Send people to a place on or o Facebook (Clicks to website)  —  One of the most used Ad types by Facebook Marketers. Get Video Views  —  One of the most powerful types of ads in my opinion not just because video on Facebook has exploded but you can create Audiences of people based on how long they watched a certain video! This is great because you can create amazing automated funnels based on how people engage with your content! Collect leads for a business —  Another super powerful type of ad that is very underestimated by businesses. Get installs your app —  If you want to drive users to install your app this is the type of ad you should be placing. You see Conversion rates on landing pages have a lot of variables one of which is the speed of the page.

. Here is a [link] with every Event and all it’s parameters. This means that you have to put it on every page of your website and report di erent events based on what the user is doing For example. The most important event you must log in the Purchase event. For it to work properly tho you need to set up your Facebook Pixel the right way. Give it to your developer. You must log it on your thank you page with ALL the Parameters that the Purchase includes. If he is in the Cart you must send the AddtoCart event.Conversion Increase conversion (mostly sales) on your website  —  This type of ad I love the most. if a user is viewing a product on your website you must send the ViewContent event.

For example. Increase engagement in your app  —  If you have set your Apps events the right way you will be able to show personalized ads to people using your app. Dynamic ads increase the CTR and reduce the cost per purchase! The best thing about Facebook Ads is the Pixel . if a user is close to completing a level but hasn’t visited the app in 1 week. This type of ad targets people that are most likely to claim your offer. Also.This is very important to do because as I said Facebook has massive amounts of data for every one of us and based on those events it can create a pro le of you perfect buyer so you can get the best ROI for your ad spend. you can show him an ad that tells him that he is close to completing that level. you can create lists with people that are similar to your perfect buyer which is called Lookalike audience. Promote product catalog —  This type of ad is mainly for people that own big store. With these types of ads you can show the user that right now only for him this product has a discount and most of the times he will buy. These type of ads are of the most pro table for marketers because they show to the user the exact product that he was looking at. This a basically Dynamic Remarketing Ads. Get people to Claim an o er   —  As you know your are able to post an o er in Facebook.

You can create this kind of audience for the people that have already converted on your website or app. They are called “Lookalike Audiences”. Based on that you can create personalized ads specially for them. is a chunk of code that helps you track what users do on your website. In order for this to work Facebook needs to gather information so it will not happen right away. Based on that Facebook creates a pro le and helps you show your ad to people that are likely to convert too. Google Adwords Google Adwords is the tool that made Google $67. 2. It can be a bit hard on some websites but by far this is the thing that has brought me the highest ROI based on ad spend.39 billion in 2015 alone according to statista. .com It is one of the most used and complex ad platforms ever. The other thing is that you have to put the Tracking Pixel In a way so it can track the exact steps of a user before he converts. But that’s not all. Facebook is so good at targeting it o ers you to create audiences that are similar to the people you are tracking.What the pixel is.

With Google Adwords you can be there.So if you are a marketer you de nitely need to learn how to use it. 36% of people in the US have researched the item from a search engine. And this is important because of the graph you are going to see next. At least the basics because it is not a coincidence that people get hired for doing just Google Adwords. . I am sure that everyone has seen this This screenshot has been taken on a 1920x1080 monitor and you can see that 70% of the visible part of the page search results are Ads. It’s capabilities are massive and you will need quite a lot of time to learn all the things it can do. I recommend the Google Partners Certification Program Google Adwords is very important because you can use a lot of channels that are connected to Google via Adsesnse and Tap into Google Search.


Keywords -This means that you can target websites or apps that are contextually matched with the keywords you want or have that speci c keywords in their content. you can target websites that usually write about SEO and A liate Marketing like so Interests & Remarketing -This type of targeting means that you can target people based on what Google they might be interested in. You can choose “A nity Audiences”  —  Target People in large numbers based on their long-term interests. “Customer email lists”  —  You can show ads in Gmail to people that have provided you with their Gmail email address. “In- market Audiences”  —  Reach people that are actively searching and comparing products like yours. The cool thing is that here you have a couple of options. With Google Adwords. I want to target articles in websites that are doing Wordpress theme reviews. You can target them in very different ways. For example. .Also the majority of banners that you see in websites are served via Google AdSense. “Remarketing”  —  Terget people that already had interaction with your website or app. you can advertise on websites that are using Google AdSense. For example. Than I will choose the option only to show my ads where “best Wordpress themes” is present in the content of the website Topics -Here you can target websites on certain topics.

