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Berlitz Profile

Helping the World Communicate
Since 1878
BerlitzEnglish Language for Life 2017


One of the World's Leading Language Schools

Berlitz International Inc. is the world's premier language services firm, providing expertise in language
instruction and cross-cultural training throughout the world.

To this day, Berlitz is the name synonymous with professional, practical and effective language training.
With 130 years of experience, more than 450 centers in over 60 countries, and millions of satisfied
graduates, Berlitz is the only source you need for effective language instruction, whether for business or
personal enrichment.

The time-proven principles of the Berlitz Method, a communicative teaching approach, are constantly
enhanced with new and updated programs and the latest learning technology.

Berlitz is a customer-focused company. Our first principle of operation is Total Customer Orientation.
Every employee plays an important role in delivering excellent customer service and maintaining the
highest quality standards of instruction.

Berlitz Instruction - The Berlitz Method

The world-famous Berlitz Method is at the heart of all Berlitz language instruction. The Berlitz Method
today continues to focus on using language as a tool for communication, just as it did when Maximilian
Berlitz first developed it in 1878. He helped revolutionize learning by introducing one of the first forms
of the "direct method", which was based upon the "Natural Method". The main principle behind these
methods is that all instruction is given in the target language.

Translation is eliminated entirely so that the student learns to speak without hesitation and begins to
think only in his or her new language. To speed of learning a spoken language is increased if the
laborious mental process of translation is avoided. We teach the student to think in the language,
helping to make speaking a reflex action.

Additionally, the Berlitz Method has always presented language in context of real-life situations, with
extra targeted practice of grammar and vocabulary. Today, there are a variety of derivative methods and
theories which find their beginnings in the natural and communicative elements that were pioneered by

With this communicative approach to language learning, Berlitz students learn through listening and
speaking, supported by reading and writing. They learn grammar as a means of communication. Their
needs and interests are central to our instruction. The Berlitz Method uses a variety of instruction
techniques which address different learning styles and maintains a balance between fluency and

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BerlitzEnglish Language for Life 2017
accuracy that is consistent with the needs of each student. To ensure that our students reach their
language learning goals, Berlitz provides professional guidance on learning strategies and focuses on
motivating students to actively participate in the learning process.

Berlitz Teacher
All Berlitz instructors are native-fluent and have a minimum of a university degree. More importantly,
all must successfully complete pre-employment training in the Berlitz Method. Supplemental training
remains an ongoing process throughout a teacher's tenure with Berlitz to constantly update them on
material and techniques particular to the needs of our students.

English for life

BerlitzEnglish lessons assume daily life and business situations, and include not only role-playing but also
self-introduction with name-cards, ordering meals, and other useful and practical English.

8, Topic Based Levels

Topics such as self introduction, appointments and shopping form an integral part of the Berlitz material
with the topics in each level becoming more complex. Intermediate level students can also choose to
focus on business or social English.

Each theme is studied in detail and practiced for practical use in daily life and business situations. This
step by step approach ensures that students acquire usable communication skills.


This new state-of-the-art language program combines the benefits of the proven Berlitz Method and
the latest research on language learning and retention.


BerlitzEnglish nurtures and develops the four abilities of Speaking, Listening, Reading and
Writing in a comprehensive manner.
Highly-trained professional teachers will ensure that your skills in these areas are developed
maximally and will enhance your motivation for learning.
Speaking-focused classrooms. We focus on speaking, the quickest and most effective way to
learn another language.
Small groups or one-on-one classes with our instructors. Individual attention will help you
reach your goals.
Over a century of experience. Berlitz has been helping people reach their language learning
goals for more than 130 years. We know the unique challenges adults face and will provide
strategies to overcome these challenges.

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BerlitzEnglish Language for Life 2017
Results-oriented lessons. We give you practical language that you can apply to real-life
situations and we build in checkpoints to evaluate your progress.
Authentic content. BerlitzEnglish exposes you to real English earlier and more frequently than
other programs.


