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Dr. Tapan K. Dutta Ph.D.

Teachers' Training Department
Panskura Banamali College
Purba Medinipur, West Bengal
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Teaching Practical (Two method subjects)
Marks will be distributed in the following manner-
Voice, Exposition & Delivery :10
Presentation with clear objectives :15
Questioning :10
Use of teaching aids :10
Use of Black Board :10
Student Participation :10
Lesson Plan :10
Voice, Exposition & Delivery [Marks : 10]
# The voice of the teacher should be clear and distinctly
audible to the students in the last benches.
# Lesson should be delivered in a pleasant manner, not in
a fashion likely to create a nervous tension in the pupil
or block his thinking.
Exposition & Delivery:
Explaining means describing how, why, or what of a
concept, phenomenon, event, action, condition etc.
# Coordination in statement
# Lack of irrelevant statement
# Fluency in Language
# Clear Beginning Statement
# Use of proper words
Precautions for skill Explaining

# It should be in simple language.

# It should not be given the shape of an advice.
# The thoughts included in it should be in a
# Irrelevant things should not be included in it.
# It should be according to the age, experience
and mental level of pupils.
# It should not be complicated, lengthy and
small according to the objectives of the
Presentation with clear Objectives
# Stimulus variation
Body movements
Changes in speech pattern
Change in interaction style
Change in audio-visual
sequence/teaching aids
Lecturing Skill
# Ability to start Lecturing
# The simplicity of the language used in lecture
# Speed of the Lesson
# Use of teaching aids
# Repetition of teaching points
# Change in interaction
# Use of interesting tactics
# Clarity of the voice
# Clarity and relationship of the statements
# Ability to sum-up the lecture.
Skill of Discussion
# Creation of proper environments
# Asking questions
# Stimulus variation
# Increasing pupil participation
# Silence and non-verbal question
# Variation in interaction style
# Increasing critical awareness
# Developing lecturing skills
# Re-inforcement
Skill of Demonstration
# Relevancy with the contents
# Pupil Participation
# Handling of equipments and materials
# Appropriateness of the demonstration
# Visibility of the demonstration work
# Emphasizing Cause-Effect relationship
# Capability of drawing results
Structure of question : indicates the framing
and organization of the question.
Grammatical Correctness
Process of asking questions:
The no. of question asked
Repetition of questions
Distributing and directing questions
The speed of asking question
The voice of the teacher

Product of Questioning
Students intelligence, question difficulties, the
lesson may not be interesting.
Use of Teaching Aids

It is essential to make
the teaching task more
attractive and effective.
Using the Black Board
It draws attention of the class to teaching items or
points which are significant.
It helps in making teaching systematic and orderly.
It helps teachers to draw sketches, diagrams and
figures as and when required during instruction.
It helps in clear understanding of facts which
would be otherwise confusing difficult for the
It gives opportunity to students for participation,
performance and a sense of achievement of class.
Desirable Behaviours in Using
the Black Board
Legibility of handwriting
Neatness of writing
Appropriateness of the black board
There should be equal spacing between
letters in a word or sentence and between
different sentences. It should not be too
short or too long
The size of the letter should be large
enough to be read easily by the students
in the last bench of the class.
Thickness of the lines should be of the
same width.
All small letters and all capital letters
should be of the same size.
words and sentences should be written in
horizontal lines parallel to the bar of the
black board.
The surface of the board should be kept
clean, so that the writing will be clear and
Only relevant matters should be written on
the board.
Only one point should written on the
board at a given time. When that point has
been explained the other point be written
on the board. In this way continuity
should be maintained on the board.
Blackboard work should be clear brief and
in simple languages.
Important words or points should be
underlined , preferably in color chalks to
put emphasis, bring contrast with other
points, and to draw students 'attention on
those points.
Undesirable Behaviours
Overwriting on the board.
Don't write the complete sentence
Not cleaning the board before and after use.
Writing too much at the top, too much at the
Standing back to the class while writing.
Ignoring the headings and sub headings of points
written on the board.
Using the chalk in a way and on a surface which
creates peculiar sounds while writing on the
Polluting the air inside the classroom with chalk
dust having the duster from one side to other.
Students Participation
Lesson Plan