In my opinion. You can tell Adwords to show ads only on this website.Placements —  Choosing this you can target people that visit speci c websites. Demographics —  Of course. it is essential for a modern marketer to know how it . Let’s say that you sell Macbook Pro Accessories and know your potential customers read and read articles that contain the keyword “Macbook Pro Accessories”. To make the targeting even better you can combine Targeting Preferences. as I said. you can target people by their demographic profile too. Of course this is a very small part of what Google Adwords can do. What this means is that I can show ads to people who read Macworld.

I see great results coming from there. .3. Bing ads Bing ads are similar to Google Adwords and in my opinion is a super underestimated and underused channel for advertising.

5%. . In a post from 2015 Marketing land says that Google analytics is used by 30– 50 Million websites. Other data-sources like W3Techs say that Google Analytics is used by 54. Google analytics There are many data-sources on how many websites use Google Analytics. Successful campaigns or mistakes can be tracked and optimized. 1.9% of all the websites. that is a traffic analysis tool market share of 83. Either way no matter how many websites use it is one of the most popular analytics tools in the world and if you are Digital Marketer. Analytics Tools For one to be successful in the long-term one must learn how to analyze. With Google Analytics you can track everything about your users even what resolution screen they are using. Growth hacker. Here are some of the best Analytics tools. Marketing Manager and even a CEO you must learn how to use it.

sales.You can create all kinds of reports and thus learn more about the people using your service. Here is a link with the Google Analytics Academy 2. . downloads etc. which channel provides the most leads. Facebook analytics for apps Facebook has recently gone into the direction of becoming a whole in one Marketing platform. Where they come from. You can even perform A/B testing! It is extremely powerful if you know how to use it and if you invest more time to understand it you can only win.

Why am I saying that? Well in the platform you can everything you need to know about a user. For instance. You see with Facebook analytics for apps you can track speci c actions that users have taken in your app and create a segment to target them. It is by far one of the most accurate demographic segmentation ever. Yes. If you don’t know the Facebook Applications has a lot of permissions that you grant when you install it. Also you can create Lookalike audiences to those segments but and I will talk about why this is amazing when we get to the Facebook Ads tool.Facebook Analytics for Apps Homepage The Facebook Analytics for Apps recently came out of beta and it is one of the most powerfull analytics for apps tools there is if not the most powerful one. Last but not least there are “Push Campaigns”. you can show personalized ads to people that haven’t completed the level of your game or give a discount to people that were one step away from subscribing to your service. You can show ads to people based on specific events. But the true power of it comes when you set it up just like they want you to. With events. And that’s not all. Push Campaigns feature is part of the Facebook Analytics for Apps SDK and it gives you the opportunity to send Push Noti cations to your users totally for FREE! .

.There are two types of Push Notifications In-app Noti cations —  Pop-up screens that show up while the user is in your application Push Noti cations  —  Noti cations when the user is not using your application The best part is that you can use Push Campaigns with the Events and instead of paying for ads you can get to your users for free. 3. Yandex Metrica Yandex is the Russian equivalent of Google so of course. they have their on Analytics. Yandex Metrika is good for two things the most.