Youll learn English by hearing, speaking, and even thinking in English so youll be ready to use
it in everyday situations
Your BerlitzEnglish program may include: a CD-ROM, and audio CD, the companion website,
English Passport magazine, a student book, and a custom organizer.


Customer research
Instructor review
Product testing
Business Advisory Council


The program consists of eight levels, and each level has its own set of integrated materials.

Course Book
Audio CDs
BerlitzEnglish Website
English Passport Magazine
BerlitzEnglish DVD

Our upper intermediate and advanced programs (Level 5-8) offer two main tracks: Business
Conversation and Social Conversation.

Business Conversation integrates practical business language skills: essential English skills and grammar;
and everyday words, idioms, and slang.

Social Conversation combines conversational and social skills; essential English language skills and
grammar; plus everyday English words, idioms, and slang.

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BerlitzEnglish Language for Life 2017

No Materials Descriptions Objectives
1 Business 1 This integrated course will help Speak using the latest business idioms, terms,
you do business in English. You and concepts
will learn key business skills, Converse during breaks and business functions
essential English language and Share information about budgets, financial
practical vocabulary, idioms, and statements, and analysis tools.
slang. Themes correspond to Discuss marketing plans, advertising concepts,
major business functional areas: product features
customer service, marketing, Understand the language of customer service
sales, finance and human and retention
resources Know the essential vocabulary of selling and
sales techniques
Talk about motivating employees, retaining
talented staff, and managing people to get
2 Business 2 In this course, you will acquire Discuss the top strategies for growing a business
the language of strategic Discuss the types of risk that companies face
planning and business and methods of managing risk
development Understand the key elements of launching a
new business
Understand marketing plans, advertising
concepts, and product features
Know the essential vocabulary of selling and
sales techniques
Know what to say during breaks and business
3 Meetings & In todays business climate, you Plan a successful meeting or presentation
Presentations want to send the right message Create a clear agenda
in meetings and presentations. Set the right tone
This integrated course will help Deal with difficult situations, including handling
you improve presentations skills, interruptions and encouraging participation
English language skills, idioms, Create a brief, effective hand-outs and other
and slang visual aids
Minimize stage fright and project more
Build rapport with your audience
Use the right words to show that you are
Become a more effective participant

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BerlitzEnglish Language for Life 2017
4 Emails & Business This integrated course will help Write more effective business e-mails, memos,
Writing you write more effectively and agendas, and other forms of professional writing
persuasively in English. It will in English
improve your English skills and Choose appropriate greetings and closing
usage of everyday words, idioms Adjust your tone and style
and slang Organize notes and memos
Edit for accuracy and tone
Deliver bad news of criticism with tact
Know when its better to send e-mails or letters,
and when its better to call or deliver news in
5 Negotiations Learn the language of Prepare for a negotiation and create the right
negotiating and solving conflicts atmosphere
in business and everyday Learn how to express your views assertively but
situations. In addition, you will not aggressively
build on your command of Read nonverbal signals, such as tone of voice,
English language skills and facial expressions, and eye movements
everyday words, idioms, and Adjust your body language to send the right
slang message and correctly interpret the body
language of those around you
Use the right words to show that you are
Take into account the cultural backgrounds of
those involved when negotiating or resolving
Move to a successful conclusion
6 Pronunciations This course helps students Speak with a more natural rhythm
develop more accurate Adjust your pitch more precisely to signal
intonation, stress, and rhythm questions and suggest subtle nuances
while building general English Communicate more effectively with native and
language skills and everyday non-native English speakers alike
vocabulary Work on the pronunciation issues most
challenging for you
7 English for Human This course has been developed Discuss recruitment procedures and job
Resources for people who work in HR and descriptions
who need English in their job. Focus on CVs and ask appropriate interview
With this short course, HR questions
Managers, their staff, and also Discuss employment contracts and related
those employed in personnel issues like disciplinary procedures and safety in
agencies can learn the relevant the workplace.
expressions and vocabulary that Deal with staff problems and encourage them to
will enable them to take training by offering equal opportunities.
communicate effectively in Talk about remuneration packages and salaries,
English in their field using figures and numbers.
Learn how to negotiate with diplomacy.

