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Aidan Carroll: Student, Activist, Problem-Solver

1630 N 55th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

(206) 816-9544,

Aware, engaged, and ready to contribute to building community
Fiercely passionate and informed about political issues
Good organizational, analytical, filing and writing skills
Familiar with food preparation, cashiering, and dishwashing
Trustworthy and confident in thinking quickly and creatively

January 2016-Present: Volunteer, then Employee with Urban Native Education Alliance
Began as Carlson Center service learner for POL S 384, then CEP 200
Arranged chairs, served food, led welcome-circle, & more at Clear Sky Youth Group
Created & manages large contact list for outreach to families, volunteers, community
Creates statistics, graphs, and analysis for grant reports
Responsible for regular emails and phone calls as event alerts
Posts resumes and job listings for Coordinator, Bookkeeper etc.
Supervised other volunteers and employees
December 2015-Present: Dishwasher/Food Worker with Bay Laurel Catering
Loads an industrial dishwasher, scrubs pans, trains new employees in where things go
Emptying/spraying huge compost/recycling, mopping, staying extra 30 min if needed
January-May 2015: Tutor with Team Read
Engaged in vocabulary and phonics practice with a 2nd-grade student
Mentored student in building literacy skills and role modeling
July-August 2013: Campaign Volunteer, Damian Carroll for Assembly, Winnetka, CA
Digital precinct mapping, research, outreach, and folder-stuffing

UW Class of 2019, Department of Urban Planning. Major: Community, Environment, &
Ingraham High School, Seattle, WA, Class of 2015
International Baccalaureate Diploma, 2014
2014 Junior Statesmen Foundation Summer School at Georgetown University

Junior State of America largest student-run organization in US, civic engagement
Ingraham High School Chapter Co-founder and Vice-President
PNW Cabinet 2013-15 as Commissioner of Debate Quality (proposed debate topics)
43rd District Democrats though I have some disagreements with parts of the party
As PCO for precinct SEA-1266, I facilitate the presidential primary caucus, vote on
party endorsements, and knock on each door in my 7 blocks, reminding neighbors to
send in their ballots and giving them information on several groups' endorsements
Aidan Carroll: Student, Activist, Problem-Solver
1630 N 55th Street, Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 816-9544,

Attendance and participation in a large variety of political events for social justice
Active participant in Wolf-PAC WA, local branch of a national organization dedicated to
fighting corruption through campaign-finance reform to get money out of politics

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: signature-gathering, voter registration, contacting officials, meeting

with legislators, etc.

2014 Extended Essay Award, Ingraham HS, Topic: Gerrymandering
National Merit Scholar Finalist