you don’t wanna be doing. One must be loaded before the other and all kinds of stu that I promise you. It is awesome when creating designs or landing pages. 5. 1. Google Tag Manager So if you have a website and you want to track a lot of stu you must have a lot of codes placed in all sorts of places of the website. . Yep video. FB Pixel Helper Same as the Google Tag Assistant you can check if your Facebook Pixel is installed properly and what events it sends. Free heatmaps — Heatmaps basically show where people click on your website. Tag Assistant With the Google Tag Assistant you can easily check if all your Google tags are installed properly 4. Google analytics URL builder In order to understand where exactly your users come from when you are advertising or doing some kind of a PR campaign it is good to tag them so you can she the data in google analyics. 2. You can’t see the passwords of the users but you can see everything else so use this with caution and make sure you mention it in your Terms of service Additional Tools Here is a list of the best tools to make your job as a full-stack marketer a lot easier and get stuff done faster. Color picker With this you can pick any color from any web page. This Chrome Extension is by far the best one I have found. Most heatmap tools are paid but this is not and it’s pretty good Video recording —  When you enable it Yandex gives you the opportunity to watch what users are doing on your website. 3.

No more calling developers to ask them do something because you want to track that button in the footer.Google Tag Manager takes care of all this. Check this playlist that Ryan Stewart made. you can put all your codes in GTM and put JUST ONE code on your website. 6. I use it manly when I do display campaigns in Google Adwords. Hope it helps and you start using GTM. It might be a bit overwhelming if you are not familiar with Basic HTML. You just define your filters and download the spreadsheet. Basically. . It will change your life I promise. Data Scraper With this tool you can scrape and download any kind of data from a website. event tracking and the concept of how a website actually works but there are a TON of tutorials to make everything clear.

Pocket I keep all the stuff I need to read later in Pocket. Basically you can store every link you need for later. You can also do this to scrape websites for outreach. A cool feature it has is that with the apps for iOS it can read you the article so you can just listen while you. You can create categories with tags so you can find your links faster. 7.What I do is I tell Google to show me the rst 100 results for a given query by adding %var% at the end of the link when I do a certain query and download them. run. . 8. workout. Google Analytics Debugger With this tool you can check if all your Google analytics events re up like they should be firing without going into Google Analytics Real Time View. drive or commute. Than I just put the links in Google Adwords so I can show speci c ads in those specific articles.

change the color or the width of an element. Design Tools A list of tools I use to build Landing pages and make creatives for ads when I need a proof of concept. Bootstrap studio homepage It is an amazing tool built with the Electon Framework [Link] which enables you to create amazing responsive Landing pages and the front end of a whole website really. The awesome thing is that it has a ton of prede ned sections and if you happen to not like one of them you can easily edit it with the HTML. 1. Bootstrap Studio So what Bootstrap studio is. CSS. is how I love to call it “Photoshop for Landing Pages”. . You can either build the pages via drag and drop or if you like you can write the code. Javascript editors or you can use the special section which enables you to just type in the text you want. It has two options.

I personally prove my consents to designers with testing in with Canva first.Everything you do is updated in-front of you in real time and you can see how your page will look like on different devices. . What it does is provide you with the tools to easily create a great design in just a few minutes. Here is a short video of it’s features. Of course you must know what you want to do otherwise it might take you more time to do it with Canva than just paying a professional. It has so many options that you can create almost anything. Canva If you are not a designer and you need to create some pictures for ads of for a website Canva is your savior. It is super easy to use but if you are a complete novice in HTML and CSS it might take more time for you to learn how to use it in it’s full potential. 2.

With Flatpack tho you can create a landing page very fast. but if you want something done with good quality. It’s $18 which is an amazing price for what it can do! I strongly recommend it! 4. You choose an element you put it where you want and then play with the settings. Again I am not saying that those tools are a substitute of a designer or a front-end developer.Just to make it clear. Flatpack Flatpack is a drag and drop landing page designer. 3. It is pretty easy to use and it’s kind of self-explanatory. It is great just to make a quick test of something. it is not in any way a substitute of a professional designer tho. Marvellapp . Canva is the tool to use.

Adespresso Ads As far as I know this started as a side-project of AdEspresso and I think it is awesome.A great tool for prototyping and collaboration on app and website mock ups. . It is integrated with most of the popular tools that designers use and has a lot of cool features to make your life easier when dealing with explaining how something works! Inspiration Websites Everyone needs inspiration. 1. Here are a couple of tools I use to see best practices and interesting ideas.