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BerlitzEnglish Language for Life 2017
8 English for Sales & This course is for people who Talk about your responsibilities and determine
Purchasing need to communicate your goals and targets.
effectively with international Establish business contacts by asking polite
clients and colleagues. Although questions and use small talk.
sales and purchasing pursue Talk about a product, make an offer and
different objectives within a improve your communication skills by listening
business, both roles require intently.
fluent business English to Learn how to agree and disagree during
achieve their goals. Buyers and negotiations when discussing terms and
sales people manage conditions.
international clients, deal with Handle telephone and online orders.
foreign suppliers, attend Make and deal with complaints effectively.
international exhibitions, draw
up proposals, and deal with all
manner of complaints and
9 English for This course is aimed at anyone Present your ideas from a marketing and
Marketing & who works in marketing and advertising point of view.
Advertising advertising. The book covers all Find out about your customer and state your
the essential responsibilities of opinion.
marketing and advertising Learn how to write effective emails and
departments. There is particular strategies.
emphasis on the relevant Create and discuss ads.
vocabulary and speaking skills Use marketing tools when you write to your
needed to work efficiently in customers.
English. Telephoning, emailing, Learn how to present your company and write
meetings, and presentations are press releases.
practiced, alongside the Understand the language of trade fairs and learn
important specialist vocabulary to use phrases to socialize.
relating to branding, market
research, advertising rates,
direct marketing, and public
10 English for This course has been specifically Understand the accounting principles and offer
Accounting developed for people working in hospitality when you meet people.
accounting and finance who Use numbers, formulas and equations in English
need English to communicate in and make comparisons.
a variety of situations with Learn to use phrases to clarify information and
colleagues and business use polite language in difficult situations.
partners. Understand the role of auditors and the
different types of audits and explain causes and
Define management accounting and learn
meeting phrases.
Learn about intercultural issues in the world of
investment and organize a presentation.

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BerlitzEnglish Language for Life 2017

Total Immersion

Building fluency FAST

Shortest duration
Intensive 7 hours a day
Speak and think from beginning

Individual Instruction (one to one)

Fast and effective learning

Personalized to build student strengths
Personalized to overcome student weakness
Personalized to student learning speed

Semi Private Instruction (2 4 people)

Fast and effective learning

Offsetting costs
Enjoyable learning environment
Develop friendship

Group Instruction (5 8 people)

Fast and effective learning

Most economical
Fun and active interaction

Charter Instruction

Tailor made programs

Providing instruction at your home or office
Assessments and Final Reports
Progress Evaluation

Berlitz Corporate Services are an array of products designed to meet client needs

Cross Cultural
E-learning: Self Study and Tutoring
Berlitz Proficiency Test: GTEC, BPOT, BPI

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BerlitzEnglish Language for Life 2017
Berlitz Language Center Jakarta

Berlitz 1

InterContinental MidPlaza Hotel

Shopping Gallery LG R-26
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 10-11
Jakarta Pusat

Telephone : 021 251 4589

Fax : 021 251 4582
E-mail :

Berlitz 2

Plaza Dua
Jl. Metro Duta Niaga BA 2/43
Pondok Indah
Jakarta Selatan

Telephone : 021 751 0452

Fax : 021 751 0945
E-mail :


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Whats Different about Berlitz?

1. The Berlitz Method

At Berlitz, we teach your new language very similar to the way you learned your
first language. It differs, however, in the curriculum is sequenced and structure to
make it possible for adults to assimilate a new language in the shortest amount of
time possible. Our expertise in the field of teaching languages has been proven
effective for more than 120 years. Our students tell us that they learn effectively
and they learn quickly.

Instruction is given solely in the target language and in environment where

students actively use the new language learnt and relate it to real life
immediately. Students are exposed to the target language directly, without
translation to their native tongue. They are given basic structures and vocabulary
to begin with through pictures and actions. These are then practiced thoroughly
to form a sound base upon which to introduce more complex grammar and
vocabulary which are then actively used by the students.