Here is an example with Dropbox. .With this tool you can type in a keyword or a company name and it will show you what kind of facebook ads they were/are running.

ninja This is my favorite website for Landing Page inspiration. It has a lot of screenshots of websites and landing pages all in one place. . 3. If you feel the need to be inspired by a website design just browse for a while.2. Behance Maybe the most famous and big designer portfolio website in the world. Lapa.

If you need to be inspired in any way not just web-design but architecture,
typography, motion-graphics or anything that is designer related this is the
place to check out.
It’s awesome if you are trying to nd a good designer to do something for

4. Dribbble
My favorite designer portfolio website. Here you can see case studies,
animation, logo designs and basically everything designer related from big
companies or really really good freelancers.

You can stay on top of modern trends and really learn a lot. Plus most things
that are posted are really awesome!

5. Unsplash

This is THE (di) BEST website that I have found for awesome AND free photos.
Anytime I need something cool for a Landing page or a Ad or an email or just
want browse for ideas I visit this awesome place.
Another thing is that I really love the culture of the people that stand behind
this awesome project!
Make sure to check it out you will not be disappointed!

Email tools
Email is still the channel with lowest cost-per-conversion.
Here are some tools I use to either nd the email of someone or fully
automate a customer or outreach flow.

1. Headreach
HeadReach is a simple prospecting tool for marketers and sales folks.

It helps you nd the right decision makers and their emails without paying
for a LinkedIn premium account or spending hours on using a plethora of
di erent email nding tools. You just simply chuck in a company name,
domain name or person’s name and the tool nds the right people. You can
use HeadReach to nd professionals in your eld to do a roundup post, for
content promotion or to nd the right people in charge of a popular outlet.
For example, you can search for all editors at TechCrunch, Forbes and
Entrepreneur magazine via a single search.
Here is a short demo on how it works

2. contact and outreach to them in a personalized and e cient manner and manager your relationships with them. Pitchbox . It is very easy to keep track with conversations and also you can set reminders for a follow up email. You can discover all kinds of information about people that are considered in uencers in all kinds of niche markets. Buzzstream This is one of the best tools to research in uencers. 3.

I use Pitchbox mainly for outreach because if you automate it the way it’s supposed to be you can scale on outreach very fast because it will need you to dedicate very little time to it. Active Campaign One of the best email automation tools. 4. .

1. Here are a couple of reasons I love it. Here are some tools to help you collaborate faster even with people that are on the other side of the globe. Working as a team is essential. For those of you who don’t know what cloud storage is. Project Management Tools Maybe the hardest part of a successful project is it’s management. It is kind of like Dropbox. Cloud storage has become essential for me from the rst day I found what it does. only much better and I will tell you down below why. it is basically a place where you can store all your les and access them any time you want on any device. . pCloud As you can see I am part of pCloud’s team pCloud is a Cloud Storage.

. Of course you can give users speci c permissions. You can organize your les and folders however you want. You can also access it offline of course as long as you marked the files for offline use. Let me tell you why you should choose pCloud and why it’s better than the rest. Organization  —  I love everything organized and easy to nd so this is perfect for me. Also you can create an upload link. You can also create download links so people can download the content or a le you want to send them. So all of those features are essential for a cloud storage and most of the services have them. So apart from all the things that every cloud storage has pCloud has some pretty cool ones that make it an amazing service. Access — As I said since it is a Cloud Storage you can access all your les on any device you want Collaboration — One of the main reasons you need to start using such a service right now. You can also put passwords and expiration dates on those links. This means you give permissions to people to upload files in your folder without having an account in the service. Backup  —  You can use Cloud storage as a backup service for the les you want to keep the most. Stream music and video  —  with pCloud you can stream any music or video le in it’s full quality (as long as our internet is good enough) on any device you want as long as it’s in your account. You can Invite people to folders you own so you can work together on your projects. It is very easy.

Of course for this to work you need to be connected to the internet. 2. but there is nothing to worry about because if you know you are not going to have internet you can always access your les o ine using the Sync feature of pCloud. Speed — I just watch the next video .7 TB on my 512 GB Macbook Pro Retina. What it does is that it essentially creates a virtual drive on your Computer and does not use it’s storage too keep your les like Dropbox and Google Drive. This way you will Sync a folder from or to your pCloud account and you will be able to use your les o ine and when you become online again all the change s you made will be uploaded automatically to the cloud. 1. pCloud Drive  —  pCloud Drive is pCloud’s desktop application. Here is a video of me telling how I got 2. What this means is that you can access and use all of your les as if they are on your computer but without them taking any of it’s storage. This is amazing especially for Mac users since the Hard Discs of the newer versions are not upgradeable.

e.). Be careful tho because if you lose or forget your Crypto Pass your les cannot be returned since the folder cannot be decrypted even by pCloud’s Sys Admins. The apps have one more feature etc. Mobile Apps  —  the apps for iOS and Android are full-featured which means you can do everything you can do on other platforms (Share links and folders.mp3.mp4. . . Basically when you get 500GB of 2 TB of storage with pCloud and you install the app you need to turn on the Automatic Upload feature which uploads all your photos and videos in the cloud.pptx. Security  —  pCloud has a feature that makes sure ONLY YOU have access to certain les. Once the les are uploaded you can automatically delete them from your phone with one click and still have access to them in the pCloud Apps. .pdf. Your les can be encrypted and decrypted only with your Crypto Pass. . When you opt-in for pCloud Crypto you get to create a Crypto folder. . It is called pCloud Crypto. as a service provider. It provides client-side encryption. very fast) 6. The encrypted version of your les is uploaded to the servers. Here is how it works on an iPhone There are many other features and I hope you nd this helpful because we put it a lot of work to compete with services like Dropbox and Google Drive and make something better than them.3. i. They can free up space on your phones. the encryption process is performed on your device. Even pCloud. Encrypt files. Password Protected Download Links  —  You can set passwords and expiration dates on your download links (Premium Feature) 5. will not know what kind of data you store in your account. you can download any le from a direct link (link that ends with . 4. Basically. basically any le) into your pCloud account at a Sever-to-server internet connection (very. Remote download  —  This is one of my favorite features. Stream video and music etc.

You can move your projects with drag-and-drop so you can arrange them however you want in a matter of seconds. So for instance if you are a person the manages a lot of things like project managers do this will be great for you. . 3. First of all you can have a di erent color for every project which is good if you work ok more that 2–3 things. Also one of my favorite things about it is that managing projects is super easy.2. Second of all you can create child projects. Todoist I have tried a lot of to-do lists and by far this is the best one for me. You can assign tasks to the people you work with. It is not the most complex todo list and I think that’s why I like it. Last but not least. I love it because the design is super clean. Another cool thing is that you can collaborate on projects in Todoist. Jira So if you are not used to using todo lists you might nd Jira a bit overwhelming.

It can be customized in any way you want. Because it’s a bit more complex at rst it might be harder to you use but once you get the hang of it is super helpful. Evernote Evernote is a great place to store ideas. . 4. You can create teams. you can discuss basically everything that is on there with comments. Confluence Con uence is a project organization tool. What it does is basically give you a place to organize all the things you need while managing a project. you can upload designs.It is great for software development and working on bigger projects. It is a great tool but it’s for bigger projects. 5. The great thing is that you can sync it to all your devices.

6. It is maybe the most talked about team-chat platform for a couple of years now. . Slack You have probably already used Slack. My favorite feature tho is the document scanner.So when you want to remember something and write it down on your phone it is instantly synced on all your devices and you can continue working on it on your desktop. Another cool thing is that you can share everything you have created with someone and work on it together.

. I say that because in a lot of cases people nd themselves chatting about something that has nothing related to what they must be doing. The people that think it ruins productivity and those who think it makes it better. Chatting is really addictive and some even think that slack can destroy the work-life balance because you will constantly feel that you are missing out on something when you are not looking at it.There are two sides tho. On the other hand tho Slack has become for some teams the tool that stands in the way of productivity. So in a way it can be really helpful when you send a lot of emails. Here is a cool article with 22 Slack hacks so you can become better at using it. On one hand it has a lot of integrations with the most popular work tools that teams use. It also has bots that can do a lot of different stuff.