Four important features of our method are:

Instruction is 100% live. We dont use time consuming, quality diluting gadgets
or gimmicks which can slow the learning process. At Berlitz the curriculum is
founded on an effective, time-tested, conversational learning approach. To
teach practical spoken skills, the Berlitz Method is second to none.

No translation. Translation is eliminated entirely so that the student learns to

speak without hesitation and begins to think only in his or her new language.
The speed of learning a spoken language is increased if the laborious mental
process translation is avoided. We teach the student to think in the language,
helping to make speaking a reflex action.

Native instructors Berlitz instructor are fully trained in the Berlitz Method. Each
will be teaching in his or her native tongue, with the authority and assurance
that cannot be approached by someone teaching with second language
ability. Of course, this means that the student will learn the spoken language
and not stilted textbook approximation.

New vocabulary, structures, phrases and expressions are taught in a natural

progression. Skills are expanded progressively, building upon previous
conversations mastered through practice. Oral and aural proficiency is
developed by teaching the most frequently used aspects of the language
amenable to the background and needs of the student.

2. Centralized Quality Control

The Berlitz Language Center Director and Pedagogical Supervisors are ultimately
responsible for all instruction. They monitor student progress and serve as general
advisors. To ensure Berlitz is on target with meeting needs and expectations, they
also issue progress reports, which are then discussed with students, advising them
of their strengths and weaknesses and assisting them to better understand the
process of language learning.

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3. Instructors

All Berlitz instructors are native-fluent and have a minimum of a university degree.
More importantly, all must successfully complete pre-employment training in the
Berlitz Method. Supplemental training remains an ongoing proves throughout a
instructors tenure with Berlitz to constantly update them on material and
techniques particular to the needs of our students. Students learn the new
language in the way it is spoken today. They learn proper pronunciation and
natural, correct grammar, so they can understand their new language and are
understood by their colleagues abroad.

Instructors are changed from time to time, giving the student the opportunity to
learn to understand various speech patterns, accents and voices.

4. Materials

The single greatest advantage to learning a new language is the amount of time
the student has to speaking the language with other native-fluent speakers. As a
complement to the exposure the student has in the Berlitz lesson, we have
supplemental material, depending on the students level, designed to reinforce
what has already been learned in class.

How we develop our materials:

Customer research
Instructor review
Product testing
Business Advisory Council

Our course materials prepare you for real-life situations. The program consists of
eight levels, and each level has its own set of integrated materials.
General English
Business English
Meetings & Presentations
Writing emails
Reports Writing
Social Situations
English for Human Resources
English for Sales & Purchasing
English for Marketing & Advertising
English for Accounting


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Berlitz Jakarta Client List

Adaro Indonesia Elnusa Tbk Ministry of Education and Culture

AC Nielsen FMC Technologies (Kementerian Pendidikan dan
ANZ FNS Logistics Kebudayaan)
Aneka Kimia Raya Frisian Flag Indonesia Ministry of State Secretariat of the
APL Logistic Indonesia Garuda Maintenance Facilities Republic of Indonesia
Astra Honda Motor Gunung Slamat Tbk Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia
AstraZeneca Indonesia Hana Bank NGK Busi Indonesia
Bank BRI IBRA / BPPN National Democratic Institute
Bank Commonwealth Indika Group Nestle Indonesia
Bank KEB Indosat Nokia Siemens Indonesia
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk Orica
Bank Permata Indofood Sukses Makmur Pertamina Corporate University
Bank Syariah Mandiri Indonesia Airasia Pertamina EP
Bank QNB Indonesia Indonesia Eximbank Pertamina Hulu Energi
Bauer Pratama Indonesia Ingram Micro Asia Ltd Pfizer
Bayer Indonesia, Tbk. InterContinental Homegatel PJC
BHP Billiton Jakarta International Container Polyprima Karyareksa
BMT Asia Pacific Terminal Prafa
BP Migas Jaya Konstruksi Prudential BancBali
BP Indonesia Johnson Home Hygiene Product Roche Indonesia
BSN Medical KLM Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (RNI
CIMB Sunlife Kimberly Clark Corporation Group)
CMA Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors SGS Indonesia
Cameron Indonesia Kobelco Construction Machinery Schroders Indonesia
Coca Cola Indonesia Levi Strauss Seco Tools Indonesia
Colliers International Lippo Bank Shell in Indonesia
Commonwealth Life LWP Clifford Chance Sony Music Indonesia
Darya-Varia Maersk Indonesia Statoil Indonesia
Daya Kobelco Construction Medco Agro Sumisho Global Logistic
DHL Supply Chain Medifarma Laboratories Sunlife Insurance
Dipo Star Finance Merck Indonesia Talisman Energy
Donggi Senoro LNG Ministry of Transportation- Thiess Contractors Indonesia
DuPont Agricultural Products Directorate of Airworthiness Trakindo Utama
Indonesia and Aircraft Operations United Tractors
Dupont Indonesia (Kementerian Perhubungan- Valmet Indonesia
Ekanuri DKPPU) Wijaya Karya
Eka Wijaya School Zurich Insurance