Everything you need to know to be a good online marketer can be found there. There are case studies and step-by-step guides. Here is a list of the best marketing blogs in my opinion. example spreadsheets and some “hacks” that can get you to the next level. This is why I consider good blogs to be tools. There are hundreds of articles with helpful tips and expert advice. 1. I have learned most of the things I know by reading and watching videos. Definitely a must follow! . Digital Marketer One of the best marketing blogs there is. Digital Marketing Blogs The most valuable tool for a marketer is knowledge and practice. Because of blogs like this I don’t pay $1000-$2000 dollars for marketing online courses.

He shares super helpful things and honestly I’m glad that not much people know about him and his blog. Webris by Ryan Stewart This is my favorite marketing blog. I love people like Ryan that are super transparent and honest in what they do. .2. De nitely check out his videos on youtube. If you are a junior marketer you need to read everything that’s on there. they are a bit long but so worth it. The things he shares are just too good.

Neil Patel. Kissmetrics Neil Patel is the true de nition of a Growth Hacker.3. 4. He is a serial successful entrepreneur and it’s amazing that he share the tip and tricks he uses to grow his business. Medium In my opinion Medium is a somewhat a reading social network and in my opinion is the best place to find interesting stuff to read and learn. Definitely check out his $100K challenge. Quicksprout. . His articles are super long but they are full of value.

SEM and PPC you need to bookmark this website. Make sure you follow me. 5.If you curate your “Newsfeed” right you could be stuck there for hours. 6. By the way if you want to learn but you don’t like to read or don’t have time to read a 2–3–4k words article this is the Chrome Exstension you need: It automatically ads a Play button at the bottom of your screen when you are in Medium and when you click it. it starts to read the article. SearchEngineLand If you are a Digital marketer specializing in SEO. Ahrefs . I use it a lot and I really mean a lot. Everything related to these three categories is often times published there first.

Jon Loomer In my opinion Jon is one of the best and most practical bloggers related to Facebook Marketing. Either if you are a Junior of a Senior Facebook advertiser you can always learn something new from his articles. 7. . Ryan Stewart and Neil Patel I love the Ahrefs blog because they share amazing case studies and everything they write about is strongly backed up by data and I as I said I make my decisions based on data. Numbers never lie.Just line DigitalMarketer.

They have a lot of free tools that can help you so keep an eye on the blog because they often include them in massive articles. but if you are just starting with Facebook Advertising Jon’s blog is one of the best if not the best place learn from. 9. . There you can nd all kinds of articles about how you can get more traffic based on data. Content marketing institute Awesome content marketing blog. Hubspot Hubspot’s blog is another gem. 8.His step-by-step guides are super easy to follow and everything is explained in a very easy to understand way. He often posts results from experiments which are the things that I read the most from him.

Buffer I love the Buffer blog because they are super transparent. Groove Same as the Bu er blog I love Groove because they take us through their journey. . And their content is packed with good advice especially for startups. They share everything about their journey.10. 11.

The most complex and di cult thing he can explain in a way that you can understand it immediately.You can learn a lot. From marketing strategies to leadership and building teams. I love the Whiteboard Fridays. MOZ Another data packed blog. . Rand Fishkin is so good at explaining stu . Honestly. 12. Make sure you check them out.

Adespresso Last but not least the Adespresso blog. Hope you learned something you did not know. Adespresso is a tool that helps you optimize your Facebook Ads in the best way possible. There are things can can blow your mind there. Conclusion These are most of the tools I used and still use to try and be the best at what I do. 13. The MOZ blog is good both for Junior and Experienced Marketers. please follow me :) . If you want to learn interesting facts about Facebook Marketing make sure you follow them. I will make sure to answer every one of them. Also if you have any questions at all please. For more articles like this.His examples are always good and you can really learn a lot from him. If you see tools that are not listed in here be sure to comment. Their blog is full of case studies and interesting experiments. ask.

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