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Berlitz Jakarta Clients List

3M Indonesia Embassy of Arab Saudi Mizuho Bank

ANZ Bank Embassy of British Mobil Oil
AON Embassy of Croatia Newmont
Ariobimo Estate Perkasa Embassy of Japan Nippon Express
Astra International Tbk Embassy of Libyan Nihon Denkei Indonesia
Atlas Resources Embassy of New Zealand Nissin Food
Bank BNI 46 Embassy of Peru Pardic Jaya Chemicals
Bank Mizuho Indonesia Embassy of Royal Dutch Pasindo Logam
Bank Muamalat Embassy of South Africa Pearloil Sebuku
Bank Niaga Embassy of USA Pearloil Tungkal
Bank Permata Embassy of Yemen Pertamina EP
Bank UOB Indonesia ENI Indonesia Pertamina Corporate University
BAT Indonesia Ensco Holand Pinang Coal
Bekaert Indonesia Erricsson Indonesia Posco-South Asia
BHP Billiton ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Procter & Gamble Indonesia
Bonecom Tricom FNS Logistics Product
Boston Consulting Focus Far East Rocket Internet GmbH
Branita Sandhini Frisian Flag Indonesia Santa Fe Energy
BP Indonesia Fuji Bank Ltd Sapta Pranajaya
Cargill Indonesia Fuji Staff Indonesia Sara Lee
Carrefour Indonesia GE Capital Indonesia Schlumberger
CEMEX Indonesia Glaxo Smith Kline Seamless Pipe Indonesia
Chemonics International Hero Supermarket Sharp Electronics Indonesia
China Trust Tamara Bank Henkel Indonesien Sodda Nikka Pte. Ltd.
CIC Bank Internasional HM Sampoerna Sompo Japan Insurance
Cisadane Raya Chemicals IBJ Indonesia Statoil Indonesia
Coca Cola Indonesia IBRA / BPPN Sumitomo Corp. Indonesia
Combiphar/Sanofi Synthelabo Inabata Indonesia Summit Otto Finance
Conitex Indonesia INCO Sumi Rubber Indonesia
ConocoPhillips Indonesia Infrastructure Finance Teijin Dupont Film Indonesia
Credit Suisse Indofood Sukses Makmur Teijin Fiber Corporation
DAAD Indokordsa Talisman Energy
Dai Nippon Printing Indosat Ooredoo Toppan Cosmo Inc.
Daiwa Lippo Finance JBIC TotalFinaElf
Daiwa Perdania Bank Johnson Home Hygiene Unicharm Indonesia
Delloitte Touche / HTM Kimberley-Clark Corporation Unilever
Dharmala Securities Koperasi Pegawai Maritim USAID
Dipo Star Finance (KOPEGMAR) VA Tech Voest MCE Indonesia
Donggi Senoro LNG MC Petfilm VALCO Group
Dunia Express Transindo MeadJohnson Nutrition Valmet Indonesia
Ecolab Indonesia Merck Indonesia YKK AP Indonesia
Elnusa Tbk Michelin Asia Premi Air
Embassy of Australia Mitsui Leasing

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